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  • Denia, Spain. View from Castle
    Denia, Spain. View from Castle
    by pablito-uk
  • Denia still has it's charm.
    Denia still has it's charm.
    by rachel_sun
  • Denia Cstle
    Denia Cstle
    by rachel_sun

Denia Things to Do

  • Street Paintings

    There is a so called "cultural walk" or something like that on the north side of the castle, through the residential neighborhoods. I saw several of these signs, but never once was able to determine what this "walk" was, or what the highlights on it were.However, as this walk starts to combine with the other feeding streets and stairs, leading up...

  • Denia Beaches

    I visted the north beaches of Denia, with 20km of beach in total there was plenty of beaches to stroll across. The north beaches are part of Las Marinas, from the port of Denia the first beach is called Punta del Raset beach, seeing as it is near the port it gets many visitors and there's a fantastic childrens play area with many opportunities for...

  • Denia Castle

    I have always been interested in history and Denia's history goes back many centuries. Visiting the castle was a great experience, the photographs from the castle were very beautiful. Its one of the best spots to take pictures of the Port of Denia. Within the castle is a museum which explains the history of Denia in more depth. Please find more...


Denia Hotels

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  • Hotel Rosa

    Hotel Rosa is a small and very comfy hotel.It is 20 metres from the beach and only 1km from Denia...

  • Los Angeles Hotel Denia

    This beautiful hotel is right on the beach.Denia is 4km away.Golf club is only 5km's away.This smart...

  • Port Denia

    This is a shared hotel, not exclusively saga. It didn’t bother us except for meal times during the...


Denia Restaurants

  • Not overly impressed with this Mexican

    We walked by the day before and saw this place posting "urban Mex restaurant". It had been a long time since we had Mexican, that we were eager to try it.The restaurant had some nice decorations, definitely giving good homage to the Mexican theme. But we would not recommend coming here for the food, but at most, maybe in the evenings for some...

  • Great food, good price, cozy setting

    We were looking for Italian food and we could smell this place from a couple blocks away. Our noses found it quite easily. The dining area is quite small and cozy, with a split level dining area. The upper level will give you a nice view out the window or over the banister to the kitchen/bar area.The man who served us was overly kind, courteous and...

  • For meat lover...

    El Asador del Puerto let me discover some excellent specialties inspired by the fusion of the best Castilian and Mediterranean cuisine tradition. The meticulous art to cook the meat surprise my taste sense. An excellent quality meat was so tender than you almost do not need a knife to cut it ;-) When I am travelling abroad, it is a real pleasure...


Denia Nightlife

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  • Great Bar - Footy and Atmosphere

    Yep, not only does the railway serve great home made food, its also the place in Denia to watch all the football- Premier League, SPL, Champions League..... plus rugby, F1 and loads more. 2 TV's and loads of systems.When you're passing, they have their noticeboard outside so you can check whats coming up. Plus they do a pub quiz every thursday...

  • Good Irish Bar

    Paddys is a typical 'Irish Theme' bar, and i quite like it. it's got no irish staff, or anything vaguely like- all spanish, mainly spanish customers, but you're bound to bump into the odd irish/brit/foreigner while you're here.They show footy, rugby et al, just dont expect them to turn off the music whilst it's on.the pints are at the dearer end of...

  • A traditionnal and lively Irish Pub

    Guinness and Murphys will welcome you in a wooden and traditionnal Irish sytle pub. Large choice of other spirits or soft drinks serve by efficient friendly staff ;-) You will ever find nice people there especially at the weekends. It is also one of the rare place in Dénia where live music are played on every sunday nights with bands. A pleasant...


Denia Transportation

  • Rent a car.

    By far the best way to get about is to hire a car. You can pick your car up from the airport. we have so far used 2 different hire companies, Victoria and Auriga. with Victoria you have to pay up front for the fuel-50 euros and then bring it back empty. this is ok if you will be doing a lot of driving and will use the 50 euros worth of fuel. 50...

  • Cars-Trains and Ferries.

    Car-You can drive down to Spain through France from the Uk and it will take a good two days.Use the toll roads to get down faster but remember you will have to pay.But its worth paying to save hours of time.Make sure you have insurance to drive abroad and good breakdown cover.Make sure your car is in good order too.Train-You can travel to Spain...

  • Girona Airport to Denia via Barcelona

    Update to my last message.1 Bus every hour to Barcelona Nord Bus station From Girona Airport:Cost 12 Euros.Journey time 1 hour 15 mins, For info: www.sagales.com3 Buses from Barcelona Nord per day from Barcelona Nord Bus station to Denia Bus station:Cost 33.64 Euros. Journey time 7 hours 30 mins.For info: or www.movelia.esBus 1:Depart...


Denia Shopping

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  • Fruit and veg to die for

    The large indoor market, many stalls with local fruit, veg, meat and fish. Very tasty and much cheaper than UK. The locals make a social event of it by stopping off for a coffee or beer. The fruit is just fantastic and the chicken I bought had much more taste than the sellophane offerings from my local multinational. Fruit, meat about half the...

  • Furniture

    Beautiful, Ethnic, quality furniture, soft furnishings, ornaments, pictures etc.This shop sells top quality items for your home or to bring back with you.The quality and choice are excellent.I only bought a couple of things but hope to get some more on my next visit. Everything you need if you are trying to furnish a home in spain.Beautiful...

  • Supermarket that sells everything.

    A very large 2 storey supermarket which sells absolutely everything.If like me you have a property which you are trying to furnish and equip and you dont know the area or the language very well, this shop is really good. as well as being a very large supermarket with great choice of food and drink, you can buy TVs, Hi Fi, BBQ, Bikes, Mattresses and...


Denia Local Customs

  • Fallas in Denia

    You may think this festival is quite mad.The locals spend thousands of euros building statues made of wood and plaster of Paris, erect them in the street, and on the last night, they are all burnt. The bomberos have to spray the buildings to stop them catching fire!!The Fallas are usually satyrical representations of modern day politicians,...

  • Take your dog out to dinner!!!

    All restaurants in Spain allow you to take your dog with you! i suppose this is good for local dog lovers (and i do have dogs of my own back in England) but im not sure about sharing a restaurant with dogs! They are usually well behaved, but personnally i find it a bit off-putting to see a dog watching my every mouthfull! So be careful where you...

  • Bous a la Mar...

    Toros a la mar... or Bull to the Sea...or how to run and swim quickly to escape to a fierce bull...Els Bous a la Mar is part of the festivities celebrating the ‘Santisima Sangre’. The act consists of releasing cattle, which the participants follow in the “entrada”. The tour finishes in a "bull ring" mounted in Dénia's port with one of its sides...


Denia Warnings and Dangers

  • Driving in Spain

    For a country with a slow pace of life,and people of a relaxed nature ,whenever they get into a car they seem to shapeshift into some kind of Road Demon so give them plenty of room,dont expect signals and say a few prayers everytime you take to the road.

  • Car Jackings

    Recently near Alicante there have been gangs of people targeting tourists arriving at Alicante airport getting hire cars by highjacking them on the motorway.They follow you for a few miles and then clip your car so you have to pull over and then they nick your hire car and all it's contents.The police are cracking down on this and several gangs...

  • Healthwise

    No injections are required to visit Spain and the water is safe to drink but it tastes abit horrible as lots of chlorine has been added and people drink bottled water as it tastes alot nicer.The main thing to watch out for is sunburn and getting dehydrated in the hot sun.I got sunburnt and so did my hubby when we fell asleep and woke up 2 hours...


Denia Tourist Traps

  • rachel_sun's Profile Photo

    Denia is changing

    by rachel_sun Written Jan 29, 2007

    I did not get to visit Denia for 15 months. On going back I saw a big change. The beaches near my house had changed . They had put loads of sand down to widen beaches and also built these stone looking piers or breakers. There were also several new buildings up and quite a few just started. The coast is not as nice as it once was, but I think once all the work is complete, it will be better.

    Unique Suggestions: I can see they are improving things and with time hopefully it will be better. The sandy beach is nice as before it was large pebbles. Near the Arizona Bar they have built some apartments and built a small promenade along beach. These apartments look high quality and they are not too bad actually. Along the coast road I can see many new building projects and cranes. I just hope they do not go too crazy and spoil the feel of Denia and it's beaches. Too many apartments will eventually ruin the natural feeling of the beaches.

    Fun Alternatives: Do not go overboard to build too much. Know when to stop. Denia has a wonderful coast line as long as it is kept not too built up.

    Tonnes of sand has been trucked in New Apartments near Arizona Bar Loads of building work going on New walkway near Arizona Beach Bar Large wavo breakers beeen built on beach
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Denia What to Pack

  • Travel Light!

    by Wendy-H Written Sep 8, 2005

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: The accent in Denia is "Smart Casual"
    No need to overdo it. Very casual during the day. If going into town in the eveining-smart casual is the norm.
    During high summer it is very hot and you will wear very little.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: You can get everything you need here. Pharmacies are easy to find and stock everything.

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Denia Off The Beaten Path

  • Denia castle is set on a hill

    I enjoyed the Lemon Express as a good day out.The Lemon Express is the oldest tourist train in Spain.It's been around since the 1920's.Since it has been completely done up and now has a toilet and buffet car.The Spanish Government of Valencia own it.The trip leaves Benidorm railway station and goes through places such as Altea, Calpe,Benissa and...

  • Denia still is charming

    HelloAlthough Denia has changed over the last few years, it still is mostly nice and relaxing. Some things have changed for the better. For instance a couple of Indian restaurants have opened up, new shops etc, new promenades being built and gardens. Beaches being widened etc. So there is now more to do and see. South beaches are the best place to...

  • New Buildings

    Where my place is the building has taken off.I felt abit sad when I visited again as I saw new buildings and cranes.I just hope they keep it nice and do not over due the building and ruin the place.I am glad to say along this coast road there are villas already so they cannot build big buildings all along the coast as the villas break this up.Where...


Denia Sports & Outdoors

  • Kite Surfing.

    On our last visit to Denia(Jan 2005) we saw people kite surfing on Denia's North beaches.The North beaches are sandy and wide.Looks like Kite Surfing has really taken off as most days we saw the kites in the air and sea.You could see the kites out to sea and the people doing huge jumps and fancy moves when a big wave appeared.So if you are into...

  • Diving, Jeeps and Kayaks

    Denia has great water sports and things to do.One company does diving.There web site is www.buceobnl.comThere tel num is 609 03 91 73.There address is Denia Diving bnl......Ctra.Denia-Javea,20 Urb.Mare Nostrum 03700 Denia Alicante.Another good trip to to go on a jeep safari so you get to see the area.You can have a full day of action and adventure...

  • The Dying Seal

    Now before i get loads of disgusted comments, i would like to point out that my heading has nothing to do with animal cruelty .I had always fancied going scuba diving but had never had the opportunity to do so until i went to Denia last October. I got a bit excited and we went and hired gear and set off for Les Rotes.We got there and sat at a bar a...


Denia Favorites

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  • Time of Year

    Denia is a really fun city but try to go in the fall or earlier. I'm sure it's much busier than the winter but it's probably much livelier. The beaches in Denia are fantastic and there are many great car rides to be had in the scenic area.

  • Sun Rise

    When in Denia make an effort and get up early for the sun coming up over the Baleric Islands the town is so peaceful at this time ,and the view is just spectacular

  • Check the website

    Try the website. all the travel and tourist information you will need. Information on weather for the forthcoming 6 days, fiestas, restaurants etc.Just click on the language you want and there is a lot of information.


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