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Marstrand Things to Do

  • Climb the tower!

    The guided tour doesn't go here, but that doesn't mean that it is not worth while doing. If you have the time and the energy (yes, it is quite a few steps up to reach the top of the tower!), you certainly should go up here. The views over the island are the best! You can look down on the village of Marstrand with its cute white church tower. See...

  • Lasse Maja

    The name you will see and with almost every step you take at the Fortress, and also in Marstrand itself, is "Lasse Maja". Even the ferry towards the island is called the "Lasse Maja"!"Lasse Maja" is an interesting figure giving lots of colour and life to the history of Carlstens Fortress. So it is not that surprising that Carlsten and Lasse Maja...

  • About the soldiers and their prisoners

    If you visit Marstrand during the month of July, you might run into this little drummer boy (1st photo) and the rest of the group of Karolinian soldiers. During the "The historical days", which are held at the end of July, these soldiers perform both inside the fortress and down in the city of Marstrand. The fort wasn't build by the soldiers...

  • Carlsten Fortress

    Time to leave the peace and quiet behind and walk towards the main attraction of Marstrand: Carlsten Fortress. This fortress is located on the highest point of the island and can been seen from far away and also from almost any point on the island. The history of the fort is quite interesting and long. It all started in 1658 when the peace...

  • Narrow passage

    Very close to the beginning of the hiking trail on the north side of the island, you will pass a very narrow passage called "Nålsögat" or translated in English "the eye of the needle". This passage through the cliffs is just as narrow as it looks, and maybe even more narrow. As the rocks are all leaning to one side, you naturally start leaning...

  • Wild Honeysuckle

    Marstrand wouldn't be Marstrand without it abundance of Wild Honeysuckle. Especially at the tip of the island, the grey rocks are covered by this wild climber.The "Lonicera periclymenum" or also known as the Common Honeysuckle, European Honeysuckle or woodbine is an enthusiastic climber that can grow up to 10 meters high. In this case it would be...

  • The amazing views

    There are a few benches located on strategic places at the far end of the island (and actually also quite a few of those at the beginning of the hiking trail) giving you the opportunity to sit down and soak in the wonderful view. To make your relaxing hike complete it might be fun to bring a picnic basket with you, or at least something to drink,...

  • Rare red water lilies

    From the "Nålsögat" / "Eye of the Needle" it is only a short walk to get to the red water lily pond. The only main problem is that the signs along the trails aren't very clear or even totally missing. To get to the pond, you do need to get off the main trail along the seaside, and go land inwards. On the downside: the lily pond is hard to find,...

  • Put on your walking shoes.....

    Time to leave history behind us and discover a bit more of the beauty of Marstrand. And to discover the beauty (in my opinion), you have to take the effort and walk a bit. And the walk would be mainly uphill! On almost the highest point of the island you can visit the historical fortress called "Carlstens fästning". The tour of the fortress is very...

  • The little white church

    From the quay it is worth while to take one of the little side streets into the village as well. One place not to be missed is a visit to the little white church. You probably already seen it from a distance from the ferry, but it is nice to drop by here as well to take a closer look. The church and adjoining graveyard are very picturesque.The...

  • The village and its history

    Marstrand is a picturesque little village with lots of colourful wooden houses, as you can see in photos number 2, 3 and 4. The houses are painted in soft tones, ranging from yellow, to light pink and pale green, and especially enjoyed all the wooden balconies. Most of the houses have been added in the 18th, 19th and also in the 20th century. The...

  • The quay

    Although you probably are tempted to follow the trail from the Södra Strandverket fortifications (see previous tip) out off town and along the rocky shoreline of Marstrand, I would suggest you turn back first and follow the quay to the other end. This way you'll be able to look at the little village first, before exploring more of the island. The...

  • Södra strandverket

    The ferry arrives in the middle of the quay, so your first choice upon arrival would be, do we go left or right? I opted for left and ended up at the end of the quay at "Södra Strandverket". It looks a little like a fortification (2nd and 3rd photo), and as I like visiting historic places, it triggered my curiosity right away. Södra Strandverket is...

  • Marstrand, a place that has it all

    The little town of Marstrand is located on the West Coast of Sweden, just north of the city of Gothenburg (Göteborg). This village and island is a place that seems to attract the crowds and especially the ones that love sailing. But there is much more to Marstrand then only its harbour and of course the amazing amount of sailing boats.Marstrand...

  • Sailing marstrand

    The first thing you'll notice at Marstrand are the hundreds and hundreds of boats in the harbour. The cheerful 'tinging' sound of the boats rocking on the mellow waves that come in from the sea; the sun reflecting from the white boats almost blinding to the eye, and the sun sparkling in the clear blue water, all these will make you wish you came...


Marstrand Hotels

Marstrand Restaurants

  • Avoid Lasse Maja if you visit Marstrand

    Avoid this restaurant if you visit Marstrand. The waitor is the most rude and stuck up person without any sign of customer orientation. After waiting for 20 minutes and watching other guests, arriving to the restaurant being served, without even a hint of willingness to have a look at our table, still full of dirty dishes from previous guest, we...

  • Delicious and fresh seafood

    We enjoyed our dinner at Grannens Kök, which is located at the quay of Marstrand, approx 150 metres to the left from the ferry. This place is a perfect and relaxing dinner spot! When on the west coast of Sweden and this certainly applies to Marstrand, the thing to eat is fish! They have lots to choose from and it is all fresh from the sea. Of...

  • The seafood is fantastic!

    In Grand Hotels' ground floor lies the well-known restaurant Tenan with it’s wonderful Veranda. Here, you can enjoy the authentic Africana and the garlic smelling crayfish from the sea cooked by the original recipe. Garlic Crayfish


Marstrand Transportation

  • The ferry to and from Marstrand

    The only way to reach Marstrandsön is by boat or ferry. The ferry only takes a few minutes though: by the time you get on the ferry, you might as well start walking off again, because you are already arrived at Marstrandsön ;-) The ferry “Lasse-Maja” crosses over to the island many times a day. On average it crosses over every 15 minutes, but at...

  • Bus+Boat

    To reach Marstrand we took a bus from Goteborg central station...there's one every hour... and after 45 minutes we reached the town.Marstrand is splitted into two parts and one part is an island. To reach the island you have to cross with a barge and you have one going back and forth every time.

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Marstrand Favorites

  • Walk around the island

    The sea is present everywhere and there is a path around the island well worth walking for fabulous views.

  • Picturesque Island

    Marstrand is a small island 30 km north of Gothenburg. No cars are allowed on the island. Picturesque buildings at the harbour and great landscape at the westcoast. Nice trail at the seaside (about 60-90 min roundtrip).

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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