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  • Vida Arena seen from inside.
    Vida Arena seen from inside.
    by Henrik_rrb
  • Home supporters section.
    Home supporters section.
    by Henrik_rrb
  • Kronoberg's castle ruins
    Kronoberg's castle ruins
    by Henrik_rrb

Växjö Things to Do

  • Ryttmästaregården

    The trip out to the Kronoberg's castle ruin can give more than just a glimpse of the castle. Just before the bridge that connects land with the castle there is an older red house, which is called "Ryttmästaregården". When I was there in the beginning of January it was all closed, but at least in the summer there is a very nice café. The building is...

  • Kronobergs slottsruin

    8-10 minutes drive outside Växjö city center you'll find the old ruins of the castle Kronoberg. It's from the 1400s, bishop Lars Michelson started to build a house of stone here in 1444. The Danish army invaded and destroyed it during a war 1469, but it built up again when the war ended in 1472.Most famous it is from the Dacke revolt, when the...

  • Växjö cathedral

    According to the Sigfrid legend the English bishop Sigfrid came to Sweden during the 1100s to teach the Swedes about christianity. He was told by God to build a church and so he did what's today Växjö Cathedral.The church is far from the original though, as it burnt down a first time already 1276. The next one, probably in gothic style, was burnt...

  • Tyke Viking rune stone

    If I found it quite logical to find a statue of the church's first bishop Sigfrid outside the cathedral I was a bit more surprised to find the rune stone on the backside.Tyke Viking's stone was found inside one of the church walls in 1812 and is now placed outside, standing freely. No information sign or protection, so it looks really strange.The...

  • Sigfrid statue

    The English bishop Sigfrid is according to the legends the man behind the cathedral in Växjö, and naturally he also stands statue outside the church.In the Sigfrid legend it's said that he was sent to Sweden to teach the Swedes about christianity. The legend wasn't written until about 200 years later though, and it's not sure it's the correct...

  • Oh holy glass, visit the factories

    My main intention to drive up all the way to Sweden (instead of flying and then renting a car) was to visit the Kingdom of Glass and do some shopping. Already before my trip I have looked at the websites of the several glass manufacturers to get a rough idea of what I wanted to buy. Of course, everyone knows Kosta-Boda, the most famous among all...

  • Sea Glassworks

    One can watch the skilled craftsmen demonstrating the glass blowing process and experience the true artistic feeling for glass. Do check out the website below for visting schedule. A worthwhile trip not to be missed. Don't forget to drop by the store and feast your eyes with those irresistible handmade glasswares.

  • Dädesjö Gamla Kyrka, old and beautiful

    This church is also very old, of approx. the same age as the aforementioned Granhult’s church (early 13th century). And I also found it (like Granhult church) through my Freytag & Berndt maps. It is one of the few remaining Swedish churches with painted wooden ceiling and plaster walls, although the paintings on the walls are quite faded. But this...

  • Stunning old painted wooden church...

    Granhult kyrka (= church) is the most beautiful church I ever saw. Yes, even compared to Basilica San Marco’s glittering splendor. It is the simple beauty, the painted wooden interior, which made this little church so exceptional for me. From the outside it looks rather simple, covered all over with weathered shingles. I found the birch trees left...


Växjö Hotels

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  • First Cardinal Hotel

    Backgatan 10, Vaxjo, 352 30, SE

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Elite Park Hotel

    Vastra Esplanaden 10-14, Vaxjo 35106, Sweden

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Elite Stadshotellet

    Modern and nice hotel in the very center of the city. Stadshotellet has been remade pretty recently,...


Växjö Restaurants

  • If you want night snack...

    If you arrive in Växjö late in the evening and are hungry - you're in trouble. Let it be that it was early January, and a few restaurants may be closed until the spring, but the only night open restaurant I could find in the Växjö city center was a McDonalds.The hotel's (Stadshotellet) kitchen closed at 22, and even the kebab place that the...

  • One of the best in town

    PM & Friends as the name would be in English, has been at the top of Växjö's dining establishments for around ten years now. They are mostly known for having one of the best wine lists in Sweden and work for it being worth going to smaller towns in Sweden to eat well rather than just in the big cities. Despite this, it's not going to ruin you...

  • Students and film

    Palladium used to be one of Växjö's main cinemas. It then closed but was rescued since a film society took it over - my cousin for instance sponsors one of the seats. Here they show more "narrow" film which rarely make it to the main cinemas. There is now also a cafe and bar ,in association with PM & Vänner, where you can watch people go past you...

  • Bergdala’s B&B and restaurant, oh yummm!

    As already mentioned in my accommodation tip, Bergdala’s Wärdshus has a restaurant as well and it is the place to have breakfast when you stay with them. They also serve dinner and snacks. Monica Nystrand and her daughter Annette Hallberg are divine cooks. They write in their brochure that they only use ecological or organic ingredients which makes...

  • Palladium for Pizza

    Do nice pizzas especially at lunchtime. Its actually the cafe/restuarant of a small cinema club. However any film is likely to be in Swedish so unless you are a dab hand at IKEA instruction leaflets I'd stick to the food. Addendum....As has been pointed out to me a lot of the films are actually in English or with subtitles, however I thought I'd...

  • Historic castleside cafe

    This place rakes it in summertime, simply because of its pretty setting just by the bridge to Kronoberg Castle in the lake. It is sometimes a victim of its own success service-wise and, as I said, a bit overpriced, but it never harmed anyone to indulge in gorgeous rhubarb pie or the light lunch meals like pies and baguettes they have here along...


Växjö Transportation

  • By car: best & quickest way to get...

    It is not that difficult to reach Växjö the Kingdom of Glass in Småaland. Växjö has an airport with frequent Ryanair connections to Weeze, Germany. Kalmar would be the next nearest airport with other connections. According to the website of Kalmar airport it serves London, Frankfurt (am Main), Rome, Oslo, Paris, Bruxelles, Amsterdam, Prague and...

  • Steam ship

    Not much is more relaxing than to spend a day on board the s/s Thor, which sets out from Kronoberg Castle to tour the Lake Helgasjon. Sometimes it makes whole daytrips up to Lake Asasjon, through a whole system of lake streams and that then includes lunch at Asa mansion. A great day out. See other tips for more pictures of this small, old gem of a...

  • Växjö Airport

    Växjö Airport links the town and area with regular daily flights to Stockholm and Copenhagen. It's a typical Swedish regional airport with a small cafe for passengers. Taxis, buses and car hire are all available there.


Växjö Shopping

  • Målåras Hytta, special glass techniques

    Målerås was a surprise to me. Yes, I have seen their objects in the information brochure but to see them three-dimensional and to touch them made me aware how much the glass masters actually invent new techniques. The glass artists at Målerås have invented a method to cast the molten glass into molds which have been made based on drawings for the...

  • Kosta Hytta, biggest selection

    Without doubt, Kosta has the biggest selection of glassware to buy in the whole Kingdom of Glass. Moreover, Kosta is not only a real Swedish village but also a tourist village. They have cottages, camping, a swimming pool of the size you find in public swimming pools. For shopping, they have a huge outlet for the glass, a separate one called Kosta...

  • Boda Hytta, similar choice as at Kosta

    Within the Kosta-Boda-Åfors group, this might be the most interesting factory to watch glass blowing but it has the smallest shop and thus the smallest selection of glass work. When I was there (August 2009), they had mostly objects of the Mine collection and other neutral glass ware. With neutral I mean objects which everyone might like, in...


Växjö Local Customs

  • Tourist Office.

    You find the tourist office at Västra Esplanaden 7. In the tourist shop you get help and the tourists guides provide you with the help you need. You also find many brochures here for free. Including maps too, also free.

  • Theatre and music

    Växjö Theatre is a nice little listed building. Here you will find guest plays from national theatres on tour, but also local student humour and New Year's fun. Next to it (in the back of the picture) is the much more modern concert hall.

  • Växjö celebrations

    Any great event in Växjö is celebrated in Stortorget and if it is big enough, then the County Director "landshövdingen" takes part in the celebrations and welcomes celebrities to his/her residence, the great 19th century palace in the square, so typical for county capitals in Sweden. The balcony here has for instance seen Olympic medallist and...


Växjö Warnings and Dangers

  • Falling trees

    January 2005 saw the worst storm Sweden has had since 1921, if not earlier! County Kronoberg with Växjö as its capital is the worst hit area and in many places around the countryside (including our cottage 60 km south) it looks like a battlefield. Most of the forestry centres around the spruce which has a very shallow root system so they are lying...

  • Wild boar

    If you find yourself driving in the area around Vederslöv, south of Växjö or for that matter further to the south east in Jät and Tingsryd, watch out for wild boar which is spreading like wildfire in those areas and which you don't want to collide with as they are quite heavy! The road authorities have only just started to put up warning signs as...

  • Växjö Hotels

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Växjö Off The Beaten Path

  • Old semi-detached houses

    These houses belong to the oldest semi detached in Växjö and I think they are marvellous! Most semi-detached houses in the World are in brick or other material but look at these wooden ones. You find them on Söder, just next to the Bäckaslöv school.

  • Scenic countryside

    You will need a car for this one unless you make it over several days and camp or if you're on a cycling holiday. Alternatively, there are steam ship tours up the lake system summertime from Kronoberg Castle. Go to the "forgotten" villages of Berg, Tolg and Asa north west of town and hike around Lake Asa (Asasjon) with its mansion. It is known for...

  • Lagerkvist's House

    Gamla Domprostgården (Old Dean's Yard), as it is known, is today a listed building and one of the oldest wooden buildings in the city, but that's not how it always looked. When it served as a railway restaurant in the early 20th century it was full of turrets and wooden details. The house was later restored to its simpler form when Växjö turned 600...


Växjö Sports & Outdoors

  • New football stadium

    On the 23rd of August 2012 the new football stadium in Växjö will be opened. It will be called after it sponsor, so the official name will be Myresjö Arena. It will hold 12 000 spectators, including 2000 standing. Öster will be the home team here, but the stadium is built according to Uefa rules, so also international games can take place here. It...

  • Värendsvallen football stadium

    Being me I prefer a football game over an ice hockey game 8 days a week, so I'm happy that there is a football stadium and a football club in Växjö too. Two stadiums soon to be actually.Östers IF is one of the classic football clubs in Sweden, but now haven't won the league since 1981. The last few years they have mostly played in the second, and...

  • Vida Arena

    Växjö is starting to become something of a sport center in this part of the country. Within just a few hundred meters there are new stadiums for football, floor ball, swimming, curling and ice hockey.The crown jewel of the stadiums are (at least until the new football stadium is done) Vida Arena, the hockey stadium.Växjö Lakers sensationally took...


Växjö Favorites

  • Some thoughts about the real artists!

    Only a handful of glass manufacturers have employees who do both, design and the real work on the ovens with the pipes. Kosta group certainly does not. And that’s where I have a problem with. No, not with the fact that the designers don’t work on the pipes, but with the tremendous overrating of their designers. Surely, they design some beautiful...

  • Get the Glass Pass, well worth the money

    The glass pass is an investment which definitely pays off, no matter how long you will stay in the region (and visit shops). It costs only 95 SEK (2009) and allows you free entrance to any of the glass factories, a 10% discount on any purchase above 500 SEK, plus discounts at many other shops, museums, accommodation, restaurants, activities (like...

  • Crayfish party

    A tradition that lives on throughout the country.In the middle of August, the Swedes will gather with their friends to enjoy a meal of Crayfish, schnapps (a kind of vodka), songs, paper hats with crayfish designs and decorations in the form of paper lanterns sporting the man in the moon.


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