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Europe Sports & Outdoors

  • Rollerskating

    Paris Sports & Outdoors

    Every Friday, Pari-Roller ( organizes a ride around Paris from 10.00 PM till 1.00 AM. It starts at 10.00 pm at the Montparnasse train station, under the big clock and ends at the same place. If it rains the ride is cancelled. The ride is free, you can pay an insurance before it starts if you want, or give money for the...

  • Wembley Stadium

    London Sports & Outdoors

    OK, so this isn't strictly a sports activity - it's a pre-sports activity!! Just giving you the heads-up on a place to grab a drink and soak up the atmosphere before a football match. Wembley Way is the area outside Wembley Stadium where alcoholic drinks are sold aswell as fast food. It's all standing and there are no toilets (use the ones on the...

  • Soccer

    Rome Sports & Outdoors

    what other sport can be as popular as football in Italy? I've never seen such passionate fans in my life :-) supporters of different teams can be best friends in life, but when it comes to a game... it's impossible to describe. you just have to see it. I was lucky to see fantastic match between Roma and Milan. even more than game itself, you enjoy...

  • AJAX - Arena

    Amsterdam Sports & Outdoors

    The Amsterdam ArenA is home to AFC Ajax, four times winners of the European Cup and a club with plenty of history of playing beautiful "Total Football", meaning in its roughest sense that every player is totally comfortable with the ball and can play in any postion on the pitch. Past famous players Johan Cruff and Marco Van Basten It was opened...

  • F.C.Barcelona

    Barcelona Sports & Outdoors

    Even if there is no game, the Camp Nou is still worth a visit… The stadium was built in 1957, and enlarged for the World Cup (1982) to 115,000 spectators. Today, the old standing places are transformed into seats and the stadium has a capacity of around 99,000 seats. You can take the Camp Nou Experience and visit the Museu FC Barcelona, the...

  • Parken

    Copenhagen Sports & Outdoors

    if you are in copenhagen and want to wantch the national football team or fc.copenhagen then you should go to the national arena called "parken". it's the home of fc.copenhagen and the national team and is a very nice and modern football stadium. fc.copenhagen is at the moment the leading danish club and their biggest rival is brøndby from the...

  • Gaelic football

    Dublin Sports & Outdoors

    Croke Park was named in honour of Archbishop Croke - one of the GAA's first patrons. Over the next 40 years Croke Park was developed as finances allowed. The Railway End, also known as Hill 16 was constructed from the rubble left in O'Connell Street after the 1916 rising. This is where most of the craic is and the cheapest tickets. The first Hogan...

  • Stadiums and sports venues

    Lisbon Sports & Outdoors

    Lately during my travels I usually attempt to watch a match of the locals favourite sport. In Lisbon it is football (or soccer to us North Americans). In planning my trip to Portugal, I planned ahead to find a match I could attend. This proved to be more difficult than I imagined for most of the important teams (we will say Sporting, Benefica,...

  • Olympiastadion/Olympic Stadium

    Berlin Sports & Outdoors

    Olympiastadion was specially constructed for the Olympic games in August 1936. It is the venue for the games of the football club Hertha Berlin. You can watch the football games of Germany also. A tour around and inside the stadium costs 7 euro for adults (not reduced). A camera :)

  • Outdoor Activities

    Stockholm Sports & Outdoors

    Sweden Bike is a bike rental shop in the centre of Stockholm. We rented a pair of bikes there, as well as a baby carrier for our infant son, to go on a biking trip to Drottningholm. Erik, the enthusiastic owner, was happy to help us set up the baby carrier and give us advice for our journey. He had an excellent knowledge of the biking trails in...

  • Olympics 2004

    Athens Sports & Outdoors

    The huge Olympic Stadium is the heart of the Olympic Centre OAKA. It offers a place to over 70.000 people, and is used to keep the flame of the Olympic fire and was the place of the opening and closing ceremony. The final of the football (soccer) tournament was here and so were the athletics games. Because of the Olympics the stadium, that...

  • Bayern München

    Munich Sports & Outdoors

    A big day out. At the Allianz Arena for FC Bayern v Freiburg. 1st against 5th, but Bayern had clinched the league title the week before. They’d also put Barcelona to the sword during the week in Champions League action. It was a real experience, only slightly spoiled by the football. Real end of season stuff. Bayern won 1-0 through a cross from...

  • Walking Biking Hiking

    Brugge Sports & Outdoors

    The first tour called "Tour 1" Damme&Brugge is usually from Bruge via delightful poplarlined canal onward to Damme; formerly an outer harbour to Bruges and now a beautiful medieval market town. From 10:30AM -01:30 PM. Tour 2 : In the countryside: - Cycling the Green belt around Bruges. On this tour, one would see Windmills, picturesque Flemish...

  • Real Madrid

    Madrid Sports & Outdoors

    Indeed usually don't put up these pictures but its ok. The Real Madrid FC is more than a team, its a club, a family for me. I keep in touch with hundreds of fans all over the world for life. I grew up in Madrid as a young boy became part of the team at alavin level and benjamin, left the city but once with the shirt on, it stays with you forever....

  • Beaches

    Crete Island Sports & Outdoors

    Preveli beach is a ery scenic beach, especially when seen from high up: there's the sea at the front and a river at the back. In one day you can get a salty and a resh water swim. You can also walk along the river and admire the canyon and vegetation, or rent kayaks to go upstream. There's soft sand and may trees for some precious shade. Parking...

  • Watersports

    Santorini Island Sports & Outdoors

    At Caldera Beach you will find the Diving centre. It is a small remote beach with traditional caves below the cliffs of Akrotiri. Ask to be transfered from your hotels here. Santorini Dive Center has an office also in Perissa village, at the southeast part of the island and is located in Perissa Camping in front of the famous Black Sand Beach,...

  • Football

    Warsaw Sports & Outdoors

    The Dziesieciolecia Stadium (10th Anniversary Stadium) was bulit in 1955 for a project of an "Olympic Stadium for the city of Warsaw". It has a capacity of 71.000, but often housed more than 100 000 spectators. Due to its poor condition the stadium was abandoned in 1983 and used for non-sports events. Nowadays, the area around the stadium is home...


    Salzburg Sports & Outdoors

    There are several companies offering different kinds of extreme sport in Salzburg. We went rafting with a company called "Crocodile Sports". We were picked up by a van at our hostel before driving about 1 1/2 hour to reach our starting point. We had never done rafting before, and it was so much fun! The guide spoke very well English, and we learned...

  • Football

    Krakow Sports & Outdoors

    KS Cracovia Krakow is the oldest sports club in Poland. It was established in 1906 and won the first Polish football championships in 1921. Cracovia promoted to the first football league in 2004 after 20 years in lower leagues. The club has a strong hostility towards Wisla Krakow. It is tradition that Cracovia's first and second team play a...

  • Le Coq Arena

    Tallinn Sports & Outdoors

    Le Coq is a bit away from Old Town, but it's the main stadium in not only Tallinn, but all of Estonia. With a capacity of just around 10,000, it certainly isn't an imposing stadium, but it's still worthwhile to catch a game here if you can. Besides hosting all of Estonia's international matches, it's also the home to FC Flora, one of the biggest...

  • Football

    Manchester Sports & Outdoors

    I loved it here!! My dad and I spent hours walking around, reading the information, looking at the disaplys, playing some of the games, watching short films and enjoying the history! It was a brilliant day out! And it's FREE to get in! There are donation boxes throughout the museum. The museum is spilt into four floors. There are many displays of...

  • Canoeing/Boating

    Hamburg Sports & Outdoors

    Hamburg as a city is a city with maritime flair. There is the harbour, the Alsterlake, lots of canals throughout the city. The canals are great for canoeing and rowing. On Alsterlake you can rent a small sailing boat and have a day off... Look here for addresses:

  • Sports Events

    Saint Petersburg Sports & Outdoors

    Paintball has become a popular sport, especially for corporate training and team building. St. Petersburg Federation of Sports Paintball 195 Ligovsky Prospect 7-812-320-88-88 North West Paintball Federation 45 Pr.ospect Stachek 7-812-183-62-13 Paintball Club 25 Piskarevskiy prospekt 7-812-521-2326 St. Petersburg Association of Paintball...

  • pools

    Sofia Sports & Outdoors

    For those who love jumpings in the pool depths, there are some pools and bathing-beaches in Sofia, where you can find those "high towers"...Its safe to do it as there are life-guards who keep an eye on everybody around. You need just your swimming suit and your courage :)

  • Football

    Glasgow Sports & Outdoors

    Hampden Park is the "home" of Scottish football. The venue for cup finals and most international games. It is an occasional venue for European cup finals - famously Real Madrid v Eintracht Frankfurt in the 1960s. More recently Real Madrid v Bayer Leverkusen when Zidane scored his wonder goal. I think my first visit was about 1970 for a cup final...

  • EURO 2004

    Porto Sports & Outdoors

    The stadium of the “checked shirts” ..... but there’s no puzzle!! Did you know that Boavista Futebol Clube was the only club that never stopped playing at its own ground, even when the new Bessa XXI Stadium was being built? Well, it’s true! In fact, in keeping with its traditions, Boavista is the only Portuguese Club whose ground has always been...

  • Football (Soccer)

    Düsseldorf Sports & Outdoors

    German Shepherd World Championship SV BSZS (Shaeferhund Verein Bundessiegerzuchtschau) was held in 2001 on Dusseldorf’s Rheinstadion near the River Rhine. It was our 3rd BSZS (first time in Dusseldorf and never since then). We spent there three wonderful days and enjoyed the championship very much. It was demolished in the next summer of 2002 to...

  • Hiking

    Innsbruck Sports & Outdoors

    Hike or take the air tram from Seegrube to Hafelekarspitze (2334 m) from where you enjoy a wonderful sight over the valleys into the mountains surrounding Innsbruck. In wintertime this is also a very steep downhill. It's alpine district so wear very good shoes

  • Millennium Stadium

    Cardiff Sports & Outdoors

    Since opening in June 1999, the Millennium Stadium has welcomed, on average, over 1.3 million visitors per year. Sporting the first fully-retractable roof in the UK and the second largest in the world, the venue is at the leading edge as a multi-purpose, multi-faceted event venue. The total construction cost of the stadium was £121 million and is...

  • Football (Soccer)

    Birmingham Sports & Outdoors

    The football teams of the area have been doing relatively well of late with three teams in the English Premiership, after several years in the doldrums. Aston Villa, is by far the biggest of the teams and is based at Villa Park which you cannot miss seeing from the Motorway spur as you drive into the heart of Brum. They still have failed to...

  • Football (soccer) stadium Bezigrad

    Ljubljana Sports & Outdoors

    NK Olimpija Ljubljana are one of the most successful teams in Slovenian football. They remained the best Slovenian side during the Yugoslavian league and are now a top side in the Slovenian league. Lately NK Maribor have dominated Slovenia's top division but Olimpija will be looking to regain their crown again.

  • soccer

    Genoa Sports & Outdoors

    Here in Genova we really like football (soccer for Americans!), and here in Genova some English gentlemen founded the first Italian football team, CFC Genoa 1893. Genoa 1893, or simply "Genoa" won 9 Italian leagues before WWII, then a long period with no wins started, and still now Genoa is in 2nd division, trying to get back to the old glory days,...

  • University Sports

    Oxford Sports & Outdoors

    Oxford was the scene of one of the most famous sports events of the 20th Century - the first four minute mile. Nowadays, it's common for professional athletes to break this barrier, but back in 1954 it was seen as almost the Holy Grail of Athletics. The great run took place at Iffley Road, Oxford University's main sports ground, and the man in...

  • Football

    Newcastle upon Tyne Sports & Outdoors

    Newcastle has to have the best pre match entertainment that I have seen in the country which gives home and away fans a chance to drink and have fun before the game. The best location for this is in the Bigg Market. The pre match includes football fun and drinking competitions. The famous Geordie dancer and also the dangerous curry hell. Away fans...

  • Hajduk Football Club

    Split Sports & Outdoors

    The Hajduk football club was founded in 1911 in a restaurant in Prague. In 2011 it will have it's 100 years jubilee and the club has never changed its name. The club is very successful and has seen countries come and go like the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and Yugoslavia. The fans of the Hajduk football club are called Torcida. In 1950 some fans...

  • Football

    Zagreb Sports & Outdoors

    Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on the 25th February, 1983, Eduardo Alves da Silva moved to the cold and unfamiliar streets of Croatia at the age of just 15, hoping to forge a career for himself in European football. His dreams became reality in 1998 when “Dudu” was signed up by Croatian champions Dinamo Zagreb. After joining the “plavi,” Eduardo...

  • Gaelic Games

    Cork Sports & Outdoors

    The Cork gaelic football and hurling teams are known as the Rebels. Try to see a match if you can (although you may have to sell your Granny to get tickets for an All-Ireland match and they're always held in Croke Park in Dublin!) - especially hurling which is said to be the fastest field game in the world.

  • Football (Feyenoord)

    Rotterdam Sports & Outdoors

    Feyenoord Rotterdam is one of the major teams of the Netherlands. They have won the Europe cup 1, two times the UEFA cup and have won the Dutch championship many times. They play their home games at the beautiful Feyenoord Stadium 'De Kuip'. This stadium has been the host of the final of the European Championships in 2000. On your visit to...

  • Biking

    Oostende Sports & Outdoors

    Around Ostend you find miles of bicycle paths along canals, from town to town, or from quaint cafés to gastronomic restaurants. Bikes can be rented at several places in the city. TIP : to rent a good and cheap bicycle, go to the railway station (6,50 € half a day and 9 € for the day). The picture shows the WIJNENDALE biking route, 58 km., situated...

  • Dynamo Kyiv (Football)

    Kiev Sports & Outdoors

    Dynamo Kyiv is one of the most famous football clubs to come out of Ukraine as well as Shakrar Donetsk. It has and still is one of the leading teams in the Ukrainian football league. Dynamo Kyiv has participated in all of the USSR and Ukrainian championships to date, and has won both competitions more times than any other team. The Dynamo Kyiv...

  • swimming

    Ohrid Sports & Outdoors

    First held in 1924 the Ohrid open water swim is a televised competition held by the city of Ohrid and now FINA and the World Swimming Association. Many national and local swimmers compete for a cash prize and a trophy. It is very fun to watch. When I lived in Ohrid I was on the swim team, but I never got the chance to compete in this. The...

  • Football

    Göteborg Sports & Outdoors

    The Gamla Ullevi Stadium (Old Ullevi) is home to three Goteborg football clubs: IFK Goteborg, Orgryte IS and GAIS. The stadium was inaugurated in September 1916. It has a capacity of about 17.000, of which 12.000 places are standings. Unfortunately, the plan is to demolish Gamla Ullevi and to replace it by a new football stadium. Directions: The...

  • Football

    Malmö Sports & Outdoors

    If your´e in Malmö between march/april to october/november you should go to see the local Soccer Team Malmö FF at the newly built Swedbank Stadium. Malmö FF is the most succesful soccer team in Sweden (although some would argue that Gothenburg is more succesful) with 14 Swedish cup wins and 16 Swedish championship wins. The last time Malmö won the...

  • Haarlems Basketball Week

    Haarlem Sports & Outdoors

    International teams are participating in this basketball competition. For example: USA , Australia, South or Central America, France, Russia. Two Dutch teams are present too. It's very nice to see all these teams of mostly tall men playing against eachother. The crowd is very enthausiastic and the players are very driven to win. This is a very...

  • Water sports

    Como Sports & Outdoors

    In Como, there are not many swimming pool, but someof them are very nice. Here below you can find the addresses: -Sinigaglia:viale Sinigaglia, tel 031 574750 -Centro Sportivo Casate: via Virgilio, 16, tel 031 505118 -Olimpica di Muggiò: piazza Azzurri d’Italia,1 tel 031 590750 -Villa Olmo -Como nuoto:Viale Geno 14, tel 031303490 e-mail:...


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