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  • Things to Do
    by Lennyx
  • The runic inscription
    The runic inscription
    by Lennyx
  • Things to Do
    by Lennyx

Eskilstuna Things to Do

  • The Sigurd Carving

    The Runic carving is an ancient monument that has been well preserved. It dates back almost 1,000 years ago. There are a lot of these carvings all over Sweden, but these are the ones i saw in Eskilstuna.

  • Swim on Wednesday evenings.

    From 25 January 2010 Vattenpalatset will have open until 22.00 and you can go there and swim, use the jacuzzi and even exercise on the gym. That is something new they have started with and I dont know how long they will keep it like that, probably until the summer.

  • Balsta Musikslott.

    This is one of the biggest buidling for a house where you can play music and listen to music in Europe. The house was a former mental hospital. This house has a café and many bands play here or practise music. They also fix a music festival in May for two days. It started 1979 and has grown for every year.

  • Eskilstuna Parken Zoo

    Nice zoo with an amusement park in the same area. This is the place where I first saw a Comodo dragon as up close and personal as allowed. I wanted to visit their reptile house but it was closed when I went there...bummer.Like other zoos they have their animal areas divided into groups: Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. For the kids...

  • Meet the Big Buddies

    at Parken Zoo. This Zoo - a rather small one - has white tigers, wallabys, and many others. Here you can meet my lazy big friend Jim - a minipanda.

  • The Factori Museet

    Welcome to the Faktori museum! In the next few tips I would to show you around in this nice little museum in Eskilstuna. The museum is worth the visit when you are in town, and the great part is that it is for free! So don't hesitate to drop in and have a look around for yourself. And isn't this a great start to enter a museum!? On the entrance...


Eskilstuna Hotels

  • Quality Hotel Statt

    Hamngatan 9-11, Eskilstuna, Södermanland, 63220, Sweden

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Clarion Bolinder Munktell

    Munktellstorget, Eskilstuna 633 43, Sweden

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Sundbyholms Slott

    I havent stayed at this hotel/castle. Not many people with normal budget do that, perhaps if you...


Eskilstuna Restaurants

  • Good restaurant.

    Grappa is a very good restaurant with delicious food and good service. I have been here some times and always been treated well and I have never had any complaints on the food or the service, while a friend to me doesnt like this restaurant at all. They did not get any good service and my friend said the food was not good, but on my my experience...

  • American Pizza´s lunch buffé.

    You can buy thicker pizza here and at lunch you pay what it cost, and then you sit down at the table and eat your pizza. It is pizza buffé and you can be sure, that you can eat as much as you want. Just try to beat the record. I have no idea what the record is, but the pizza here is very delicious and you will eat until you feel bad.... I usually...

  • Have a coffee at the church.

    If you want to drink a coffee among Christian people ou can go to Café kloster between 10.00-15.00 between Thuesdays and Fridays. I guess you get a very good cake and lots of coffee iff you visit this café. It is probably not one of the fanciest café in Eskilstuna, but probably you find someone to talk with here if you feel lonely and need to open...


Eskilstuna Nightlife

  • The only night club for the moment.

    Now, beginning of 2012 there is the only night club for older people to visit. But the audiesnce here is very young , but what can you do if you want to go out and dance. Then you have to go here. The dress code is the same all over other night clubs in smaller cities. You can enter with jeans, but I am not sure about sneakers.

  • New gay club in Eskilstuna!!!!

    I just read in our local newspaper at the net that some people will start a gay club in my city Eskilstuna, and they begin from 10th June 2011. So, if you want to visit a new club in Eskilstuna, I guess you are welcome there.

  • It is not the best place, but ....

    Dancing floor, bars and music. Usually live bands in the weekends.This night club has changed owner, and has another name today. Everything, but I think the bouncers prefer a proper style.


Eskilstuna Transportation

  • Taxi company in Eskilstuna.

    Here is one of the companies in Eskilstuna. Call them, their logo is: "Always open". So, that means they would always be there for you and not give you any problems during the time you need a taxi.

  • GUIF bus.

    This is the supporter bus with people who support the handball team from Eskilstuna, and the team is GUIF. They follow it´s team on the games when they dont play in Eskilstuna.

  • No money on the buses.

    When you travel around inside Eskilstuna you arent allowed to pay the ticket with money anymore. It is becasue many bus drivers have been mugged and robbed. For their safety, you have to pay the ticket through a sms or with your credit card. 1st July 2009 started this way of paying. So, no trip for you if you try to pay with cash.


Eskilstuna Shopping

  • Leffes kuriosa.

    This shop sells all kind of secondhand things but more specialized on the time when Elvis Presley lived.

  • Buy post cards.

    You can find many kind of things located to my city Eskilstuna and in this tip I suggest you to buy post cards. You can find many post cards in different sizes and also special made from local painters. I havent been there for a while, so I havent checked out their latest. Post cards, and send them to a friend and make some one happy! Around 1...

  • Meat and fish - Sundbyholms Kött & Fisk.

    This shop is specialized in meat and fish. They have the best quality you can find and so many interesting things compare to the normal food shop. This is such a pleasure to walk around and see all the different things they have here. Just the best meat and fish you can find in this area of Sweden.


Eskilstuna Local Customs

  • Garbage cans all over Eskilstuna.

    Here in Eskilstuna we want you as a tourist to put all garbage in our garbage cans. Thanks! You can find these all over the city. In the center the garbage cans look like this on the picture. Of course there are other kinds too, it doesnt matter where you put YOUR GARBAGE. Keep Sweden and Eskilstuna clean, please!

  • Pride festival in Eskilstuna.

    During spring Mälardalens students arrange a student festival, a gay pride here in Eskilstuna. It usually take place before the students finish their studies and that is in the end of May. They market their event on facebook, and you can go there and check out he program and everything else. Search for SPRINGPRIDE 2010. There you find all you need...

  • PipaLuck.

    A special evening in Christmas time for people who have worked all Christmas and also for people who have left Eskilstuna, moved away or simiar things.


Eskilstuna Warnings and Dangers

  • Dont throw things in the river.

    Dont throw things in the rver during the winter time, because the things will sink to the bottom when the ice melts. Bad of you.

  • The neighbours watch you....

    Well, if you are a thief and plan to make a crime in Eskilstuna, and then you see this sign below here. Think before you do anything. It means that in this neiighbourhood all the neighbours help each other. So, if you dont want to do any time, dont do any crime!

  • Dont sleep here!!!!!

    Stadshotellet has been in a big fire, so you cant stay there at all. Some one put fire on our famous hotel.


Eskilstuna What to Pack

  • sim1's Profile Photo

    by sim1 Updated Mar 2, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The daylight hours (hours between sunrise and sunset) vary a lot between the winter and summer months. People may expect to see the midnight sun during the summer, because they are in Scandinavia. But this is not true for Eskilstuna, because you are not far enough north in the country.

    In December you will only have 6 hours to enjoy the day. The sun will get up around 8:30 in the morning but is already setting again before 3 o'clock in the afternoon and that doesn't leave you that much time to do some sightseeing.

    In June it is a totally different world, and I love this time of year. Around the longest day (21 June) you will experience the long looooong days! There are 18,5 hours of daylight during those days, the day seems to last forever. The only disadvantage is when you are a light sleeper, as the night only last 5,5 hours.

    Average hours of daylight:
    Jan 6,9
    Feb 9,3
    Mar 11,8
    Apr 14,5
    May 17
    Jun 18,6
    Jul 17,9
    Aug 15,5
    Sep 12,9
    Oct 10,2
    Nov 7,7
    Dec 6,1

    Sunset and sunrise in Eskilstuna

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Eskilstuna Off The Beaten Path

  • Eskilstuna Stadsbibliotek.

    Here you can do so many things! You can find newspapers from different countries in the world and from all the cities in Sweden. You can also borrow many books and videos here in all kind of languages. They have a café here and it is open to eight in the evenings. Sometimes they invite some authors too. Tourists can also borrow a computer here if...

  • Eat a Slagsta ice cream.....

    You shall drive to the ice cream seller in slagsta in Eskilstuna and order a ice cream vanilla with cream and strawberry jam..... So goood. You have to taste it. you find this ice cream bar at Torshällavägen 125 in a neighbourhood called Slagsta.

  • Interesting places to see in the area

    • Anundshög: old burial mounds from Viking Age.• Birka: ruins from old capital city of Sweden.• Mariefred with Gripsholm Castle. A picturesque village and a beautiful castle. In the castle is also the Swedish National Portrait Collection.• Sigtuna: old city with lots of historical background.• Sko Kloster: one of the most popular castles with a...


Eskilstuna Sports & Outdoors

  • Fighting club

    if you like to fight you should join this new fighting club in Eskilstuna and they look for new members and fighters, so send them a message and tell them you want to become a member. Here you use your own equipment and sports clothes. Bring the towell too, you need a shower after this hard exercise. Maybe some bandage too!I

  • Beach volleyball.

    In Vilsta beach area and camping you can play beachvolleyball and the city of Eskilstuna havve provided two fields for you. Just go there, the net is Always there during the summer season if noone has stolen it. You collect your friends and and buy a ball, then you play it. You need just a ball and many friends if you want to do this beach...

  • Power Gym.

    When you go to Power Gym, you will just use your own training clothes, and bring a towel, because after a training here you need to have a shower.


Eskilstuna Favorites

  • Tourist center

    It is so beautiful and peaceful in Eskilstuna. Watching the farmers in action; It is an awesome sight.

  • Toilettes at Rådhusplatsen.

    Somestimes when we walk in the city and forget to do things we usually get in a hurry to the toilette. When you feel that it will happen to you, you can go own to this toilette in Eskilstuna, but beware of that you have to pay to get in there. It is better to use this then pee on a wall or a car! I have no memories yet.....

  • Home made pizza.

    If you never have tried a homemade Swedish pizza??????????You must do it! When I can make a home made pizza and everyone like it.


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