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  • Self employed taxi
    Self employed taxi
    by gugi66
  • wadekorzan's Profile Photo

    Beware of taxis!

    by wadekorzan Updated Feb 11, 2005

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    Unfortunately, you can often get ripped off by the taxi drivers. Have your map with you, know where you are on the map and where you need to go on the map. Try to find out beforehand approximately how much you are going to have to pay, and then take a taxi if you must. Taxis are very expensive anyway, so I really recommend to use the buses, subways, and your feet. But if you must take a taxi, well, try not to get ripped off.

    A reputable taxi compny is Taxi Stockholm, so you could call them from wherever you are and maybe then you will be ok. Telephone number is 150000.

    At night, women can get a discount in the taxis by asking for a tjejtaxa, which is a discount rate offered by the taxi company called Taxi Card. Telephone number 300000. Taxi card is a very reputable company as well.

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  • gugi66's Profile Photo

    Self employed taxi drivers

    by gugi66 Written Nov 10, 2008

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    Never never never take a taxi that doesn´t have a company logo on the door. This people are selfemployed and just looking for to rip you off. They will charge you double fare then the big companys by puting on speed meter.

    It hapend to me once, he actually charged my double price. After a lot of explaniation and arguing and me threatening to call the police he agreed to let me pay half price.

    But never again. So choose a Taxi with a company logo on the door.

    Self employed taxi

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    by yellowfish Written Jan 12, 2003

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    If you come to Stockholm and wanna go with taxi there is three company you can trust:
    ~ Taxi Stockholm 150000
    ~ Taxi Kurir 300000
    ~ Taxi 020 020-939393 (tollfree number in Sweden)
    When you wanna go to the archipelago - Värmdö kommun - you should use
    ~ Värmdö Taxi 57035700
    ALL other company are more or less ripp off!
    You could as well talk to/ask personel where you are staying.

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  • Stockholm taxi laws are scandalous!

    by Bernietravel Written Jul 31, 2012

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    We arrived at a boat pier from Mariehamn and wanted to hire a taxi for a 500 metres distance to the old town. All licensed taxi drivers who were present required 300 kronor which is fat USD 40. No wonder all passangers even with heavy luggage walked to the centre of Stockholm and left the taxis aside. When I arrived at the hotel, the receptionist explained to me that there was nothing corrupt or criminal about the drivers attitude, as I had thought. She explained that the Stockholm taxi regulations would allow drivers to set their own prices, and there were simply good and bad taxi companies. Messrs town councellors of Stockholm: If this is true you have deserved a big cactus. This would be a true scandal, putting you in a corner of towns around the globe we like for their cultural difference, but not for using taxis...

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  • Taxis

    by siinor Written Feb 18, 2008

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    Hej, ifyou arrive at Arlanda Airport no need for taxi if you are going to Stockholm City. Take the Arlanda express, which takes approx. about 35 minutes at a very high speed and low cash directly to the central station. The taxis are rip offs and you should be extra careful when you select a taxi for your destination. I know this because I was a victim of a rip off taxi driver.

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    Credit card scam

    by Zirpsis Written Apr 13, 2013

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    The latest taxi related issue in Stockholm is credit card theft. When you pay with a card, make sure it is your card they hand you back. They sometimes swap it for a similar looking card. This has happened to many people when returning to hotel after a fun evening (and maybe a bit tipsy). As usual, it's also very important that the driver does not see you pin code.

    Take care and remember to rate this tip if you think it's helpful. Thanks!

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    Check unit price tag before entering a taxi!

    by freud Written Mar 21, 2012

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    Nowadays, all licensed taxis are required to have big yellow unit price tags (jämförspris) on their rear door windows and on the dash boards. The unit price is based on a 15 minute and 10 km trip at the highest applied fare for each taxi and can be used to compare different taxis. Big taxi companies like Taxi Stockholm, Kurir, Taxi 020 have unit prices of around 310 kr (SEK) (for weekends and major hollidays for up to four passengers). Less scrupulous taxi owners and companies have unit prices from 350 kr and up (highest unit price seen so far on a taxi is 9909 kr!!). So unless you want to get ripped off or have to direct the driver to your destination, always choose one of the big taxi companies with unit prices around 310 kr.

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  • Linn81's Profile Photo

    Avoid "black taxis"!

    by Linn81 Written Dec 7, 2006

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    I guess it would be the same in most other cities... but allways avoid the illegal "Black taxis"!
    If out a weekend night, you for sure will be approached by lots of men outside the nighclubs wanting to drive you home for a real good price!AVOID! There has been raps, physical abuse and robbery!

    As a girl, specially if drunk, you have to be a bit careful even with "normal taxis", it has been sexuall abuse a few times even when using a "real" cab. (Best is to SMS the "drivers licens no" to a friend, together with the company name)

    Some taxidrivers doesn't drive to certain suburbs, because of fear of being robbed!

    Watch out for "touristprices". Some taxicompanies rip you off...:(

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  • Fiffi's Profile Photo

    Choose your taxi well

    by Fiffi Updated Jun 4, 2010

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    Don't jump into an illegal taxi! All taxis have yellow plates with a small T on it. You'll recognise the biggest taxifirms (Taxi Stockholm, Taxi Kurir, Taxi 020, Taxi Transfer). Taxis are expensive in Stockholm. Take the bus, the subway or the train, they run often, according to timetable and at night too. Generally, Stockholm is not dangerous, even at night. I usually walk home after dinner, movies or parties.

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    Beware of taxi fares to/from...

    by SwedishChef Updated Aug 24, 2002

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    Beware of taxi fares to/from the airport and the main Central Station. Especially late at night there are quite a number of non-licensed taxis that can charge 200-2000% of the actual fare for the trip. A trip from the airport to the City should cost approx SEK 350-390 depending on the company used (there is a large information board at the airport taxi stand with everyones prices). NB that some companies charge more for the trip to the airport than they do for the trip to town (typically SEK 350 - SEK 435).
    I personally tend to use one of 'Stockholm Transfer', 'Taxi Stockholm', 'Taxi 020', or 'Taxi Kurir' given the choice.

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  • 300 kr taxi fare rip off

    by phamish2008 Written Aug 20, 2012

    I wish I have read the warnings on this website. I am the latest of victim of the 300 kr taxi fare. I was charged the meter fare plus the 300 kr for a ride from Stockholm Central Station to the Best Western Time Hotel. I ended up paying 380 kr for the 5 mins ride. I didn't really get a chance to negotiate the fare at the time due to the fact that the taxi has taken off. Well, this is the last time I am visiting this city.

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  • parisanglo's Profile Photo

    Expensive Taxis

    by parisanglo Written Mar 31, 2008

    Taxis in Stockholm are particularly expensive. Even a short journey of a few hundred metres could cost you almost as much as a week's travel on the T-Bana. Thankfully, Stockholm is sufficienly small for most of it's sights and sounds to be reached by foot.

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  • Jun 13, 2013 at 1:45 PM

    I had a similar experience to the rip-offs re a Stockholm taxi driver described here; avoid the following driver: Erdogan Necdet #334034

  • bostonbruin212's Profile Photo
    Nov 17, 2012 at 4:49 AM

    In Stockholm at one of the cruise docks there's a crazy lady who started screaming insults and swearing at us and calling us poor because we refused a 75 dollar 5 minute fare. That just screamed welcome to Sweden.

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