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Trollhättan Things to Do

  • SAAB car factory

    A detailed description of the factory is in these webpages under "Travelogue" (see bottom of these pages for the link)

  • Kungalv

    Kungalv is north of Gothenburg. When driving from Trollhattan to Gothenburg, one passes by Kungalv.More to come/under construction

  • Australian actress Nicole Kidman stayed...

    This is one of the villas at the Ronnum Manor. This hotel, in nearby Vargon and very close to the SAAB factory, is used by the European delivery program (the U.S. program includes a free night here and dinner). Most likely, guests will stay at the annex connected to the main building. This villa is to the left (when facing the main building). Among...

  • A visit to the SAAB Bilmuseum is...

    If you are travelling all the way to Sweden to pickup your SAAB, you must visit the SAAB Bilmuseum. It is near the river in the south part of the city. There is an overhead blue traffic sign over highway 45 that directs you to the museum. It is open 11-4. It will be reopen after recent renovations around May 23. These renovations were done for the...

  • SAAB car factory

    You do not have to buy a car to be able to visit the factory. The factory builds the 9-3 and 9-5 models. If you can arrange a factory tour, go to the main gate (long word that starts with an H). The SAAB car museum can arrange for a tour. Their telephone number is +46 (0)520 84344 or, in Sweden, 0520 84344It is forbidden to take photographs of the...

  • ANA Trollhattan

    ANA is a company owned by SAAB that operates several SAAB dealers. The SAAB importers to the United States, Australia, and Canada have special IDS programs where one can pay for a SAAB in their home country and pick up the car in Sweden for a few days to a few months. Afterwards, the car is shipped to their home country.ANA Trollhattan is located...

  • Vanersborg is close to Trollhattan

    Vanersborg is very close to Trollhattan. Some people visit this small city as it sits on the banks of Lake Vanern, which is the 3rd largest lake in Europe. People say that elk can sometimes be seen east of the city.(picture to be added)

  • SAAB Car Museum (SAAB Bilmuseum)

    The SAAB Car Museum is near the river in the south part of Trollhattan. When travelling on 45, the main highway on the west part of the city, there are large, clearly marked blue signs to the SAAB Bilmuseum.The museum is closed for a few months until May 25, 2005.There are many SAAB cars that are not seen in other car museums.SAAB originally built...

  • Trollywood

    A few years ago, the "Film i Väst" company decided that Trollhättan had what they needed to set up a more permanent film studio. This has become a huge success and more companies are now involved. Several Swedish films from recent years have been shot here but also international ones like Dancer in the Dark with Björk and Dogville with Nicole...


Trollhättan Hotels

  • First Kung Oscar Hotel

    Drottninggatan 17, Trollhattan, Se-461 32, SE

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars


    Stromberg, Trollhattan, 46157, SE

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Couples


    Kungsgatan 37, Trollhattan, 46130, SE

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

Trollhättan Transportation

  • Tracking the car over the North Atlantic

    After Carina was returned to the drop off location for shipment back to the United States, I found that one can track the progress of the journey. I was advised at the drop off location to contact my local dealer after 10 days or 2 weeks for information. This is not necessary as you can get more accurate information on the internet.Wallenius...

  • Trollhattan has an airport

    Most tourists come to Trollhattan by car. However, it is possible to come by airplane. The airport is very compact and does not have long lines of passengers. Golden Air ( and Skyways ( fly to the Trollhattan Vanersborg Airport, which is next to (but not within walking distance) of the SAAB car factory....

  • Trollhättan Hotels

    7 Hotels in Trollhättan

Trollhättan Shopping

  • by SAAB93 Written Sep 21, 2005

    It is often more comfortable to rest one's foot on the deadpedal. However, only the earliest 9-3SS cars had them. Newer 9-3SS do not.

    What to buy: You can make one as I did. This is the top part of the floor mat of a Dodge.

    What to pay: free, if you find a Dodge owner to donate part of their floor mat. This particular floor mat has deep tines to keep it in place. Wal Mart sells a floor mat for $1 but its tines are short and the mat shifts.

    deadpedal made by me
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Trollhättan Local Customs

  • Skylink's Profile Photo

    by Skylink Written May 13, 2005

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It is my impression that Swedish people are modest and do not like to brag. It is my impression that they consider it better to win a million dollars than to make a million dollars. I could be wrong as I am not Swedish.

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Trollhättan Warnings and Dangers

  • Know how to get to Beko Bil in Askim...

    If you are returning your car to Gothenburg, find out how to get to Beko Bil in Askim beforehand. This information was NOT provided when I picked up the car.Mats Alpius handles returns. He comes to work early in the morning and leave by mid-afternoon. Bring your registration documents as well as the blue "home shipment voucher" that you get when...

  • Buy the correct fuel

    Current US spec SAAB's all use gasoline (petrol). Swedish is similar enough to English that you will probably not be confused and accidently fill the car with diesel fuel (which would damage the car). For the 2005 model year, 90 AON octane is recommended. In Sweden, gasoline is sold as Blyfri 95, 96, or 98. This is unleaded gasoline. Saab says to...

  • Don't let them lose your car

    On more than one occasion*, I have heard of European delivery cars being misplaced in Belgium. Eventually, the car is found but it might be lost for 2 months. Check the progress of your car's shipping on and inquire if it is not shown. They can then look for your car sooner, rather than later.*sources: personal communication...


Trollhättan Favorites

  • Oil Changes Made Easy, part 1

    1. Consider (not required) turning the wheels to the left to allow better access to the oil plug. Open the hood/bonnet. (You don't want to drain the oil and later find that your hood/bonnet release is broken and you cannot fill the car with oil!) Position drain pan under oil plug. Note that oil shoots approximately 6 inches (15 cm) rearward so take...

  • Oil Changes Made Easy, part 2

    Some more photos of the oil drain plug. The oil drain plug is toward the left of the photo (taken from just in front of the right tire, right in the perspective of people sitting in the car). The next photo is with oil drain plug removed with a bit of oil seen dripping out.SEE ONE MORE PHOTO BY CLICKING THE LINK UNDER THIS PHOTO.

  • Oil Changes Made Easy, part 5

    7. Pull off the oil filter from the oil filter cover. Replace the green oil filter cover gasket and lubricate the new gasket with some oil. Place new oil filter. Tighten cover to slightly more than finger tight (18 ft. lbs. of torque or 25 Nm). In the classic 900, I poured some oil into the filter to reduce the amount of time that the engine runs...


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