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  • Björsund
    by Dizzyhead
  • Björsund
    by Dizzyhead
  • Boat harbour.
    Boat harbour.
    by Dizzyhead

Björsund Things to Do

  • Lovely dream in pink and orange :-)

    Those who know me know that I seem to have a specific love for old and weathered buildings. So it was most natural that I developed a deep affection for Fiholm Castle when I saw it. Well, the pink wing to be precise. Fiholm Castle consists of two identical wings which face each other, one in bright orange and one in pink. The organge one is...

  • Fiholm Slott

    The estate of Fiholm was inherited in 1617 by Axel Oxenstierna. In 1640 they started building a big castle. In 1642 the two wings were constructed, but no main building was ever raised. Reason to this, as the stories goes, is the dispute Axel Oxenstierna and his son Johan. When the son was asked about the coming building of the castle he answered...

  • Touring around on bicycle

    I visited this Fiholm Castle during a bicycle tour from my home. It's not that far from where I live (about 10 - 15 kilometres), hahaha, if you don't mind the hills. Hmmm... they are not really hills I guess, hahaha, but it isn't flat either. But if you are from the Netherlands, like me, every bump in the road feels like a hill :-)It's a beautiful...

  • The Runic Stone at Jäder

    There are many runic stones to be seen in this part of Sweden, especially around Lake Mälaren. I know of about a dozen or so in my area. I think they are wonderful to see as they have survived so many centuries and bare so much history with them. Rune stones are standing stones with runic inscriptions dating mainly from 200 to the year 1100.In...

  • Rördrommen

    You can see the Rördrommen" on the right site of the road. This is your main gateway to get into the little nature reserve at the lake. The name is very appropriate because "Rördrommen" is the name of a rare bird you can spot here: Rördrom or Botaurus stellaris.Although..... actually seeing this bird will be a very difficult task as the bird is...

  • Jäder Church

    The next stop we make is in a little village called Jäder. The church here is quite interesting. The church originates back to the year 1000 and started off as a wooden church. During 1100 the church was rebuild in stone. Around 1600 this whole area is owned by the family "Oxtenstierna", a well-known and rich family in Sweden. Their name pops up...

  • Vitsippa

    It's spring here now and the golf season has just started. The trees are still bare and you can only see a slight glow of green over the plants. It's quiet, the sun is shining, the sky is wonderfully blue. I heard the birds singing their songs, they all seem so happy that spring has started. The flowers are shyly starting to show their faces. Not...

  • Strands golf

    Strand golf is a "Pay and Play" golf course, so you can come and play her whenever you like. You don't need a official handicap to be allowed on the course, so newcomers are more than welcome as well. It's an 18 hole golf course and a really good one for a "Pay and Play" club. So if you want to hit some golf balls and have a nice afternoon, don't...

  • Backsippa (Pasqueflower)

    While talking about flowers I just remember a beautiful flower that you can see in this area. It's not right at the lake, but a bit more to the west. The flower I am talking about is called "backsippa" or "Pasqueflower" and it flowers a bit later in the season: around the middle of May. The place to see the "backsippa" is the Sofiebergsåsens nature...

  • During the autumn

    But this area is not only wonderful in the spring! I really love those long summer days here, being light from around 3 o'clock in the morning to 11 at night. Often nice temperatures but hardly ever too warm. The fun thing is that you can play a whole round of golf after work without worrying about the time :-)) In the autumn the days grow shorte...

  • More around the lake

    That's it for now on this page. But as you know I am here almost weekly, so I'll try to add some more photos and info in the future. Some places I have in my mind to show you more of is:BjörsundFogdön golf

  • Main stop: Strand's golfcourse!

    And this is the reason why I come here so often: the golfcourse at Strand. I really like this place because it is located so beautifully beside Lake "Sörfjärden". It is so tranquil here. It's like making a wonderful walk in nature every time I play. Hahaha, and that compensates for a lot when I don't win, LOL :-)) I've only started playing just...


Björsund Off The Beaten Path

  • Strängnäs

    Lake Söderfjärden is located between the cities of Strängnäs and Eskilstuna. In these off the beathen path tips I want to show you a few places that are right around the corner from the lake. And let me start with the city of SträngnäsSträngnäs is a quiet little town in the beautiful lake area of the Mälaren, west of Stockholm. It's not really a...

  • Eskilstuna

    Eskilstuna is west of Lake Söderfjärden and it is the city where I live closest to. It is the place where I go for my shopping, where I study, visit the library, where I like to go out for dinner, etc, etc. Eskilstuna is a very old place. The area around Eskilstuna was already well known during the Vikings. But having said that, I have to admit...

  • Sundbyholm

    This is where I live! Sundbyholm! It is located on Lake Mälaren, a beautiful lake in the middle of Sweden. It has a little recreation area located right here at the lake. For me it means a nice place to walk to (it is only 10 minutes to go here) and relax. It has its charm as well in the summer as in the winter. Somehow the lake always looks...


Björsund Sports & Outdoors

  • Dizzyhead's Profile Photo

    by Dizzyhead Updated Mar 28, 2010

    Play beach vollyball here in Björsund. I have seen a place where they/you can play beach vollyball. I dont know if it is private or not. Go and check it out. It is directly beside the water and the bridge in Björsund.

    Equipment: Just bring a ball, the net and your own clother for beach volleyball.

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