Västerås Travel Guide

  • Västerås
    by Dizzyhead
  • Västerås
    by Dizzyhead
  • Västerås
    by Dizzyhead

Västerås Things to Do

  • Västerås slott.

    It is one of the earliest castles in Sweden and some parts are from 1300-hundreds. Erik XIV was a prison in this castle and during 1918-1926 the builders made many changes at the castle. You can rent Rikssalen for different parties or conferences. You can also get a guide around the castle.

  • The Västerås museum of art

    Next to the Town Hall you can find the Västerås museum of art (Västerås Konstmuseum). The museum is located in the old court house of 1860. The museum exhibitions mainly cover contemporary Swedish and Nordic art. I haven't been into the museum myself, so I can't tell you that much more about the collection. You can find a lot of information (all in...

  • Västerås Turistbyrå.

    Well, at the tourist office you get free booklets about the city, the region and other cities in Sweden. They also sell souvenirs and help you a lot with that you want help with. They usually sell tickets to different events and things. Just go there before you plan to explore the city and they will help you with pleasure. They have been so helpful...

  • Lögarängen.

    This is the most central beach in Västerås. It is about ten minutes from the center. It is so very close to the harbour of Västerås. Many of the inhabitants go and swim here. It is like a very big gras field and you have lots of space here for yourself and also for your family/friends.

  • Culturen.

    This is a big building just for the culture for the inhabitants of Västerås, but of course if you are a torist you can visit it too. This shall be a meeting point for all kind of culture, all different kind of culture and it is already 8 yrs. It can be any kind of culture here from music to theatre or movies. Culturen has a restaurant and a café...

  • Domkyrkan.

    This is a very nice Dome and during the summer there are many guided tours through the church. In the michelinguide it gets 3 stars and it open most of the days during day time for the public.


Västerås Hotels

  • Clarion Collection Etage

    Storagatan 32, Vasteras, 722 12, Sweden

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Elite Stadshotellet

    Stora Torget Box 19, Vasteras, SE

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars


    Ostermalmsgatan 25, Vasteras, 72214, SE

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

Västerås Restaurants

  • Have a ice cream in the harbour.

    Here they serve very good ice cream. I have just bought one here so I have not so much to say about this place. It is nice to buy an ice cream here and sit outside to eat it, because you have the harbour there and all the boats. A really hot summer day many people will sit here and enjoy a cup of coffee or an ice cream. A good place for a family to...

  • The student place/pub.

    Well, this is a special for students, but everybody can come here and eat and have a cup of coffee. I would recommend the good sandwiches they make here. It is not an expesive place at all, so if you are a backpacker, I recommend you to go here and have breakfast or a sandwich lunch. It is about ten minutes walk from the city. After some certain...

  • Cheap coffee at the Central station.

    Well, you can get a coffee and a little cake for 20 Swedish crones (about 2 euros) and that is quite cheap. It is not maybe the best healthy thing to eat, but if you are on vacation it doesnt matter. If it is good weather you can bring it with you, otherwise you can sit inside there and enjoy it. The coffee taste the same is any other place. But...


Västerås Nightlife

  • Another pub, another beer

    Much like most other restaurants/pubs you will find around squares everywhere.Not that I did any extensive research, but it seemed more croweded than Bellman when I was there.And by this time of day it was all in the shade so I choose Bellman, but I heard this might be a good place for alcoholic activities later on in the evening.Might be worth...

  • A beer in the sun

    This restaurant / pub has a big outdoors serving area in the summer and is situated on the main square in Västerås. The Plan:So if you are wandering about Västerås downtown and suddenly feel that familiar thirst, pop in for a pint of Murphys Stout. Sit back and enjoy the beautiful women, or men if one is so inclined, walking by.Maybe you feel a bit...

  • A beer with a view

    When the sun sets and the sky turns red you might want to take it all in, and there is no place better then the SkyBar on yop of the skyscrape in downtown Västerås. You will be hard pressed to miss it.Just take the elevator up to floor 23 and order in a large...whatever. As long as it's a large one!When I was there it was a very relaxed atmosphere...


Västerås Transportation

  • Västerås trainstation.

    Here at the trainsstation you have shops where you can buy your things for the trip. There is also a café here and they sell some kind of food. This is also the same place as the bus station in Västerås.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Västerås is one of the two train making cities in Sweden (the other being Kalmar with less and less production) and you will see the evidence in the form of modern sheds along the tracks. ABB has given way to Bombardier and what better way to arrive than by train. Around an hour from Stockholm and with good connections to Eskilstuna, Örebro...

  • Västerås Hotels

    21 Hotels in Västerås

Västerås Shopping

  • Trendy shops.

    Designtorget is a very trendy shop and you can find this shop all over Sweden, mostly in all the bigger cities. This shop helps people or designers to sell theoir products in this shop. many new designers start their career here with things they have made by their hands. And this shop sell all kind of things from toys to kids, post cards and some...

  • Find something odd here!

    This shop sells trendy and interesting things. Just check it in!!! Here you can find everything and verystrange things. I f you plan to go to a birthdy and dont know what to buy, check this shop first. If you visit a person you dont like so much, here you canfind odd gifts for the peson. They have very cool stuff here. I love just to go inside and...

  • Buy cards with castles from Mälardalen.

    They have many local things from Västmanland, but aslo ols historical things here. This is a game with cards. Unfortunatelly they have them only in the Swedish language.It is a game about all castles in Mälardalen, the castles around the lake Mälaren. There are many lakes here. But even if you dont play card and understand and can read Swedish,...


Västerås Local Customs

  • Do you wanna take an art walk?

    Now Västerås Konstmuseum has constructed a web page where you can check all arts like statues and similiar things in Västeras. You can go to the web page and check who has done what and where special art things are in Västerås. Very effective thing. You get all information you need like the name of the art thing, title, who did it, what year it was...

  • Purchasing spirits......

    In Sweden there is this monopoly exercised by the government on the sale of alcoholic beverages in the country. The prices of the hard liquors are very high due to the heavy taxes that these beverages are charged with.In Vasteras, you can only buy high-alcohol-content beverages at a specific store located in downtown. This is the only place where...

  • Respect for animals

    I happened to run into this cute duck family while strolling the main square, not really close to the water (the river was a few blocks away).... I was a bit surprised to see them just lying here, among the bikes and the people walking by, but they didn't seem to be bothered or stressed at all..... I think this is due to the fact that nobody tried...


Västerås Warnings and Dangers

  • Dizzyhead's Profile Photo

    by Dizzyhead Updated Oct 7, 2010

    Dont go to Dressman XL if you want to buy clothes, if you arent a fat person. Then they dont have anything for you if you have a normal size or small.

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Västerås What to Pack

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    by sim1 Written Mar 2, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The daylight hours (hours between sunrise and sunset) vary a lot between the winter and summer months. People may expect to see the midnight sun during the summer, because they are in Scandinavia. But this is not true for Västerås, because you are not far enough north in the country.

    In December you will only have 6 hours to enjoy the day. The sun will get up around 8:30 in the morning but is already setting again before 3 o'clock in the afternoon and that doesn't leave you that much time to do some sightseeing.

    In June it is a totally different world, and I love this time of year. Around the longest day (21 June) you will experience the long looooong days! There are 18,5 hours of daylight during those days, the day seems to last forever. The only disadvantage is when you are a light sleeper, as the night only last 5,5 hours.

    Average hours of daylight:
    Jan 6,9
    Feb 9,3
    Mar 11,8
    Apr 14,5
    May 17
    Jun 18,6
    Jul 17,9
    Aug 15,5
    Sep 12,9
    Oct 10,2
    Nov 7,7
    Dec 6,1

    Sunset and Sunrise in V��ster��s

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Västerås Off The Beaten Path

  • berries

    The thing I enjoyed most in my summer trip to vasteras was getting out int the woods and collecting berries, wild raspberries, alpine strawberries, red currants, lingon berries. all sorts of things. then taking them back t my friends place and cooking/eating them! yummy

  • Do you want to know more about Vikings?

    I am rather fascinated by the Vikings and the traces that they left here in Sweden. Maybe it is because I live so close to a Viking site that I am so intrigued by it. Here are some links to my and Åkes pages where we have written a bit more about the Vikings:- Sigurdsristning at Sundbyholm- Anundshög at Västerås- The most famous of all runestones...

  • Historic labyrinth

    Not far from the Anundshög mound is this amazing labyrinth. It is not clear what it was used for, but it is thought it might have been used to put a girl in the middle and a boy then had to find his way through the labyrinth to marry her.


Västerås Sports & Outdoors

  • Arosvallen.

    Here you watch the local football team Västerås SK when they play. They play now 2006 in the next highest division in the Swedish football league. It is called Superettan. Money to buy a hot sausage in the break if you usually get hungary. And maybe a hot cup of coffee to support the Gurkplayers.

  • Västerås SK Fanatics.

    I found this sticker on a place and I took a picture of it, but I have no idea about it. If anyone more know then me, please tell me.

  • Irsta Blixten.

    This is a handball tournament for young boys and girls. The tournament begins after the handball season and usually it is beginning of April and it is played in handball stadiums around Västerås. When you go to these games you dont ned nothing with you. Usuallly the tournament fixer sells hot dogs, coffee and candies for the spectators.


Västerås Favorites

  • Guided tours at Anundshög.

    Here is an old viking site, an archeological site for tourists to visit. Dont miss it, so important for Västerås.

  • Power Meet.

    It is a festival or a meeting with cars from the fifties. Around 250 000 visitors come from around 40 different countries. It is very difficult to find an acommodation this weekend when it is held. The best day is Friday, and I was there a Thursday, so I made a very big mistake.

  • Walking on the streets of the old city

    I liked a lot this city. It's not very big, but, on the way to the center i saw a part of the old and historical neighbourhood. There were some nice houses with worm colours, trees in the yard and flowers around. Sharing it with a good friend.


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