Norrbottens Län Local Customs

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    The city hall.
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  • Local Customs
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Norrbottens Län Local Customs

  • Oh yeh

    When you see this sign and facility here you do understand that you been very lucky today if it wasn’t raining ;-)

  • "The Dancing Crane"

    This is a very VERY local custom. It is only known to be tried by two people so far (no names mentioned because of privacy reasons, LOL). It is called “The Dancing Crane”. At one point during the hike we….. ooops, I mean “they”….. tried to relax their aching muscles a bit. The shoulders felt stiff after carrying the backpack for hours in a row, so...

  • The "Windmill"

    The Fjällen are “famous” for their mosquitoes and black flies. I found that it wasn’t so bad when we were here, but we had them zooming around our heads so now and then. One desperate action you will probably try is to wave your arms around in a desperate attempt to chase them away --> this movement is called “wind milling”Note: Wind milling is...

  • "Dirty Clothing" is a must

    Why??? You probably ask yourself. “Dirty Clothing” is like a status symbol here on the Fjällen. All ‘real’ hikers have them! Clean means that you have not adjusted yourself to life on the Fjällen, to be one with nature. And you expose yourself as “The Beginner” Tip for Beginners:a. Jump in a puddle of water/mud before you start your hike. This will...

  • "The Chocolate Monster"

    Or maybe I should say: shop -- > shop more!!!The amount of food you can carry with you is limited, resulting often in a boring selection of food. And maybe more devastating is that you don’t get very large portions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Coming to a “Fällstation” (mountain hut station) with a little store is like being like a kind in a...

  • "The Upside-Down Turtle"

    The inexperienced might suffer from the “Upside-Down Turtle”. This is however a thing to be avoided at ALL times!!!!The Upside-Down Turtle is a totally failed “Elephant Landing” (see previous tip). It is caused by a far too heavy backpack (I told you to take less with you!!! LOL), inexperience and probably a stone that is too low. Instead of...

  • The "Elephant Landing"

    During your hike you of course need to take a break from time to time. With a heavy backpack this isn’t always an easy thing to do, as getting off the backpack from your back can be hard work. But here is the solution -- > Do the “Elephant Landing”!How to do the perfect Elephant Landing:a. Find a good steady stone, about sitting height. This...

  • Men (not ladies) first

    Some crossings seem very doubtful if they will hold a person and you will probably start to worry if you might fall in the water. The best way to solve this problem is to let the men always go first. Why? Well…. Men often have a heavier backpack with them than you do. This means that if they are able to cross the obstacle without falling into the...

  • The "Hitter"

    Don’t get upset when someone starts to hit you on your head, back or arms without any warning. You might but the target of the“Friendly Hitter”.As described in the previous tip, mosquitoes and black flies can be a problem. The “Friendly Hitter” is a person that tries to kill the mosquitoes on a fellow hiker. These mosquitoes are just having lunch...

  • "Bad jokes" is a must!

    The hikes on the Fjällen are long and chances of meeting other human beings to talk to are limited to a few hikers per day. So you are out there with only the two of you! Good conversations will be plenty on these walks but somehow after a few hours there is no avoiding the “Bad Jokes”Prepare yourself well at home and learn some bad jokes by heart....

  • The Balance Act

    It is day two and I am on my hike towards ‘Alesjaure’. It is here I discovered that I as well suffered from some strange local behaviour. Hahaha, so strange how quickly we seem to adapt to changing circumstances ;-)When walking around on the Fjällen, your hiking trail may often go over in a comfortable ‘footbridge’ or ‘walking plank’. This is...

  • The “Mountain Walk”

    On the evening after my first hiking day, I sat on a little bench just looking around and enjoying the sun. It is here that I noticed this local custom everyone seemed to have. It is best described as “The Mountain Walk”. The walk resembles the one of a goose, waggling from left to right. This “typical” movement is caused by blisters and the...

  • The Confused Chicken

    Newcomers to the campground are a joy to watch as well. I would like to describe this behaviour as the “Confused Chicken”. Main characteristics are the confused look on their face, head sticking out forward, quickly moving from left to right, and back again. The newcomer moves over the campground in irregular patterns, clearly without having any...

  • Life in the Fjällen.....

    In my “To do tips” and “General tips” I have shown you some beautiful photos of the Fjällen (=Swedish mountain area) and told you a bit about my travels to this region. But what is life really like here in the Fjällen??? This is what I want to show you here in these local custom tips: A bit of truth with a wink and a smile about life in the...

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Norrbottens Län Local Customs

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