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  • Taking the boat from Kvikkjokk
    Taking the boat from Kvikkjokk
    by sim1
  • Yummy delicious strawberry cake :-)
    Yummy delicious strawberry cake :-)
    by sim1
  • View from the boat
    View from the boat
    by sim1

Njunjes Things to Do

  • An easy hiking trail

    The hiking trail from Kvikkjokk (from where the boat dropped us off) towards Njunjes is an easy hiking trail. The terrain is quite flat and the trail itself easy to hike. In some parts there are some rocks, but not so bad that it is too bothersome. From Kvikkjokk towards Njunjes is 16 kilometres in total, but by taking the boat, this will be 3...

  • Cold beer and a campfire to end the day

    As there no fridges located anywhere nearby (there is no electricity in the area, hahaha, so a fridge would be rather useless anyway!), you'll need to find alternative ways to cool your drink. And the perfect way to do so is by putting it in the cold water from the river. Make sure you put your bottle/can on a safe place, the stream can be rather...

  • A good place to camp

    After 9 kilometres we called it a day and our stop of the night is "Bäcken". Just before you go over the bridge over the river Njunjesjåkhå, look to the right. Here, hidden in the trees, is a fairly nice camping spot. The terrain is quite flat, so perfect to put up a tent. Water supply is ideally located beside the tent by means of the lovely...

  • A flower jungle

    At certain points during our hike we walked through a sea of flowers. It is so wonderful to see so many different flowers in bloom and it feels like in the Fjällen area (Swedish mountain area) they all bloom at the same time! Maybe that is not as surprising as the summer season is so short in this part of the world. The most dominating flower I saw...

  • Passing the waterfall

    After approximately 8 kilometres of hiking you will start hearing the sound of a waterfall. The thundering sound of the water can hardly be missed and you can hear it from far far away. The trail leads right beside the waterfall, although you can't really see it from there. But there are many small little path through the wooded area and it only...

  • The travel begins

    July 19th 2006, our vacation has started! But it will take us a while before we finally get to Padjelanta. This National Park is located in the very north of Sweden, about 1400 kilometres from home, and the way to get there is not the most easy and quick way. First of all a short trip by car, about 45 minutes. After that, the bus! Another 2 hours...

  • The ferry

    The sun is shining brightly and I can hardly believe our luck with the weather. Just down the road from the bus stop are some little boats and one of those is our 'ferry' that will bring us to the start of the hiking trail. We are the only ones there, but soon after arrives the boatman. What a perfect start to our hiking trip we have: fantastic...

  • The bus from Murjek to Kvikkjokk

    The bus arrives nice on time and we are ready to go on our last bit of travel for the day. The bus is rather comfortable and I feel like I am dozing off in a light sleep when the bus suddenly comes to an abrupt halt. What's that??? Aaaah, reindeer! A big group of reindeer is blocking the road in front of us and they are only slowly making room for...

  • And we are on our way

    Our first aim is to reach the mountain hut at Njunjes today. This is about 13 kilometres from where the boat left us, so quite the walk! And as we started hiking at 14:00 we doubt if we will be able to hike the whole way. So we decide to go as far as we can get and find a suitable camping spot along the trail. Having our own tent, stove and food...

  • Feeling clumsy

    I stumble out of the bus and put on my backpack. I feel a bit clumsy; the backpack feels so heavy and I am not used to the heavy weight on my back yet. About 22 kilo's probably, or maybe a bit more as I kept pushing more and more 'thingies' in the backpack at the very last minute, afraid of leaving anything slightly 'useful' at home. More food,...

  • NEVER EVER forget to........

    Of course we make our first 'beginners fault' right away! NEVER EVER forget to put on the insect repellent before you go on your way!!! Those little mosquitoes are waiting in the forest eagerly for some fresh meat like us. And 'unprotected' as we are, we are the 'perfect victim' and breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time for those little...

  • Last minute nerves....

    The summer has been amazingly warm and long in the part of Sweden where I live, a good promise for our trip to the Fjällen! Or? Is it? Lapland is far away from here, the weather might be a totally different story up north.I watch the news...... I start to worry slightly, and then worry even a bit more. "Cold weather again today in the Fjällen", the...


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    Where is Padjelanta?

    by sim1 Updated Aug 13, 2006

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    To give you some idea of where Padjelanta, Kvikkjokk and Njunjes exactly are, I've added some maps for you. The first map is of Sweden with all its National Parks. In the very north of Sweden you can see a little dot where Padjelanta is located. Together with the National Parks of Sarek and Stora Sjöfallet it makes a huge area, also called "Laponia" or "the last wilderness in Europe". The main part of this hike along the Padjlantaleden is through Padjelanta National Park, but you also will go through a tiny bit of Sarek and Stora Sjöfallet.

    The second map is a detailed map of the National Park (from the parks website). On the map you can see the hiking trails, roads how to get to the park, the places where you can stay overnight, etc.

    The third map is a map of my hiking trip through the park, which is also the official route of the "Padjelantaleden / Padjalanta Hiking Trail". The total hike is about 160 kilometres long.

    Map of Sweden and its National Parks Map of Padjelanta National Park Padjelantaleden
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Njunjes What to Pack

  • Buy your maps online!

    If you are planning a trip to this region it is good to have your map before you travel here. A good website to buy your detailed maps of Sweden and the Fjällen area is:http://www.lantmateriet.se/I bought all my maps here. Not only for the Fjällen, but also for other regions and trips in Sweden. The map I used for this region is map BD10 Sareks...

  • Mobile phone?? Or not?

    In general I would say it is best to leave your mobile phone at home as during 95% of this trip you won't be able to use it anyway. But..... sometimes it can come in handy, for changing the train booking for example, so here are a few tips that might come in handy. If you want to use your mobile you need to have a Telia subscription, others like...

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