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    The runic inscription
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Eskilstuna Things to Do

  • The Sigurd Carving

    The Runic carving is an ancient monument that has been well preserved. It dates back almost 1,000 years ago. There are a lot of these carvings all over Sweden, but these are the ones i saw in Eskilstuna.

  • Eskilstuna Parken Zoo

    Nice zoo with an amusement park in the same area. This is the place where I first saw a Comodo dragon as up close and personal as allowed. I wanted to visit their reptile house but it was closed when I went there...bummer.Like other zoos they have their animal areas divided into groups: Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. For the kids...

  • Meet the Big Buddies

    at Parken Zoo. This Zoo - a rather small one - has white tigers, wallabys, and many others. Here you can meet my lazy big friend Jim - a minipanda.

  • The Factori Museet

    Welcome to the Faktori museum! In the next few tips I would to show you around in this nice little museum in Eskilstuna. The museum is worth the visit when you are in town, and the great part is that it is for free! So don't hesitate to drop in and have a look around for yourself. And isn't this a great start to enter a museum!? On the entrance...

  • Steam engines at the Faktori Museum

    The museum is divided into several parts, and one of them tells you all about the steam engine. It's quite logical to have this section in the museum as Eskilstuna has a rich industrial history. There are quite a few of these steam engines on display, and when you're lucky you can see them at work as well. They were not working on the few ocassions...

  • Steam powered fire-engine

    But there are not only 'boring' steam engines on display! How about this great fire truck! This steam powered fire-engine was manufactured in 1896 by Ludwigsbergs Verkstad in Stockholm and it was used in Eskilstuna until 1926.In the additional picture for this you can see another firetruck. And this is not just a fire truck, this is Sweden's first...

  • Eskilstuna's past

    If you walk up the stairs in the Faktori Museum, you will leave the steam engine and industrial part of the museum behind you and now will end up in an area devoted to Eskilstuna's past. One of the things you can read, see and learn all about is the presence of the vikings in this area. A great example of that are the many rune stones still to be...

  • A great place for your camera :-)

    The Faktori Museum is actually a great place to 'freak' around a little bit with your camera. It is not that often that you can get so close to those old industrial machines and be able to take pictures of them. The machines at the Faktori Museum are (often) not fenced off, so you can get as close to them as you like. Now lucky me had the task to...

  • Steam train from 1874

    There are many ways that steam engines were used. Like for trains for example, like this steam train from 1874. This steam lock was manufactured in England and it has been in use until 1924. It was donated to the Eskilstuna museum in 1977 after restoration.Second picture: You can't only admire the steam lock from the outside, you can have a look...


Eskilstuna Hotels

Eskilstuna Restaurants

  • Great Pizza and good wine

    Located in the center of the city, this place has two choices: the restaurant or the pub. In the area you find many other places to eat or drink, but Grappa seems to be one of the favourit spots for the locals. I tried a deliciouse pizza with shrimps. The portions are biggg and i had to share mine in order to finish it.

  • Restaurant, pub and garden.

    This is a nice place to hang out during the day and as well during the evenings. I recommend you to drink a glass of wine if you have a nice evening out.

  • Enjoy the lovely sandwiches!

    A very good way of eating fast and taking the food with you in the parks close by the center of the city. This fast food restaurant is located on the main street of Eskilstuna. What i enjoyed was the variety of bread from which you can choose for the sandwich.

  • Dont miss the Princesstårta

    Yummie! This cake its very popular in Sweden. I know why!!!! Yummie! Yummie!Its called Carl Gustav-cake or Princess-cake just to make it sound Royal. The Kings name is - yes you guess correctly - Carl-Gustav. Sweds are I think, like most European that has a monarchy. They kinda like to have the symbols to .. yes you know... whatever they do with...

  • Been disappointed by the food here twice...

    In the shopping mall ‘Smedjans Köpcenter’ is Hurtigs Cafe. It’s located on a little square in the shopping centre, and you might be tempted to go here to have a quick lunch. It used to be a good place to get lunch, but I’ve been here twice now, and twice they managed to disappoint me with their food. Last time I ordered a pasta with grilled...

  • Wieng Thai Restaurant

    A great restaurant in Eskilstuna is the Thai Restaurant close to the market square called Wieng Thai.It was the first time I went to this restaurant, but I will certainly go here again! It is a bit more expensive than the other thai restaurants in Eskilstuna, but it certainly is worth the extra money. The food tastes great. I had a menu with 3...


Eskilstuna Nightlife

  • Kloster Church

    Eskilstuna is a very nice city to walk around in during the evening. The main building that is in the spotlights is the Kloster Church. I really love they light it up. It's great to see the reflection of the church in the calm waters of the river Eskilstunaån.

  • Christmas tree at the Celsingska Magasin

    This is the Christmas tree next to the Celsingska Magasin. At Christmas everything is being decorated and lit up in Sweden, and of course there are plenty of Christmas trees everywhere. This is not the 'big' Christmas tree in Eskilstuna, but it sure looks nice with its reflecting in the river.

  • Celsingska magasinet

    This is a picture of the Celsingska magasinet in the evening. It is also located on the Eskilstunaån river. As you maybe can see in the photo it is almost Christmas time. All the windows are lite up with candles, with makes it look so much more picturesque. The water of the Eskilstunaån is often very calm which makes it ideal to take reflection...


Eskilstuna Shopping

  • The perfect little shop

    If you know my pages, you also know I hardly write shopping tips. But in this case I wanted to make an exception because this is the perfect little shop! If you love good food and want to spoil your taste buds, this is the place to be!!Östermans It is located just outside the city centre, but still easy to reach by foot from there. The shop is a...

  • Second hand stores

    I've seen many places, second hand stores, full with great things. From clothes to furniture, jewelry, books and souvenirs. There are many stores like this all over the city, where you can find everything you may need if you go in the right days. Usually during the saturday mornings. If you go in Eskilstuna, and perhaps anywhere else in Sweden,...

  • Glass handicraft

    Tingsgården is located in the old town and has very special and nice handicrafted glassproducts. You should visit it even if you're not going to buy, it's just nice to walk around and look.The glass is made in the basement of this very old building.


Eskilstuna Warnings and Dangers

  • paragianna75's Profile Photo

    drunk people

    by paragianna75 Written Apr 13, 2007

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    I dont know if it was just these days of my visit during the holidays that people lost control with the drink or it is a common phenomenon but for sure Eskilstuna people drink a lot and police had a lot of work to do during the nights

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Eskilstuna What to Pack

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    Sunset and sunrise

    by sim1 Updated Mar 2, 2004

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    The daylight hours (hours between sunrise and sunset) vary a lot between the winter and summer months. People may expect to see the midnight sun during the summer, because they are in Scandinavia. But this is not true for Eskilstuna, because you are not far enough north in the country.

    In December you will only have 6 hours to enjoy the day. The sun will get up around 8:30 in the morning but is already setting again before 3 o'clock in the afternoon and that doesn't leave you that much time to do some sightseeing.

    In June it is a totally different world, and I love this time of year. Around the longest day (21 June) you will experience the long looooong days! There are 18,5 hours of daylight during those days, the day seems to last forever. The only disadvantage is when you are a light sleeper, as the night only last 5,5 hours.

    Average hours of daylight:
    Jan 6,9
    Feb 9,3
    Mar 11,8
    Apr 14,5
    May 17
    Jun 18,6
    Jul 17,9
    Aug 15,5
    Sep 12,9
    Oct 10,2
    Nov 7,7
    Dec 6,1

    Sunset and sunrise in Eskilstuna

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Eskilstuna Off The Beaten Path

  • Interesting places to see in the area

    • Anundshög: old burial mounds from Viking Age.• Birka: ruins from old capital city of Sweden.• Mariefred with Gripsholm Castle. A picturesque village and a beautiful castle. In the castle is also the Swedish National Portrait Collection.• Sigtuna: old city with lots of historical background.• Sko Kloster: one of the most popular castles with a...

  • Interesting places to see in the area

    • Eskilstuna: not a real tourist destination, but it has some nice places. My favourite of all is the Fors Kyrka (Fors Church). Also worth visiting is the Klosterkyrka, sculpture 'Hand of God' by Miles, the historic area of "Rademachersmedjorna" and the museum "Faktorimuseet".• Tidö slott: A beautiful castle with a toy museum.• Ängsö Castle: A...

  • The area Lake Mälaren

    Eskilstuna is located at Lake Mälaren, which is the third in size lake in Sweden. It has a climate quiet different compared to other close by areas. It is more humid and warmer in the summer, but not as cold in the winter. This has created a specific flora and also a special fauna. Several species of flowers and trees only grow around Lake Mälaren...


Eskilstuna Sports & Outdoors

  • Sundbyholm golf

    This is a 18-hole golfcourse 15km north of Eskilstuna. Combine with horse race-betting and a visit to the castle for good food and a swim.

  • Horse racing/betting

    Sundbyholms travbana is a horseracetrack about 10 km north of Eskilstuna. Here you can eat good food and watch the races either out or inside.And of course you can bet money!Combine this with a visit to the Sundbyholm Castle.Very nice indeed!

  • Eskilstuna Hotels

    10 Hotels in Eskilstuna

Eskilstuna Favorites

  • Tourist center

    It is so beautiful and peaceful in Eskilstuna. Watching the farmers in action; It is an awesome sight.

  • Fors Kyrka: some more views

    In the first picture you can see a wonderful photo of a burning candle, giving atmosphere to this little old church.In the second picture you can have a closer look at the altar, which was donated by the Lohe family. It is an oil painting made by the French painter Eustace Lesueur in 16th century.In the third picture you can see one of the glass...

  • Fors Kyrka : Lohes crypt

    There have been many alterations to the church over the years. One is them was made by the wealthy family of Lohe, they build a crypt on the northside of the church around 1700. Many of the Lohe family have been buried in this crypt. One of the things that still reminds of the Lohe family is this coat of arms that you can see in the crypt.In the...


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