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  • Pasta Negra at the La Piazza
    Pasta Negra at the La Piazza
    by DSwede
  • Overpriced tacos
    Overpriced tacos
    by DSwede
  • Lamb was simply heaven.
    Lamb was simply heaven.
    by rachel_sun

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    Chilango: Not overly impressed with this Mexican

    by DSwede Updated Apr 18, 2011

    We walked by the day before and saw this place posting "urban Mex restaurant". It had been a long time since we had Mexican, that we were eager to try it.

    The restaurant had some nice decorations, definitely giving good homage to the Mexican theme. But we would not recommend coming here for the food, but at most, maybe in the evenings for some drinks or some of the entertainment.

    This is for three reasons:
    1) upon siting down, we had a plate of nuts placed on the table with our drinks. When the bill came, only then did we see it was billed to us at 2Eur.
    2) advertised as daily lunch menus starting at 9Eur, even after the manager explained these to us, we selected the available menu items as he directed, our food bill still came to 16Eur each.
    3) after having the manager apologize several times for some arguments that were happening between what we could only imagine to be his business partners, he "invited" us for a margarita. His invitation was billed to us at 5Eur each...

    We left, still hungry, wallets empty and generally displeased.

    Favorite Dish: The food was adequate, but not exceptional. The pineapple in the salsa for the pastor tacos was great, but everything else was just average.

    The portions however were extremely small for the price. The quesadillas for example were 7Eur each and were about 10cm wide. The tacos were about three bites each.

    Overpriced tacos

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    Ristorante (Italiano) La Piazza: Great food, good price, cozy setting

    by DSwede Written Apr 18, 2011

    We were looking for Italian food and we could smell this place from a couple blocks away. Our noses found it quite easily. The dining area is quite small and cozy, with a split level dining area. The upper level will give you a nice view out the window or over the banister to the kitchen/bar area.

    The man who served us was overly kind, courteous and offered just about any special request that was not on the menu. There were also some specials written on the chalk board, so best review those too.

    Favorite Dish: The day's special pasta negra with salmon was delicious, as was the tagliatelle and just about every other thing. And coming in at 30EUR for two people, including drinks, the price was quite reasonable for a semi-elegant, semi-romantic delicious dinner.

    Pasta Negra at the La Piazza
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  • Tripack's Profile Photo

    El Asador del Puerto: For meat lover...

    by Tripack Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    El Asador del Puerto let me discover some excellent specialties inspired by the fusion of the best Castilian and Mediterranean cuisine tradition. The meticulous art to cook the meat surprise my taste sense. An excellent quality meat was so tender than you almost do not need a knife to cut it ;-)

    Favorite Dish: When I am travelling abroad, it is a real pleasure to taste the local meat. Because in Switzerland, the meat price is incredibly high for a medium quality in many restaurants. I must admit that even in Swiss supermarket meat is not so attractive in terms of price and quality.

    Here are the dishes ordered for our table of 4 people:
    -Jamon de Jabugo (exceptionnal Spanish ham)
    - Terrina de foie
    - Gazpacho Andaluz (a tasteful cold soup)
    - Tournedo de Ternera (calf)
    - Parrillada de carnes (mix of grilled meat)
    - Solomillo de Ternera (tender sirloin calf)
    - Tarta Manzana Caliente (warm apple pie)
    - Pina natural (fresh pineapples)
    - Ensalada de frutas (original fruit salad)
    - Milhojas de fresas (local speciality with strawberries)

    A real delight and I would highly recommend you an excellent local wine: the Balbas originated from la Ribera del Duero. Salude!

    Chef on duty
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    El Raset: Fine Mediterranean Cuisine

    by Tripack Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Spanish gastronomical culture is impregnated of Mediterranean flavors. El Raset proposes a perfect place to everybody enjoying the delights from the sea. Fresh products arrive directly from the Dénia port (for more details see my Things to do). Fish, seafood and even meat are proposed in a creative cuisine style.

    A good cuisine on a nice terrace and a relaxing mediterranean athmosphere.

    Favorite Dish: I only appreciate eating sea food when I'm near Sea/Ocean. It is the garantuee to have fresh products of high quality and a genuine marine taste. It was the case in Dénia... you could even have a look when the fishermen are coming back to the port around 5 PM and enjoy the fishmarket animation there.

    Well my favorite dish, I must admit that it was not a light meal: As starter I choose a "Terrinitas de foie gras con gelatina de P.X y crema de turrón". A real delight just let melt the foie gras in your palate to enjoy the full flavour...

    Then you could choose between:
    - Arroz en caldero de rape y bogavante "del senyoret"
    - Merlucita con alcachofas, berberechos y avellanas
    - Pescado a la sal
    - Toumedó con brioche de arrope, puré de calabaza y foie salteado

    Sorry but no more room for any dessert ;-) So I miss the original and inventive mastria of:
    - Flan de amaretto con bizcocho de almendra y salsa de yogur
    - Raviolis de vainilla y frambuesa con balsámico y sorbete de mango
    - Tiramisú con plátano caramelizado y crujiente de sésamo

    Bon appétit!

    El Raset
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    La Casa del Greco: Creative Spanish and Greek cuisine: a pure delight

    by Tripack Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    During my last trip in March 2008, the restaurant was under a new management, its name was El Greco, but still offer a fine and delicate cuisine.

    My 2005 new restaurant discovery. Meals in la Casa del Greco are composed of a mix Spanish and Greek ingredients. The result is an excellent creative Mediterranean flavors cuisine.

    You could also enjoy a sensitive and proficient service (do not hesitate to ask advice for the best wine according to your dish choice) in intimate and relaxed atmosphere. A must do if you want a great tête-à-tête meal.

    Favorite Dish:
    Some creative specialities: Greek tiropetes (cheese puffs), tzatziki (yoghurt, cucumber and garlic dip), dolmadakia (stuffed wine leaves), kebap, moussaka (baked meet and aubergine in Bechamel sauce: my delighful & delicious choice;-), kataifi (shredded wheat soaked in honey) and darydopita (walnut cake)...

    An  intimate and relaxed atmosphere...
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    Railway Tavern: Beware of the chef!

    by thenorwegian Updated May 20, 2008

    Surprise! It is just next to the railway station. You can see it from the tourist office, looking a bit crosseyed to your left. When and if you find it, you will be welcome by either Vera, Andrew or Sean. Be a bit aware of Andrew, he is a bit grumpy when he is having the heriod (male form of "period") Take a seat and go along for the ride. Food, drinks, chats. They know it all. This is a pub as it is supposed to be!

    Favorite Dish: Whatever! Everything is nice and home made. Just finish your mushrooms if you don`t want Andrews knife placed scaringly close to your fingers!
    For indigestion: Try a Fernet Branca (if the half bottle isn`t empty)
    For drivers: Do NOT ask Sean to make your G&T
    For drink-drinkers: Stay clear of the enourmous pisspots for glasses.
    For kids: There is a hidden box of icecream in the fridge.
    For trainpassengers and everyone else: I`m sure Andrew will normally make you a sandwich to go. And Vera will put in the odd apple.
    For regulars: Well we all know how regulars get treated!
    Norwegians: They will normally be let in if they behave (i.e. no such thing as in 1066!)

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    Pizza Store: Decent Pizza!!

    by soupd Updated Mar 10, 2008

    Ok, not a restaurant, it's a Pizza hut stylie gaff. You can sit in, take out, or order for delivery to your house/hotel. This is probably one of the best pizzas i've had here in denia.
    There are loads to choose from, as well as burgers, pasta, salads, onion rings and kebabs!!
    Havent tried anything other than the pizza, so cant comment on the rest, but all pretty good price wise.
    Pizzas range in price from €6-€20 depending on size, and they do bucket loads of special offers - we got 2 small pizzas with 5 toppings for €10 for both. And they were good.
    Well recommended for home feeds!!

    Favorite Dish: Anything with chillies!

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  • mirchica's Profile Photo

    The Waterfront: English and Indian cuisine

    by mirchica Written Feb 25, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    That's a small restaurant,but very clean and tidy.The service is very good and the most important is the cusine.The chef is from Pakistan and believe me-he knows how to cook.
    Also you can eat traditional English food,preparated by the owner

    Favorite Dish: All of them:)

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    The Railway Tavern: English Breakfasts

    by soupd Updated Jan 8, 2008

    Ok, not strictly a 'breakfast only' review, as the food here is fantastic, full stop. But, without a doubt, the best Full English Breakfast in Denia. And only €5.
    Add to that a great menu of good British feeds, plus regular Specials (recently these included a chorizo and pumpkin stew, and a spicey chilli chicken burger) and great pints of San Miguel to boot.
    2 TV's for all your sports needs, all the local rags plus the usual UK papers and a central location add up to an excellent bar for a bit of home here in Denia.
    Oh aye, and they've just revived their Pub Quiz - Thursdays 8pm.
    A top mark of 5/5.

    Favorite Dish: Well, see above - The Full English Breakfast.
    Its a real filler for only €5.
    Others of note for the blokes - feed yourself whilst watching the game with one of their home made burgers. Boy are they good.

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  • soupd's Profile Photo

    Pizzeria Lugano: Miss this Pizzeria!

    by soupd Updated Dec 10, 2007

    Ask any pizza eater what makes a great pizza, and they will all tell you its the base, and the sauces used. add to that fresh ingredients, and any pizza tastes great.
    So why oh why do restaurants proclaiming to be 'authentic' with 'fresh produce' continue to serve bland, boring, NOT fresh produce?
    Insipid is possibly even too polite a word to describe my pizza. a bought in bread base, tasteless tomato base sauce and tinned mushrooms? when i order a pizza called 'vulcano' i expect a bit more than the 'with chillies' to be 1 pickled chilli from a jar. rubbish.
    My partner had a 'fresh seafood pasta' straight from a jar.
    i suppose the salad to start was edible.....

    There are much better places to order pizza and pasta in denia. This was my second time here, as i'd never judge a restaurant on only 1 meal.

    Favorite Dish: N/A

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  • soupd's Profile Photo

    C'est la vie: French in Denia

    by soupd Updated Nov 29, 2007

    A nice, friendly French restaurant in a square just round the corner from Marques de Campo.
    We've been here a couple of times now, and on both occasions had good food.
    We shared a snails in garlic starter this time, which was excellent, and for mains; quiche with a mixed salad, and roasted lamb (* see later) Carajillos, good wine and a well poured pint rounded the meal of well.
    Well worth a visit, and not expensive-our price per person below includes copious wine, beers and carajllos.

    i do have one point to make, but it's solely about the menu. i would advise you to check the menu in both spanish or french if youre reading from the english menu, as we encountered 2 differences on the night. my 'roasted' lamb was in fact not roasted, but still gorgeous, but a friend ordered what was listed as 'sirloin' ie a steak but it was infact 'solomilo' pork. now, thats ok, but it simply was not what he had ordered. my wife is fluent, so she explained the problem with the menu, so we got it changed (to a HUGE steak) with no further problems.

    Favorite Dish: has to be the french onion soup. fresh, tasty, perfect.
    just let it cool first!

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  • Naranja bar: Nice food-rubbish service!

    by Wendy-H Written Sep 21, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    eaten about 3 times at this place which is right on beach about 4kms out of Denia in Las marinas area.
    Good food, Paella excellent but oh dear the service. Time before last i had to ask 3 times for bill and in end i just left what i thought on table and walked off.
    Last visit, we chose to sit outside, table not set, only inside ones set but we preferred outside.
    Anyway food came but no cutlery set so we asked waiter who nodded, then promptly went off to serve ice creams to somebody! waited a bit then went inside and picked some cutlery off a table ourselves!
    Anyway worth going, just dont expect good table service but food quite good.

    Favorite Dish: Paella mixta

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  • Cafe Solo: Absolute top quality

    by Wendy-H Written Sep 21, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I have been to this place several times and never been disappointed. The food is of excellent quality and is presented beautifully. I have had several different meals including Rack of lamb in port wine, lobster, a lovely starter of cauliflower croquettes, soup and a few other things.
    ive also been for breakfast and the Dolce Vita breakfast is verry good. Lots of fruits, different breads and cheeses and chocolates spread!!
    My husband had an English breakfast which was also good
    In summer it gets very full and you can also sit outside, in the winter months its just inside.

    Favorite Dish: Rack of lamb in port wine sauce is as good a dish as ive eaten anywhere.

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  • La Menta: Quaint little place hidden away

    by Wendy-H Written Sep 21, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a beautiful little place tucked away in a square behind the main seafront restaurants.
    Its quite small and the evening we went it was verry full early on which made us think it was popular.
    we booked a table for around 10pm and had a fabulous evening.
    Food was first class and the presentation, plates, glasses etc were very stylish.
    The pre-meal bread was served with hummous and tapenade and was delicious.

    Favorite Dish: 5 of us ate there and everryone was very pleased with their choices.
    Cant remember exact dishes cos its a year since i went there, but trust me its well worth a visit.

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  • tuktuktuk's Profile Photo

    Restaurante Al Gusto: Great Menu del Dia

    by tuktuktuk Written Apr 5, 2007

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Restaurant in the heart of Denia.......packed at lunchtimes.....mainly Spanish. Phil the chef has a very varied menu......lunch including wine for about 10 euros a head...wont find better quality food at this price....make sure you book.....English and Spanish spoken

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