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  • Wood Crane's-bill
    Wood Crane's-bill
    by sim1
  • The mountain hut of Njunjes in the valley below
    The mountain hut of Njunjes in the...
    by sim1
  • Fields of flowers just before arriving in Njunjes
    Fields of flowers just before arriving...
    by sim1

Tarraure Things to Do

  • Finally: Tarrekaise!!

    Finally: Tarrekaise!! I am feeling dead tired, but I made it! Hahaha, although for a little while, it felt like I would never get here. The last bit of the hike, before arriving in Tarrekaise, is rather boring, moving through a forest area. This stretch seems a bit endless, and when tired from walking all day long, not the most exhilarating...

  • the end of the day

    The view from our tent is lovely, but this location has clearly one disadvantage: it is mosquito paradise! The little insects are here by the hundreds, zooming around me irritatingly and never wanting to give up their quest of finding a nice bare spot of skin.After dinner we give up and seek shelter in our tent from the army of insects. I don't...

  • A long stretch to Tarrekaise

    The view from the top is wonderful; looking over the valley below us we can still spot the Mountain Hut of Njunjes, which is now nothing more then a little dot in an oasis of green trees. And in front of us opens a whole new landscape. The next kilometres we make our way over a rocky surface and enjoy the lovely views over the mountains that are...

  • Through the forest upp the hill

    It is time to move on! We can't be lazy all the time and sit in the sun the whole day in Njunjes. Well.... we could, hahaha, but we are too eager to see more of this beautiful area to sitt still all day and do nothing. So we toss on our backpacks and start moving again. The first little part of the trail makes us feel like being in a jungle of...

  • The river

    The water supply is a bit different at Njunjes then in most places. Our first reaction was to go to the river below to fill up our water bottles. The stugvärd looked at us with a grin on his face and said innocent: "If I were you, I would use that water hose over there instead. It collects water from the mountain. The river down below and is a...

  • Lunch at Njunjes

    After a short rest with something to drink and grabbing the opportunity to take some photos, I scramble myself up again from the ground to continue our hike. The last little bit towards the Mountain Hut of Njunjes is slightly up, and we are making our way over big slabs of rock. The sun is shining brightly and burning on my head, wow, it is so...

  • Tricks to get a well-deserved rest....

    Maybe I should put this tip under local customs instead, as this is a local trick to get a well-deserved rest....Well, of course I didn't WANT to fall down! But I did in anyway, hahaha, and what a good trick it turned out to be to get a well-deserved rest in the middle of a field of flowers :-) Make a good choice though where you decide to use this...

  • Flowers

    Today we have 4 kilometres to 'catch up with' as we didn't hike as far as planned yesterday. But it doesn't really matter: we have all the time in the world, so no need to keep to a tight schedule but can just relax and enjoy our hike. It's good to know there is no pressure and we can adjust our schedule on a daily basis, adjusting to our form of...

  • Blue sky

    Early morning, Friday 21 July 2006Location: in the forest at Bäcken, camping beside the river NjunjesjåkhåIt is early morning and I open my eyes and yes it is light outside, as it is always light outside this time of year in the Fjällen. But to my total surprise, it wasn't clouded, it wasn't raining... and it wasn't snowing either.... but it was...


Tarraure Transportation

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    Where is Padjelanta?

    by sim1 Written Oct 1, 2006

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    To give you some idea of where Padjelanta, Kvikkjokk and Tarrekaise exactly are, I've added some maps for you. The first map is of Sweden with all its National Parks. In the very north of Sweden you can see a little dot where Padjelanta is located. Together with the National Parks of Sarek and Stora Sjöfallet it makes a huge area, also called "Laponia" or "the last wilderness in Europe". The main part of this hike along the Padjlantaleden is through Padjelanta National Park, but you also will go through a tiny bit of Sarek and Stora Sjöfallet.

    The second map is a detailed map of the National Park (from the parks website). On the map you can see the hiking trails, roads how to get to the park, the places where you can stay overnight, etc.

    The third map is a map of my hiking trip through the park, which is also the official route of the "Padjelantaleden / Padjalanta Hiking Trail". The total hike is about 160 kilometres long.

    On my Padjelanta page you can find some more practical info how to get to the park

    Map of Sweden Map of Padjelanta National Park Padjelantaleden

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Tarraure Warnings and Dangers

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    Mygg! / Mosquitoes!

    by sim1 Updated Aug 2, 2008

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    Bzzzz... bzzbzzzzzzzz..... can you hear them! Mosquitoes!! The area around Tarrekaise is rather well known for its BIG collonies of these little pesty animals. The valley of the Tarra (Tarradalen) is covered with forest and low growing shrubs and plants. There are many little rivers and creeks, a combination that makes this area a heaven for the mosquitoes! And as there aren't that many people around, the ones that do walk here get all the attention of them! So make sure you don't forget to apply anti-repellant, wear long sleeves and light colours, which all will make you a little less attractive for these little zooming bugs.

    The mosquitoes have their 'seasons', all depending on the previous and current weather conditions, time of the season, water levels, and so on, there might be more or less of them. Just be warned that there might be quite a few of them.... and feel lucky when they are not around :-)

    Mosquito alert!
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