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  • Jokkmokk
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Jokkmokk Things to Do

  • Helicopter rides!

    Shame I didnt do this as I imagine it wouldve been stunning - have done some excellent helicopter and plane rides over famous places Ive visited but I do also generally get good views from my flights into or out of the countries I visited and I did get a good snow covered country look down when flying into Stockholm from London and have done so...

  • Husky sled rides

    Not just reindeer here for the annual Jokkmokk Festival that brings locals, tourists and Scandavanians from near and far away - out here on the frozen and snow covered lake in addition to reindeer and helicopter rides and excitement charged reindeer races there are also cute husky dogs that can take you for a sled ride.No idea how much but looking...

  • Reindeer races

    A few minutes walk over the hill away from the centre of Jokkmokk down on the frozen lake at 2pm each day of the Market are the reindeer races.Huge turnout - very popular event with lots of participants geared up in their fairly aeronautic costumes (i dont really mean the reindeer!) considering it was minus 20 or something up there in the Arctic at...

  • The Reindeer Parade

    At certain times during the day the Reindeer Master, leads his team of reindeer and fellow Sami family around the Jokkmokk Market streets. From memory Im pretty sure that the Grand Parade was at midday or 1230pm.In preparation for the visit to the annual Jokkmokk Sami Market/Festival i had found the official website which provided the daily...

  • Jokkmokk Centre for Rocks and Minerals

    Down by the lake is this private house with a collection of rocks and minerals, mostly found locally. Some sorts are quite rare in the rest of the world and I personally find the "cloudberry marble" interesting. You can also buy some from the shop in the form of spheres and such, and see how they work with the polishing.

  • Porjus

    Some 40 kilometres north of Jokkmokk itself, you will find the hydropower village of Porjus along the Lule River, where the electricity company Vattenfall has an exhibition on all things hydroelectric which is open for general visits summertime (call for other times). Since hydroelectric power is a controversial issue up here, it pays to learn a...

  • Laponia

    Since I haven't yet been to any of the national parks that make up Laponia, I won't separate them but just make one single tip. You can read a lot more on the websites below but I feel I have to mention them since it is a World Heritage and also many people's main reason for going to Jokkmokk in summer, to hike. The Laponia national parks are...

  • Heritage Park

    Jokkmokk's Heritage Park is typical for its kind; a collection of old buildings from times gone by and with various themes to them. It was closed during our visit so I cannot say that much about what they were all used for but summertime it is very lively and then there is also a cafe here. During market week, it is also quite lively with various...

  • Jokkmokk New Church

    I have to say this is one of the prettiest Swedish churches I have seen - and I have seen many! It is built in wood like several others, but in a way that makes it look almost fairytale with its turrets. The many glass windows along one side are also unusual. If you come in the dark, it is illuminated and it really is a piece of art. The interior...

  • Fjällträdgården

    With the same entrance ticket as to Attje, you can also visit the Highland Garden in summer. Down by a stream by the Lake Talvatis you will find it summertime when various highland plants and flowers are in bloom. There is an exhibition building which tells you what you see and with photos by local photographer Edvin Nilsson who used to be a ranger...

  • Ajtte Sami and Highland Museum

    The main reason for us to visit Jokkmokk itself was this famous museum about the Sami people and life in the highlands. The main exhibition area focuses around a nave from where you enter different rooms with various themes - just like a reindeer paddock. There is "Settlers" about people coming up here to try to make a living, "The River" on life...

  • Ajtte - Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum

    During the Winter Market week, there was a great exibition of Sami duodji. Permanent exibitions depict also life in the north, with hunting techniques and information about bird and animal life in the area. And there is also a permanent exibition about the Sami. I liked in particular the shaman drums they display (very rare sight and so...


Jokkmokk Hotels

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  • Hotel Gastis Jokkmokk

    Herrevagen 1

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Hotel Jokkmokk

    Being in the "middle of nowhere", I expected to find a small hotel with no or few amenities....

  • Hotel Gastis

    Herrevaegen 1, (formerly Ditt Hotell), Jokkmokk, 96231, Sweden

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Jokkmokk Restaurants

  • Lots of food stalls with all sorts to...

    All sorts - i enjoyed the hot coffee and had one try of a beef burger - no I didnt go looking for reindeer burger but I think I did see some stalls with them (Ive tried enough reindeer in Finland!) but with my sweet tooth I did check out and enjoy the chocolate covered marshmallow things - not a particularly Sami or Arctic specialty? but they did...

  • Reindeer pizza, anyone?

    As Ajtte's restaurant was closed, we had to eat somewhere else and pizza suited the eight-year-old too. Several pizza places in northern Sweden have pizzas with Laplandish names and mine was no exception. To an Italian, it must sound horrible but it is actually quite nice to have pizza with reindeer meat on, even if there are various styles to this...

  • Jokkmokk Hotels

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Jokkmokk Transportation


    How to travel to Jokkmokk?If you are not driving, there are still a number of alternatives. From the airports of Gällivare and Luleå there are daily bus connections. There is also a train station in Murjek or Boden and then bus to Jokkmokk. In the summer the inland train takes you directly to Jokkmokk. Ask for more information from the nearest...

  • Jokkmokk bus station

    Excellent bus station - I arrived in minus degrees for the annual Jokkmokk Sami Festival from the bus I caught from Murjek which is about an hour by bus from the closest train station. Id caught the overnight train up from Stockholm and the connections all went smoothly and Id enjoy the sunrise just prior to arriving at Murjek and therefore the...

  • Snowmobile

    Everywhere you go in Jokkmokk, snowmobiles are parked in the streets in winter and you will hear them if you go for a walk around the lake. You too can go for a ride in one if you contact the tourist information office for an updated list of companies.


Jokkmokk Shopping

  • Shopping at the 400 yr old Jokkmokk Sami...

    What makes it so special??!! - that its miles up in north Sweden and in winter its up in minus Zero degrees with lots of snow - its an annual event of a 400 year old tradition - and its an excellent cultural event visiting people groups that have lived up here - bearing in mind of course theres as much of the modern assistance as the rest of...

  • Local handicraft

    Why not buy yourself a reindeer fell? Just check that it is properly worked and doesn't leave hairs everywhere! Otherwise Jokkmokk is also full of shops selling Sami handicraft in general such as jewellery, birch- and antler products such as knives and baskets and much more. The village is the centre for the Sami Handicraft Institute which also has...

  • Sami Handicrafts... and other handmade...

    The Winter Market is all about commerce :) Men's clothes, Women's clothes, local craft, jewelry... The main theme of the market is 'furs and Sami handicrafts'. Jokkmokk has been traditionally the place where hunters from northern areas met to trade their catch and the same applied to Sami reinder herders who came to the market with reindeer...


Jokkmokk Local Customs

  • Jokkmokk Fun Fair

    When we arrived Jokkmokk all roads to the centre were blocked because of the annual fun fair. This fair differed a lot from those in Germany. Of course, you could eat cotton candy or drive scooter and carrousel but the difference was the stalls. At most stalls fishing and hunting equipment as well as hand made products like tablecloths or wooden...

  • Jokkmokk Fun Fair

    Admission was 20 SEK (~ €2.20) for adults. Most memorable experience was the stall with the antlers. Here you could buy antlers from reindeers. If you see Rudolf the Red Nose Raindeer with a knitted cap next Christmas you know why.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Jokkmokk Tourist Traps

  • SMILLA76's Profile Photo

    by SMILLA76 Written Jun 13, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The cathedral was the most beautiful thing I have seen in Jokkmokk the very night when we arrived. The darkness, the snow all over the place and the lights on the white walls of the building offered a mysterious sight. Although of fairly small size compared to Western cathedrals (such as Notre Dame or Sacre Coeur in France, for instance), the wooden Jokkmokk cathedral sent a shiver down my spine and filled me with expectations.
    The next day we have tried to visit and... surprise! It was closed to the public. I wonder why, since during the Winter market week the town receives so many visitors and the locals should be proud to welcome them in the cathedral. (At least that was my frustrated thought.) Maybe they are trying to protect it from the waves of tourist. I don't know the reasons behind the decision, but I felt it like a personal loss. I hope I can give it a second try some other time...

    Unique Suggestions: Visit by night!

    Fun Alternatives: The Ajitte Museum across the road.

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Jokkmokk What to Pack

  • Leipzig's Profile Photo

    by Leipzig Updated Nov 23, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Miscellaneous: There is no special rainy season

    Avg. Temp. in Spring: max.: -2 – 9°C ( 28 - 49°F ); min: -14 - 0°C ( 7 - 32°F )
    Avg. Temp. in Summer: max.: 18 – 20°C ( 64 - 68°F ); min: 9 - 11°C ( 49 - 51°F )
    Avg. Temp. in Autumn: max.: -4 – 12°C ( 25 - 53°F); min: -10 - 4°C ( 14 – 39°F )
    Avg. Temp. in Winter: max.: -10 – -8°C ( 14 - 18°F); min: -18 - -15°C ( 0 - 5°F )

    In winter Jokkmokk is one of the coldest places in Europe.

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Jokkmokk Off The Beaten Path

  • Leipzig's Profile Photo

    by Leipzig Written Nov 23, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Arctic Circle runs just a few kilometers south of Jokkmokk. It is marked by a line of white-painted stones.

    the Arctic Circle

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Jokkmokk Favorites

  • Jokkmokk Film Festival

    Every other year (uneven), Jokkmokk hosts "Hela Sveriges Film Festival", i,e, All Sweden's Film festival some time in late May. This I think has happened since 1993, but these days it seems to have taken off a bit more and got its own coordinating office. Even during non festival times, Jokkmokk has this fantastic cinema in a barn, Bio Norden,...

  • Jokkmokk Winter Market

    If you can, try to visit Jokkmokk at the annual winter market which has now been going on for more than 400 years. At Lake Talvatis (picture), there are reindeer races and these are perhaps the most well-known feature visitors have heard of, but there is much more. To be ctd.

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