Madrid Warnings and Dangers

  • Wife Joan watching for pickpockets on Metro
    Wife Joan watching for pickpockets on...
    by edwis
  • Retiro Park (Madrid, España/Spain)
    Retiro Park (Madrid, España/Spain)
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Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Madrid

  • 1. Security

    I have been to Madrid for 1 week in vacation with my best friend. We took the subway from the airport to arrive at Opera metro station, right in the center of Madrid. When we arrived at the hotel...

  • 2. Transports

    We were warned about security and the need to be wary of pick-pockets, especially on the Metro. Lo and behold, while on the Metro during the morning rush toward the airport, we were jam packed,...

  • 3. Local people

    You have all heard this a million times before, but beware of the pickpockets. Although I believe it is not as bad as places like Barcelona, but just keep an eye and hand on your belongings. Don't...

  • 4. Eating & drinking

    I was last Saturday in Madrid, on the 8th of September 2012. We went to "Parque del Retiro", it is a nice place to walk and there are a couple of coffee shops by the lake, where you can have drinks...

  • 5. Monuments & highlights

    The mayor of Madrid has lost his treasure, so now he is digging the city up. That is what I am told. Madrid is currently COVERED in roadworks, tunnels and lots of noise and dust. The center: Sol is...

  • 6. Weather

    I was warned about the heat in July/August but figured since I live in a warm climate in the U.S. I'd be fine. No such luck. Be aware: air conditioning is not common in Spain. I was fortunate enough...

  • 7. Safety in Madrid

    Many times I have been asked about safety in Madrid and I always give the same opinion: Madrid is as safe or unsafe as any other big city in the world (or at...

  • 8. Watch your belongings!

    Madrid if rife with pickpockets, like many other European cities. One of my friends had her camera stolen from her purse while riding the Metro. She had let her...

  • 9. Just say No when using an ATM/cash machine

    A little while ago we read about Spanish cash machines which in effect were stealing from British people visiting. Spanish banks have introduced confusing bank...

  • 10. Pickpockets

    They use to stay near to the main places and atractions (Puerta del Sol area, metro, Gran Via, etc). Madrid is not a dangerous city so you can walk safely by...

  • 11. traffic

    Madrid has traffic jam on Friday as everyone is leaving the city. Try not to travel by car this day. As for taxis, they are obligated to leave the meter on, but...

  • 12. sjjj sjjj...

    As we were in the Retiro park early morning we found some types lying in the bushes under trees who were "sjjj sjjj" at us, inviting us to have "chocolad" or...

  • 13. When changing Dollars for Euros

    We found out that the best deal in getting Euros is through ATM machines.The exchange rate is better than if you go to a hotel's front desk, and they are...

  • 14. Connecting through Madrid

    The Madrid airport is huge, do not make a connection without giving yourself a minimum of 2 hours. This was the first time I ever missed a flight in 20 years of...

  • 15. Don't ask Fraser for any intelligent info

    No idea what this statue is about - but Fraser said the horse has one leg up so the Dude was wounded...............excellent Fraser!The statue is of Carlos lll...

  • 16. Take Pre-Cautions

    I have used the Metro numerous times while in Madrid. Never had any problems with pick - pockets but that does not mean someone else will have the same...

  • 17. Pickpockets

    Pickpockets is a big trouble in Madrid. Try to keep your wallet in a safe place while walking around the city. I had my wallet stolen in Madrid on the subway....

  • 18. Don't expect to stay in bed

    The construction work going on out side the hotel was our early morning wake up call - more sight seeing time for us (Ken & Harry) the younger ones Grant Fraser...

  • 19. Subway Thiefs

    I was only in Madrid for a day with some friends, but unfortunately we were robbed in the subway.We were getting on and everyone except my friend were on the...

  • 20. No Flash!

    When you are in Madrid if you are going to be in a lot of Museum or signifcant buildings like the Royal Palace be warned that camera flashes are not welcome!!So...

  • 21. Pick Pocketing

    Madrid like many large european city does have its share of people just willing to take your money.I was well warned before going to Madrid but do have a couple...

  • 22. No La Guerra

    While in Spain there were two major protest. Thousands and thousands of people protested the potential war in Iraq while on another day thousands more protested...

  • 23. Parades and demonstrations

    Madrid is the capital of Spain, so is not unusual to see demonstrations of any kind along its streets. People from all over Spain come here to complain against...

  • 24. Timing is everything...

    ...when it comes to fab art exhibits, among other things. You know how this gentleman feels when you wander by the Prado and the sign says MANET!!! and then you...

  • 25. dishonest beggars

    There are a lot of beggars in Madrid, and some aren't honest about their poverty. While we were eating lunch at an outdoor cafe, a little old lady in rags came...

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