Comunidad Valenciana Restaurants

  • Restaurants
    by virtualtanielle
  • Restaurants
    by virtualtanielle
  • Restaurants
    by virtualtanielle

Comunidad Valenciana Restaurants

  • Lunch at the road

    On the way from Barcelona to Valencia we made a short stop for a lunch in the “Medas” Café. It took us half an hour and it was cheap and delicious.Besides that I had time to take a panoramic video.You can watch my 2 min 54 sec Video Barcelona-Valencia by bus part 1 out of my Youtube channel or here on VT.

  • paella, paella, paella..... Great waiter

    Nice service. Great food.Looks touristy but the food is fabulous.Try their signature paella with seafood.Great wine.

  • Amazing Melt in mouth Lamb.

    HelloOn our last trip to Denia we found this amazing restaurant along the seafront. It is next to El Port ( standing with your back to the sea facing the restaurants it is to the right of El Port, next door). They had a board outside with a set menu listed on it. It was 8 Euros 50 for a 3 course meal which included one glass of wine or soft drink....

  • Paella & Other Rice Dishes

    One cannot leave Valencia without giving a try to the local paella. This rice based dish has already become world known and is unarguably the most famous culinary creation from Spain, but it is originally from Valencia. However, the stuff you get out of Valencia is usually far from the original stuff.Valencians are experts in cooking rice in a...

  • Orxata (and meringued milk!!)

    One of the best known Valencian specialities is the Orxata: a nutritious and refreshing milky drink made from chufas (a kind of tubers also known as tigernuts or earth almonds). Chufas were introduced in the region by the Arabs and the Valencian orchards turned out to be perfect for their cultivation. The best chufas grow in the nearby town of...

  • Oranges & Citrus Fruits

    As you approach the city, no matter from which direction (except if you arrive by sea, obviously), you will have to go through immense plantantion of orange and other citrus trees. The region of Valencia is indeed one of the leading producers of oranges in the world, which account for a significant part of its income. Many Valencians complain that...

  • Chinese Food at it's best

    This chinese restuarant is about 2 miles along Oliva/Denia coastroad from Denia.From Denia drive along coastroad about two miles and then you will see traffic lights.Turn left and you will see chinese and park up.You can see it from road too.It has huge pillars outside.We have had some fantastic meals here.Our friends in Spain took us here and the...

  • Any closer to sea and you would get wet

    This place is stunning.We did not eat here but had some drinks.Its just before you get into Calpe along coastroad.You can park outside it but we walked along the coastpath and saw it and needed a break with a drink.You can also get to it from Calpe beach front as you just walk along the path about half a mile to get to it.It has great views along...

  • Milkshakes

    I dont normally eat at Mac D's but found it good when getting to Denia on my first night as i wanted something that was fast and i could quickly eat after a long flight.Mac D is on the Denia Ondara main road as described in last tip and next to the petrol station and big diy shop.Along the road with all the warehouse furniture shops.It has nice...

  • Another good chinese

    Another chinese we found which is great value was Casa Liu.Its open from 11.30 am til midnight 7 days a week.The menu is huge and the food was tasty.It includes things such as rice and noodles, duck,starters,pork dishes,special dishes,set meals etc.We had a meal (rice with meat dish each) for 9 euros.You can again eat here too and it looked nice...

  • Chinese food was also good

    Another night we fancied a chinese takaway and tried a place about 2 miles from our house .You could also eat here and it looked very nice with seating outside and inside.Its open from 11am til 4pm and then 6pm til midnight.The menu is huge and the food was good.We tried the fried seaweed as a starter and i had chicken curry as main and hubby had...

  • Great takaway.

    As like most people we dont like eating out every night so some nights like to have a takaway meal to eat back at our house.We saw a place that done takaway foods and went in.The man inside was friendly and we took alook at the menu.There were lots of things to pick.This place also had seating outside and we had a drink while our food was being...

  • Al Giardino had great gardens

    We accidently found this place while on the way to Javea.Its on a main road and it looked very nice as people were eating out in the garden so we decided to stop.We went in and it was very nice.A proper restaurant with the waiter all dressed up and proper table clothes etc.The other places were more beach style with plastic chairs etc but this...

  • Two great restaurants near eachother

    The photo shows Hellos and its great setting.About a 2 min walk South from Hellos is another good restaurant.Mena is more of a proper restaurant than Hellos as Hellos is more rustic.I went to Mena and had a wonderful paella.You can sit inside or out and it also is set right next to the beach.South Denia has a rocky coastline as well as sancy.The...

  • Fantastic setting for a rustic...

    We found this little place after walking along the coast of south of Denia.After the harbour is a big carpark and we parked up.There is a long promenade which goes along to unspolit coast going south.You can walk along for about one mile.Then there is a beautiful stretch of rocky rugged coastline and a few small white washed house overlooking the...

  • Eat great food with great views.

    This restaurant is about half a mile from my house and is set on a beautiful unspolit beach.It is very peaceful and has outdoor and inside seating.It serves meals and snacks and tapas all day and night.Or you can just have drinks.The staff are very friendly and ive been about 10 times.Its the place to go to relax and unwind and just sit and admire...

  • A small beach bar which done tasty...

    As Calpe Rock has beaches each side of it we walked from the harbour side one day and went to the promanede side to see the built up part of Calpe.The promanded side is long with loads of sky rise hotels.The beach right next to Calpe rock is pleasant and we found a small beach bar up a side street just before the seafront.It had about 5 tables and...

  • Eat with a seaview that takes your...

    We were taking a walk around Calpe Rock and just past the harbour we saw a nice restaurant overlooking a beautiful bay in Calpe.The views were breath taking and we saw they done paella so we decided to go in.You can park up near Calpe Rock and then walk past the harbour and there is a street lined with bars and restuarants and this restuarant had...

  • Ethnic trendy

    The bar was very cosy and had great music playing"nat king cole" and was simply furnished very nice indeed.It was relaxing and i dressed casual.We had a bar snack which was a plate of parma ham with other nibbles for 12 euros and then a sandwich for 2.50 euros and i had 2 glasses of red wine and hubby had a coffee and a diet coke.I then had another...

  • El Port is my Favourite place by far

    Here is El Port inside.It is a very relaxing restaurant and has a wonderful atmosphere.I felt very comftable going here and it has views outside to sea.In the summer you can sit outside and people watch or sit inside which i liked more as its abit more quiet and relaxing.They have air con during summer and good heating inside during winter and...

  • Valencian baked vegetables

    Another dish i cannot get enough of is the baked Vegetables .They are the most tastest thing ive ever eaten.Ive tried them at various restuarants but they were the best at El Port in Denia.They are baked in the oven with olive oil, garlic and a dash of salt.They have so much flavour and i could eat this dish every day.Every time its done to...

  • Valencian paella

    As Valencia has a strong arab influence from the Moorish rule most dishes contain rice.My favourite dish has to be meat paella which has rice, beans,garlic,chicken and other veggies and is lovely with lemon squeezed over it.Ive also tried the seafood one but prefer the meat paella.Valencia region has many dishes which include rice and in Alicante...

  • Style of food

    Along the coast you can eat a big variety of meals.International dishes.If you want to try traditional food and recipies you are better going to smaller restaurants and going inland abit.When i was in Costa Del Sol i saw people cooking sardines on the beach in boats.They were very tasty indeed and it was nice watching this at night along Fuengirola...

  • Olive Oil and Garlic

    Food in Spain is great as most of it is locally produced and fresh.Its healthy as plenty of olive oil and garlic are used in lots of dishes.The choice of shell fish and fish is extensive and caught locally.Chicken and pork and peppers and onions are used lots too.The fruit used is normally grown locally too.So Spainish food is very healthy...

  • Goto a local market and eat tapas in a...

    I enjoyed many meals at my villa.Goto a local market and try the fresh fruit,vegg and fish.Try shopping at a local supermarket and you will eat well and cheaply.I had loads of barbaques at the villa and the range of Spanish food at supermarkets is as good as uk or even better. I bought 4 chicken breasts for a cheap £1.50 and salad and vegg and...

  • Treat yourself

    This bar was in Altea.It was pricey,but well worth it.It done fantastic food and drinks.Go on,treat yourself.I had a drink here then used the loo.The loo was the size of my livingroom.It had luxury soaps and perfumes in.A real nice treat. This place was upper class and we decided to treat ourselves.It was abit pricey but well worth paying the...

  • Denia has some nice places to eat

    Denia has a lovely seafront and some nice bars,restaurants too.This one was on a street corner,over looking a slabbed area with trees and benches.There is a seafront,then a promenade bit lined with palm trees.This was inbetween the two.The food here was very good and about the same price as home.Look for the seating and slabbed area near the...

  • Fresh fish is really juicy

    Here i am at Moraira eating some freshly caught tuna.Along Moraira seafront,there are loads of good restaurants to eat at.This one was long and narrow,but it was set in lovely gardens.I had a tuna salad with 2 glasses of red wine for £5 including bread.Not bad for on the sea front. Has to be the tuna steak and the fresh bread with garlic...

  • Spanish omlette is very tasty

    Another favourite restaurant of mine is the Algas Bar at Moraira(coast road just before u get to Moraira).They due bar snacks during the day and meals at night.Ive enjoyed many a meal here and drink with a light snack.Its very good value and the views are great.It looks out to sea and over to Moraira town. The bar is very trendy and has outside...

  • Chinese food is my favourite

    At Denia,next to burger king,we found a wonderful Chinese restaurant and takaway.The food was wonderful and very good price too.We had a meal for two with a bottle of wine for £10 and the quality was good too.Another night we had a take out and it was as nice. Ive had about 6 meals from here and every one was very good.I can highly recomend the...

  • Eat at La Sella for a great meal

    Goto La Sella restaurant(La Sella golf club)for great pasta and pizzas.La Sella is in Denia and has fantastic lush tropical gardens.I had three meals here and had a lovely pizza for £4 and pasta for £4.Drinks are a good price here too.A nice seating area too with gardens etc.Great value food in beautiful surroundings.You can also go here for just...

  • Try local food

    North costa blanca has fantastic food.Do try the local dishes and you wont be dissapointed.You can eat anything you want.Chinese,fish,burgers,indian,spanish,italian,mexican,french etc.One of my favs was the pastas and pizzas.Food costs slightly less than the uk on the seafront and alot less if u eat inland in a village. The food shown in pic was...

  • Algas bar in Moraira was wonderful

    The variety of fresh fruit,veg,salad and fish was great.To keep the bill down,ask for house wine(Vino De La Casa).It is just as nice as the dearer wines.The choice of wine is extensive.Also try Sangria,an iced,hot weather drink that combinesred wine,brandy,fruit juice and mineral water,lovely and refreshing... Moraira harbour and up side streets....

  • Paella was my favourite dish

    Paella was my favourite dish.It has rice,shellfish,chicken,sausages and herbs and garlic.YUM YUM.A favourite of many people is a soup,which is made from chopped tomatoes,peppers,cucumbers,onions and croutons and is served chilled.I enjoyed this,do try it.Tapas bars are great too,plenty of nice,small snacks.I found just sitting in a bar,people...

  • El Port

    El Port is a fabulous restaurant located along Denia seafront.You can sit outside or inside and the menu is extensive.They do a fantastic paella and a beautiful grilled med veg plate.We had a grilled vegg plate and paella for two and a bottle of nice red wine for £30 for two people.Husband also had a coke and a cappicino.So for £15 a head we had a...

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