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Coruña Things to Do

  • Ayuntamiento

    From my brief visit, long time ago, I only remember three things in La Coruña - the tower of Hercules (whose picture was damaged), the wild coast, and the ayuntamiento - a very common spanish look, but a nice square and building anyway.I will return with time.

  • La Coruna Sightseeing

    This service is the best way to see the city all around for those short on time. La Coruna Sightseeing by Hercules Tours offers a panoramic bus tour two hours long. They do two stops at the main points: Tower of Hercules and Mount of San Pedro. Worth the price (15 euros).Hercules Tours also organizes full day tours to any place in Galicia.

  • The tomb of Sir John Moore

    The tomb, in the San Carlos Gardens, turned out easier to find than I had expected. Just ask – the local people know it well, and hold Sir John Moore in as high regard as the English do, or did. (So by the way did Marshal Soult, who had the tomb made.) On the far side of the garden, through the portico with the first few verses of the famous poem...


Coruña Hotels

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Coruña Restaurants

  • La Cultura del Jamon

    excellent coffee and pastries.I have visited the bar several times, it can be busy, but is always very welcoming and has a great atmosphere.In the winter you may experience the wind and chill, but you can then appreciate the warmth of the bar when you find your way inside.

  • More Eating at the airport

    The airport has two eateries - this is the self service cafe on the ground floor. It is always busy. Well, it is the only place to get a coffee or a snack.There are a great many customers, the airport staff obviously use it for meetings and breaks along with the passengers and those waiting for arriving family and friends.I tried to use the free...

  • Interesting and busy

    Situated on a road island in the Plaza de Pontevedra. It is interesting, the food is ok and seems to be always busy. They have very professional staff. I have enjoyed a steak and salad, and on other visits I have enjoyed Chicken Milanese with Salad.


Coruña Nightlife

  • Nightlife in Coruña

    The discos are outside the city. Inside the city there are lots of pubs, many kinds of them, you will always find one that you like. They are located in the center, around Plaza del Humor and el Orzán. Most people go from pub to pub as there aren't any entrance fees. They are always packed. Many young people also bring their drinks (el botellón)...

  • downtown

    The nightlife goes off in Coruna, and I can't really say where to go as there are many places.The best this is to head down town, and just pic what seems to be the best that night. Just keep in mind, that the places won't get buzzing until after 1am, before that they will be empty

  • Always a bar open!

    Although Matthews Bar was touted as the best Irish bar in the city, we landed on St Patricks day, and ok, so maybe he didnt appreciate the tirade of Man U songs (he closed!) but we still felt the Limerick Bar on the Orzan beach front was the better. The bar behind is a local brothel!


Coruña Transportation

  • The International Airport

    The airport can be reached directly and indirectly from the UK - Iberia flights service the airport as do those of Vueling.It is a small airport, dealing with some 1,000,000 passengers annually.There is a reasonable cafeteria, tourist shop and some meeting rooms. There are no airline lounges.

  • La Coruna Sightseeing

    This service is the best way to see the city all around for those short on time. La Coruna Sightseeing by Hercules Tours offers a panoramic bus tour two hours long. They do two stops at the main points: Tower of Hercules and Mount of San Pedro. The price is very worthly (15 euros).


    Updated April 2008AIRPORT, BUS AND TRAIN STATIONS - The airport (Alvedro) is 10 Km far, 25 min by bus (1.35 euro, several stops around the city, every 1/2 hour M-F, every hour S&S), 10 min by taxi (10-20 euro). The train and bus stations are located in front of each other, 1 Km off the city center. Train schedules: Bus schedules,...


Coruña Shopping

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  • The English Cut....a tailor?

    wonderful department store, part of a chain.It seems to be a good place to go, although the clothes seem a little more expensive than other stores, possibly due to there being many designer label franchises.

  • La Boutique del Cafe

    The shop is also a coffee shop at the rear of the building. It is busy and an excellent place to buy both coffee and tea. I can recommend the ground coffee from this shop - I highly commend the Guatamalan Coffee that they sell. 1/2 kg of ground coffee was 7.63€

  • Galician Arts and Crafts

    It is a freindly shop, slightly out of the way, but well wortha visit if you are looking for something more unsual. I would recommend buying one of the works by susorojo.


Coruña Local Customs

  • Free Morning Newspapers

    Most European cities and towns seem to offer Metro these days. I am glad to say that La Coruna is no exception to this; however as you can see that each day they offer no less than 4 different free newspapers.Metro20 MinutosQue!adnAll seem to be full of news and sport!

  • Coruña, its languages and its many names

    In Galicia two languages are spoken, Galician and Spanish. Unlike other parts of Spain with two languages, most people do speak Galician. The situation in Coruña is the opposite however with most people using Spanish. In general, some Spanish will be helpful to you. Educated and younger people are able to use both languages correctly but even if...

  • The flags of Galicia

    The flags of Galicia have a long and interesting history. The modern day flag with the single blue bar and the recently created Nunca Mais flag following the oil spill that caused so much damge to the coastline, fortunately, no long term effects that can be seen.


Coruña Warnings and Dangers

  • Don't walk on the cliffs

    Even with good weather be careful with waves, they can throw you against the rocks or dragging you to the ocean.Almost every year someone dies for being irresponsible.

  • Mobile phone robbers!

    Although La Coruña is a very safe place, please beware of mobile phone robbers, mainly Algerians, who operate in the city. There victims are maily woman who hang there hangbags on the back of the seat in bars. So please, keep your handbag with you at all time!

  • You don't have to worry about it

    A Coruña is a safe place. Have the normal precautions,like everywhere,but I found it a very safe place.


Coruña Tourist Traps

  • The beaches might not be what you...

    by wanderingmonk Updated Apr 30, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Riazor and Orzán aren't your typical spanish mediterranean beaches. The sand is artificial, it's ground granite. The water is unbelievably cold, the current is very strong and dangerous, and then there is the pollution and the masses of algae that feed on it. For these reasons few people dare to swim on their waters. These beaches are great however for surfers in autumn and winter when the water is warmer than the air.

    Fun Alternatives: If you're here in summer and wanted to go to a beach I recommend you those beaches more to the east, specially "la playa de Miño" some kilometers northeast (not to be mistaken with Miño river)

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Coruña What to Pack

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    Packing List

    by p20 Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: -----¡¡¡¡BRING AN UMBRELLA!!!!-----
    Maybe you are thinking that you are wasting some precious space, but bring one (or 2). Even in SUMMER.
    And some rainclothes.
    ----BRING IT OR BUY IT----

    Miscellaneous: In Santiago there are a lot of cybercafes, called cibers because they have nothing of cafes. But in the rest of Galicia it's very diff. to find one.

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Coruña Off The Beaten Path

  • The End of The World

    Cabo Finisterre is a most westerly point of Spain, believed by ancient Romans to be the end of the world. Cabo Finisterre and it s suroundings show amazingly beautifull landscapes. If you hike (I was too lazy so I used a car) you can climb hills or use uphill roads to see wonderfull sights that are impossible to forget.There is also a beautifull...

  • Costa do Morte

    Galician coast that deserved an name of a Death Coast because of a very huge number of a shipwrecks and maritime disasters that were and are happening there from ancient times to now, is even more beautifull than dangerous.Rocks and sea together with not so abundant but very beautifull vegetation, form some of the most wonderfull landscapes that i...

  • La playa grande de Miño (beach)

    If you plan to spend a few days in Coruña, never miss la playa de Miño.It is big, clean, with lots of golden sand, a picnic area, it is the perfect place to spend the whole day. Unlike Riazor/Orzán, the water is clean and never cold, and the waves are big but safe. I loved the waves there when I was a little kid. In summer time, the weather is more...


Coruña Sports & Outdoors

  • Deportivo A Coruna - the local football...

    The stadium and club shop does not appear to be open. I should say it has never been open at any of the times when I have been there and there has not been a match taking place. I shall try harder on my next visit; on the other hand it may never be open, or am I just unlucky?

  • Riazor Stadium

    In this stadium I've watched the game Deportivo vs Atletico Madrid in 1998. The stadium has capacity for aproximately 35,000 people.The Real Clube Deportivo de La Coruña plays in the spanish first league and usually competes in the european cups, UEFA Cup or Champions League, so with some luck it's possible to watch a great game

  • Beach Football

    The home of local football team Deportivo La Coruna is known as the Estadio de Riazor, i like football stadiums me so thought i better include my best piccy.Success in the Champions League of late has allowed the club to develop a marvellous Stadium which sits almost on the beach in the centre of La Coruna.


Coruña Favorites

  • Internet Cafe 2

    This facility is very small and boasts only 5 positions and 1 telephone kiosk - however it also seems to be a very busy photocopy business with builders, students and others always using the facilities.It seems that it is open 7 days per week and has quite long hours even on a Sunday.located at 19 Calle del Angel in one of the side streets of the...

  • Internet Cafe 1

    It seems that there are now a few more places to check emails and surf the web.This particular internet cafe is located on Calle de Zalaeta and across the street from the Museo de la Belas Artes.

  • Coruna Card

    Like so many cities and towns - La Coruna has a tourist discount and access card. The card is valid for 48 hours and there are two types of card - the individual card or the family card.The card includes admission to the city's museums as well as a number of discounts offered at a range of stores and leisure outlets. You can also receive a 40%...


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