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  • Transportation
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  • Transportation
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Norrköping Highlights

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     friendly, green, archipelago 

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     Monday To Thursday In The Winter. 

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     Industrial feeling still is alive 

Norrköping Things to Do

  • S:t Olai Church

    On this place where the church stands is a lot of history. The first stone was laid in April 14:th 1614 but because of lack of money and pleigh the church was finished in 1626. By the Russian atack in 1719 the church was burned down to the ground. In June 13:th 1766 was the first stone laid to the pressent church today. In December 20, 1767 was the...

  • Museum of Work

    Along the banks of the Motala river within Norrköpings inner city lies Arbetets museum (Museum of Work), entirely surrounded by water. The building was built 1917 as a textile mill on the Laxholmen island. Because of its shape it was soon given the nickname “The flat-iron”. Arbetets museum is a national museum of modern life that engages,...

  • Flimmer - Free Outdoor Summer Cinema

    Every summer the Norrköping cinema society arranges free outdoor cinema on sundays and wednesdays after sunset. There no fee and they show both the big movie blockbusters of the year as well as smaller, international movies. The cinema is set up next to Färgaregården in the vale next to Strömsbackarna just by the river.Suggestion: Bring a blanket,...

  • Flimmer Movie Festival

    Flimmer is southeast Sweden's biggest independent film organisation and it arranges a free Open air cinema in the summer(see separate tip), open air cinema tour and the 'Norrkoping Filmfestival Flimmer'. A very popular annual movie festival that takes place in october and screen popular movies, independant movies, short films as well as events and...

  • Kraftstationen

    Kraftstationen (The Power Station) is a newly opened showroom and museum, it is located it the bottom floor in the old power station of the textile factory Drags from 1620. The Power station is now opened to the public (the rest of the building is part of the university now) and features exhibitions related to water, power and textile.Opening...

  • Rock Carvings from the Bronze Age

    Norrköping has the second largest collection of rock carvings from the bronze age (1800 b.C. to 500 b.C.) in Sweden. There are a total of 7000 rock carvings spread in a 1,5*1,5 km area with the largest concentration in Himmelstalund.


Norrköping Hotels

Norrköping Restaurants

  • Trädgår'n - Great Summer Place

    The outdoor serving/pub of Bacchus located in a nice enclosed garden. Teher's also an indoor bar where they have big screen TV during big games like the Euro 2004. They serve pub food, hamburgers, sandwiches, sallads, etc. The food is not the best but you go to Trägården for the atmosphere and the enclosed garden.

  • Fräcka Fröken's Frestelser - Great...

    Fräcka Frökens Frestelser, roughly translated as Miss Shameless Tempetations, is a very popluar coffeehouse. So poplular that it now exists two of them, one on Kungsgatan and one in the very centre of Norrköping.They serve all kinds of coffee, tea, hot chocolate with pastries, cakes, pie, sandwishes and sallads. Either a Latte with a homemade...

  • Did they close this place?

    We didn´t actually find many other restaurants, but the food was o.k. to be a hamburger (I´m not big fan of them) and my husband even said it was great. I think he is more expert on hamburgers ;)I searched this at net today, and it looks like they have closed the place. I wasn´t sure is it closed forever, or will it open soon again, so I´ll put it...


Norrköping Nightlife

  • Bishop Arms - Best pub in Norrkoping

    A Great Pub for having a beer, whiskey or pend talking with your friends. A less noisy and calmer atmoshere (the age limit is 23) that makes it the perfect place if you wan't a place where you actually can sit down and talk.In the summer they have the largest outdoor serving in Norrkoping with party tents, heaters and located next to the Strömmen....

  • Pub Wasa - Original Pub with Tall Ship...

    The most original pub in Norrköping, designed as the interior of an old tall ship with everything made of wood, details on the walls from ancient ships and equipped with cannon ports!! The name comes from the famous Wasa warship that was salvaged from the sea and has a museum built around it in Stockholm.They always have live music and serve food...

  • Carl Johan - A trendy bar with great...

    A newly opened Restaurant/Pub that's open until 1 am, very nice interior and really great music!!They have a small dance floor and both regular tables and smaller tables with arm chairs. There's no dress code but most guests are relativly dressed up.


Norrköping Transportation

  • AROUND - Bistro and Spa Tramway

    New for the summer of 2003 is a bistro tramway that traffic line 2. It's a rebuilt regular tramway with a bar and tables. You just pay the regular fee (and for your food and drinks of course).The real surprise is the second cart, it's been rebuilt as a spa cart with a sauna and a jacuzzi.Both are availible for bookings for private parties.

  • Tramway

    The Norrköping tramway is a system of trams forming a principal part of the public transport services in Norrköping, a city in Sweden’s eastern Östergötland province. It has been in service since 1904, and is, along with the larger Göteborg tramway, one of only two city-centre tramways in Sweden that survived the switch to right-hand traffic in...

  • Bus

    A good way to get around in Norrköping is by bus. It costs 40 SEK (about 4 EURO) if you pay on the bus but if you buy your ticket in a resale store like PRESSBYRÅN then a tripp only costs 20 SEK (about 2 EURO), big differance.


Norrköping Shopping

  • Anders100's Profile Photo

    by Anders100 Written Sep 14, 2002

    Buy crystal from al the famous glassworks
    like Kosta Boda & Orrefors.

    What to buy: Crystal!!

    What to pay: Low prices and duty free.

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Norrköping Local Customs

  • Halvars Glass

    On the Södra Promenaden (the Southern Avenue) lies 'Halvars Glass', an icecream shop that has become an institution in Norrköping. If a local is going to go buy icecream he goes to Halvars (which is why the lines can be very long on a sunny day). Halvars has existed since the 1930's, in the beginning they manufacture dtheir own icecream (sadly not...

  • St Lucia procesion December 13

    On the 13:th of December we celubrate the St Lucia in every school and news paper they have elections for the choise of witch girl that will become the Lucia dressed in white and a crown of light candles on hear head the runner ups becomes hear court most of the time a girl with long blond hair winns so the brunette`s are a bit frustrated never...

  • If you like classicalmusic...

    If you like classicalmusic visit the Conserthall Louis De Geer where Norrkoping Symphonie Orcestra is playing and other artists and Orcestras visit to.The Conserthall is beutifully located in the restored old Industry area by the river Strömmen.And next to the Conserthall is Värmekyrkan where the Rock & pop groups are having there concerts.If you...


Norrköping Warnings and Dangers

  • The yellow danger

    The trams are called the yellow danger, because there is so many accidents with cars and trams. Mostly it´s people who dont live here that are involved in accidents becaus they are not used to meet a tram on the road. If your driving in Norrköping beware of the trams, you must always stop and let the tram go first if there isn´t trafficlights.

  • Beware the Yellow Danger!!

    In Norrköping the Tramway has the right of passage in every crossing, people not used to drive in Norrköping has been in a number of accidents with tramways. Fortunatly they have made the most dangerous crossings safer by installing redlights.But if your driving in Norrköping and have to driva across the tracks take your time and make sure there's...

  • Nothing realy dangerus but...

    Nothing realy dangerus but some youth gangs looking for fights or to robb an easy target mostly on weekends around the nightclub area and around the citybut if you take normal precaution not getting to drunkflashing your cash you will be safe in Norrkoping.


Norrköping What to Pack

  • Packing List

    Warm clothing in the winther time.In the summer don't forget bathing clothes alott of lakes and to poolareas.

  • Packing List

    I'm sorry to say so, but both times here were extremely rainy. The weather is changable, so bring cloths for all types of weather. 200 ASA films are the best

  • Norrköping Hotels

    15 Hotels in Norrköping

    45 Reviews and Opinions

Norrköping Off The Beaten Path

  • Arkösund archipelago

    Arkösund, Saint Anna and Gryts archipelago are all part of the beautiful Östergötland archipelago. The area is an area with unrivalled beauty offering the chance to experience undisturbed nature and to view the wonderful and numerous islands which make up the archipelago. The Arkösund village is the nearest mainland point for many of the islands...

  • Ågelsjön

    Ågelsjön is a lake located 10 kilometers outside Norrköping. It's in one of the most beautiful areas in Sweden, Kolmården. An area covered in forests, steep mountain walls and lakes.Ågelsjön is a deep lake with surrounded by steep rock walls (a climber's paradise) with a dark blue colour. There are over 200 climbing routes and a great place to...

  • People's Park

    Just off the city centre is the huge Folkparken park where you can just stroll around, but also play minigolf, beach volley and other things in summer. Fantastic playground for your bored child!!! To get there, follow Norra Promenaden and aim for the red Matteus Church.


Norrköping Sports & Outdoors

  • Sport fishing in Norrköping Center

    In Norrköping there is great fishing, a lot of people take daytrips to Norrköping to fish for salmon or trout. You can also fish for pike, bass and other fish I don't know the english name for.A permit is 50 crowns a day and youths under 18 fish for free. Every year 10.000 new trouts and salmons are inserted into the river to ensure a rich and...

  • Frisbee Golf

    In Folkparken you can play frisbee golf at a 18 hole course , in the KFUM stand you can hire real frisbee golf frisbees for 15 crowns.It's a very common afternoon activity during the summer among younger people. A frisbee, a smaller frisbee designed for frisbee golf is preferable but any frisbee will do.

  • Rock and Ice Climbing

    Ågelsjön is located in one of Sweden's most beautiful areas, Kolmården. There are over 200 routes with an average difficuly of grade 6. During the winter there are several places for Ice climbing. Of course climbing gear, there are nice places to put up tents and don't forget something to use when swimming.


Norrköping Favorites

  • Indoor parking house

    A great indoor parking house that is in the city center, just 20 meters from main shopping street Drottninggatan.Indoor parking house P-SPIRAN entry by car from S:t Persgatan 95 It costs 12 SEK/h (about 1,2 EURO/h)

  • Tourist information

    This is the place to go to if you want to get some maps and information of Norrköping. You can order maps and brochures and they will sent it home to you, order throug website. TheTourist information center is located in the industrial landscapes just besides Louis De Geer concert and congress

  • Destination Norrköping - Tourist...

    The tourist information centre is called Destination norrköping and is located in the Holmen Tower next to the Loius deGeer concert hall. They have brochures describing the many interesting sights and places to visit in and around Norrköping.Destination Norrkoping


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