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  • Rune Stone Rok
    Rune Stone Rok
    by VesnaB
  • The church at Rök
    The church at Rök
    by sim1
  • Close up of text on the back
    Close up of text on the back
    by Marpessa

Rök Things to Do

  • Rök, in the middle of nowhere....

    Rök is just a tiny dot on the map in the middle of nowhere. A tiny little curvy road brings you to the village. You'll drive through nice open landscape and in the distance you can see a lovely white church. But there is more to Rök than only that. Maybe it is hard to believe, but this little place is famous! Why? It is the village where you can...

  • The Smoke Stone (Rökstenen)

    Rökstenen is a rune stone that stands at 2.5m tall above the earth, with another 1.5m below it. It has the most amount of letters found on it than any other rune stone in the world.It is believed that the stone was created (carved) as early as 800 A.D. The place where it lies now is not where it was originally from (rune stones were usually found...

  • Do you want to know more about Vikings?

    I am rather fascinated by the Vikings and the traces that they left here in Sweden. Maybe it is because I live so close to a Viking site that I am so intrigued by it. Here are some links to my and Åkes pages where we have written a bit more about the Vikings:- Sigurdsristning at Sundbyholm- Anundshög at Västerås- The most famous of all runestones...

  • What is a Rune Stone?

    Rune stones are standing stones with runic inscriptions on them dating from the Iron Age (Viking Age) and early Middle Ages found in most parts of Scandinavia. Most stones are put up as memorials for a dead person, like this one at Rök as well. On the stones you can find writing in runic, a distinctive sort of alphabet. Runes are an old form of...

  • Inscriptions on the rune stone

    The text on the runic stone is a poem and it is the longest runic text on a stone in the world. This is the text on the stone:For Vaermod stand these runes. And Varin wrote them, the father for his dead son. I tell the ancient tale which the two war-booties were, twelve times taken as war-booty, both together from man to man. This I tell second who...

  • The Rune Stone

    Here is a picture of the famous Rök Stone. Nowadays it is covered with a little roof to give the stone and its visitors some protection from the weather. The stone probably dates back to the 800's, judging from the runic style. A man called Varin erected it in honour of his dead son's memory. The whole stone is covered with runes (front, back, top...

  • From the old to the new times.....

    Old and new times go side by side in Rök. In the field next to the church and the rune stone, stand these modern type wind mills. It is such a sharp contrast with the rune stone.These days you see more and more of these wind turbines in Sweden. Although often I can't appreciate the view of them in the open landscapes, I do have to admit that they...

  • Close to Lake Vättern

    Rök is located close to Lake Vättern. On my visit I was so impressed by the amazing blue colour of this lake. It seemed to try to compete with the wonderful blue sky for being the most beautiful one. The combination of the two was simply magic.The area around Lake Vättern is a beautiful place to visit and I hope to return some day soon to discover...

  • What makes this stone so special....

    The rune stone at Rök is extra special because of its inscriptions. No less than 7 different rune types have been used on this stone, which makes it very difficult to decipher. The stone is unique in that it contains a fragment of what is believed to be a lost piece of Norse mythology. It also makes a historical reference to Ostrogothic king...


Rök Transportation

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    Rök is located in the middle of Sweden in the region of Östergötlands Län. It is very close to the big lake Vättern. Roughly said it is south of the town of Motala, west of Mjölby and directly south of he nature reserve and lake Tåkern. Although Rök feels like being in the middle of nowhere it is still rather easy to reach. The highway E4 (from Stockholm to the south west of Sweden) brings you very close to Rök. Take the exit at Väderstad (between Mjölby and Ödeshög) and follow the small road towards Rök.

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