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  • The main street,
    The main street, "Storgatan" in Piteå
    by Rojo72
  • Piteå
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  • Reindeer by the road
    Reindeer by the road
    by Rojo72

Piteå Things to Do

  • See the great rapids at Älvsbyn!

    When you're in Piteå you absolutely SHOULD rent a car or find a friend to drive you to Storforsen, which is a nature reserve and a large white water rapid in the Pite river. The rapid itself is situated in Älvsbyn municipality so I've put my tips on it there, but here you can see a travelogue of the...

  • Visit Öjebyn Church village

    Sweden was until the mid of the last century a very religious country and the Lutheran church wasn't separated from the State until the 1990's. Before 1900 all people went to church and up until the 1860's it was a crime not to go. Many people had long distances to their church, especially up in the north and church villages was brought up where...

  • Visit Öjebyn Church

    Öjebyn, just some 10km to the west of the city (almost a part of the city actually) and it's well worth a visit. It was here that the OLD Piteå lay and it has a history spanning several hundreds years back at least to the 14th century. There is a beautiful church here that you should go visit.

  • The church in Öjebyn.

    The first church was finished in year 1425. In 1750 it was rebuilt. Around the church there is 'Kyrkstaden', overnight cabins which were used by people who had a long way to the church.

  • Piteå Dansar och Ler (Litt....

    Piteå Dansar och Ler (Litt. Piteå Dances and Smiles)A festival with alot of the best swedish artists.

  • Rådhustorget

    This is one of two squares in Sweden from the 17 th century where the original shape is preserved (the other one is Stora torg in Uppsala). Around the square there are several early 19th century buildings.


Piteå Hotels

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Piteå Restaurants

  • Max hamburger restaurant

    Max hamburger restaurant chain is a swedish chain that originated up here in the north but which now is in place ratehr far south in Sweden too. The northerners are famous for being stubborn and fond of their own things so Max even made McDonalds shut down in Umeå a few years ago. They're open again now but it's the first time ever that McD has had...

  • Paltzerian

    Here they serve a speciality of northern Sweden and especially Piteå, PALT. Next door there's a motel, nice but not cheap. Pitepalt of course!

  • Piteå Hotels

    5 Hotels in Piteå

Piteå Transportation

  • Fly!!!!

    Piteå is situated 855 km north of Stockholm which is a considerable distance to drive. I would take the airplane any day.There is no passenger airport in Piteå though so you'll have to fly to Kallax Airport in Luleå some 60-70 km north of piteå. From there you can take an airport taxi to Piteå for instance. It will cost you 165 SEK if you are...

  • The best way is by airplane....

    The best way is by airplane. The cheapest way is by bus (/train).Distance to:Stockholm 945 km,Luleå 50 km,Umeå 220 km.New York 6332 km (3934 miles)Bus, if you're going just outside the centre. But if you're just staying in Piteå, hey it's a small town, walk.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Piteå Warnings and Dangers

  • Rojo72's Profile Photo

    Beware of reindeer

    by Rojo72 Written May 3, 2005

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    Piteå is in sami country, at least when you go from the coast and inland. The sami usually let their cattle stay in the lowland forests in the winter and then bring them to the mountains in the summer. When I was in Piteå I encoutered several groups of free roaming reindeer jsut by the road. This wasn't in the mountains and you'd have to be on guard for them anywhere you go.

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Piteå Off The Beaten Path

  • Visit Långträsk, part 2

    We knew that there wasn't going to be much to see in Långträsk...but that it was SO small we didn't know. This is the store we found there. We bought a can of coke and went back. Now THAT's real northern mentality!Långträsk is situated halfway between Piteå and Arjeplog along road 373 btw!

  • Visit Långträsk, part 1

    Me and my sister was out on a tour by car and saw a sign "Långträsk" (Which means long swamp in swedish, but "long sea" in some Sami language) and we thought "Let's go there!". It was a ride of maybe 70 km by car and the road itself wasn't very funny but we enjoyed it for the fun of it all.At one time we came across some rein-deer which might by...

  • Polstjärnan. Piteås gay pub....

    Polstjärnan. Piteås gay pub. They have parties once a month, and sometimes really BIG parties at 'Havsbadet'. But you have to be a member in RFSL to get in....Phone: 0911-925 70, Webbsite: www.rfsl.se/pitea


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