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Fårö Things to Do

  • Ulla Hau

    The nature reserve with this strange name is in fact a question in the Swedish Trivial Pursuit version and I remember always wondering what it was like. Now I know :) It is a place which looked almost like a desert some generations ago when sand dunes were absolutely everywhere. Since then, a local teacher assisted in planting trees to stop sand...

  • Langhammars rauks

    The other major rauk field on the island, this has more stack like rocks, notably the Langhammars Man which is shown closer in the second picture. There are also many more images in the travelogue below. This is also much more open and full of lose stones down to the sea rather than embracing like Digerhuvud. Langhammars too is a nature reserve and...

  • Digerhuvud rauks

    The stone stacks at Digerhuvud are amazing as it feels like you walk around inside the stone at times rather than around it - like being in a giant bowl. There are more images in the travelogue below. The road here runs along the sea a good while and you have parking places here and there as the area is quite stretched out. Despite being a nature...

  • Fårö houses

    Here and there on the island you come across the traditional Fårö houses with their characteristic crosses on the roof, all whitewashed. A great sight for anyone enjoying architecture or art. This one is in the Ringvida area, not too far from the hostel and neighbour with Stora Gåsmora, a farm where you can stay in a windmill and other old but...

  • Gamle Hamn

    I don't have any photos of this but Gamle Hamn is the "Old Harbour" which has silted up since the days when it was used, leaving what looks just like a small pond. In fact, Roman artefacts have been found in the waters here, suggesting that this was once a very important port for traders. There is also the foundations of a former chapel here, once...

  • Ice age seaboard

    Fårö is the ideal place for studying landrise issues. Around Digershuvud and Langhammars you can really see how the seaboard levels have changed during the long time since the ice left us. Here and there it is really obvious such as in this picture, but you can also turn your head inland and see it further up the small pine and juniper forests if...


Fårö Transportation

  • Sjalen's Profile Photo

    by Sjalen Written Aug 9, 2007

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    Once you've arrived on Gotland (the "mainland" as Fårö people call it), it is around 50 kilometres to Fårösund in the north, from where you catch a free road ferry to the island. You can go by bus from Visby to Fårösund if you do not have your own car - in fact you can even stay on the bus rather than board as a foot passenger on some buses as long as they continue to Sudersand on Fårö and don't terminate at Fårösund, it depends. Cars, bikes, buses and a scattering of foot passengers all share the ferries which take 7 minutes to cross the strait and which run every half hour in winter but more regularly during the busy summer. Despite this, if the weather is really good, you can expect 1-2 hour queues for cars which is when it feels nice to be on a bus as they have priority since they run to schedules. Fårö residents of course also have priority since they cannot sit in two hour queues just to get home. But don't worry - most days it's not that bad.

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Fårö Shopping

  • Dizzyhead's Profile Photo

    by Dizzyhead Written Jul 23, 2010

    Around the ferry you find different kind of tourist and souvenir shops. They sell usually the same things, but the best way is to visit them all. You will have time to do that while you wait on the ferry.

    What to buy: All kind of touristic and souvenir things you will find here. Many things from these shops are made in wool from the sheeps. A lots of handycrafts around here. The people from Fårö are known to be very creative.

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Fårö Local Customs

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    by Sjalen Updated Aug 9, 2007

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    The sheep, or lambs as they are in fact known here on Fårö, have their own shelters in the form of lambgifts with "grass" roofing. Yes it is in fact gifts to the lambs so they will thrive on this windy island and they are like small copies of traditional Fårö houses (see tip). Amazing how pure English all of a sudden appear on an island in the Baltic Sea!

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Fårö Warnings and Dangers

  • Water.

    If you sit in the line with your car and wait for the ferry a really hot summer day. Be smart, and have water brought with you. It is always good with cold water when the ferry is slow and many tourists want to get to Fårö.

  • Rauk swimming

    Whatever you do, do NOT swim by the rauk fields. Yes, it looks very tempting with a white and pebbly beach and even more tempting to jump from some of the cliffs, but the beaches here consist of aeons of coral seabed development and different stages of landrise which mean that you have one shelf on a certain depth you think you can handle, and then...

  • Fårö Hotels

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Fårö Sports & Outdoors

  • Sjalen's Profile Photo

    by Sjalen Updated Aug 9, 2007

    One of Gotland's best beaches (certainly the best one I've come across so far) can be found on Fårö in the form of Sudersand. The only thing I was disappointed with were the toilet facilities which they need to improve to get a great place. The beach has a couple of kiosks, pedaloes and a generally good vibe as it is close to Fårö's only real tourist development with Stockholmers' summer cottages and so on so there is always something going on here even if it is not known for its nightlife as much as the beaches around Visby.

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Fårö Favorites

  • Leave the driver in the car.

    It can often happen that it will be long queue with cars. It can be quite boring to sit in the car with all other passengers. My advise is that you will get out from the car and start to walk against the ferry. On the way you find some shops and if you have children it is perfect to go and buy an ice cream. I did that and and if you travel with...

  • Rauk field BBQ

    Yes, at Digerhuvud you are in fact allowed to cook your own al fresco dinner in provided barbecue sites which are signposted as "Grillplats". Can be a bit windy on a bad day but they are also sheltered behind those enormous rocks so it is calmer than you think. Just get there before someone else :) Oh and do bear in mind that it is a nature reserve...

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