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  • View from Kärleksudden
    View from Kärleksudden
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    Inside the cafeteria
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  • Things to Do
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Norrtälje Things to Do

  • Ängsö National Park

    Ängsö is a small national park compared to most, but that's because it is on an island. Instead, it is one of Sweden's oldest, as it was made a national park already in 1909 and famous for its old meadows. In those days, no one understood that by stopping the farmer from working the land, everything they wanted to protect was overgrown by spruce...

  • Furusund

    Furusund is one of the most narrow points along the shipping lane that takes the huge Finland ferries in and out through the Stockholm archipelago, separating Furusund village (reached by bridges from the mainland) from the island of Yxlan. It is therefore well known (even since the 13th century) and there is even a famous song about a lovely...

  • Societetsparken

    A "Society Park" with adjoining "Society House" were important places for well off Swedes (the respected society) in the 19th century and often exists in small towns by the sea or in spa towns. Norrtälje was famous for its mud in the 19th century and a spa was set up that attracted wealthy citizens from Stockholm. This was therefore then the place...

  • Norrtälje Church

    Not the prettiest or oldest Roslagen church by any means, Norrtälje church is still nice to visit because of its unifying history. It got its tower in 1854 but is otherwise from 1724-26 when the bickering Germans and Swedes in town suddenly joined forces to reconstruct a church after the Russians had destroyed the old one in 1719.

  • Wallinska gårdarna

    Another 1730s part of town, created after the Russian destruction, these two "Wallins' yards" houses are adorable. There is a cafe in one of them so you can sit in the square and admire them. The other holds a good book shop.

  • Södra Bergen views

    The place in town to go for views across the town centre and out towards the Norrtälje Bay. There are several walkways up here from the streets below and at the top, you are met with a viewpoint and a popular restaurant that we never tried.

  • Pythagoras

    An amazing industrial heritage! Pythagoras was named after the old Greek philosopher as the factory intended to make calculators. However, the technique failed them and instead, they imported the idea of hot bulb engines from the USA and developed into one of the most famous engine factories in the world. Still today, as the factory is closed,...

  • Town Hall

    The current town hall is from 1730 and was built after the Russians had burnt the town in 1719. Like so many Swedish small town halls, it is a delightful wooden structure and has a clock tower. The cute thing here is that there is a cheese shop in one of its corners. In my second picture, you can see what the rest of the square looks like, with its...

  • Roslagens Museum

    The museum, along the northern riverside, is housed in what was formerly a part of the 1622 gun factory, namely the locksmiths smithy. Here, you can learn about the history of the town which of course include the gun factory that was the most important workplace for 200 years. There is also stories on a main Roslagen feature: boats. Both old...


Norrtälje Restaurants

  • Restaurang Dejva

    I orderd a pizza soucerer, a big double pizza- tasted like crap. My wife orderd porkfile according to her it was ok but nothing special. We don´t recommend this restaurant it´s over prized and the food was under the standard for these prices..

  • Enjoy a cup of coffeey

    A nice café in old town with a big outdoor place. Take a cup of coffeey and sit outside on the street tables and look at all the people. I just took a cup of coffeey but the cakes looked realy gook

  • Chinese food

    A great resturant with exellent food nice atmosphere. I´v only eaten here once so I don´t have any favorite dish. But the Beef with mushrooms are quite good.

  • Customs house inn

    Furusund's inn has been selected the fifth best restaurant in County Uppland recently and whilst I haven't tried it myself yet, be sure that I will as the location is hard to beat. I have passed it an incredible amount of time by boat as it is right along the famous Furusund shipping line (see tip) so you have lots of shipping to look at while you...

  • Smoothie heaven

    Near the harbour is this cafe with a spacious outdoor seating area, which has a more than usual mix of good lunch sandwiches but also cakes and ice cream, and which prepare smoothies with seasonal flavours. The strawberry one is to die for with fresh Swedish strawberries... Strawberry smoothie :)

  • Seaside veranda

    Here at "the Pier", you will find yourself facing the harbour inlet and this means great seaside atmosphere. It is next to the guest harbour too so there will always be boats around you. The place has both lunch and dinners and some evenings there are various gigs and sing-alongs. Click on "bilder" on the link below to see many more...


Norrtälje Transportation

  • Bus

    There is no problem to ride a bus in Norrtälje. There are several busses you can take.This bus 969 even goes to KÄRLEKSUDDEN, a beautiful beach in Norrtälje look at my oter pages of Norrtälje.

  • Boat

    This is actually not a boat in action anymore, but in fact a restaurant! The s/s Norrtälje is now a well-known and popular restaurant with lunch offers and dinners (quite a few local dishes) but as I never ate there, it will have to illustrate the style of boat that can take you to Norrtälje. Her name is s/s Blidösund after a strait in the waters...

  • Norrtälje Hotels

    0 Hotels in Norrtälje

Norrtälje Shopping

  • Mormors prylar

    A unique shop. So many un nessesary gadgets that you don´t need but you buy it anyway. It´s wort a quick stop. Al kindes of gadgets. Everything from asktrays to plates.

  • H&M

    The world famouse H&M. Here you can shop clothes for men, Women and children you can also shop make up, books, cd. Clothes. Cheap

  • Toys

    A small toy shop. Every shelf is filled to max. Great shop, if you go in there you will go out with at least 1 toy. Toys


Norrtälje Off The Beaten Path

  • Beach in Norrtälje

    Dont miss this beach when your wisiting Norrtälje. Nice clean beach, warm water, shallow water great for kids, free parking 50 meters from the beach. There is also a cafeteria that serves sandwiches, coffey and soft dinks. Dont miss this, the place is called KÄRLEKSUDDEN. Go out on the webb and klick on Kärleksudden.

  • Yxlan and Blidö

    The scenic "summer cottage islands" outside Furusund are nice. Yxlan is known for good swimming from its cliffs and not for a lot of sights itself. It is however the island you get to first by road ferry from Furusund on your way to Blidö and as scenic as many others, so you might as well have a look at it. Blidö, reached by yet another road ferry,...

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Norrtälje Sports & Outdoors

  • Sjalen's Profile Photo

    by Sjalen Updated Jul 19, 2006

    In an archipelago town, fishing is of course popular and there are thousands of islands to do it from, just make sure you have the relevant permission (tourist office or sports shops). You can also fly-fish in the river by this old pump house in the centre of town a lot of the season.

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Norrtälje Favorites

  • LV3.

    Here I did my army duty in Norrtälje, but it doesnt exist any more. I have spent 7 ½ months in this part of Sweden, and many nights in a tent with other tired and young men. My memories about Norrtälje, maybe arent the best, and I never was there during the summer.

  • Tourist information

    If you want to get the most of Norrtälje wisit the Tourist information center. There you will find everything about Norrtälje.

  • Stroll along the river

    As in many Swedish small towns with rivers, I just like to walk around and take in all the wooden houses. Don't forget to peak your head through gates along the streets. You will be rewarded with delightful inner yards like the one in my "bus tip". These tiny houses with their own river jettys make you so jealous. They can be found if you walk...


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