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    Useful phone numbers

    by ealgisi Updated Jan 5, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: The most common European emergency number 112 (following Directive 2002/22/EC: Universal Service Directive) and also standard on GSM mobile phones. 112 is used in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Republic of Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom in addition to their other emergency numbers.

    Here are some useful phone numbers that you might need while in Switzerland:

    Police: 117
    Ambulance: 144
    Fire: 118
    Poison: 145
    Road emergency: 140
    Psychological support (free and anonymous): 143
    Psychological support for teens and children (free and anonymous): 147
    Helicopter air-rescue (Rega): 1414 or by radio on 161.300 MHz
    Air rescue (Air Glaciers) (in Valais only): 1415

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    The beautiful laketown Geneva

    by nyperose Written Sep 7, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Hi,

    As Geneva is a pretty small and compact town, in 2 days you'll be able to see the essential. I think one of the best ways is to buy a map and walk around the centre. The water front is lovely, and you can walk from the Mon Repos park towards the bridge (Pont du Mont-Blanc)in direction of Park de la Grange. During your walk you'll se France and the Alps. Another advice is to take a boat trip and see Geneva from the Lake, or you can take the cable car up to Mont Salève (1100 m) for a splendid view.

    If you want to get out and have a look at the surroundings, I can suggest the
    beautiful little medieval town of Nyon, only about 15 minutes by train from Geneva railway station.

    Have a nice stay!


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    Jet d'eau (Water Jet)

    by etfromnc Updated Jul 23, 2008

    Favorite thing: Though I enjoyed Lake Geneva, the parks along the lake, my first attempts to actually communicate in a language other than English (which incidentally I had studied for five years), shopping for watches and giving up on ever owning a truly outstanding watch, retracing some of Jean Cauvin's (aka John Calvin) steps, the highlight of my stop in Geneva that first time (other than meeting Claire) was the magnificent fountain which sits at the point where Lake Geneva empties into the Rhone River. It is one of the largest fountains in the world and very commonly used as a symbol for the city and the lake, and perhaps even the canton of Geneva. This fountain pumps water nearly 500 feet into the air at a nozzle speed of nearly 125 mph. At any given moment, there will be nearly 2000 gallons of water in the air when the fountain is operating.

    Fondest memory: My favorite memory of Geneva is Claire. Among memories that I can revisit, the lighted night display by Jet d'eau would be the best.

    The Jet d'eau at Lake Geneva
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    Few words in Swiss French

    by ealgisi Updated Jun 13, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Below few words in French that you can use while visiting Switzerland.

    Yes/No = Oui/Non
    Yes, please/No, thank you = Oui, s'il vous plaît/Non, merci
    Please = S'il vous plaît
    Thank you = Merci (madame/monsieur)
    You're welcome = Il n'y a pas de quoi
    Here is/are = Voici...
    Hello/Good morning/afternoon = Bonjour, (madame/monsieur)
    Hello/Good evening = Bonsoir (madame/monsieur)
    Goodbye = Au revoir
    Good night = Bonne nuit
    How are you? = Comment allez-vous?
    Very well, thanks = Très bien, merci
    Excuse me = Excusez-moi
    Do you speak English? = Est-ce que vous parlez anglais?
    Can you help me? = Est-ce que vous pouvez m'aider?
    I don't understand. = Je ne comprends pas.
    I don't know. = Je ne sais pas.
    Could you please write it down = Est-ce que vous pouvez l'écrire?
    Sorry = Désolé(e)
    Where? = Où?
    When? = Quand?
    How? = Comment?
    Why? = Pourquoi?
    Who? = Qui?
    Which? = Lequel?/Laquelle?
    Where is...? = Où est...?
    How much? = Combien?
    How many? = Combien?
    What's that? = Qu'est-ce que c'est?
    I like it. = Ça me plaît.
    I don't like it. = Ça ne me plaît pas.
    OK/Agreed. = Ça va/d'accord.
    That's fine. = C'est bien.

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    Mountain passes and tunnels information

    by ealgisi Written Jun 8, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: It is always better to be informed about road conditions.
    So for this reason here's a website that wil tell you every Swiss tunnel and mountain pass status, open or closed.

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    Geneva, the city of my studies

    by Tripack Updated Aug 18, 2005

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fondest memory:
    My dilemma during all my studies at the Geneva's University...

    Heureux l'étudiant qui, comme la rivière, peut suivre son cours sans quitter son lit.

    Let's try in english:

    Happy the student who like the river wants to complete his course without leaving his bed.

    Does it make sense also in English???

    Tripack dilemma
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    Flag Demonstration

    by Blatherwick Written Jan 7, 2005

    Fondest memory: These 5 gentlemen put on a display of twirling and throwing flags to each other for around 10 minutes. It was an interesting thing to watch. It's much like when the guards do a routine with rifles or flags in other countries.

    Flag Demonstration
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  • Skip it and see another canton

    by Rina120 Written Sep 22, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: I've spent lots of time in Switzerland and I was most unimpressed with Geneva. The small town of Schaffhausen had more excitement! The streets were filthy with Dog feces everywhere. I had to remind myself that I was in Switzerland!
    I should have taken the advice and visited Lausanne, but American me wanted to see well known Geneva.
    Zurich on a sunday night was busier than Geneva on a saturday and much cleaner! Also, I found the prices in Geneva much higher than Zurich.

    Fondest memory: Seeing all the watchmaker buildings over the Lake Geneva. Very impressive and reminded you where you were.

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    The Rhone

    by deeper_blue Updated Feb 4, 2004

    Favorite thing: When in Geneva I couldn't fail to miss the Rhone flowing through the city. At Geneva it is very wide and quite turbulent (lots of undercurrents). The scene at night is beautiful.

    Fondest memory: Also if you follow the river to the east you will come to the Lake.

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  • littlesam1's Profile Photo

    Guys in Hats at the Natural Clock

    by littlesam1 Updated Jan 30, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Clocks are everywhere in Switzerland of course. And Geneva is is the birth place of watch making in Switzerland. This one is natural clock made of flowers. It is located at Jardin Anglais. It is made up of approximately 6,500 plants. The plants are changed twice a year, in the spring and the autumn. The clock is five meters in diameter. It was installed in 1955. I read that the second hand on the clock is the largest in world.

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  • eden_teuling's Profile Photo


    by eden_teuling Written Jan 18, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: To make things a bit more clear to you I here add a little map of the Lac L?man.

    Here you can see that 2/3 belongs to Switzerland and 1/3 to France.

    All along the banks of the Lake are the most wonderful, atmospheric little villages and harbours.....and people are soooo friendly and hospitable!

    You can make boattrips or TRAVEL BY PUBLIC transport which is not really cheap, but very punctual, reliable and frequent, which is fantastic!

    Get information about the different kinds of SWISS PASSes and buy one: it will make you feel free to travel all over the country in every season!

    I can recommend it to you!
    I could buy my SWISS PASS here in The Netherlands in advance, which made things easy for me once I was there!


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    by eden_teuling Written Jan 18, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Here a photo of the shop window of a bakery and believe me in Switzerland it is a real joy just to buy BREAD: the variety, models, colours and tastes will surprise you!

    It is a good habit to have some bread with each )hot) meal and...who would be able to enjoy e.f. RACLETTE (a Swiss speciality) without fresh bread?

    Of course it is best to buy at a bakery: fresh bread is so much more tasty and fresh than the bread from Supermarkets....

    You will find bakeries all over the place.......and when you don't master German or French....don't fear: they can help you in English!

    Fondest memory: Walking LE PONT DE MONT-BLANC.......watching the birds and the boats and the wide, wide water........


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  • aliante1981's Profile Photo

    Night-time Geneva

    by aliante1981 Written Jul 21, 2003

    Favorite thing: Yes, I have noticed (and I bet I’m not the only one person who has) that almost any city looks pretty at night or late in the evening.

    Cool weather makes it possible for me to enjoy the place (no terrifying heat) rather than worry about a sun stroke, dusk makes several unpleasant features of (especially big) cities less noticeable. For example, I more often notice litter in morning than in the evening… Sunsets provide for pretty pictures, both live and for photographs. There are fewer people, and those who are out, generally are in no hurry.

    Now, the only thing that might stop me enjoying my night-time stroll is high crime rate. But, fortunately, this is not the issue with Geneva. Indeed, I’ve spent countless evenings just wandering in the city centre.

    Among my top night-time (usually meaning with best lights on them) attractions are:

    - St. Pierre Cathedral
    - The Water Jet
    - Lake Geneva’s Shores
    - Fireworks’ shows (but this is an entirely different matter)

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    Histoire de Genève

    by Sheila. Written Mar 20, 2003

    Favorite thing: Genève, dont des traces archéologiques attestent le peuplement depuis 12'000 ans, a été une cité d'Empire au Moyen-Age, avant d'être englobée par les princes de Savoie, et de voir son destin basculer au XVIe siècle lors de la proclamation de la Réforme et la République. Calvin y construit alors la "Rome protestante".

    Au XVIIIe siècle, la ville devient un centre bancaire, de l'horlogerie et des émaux, une capitale des sciences et de l'imprimerie. Voltaire et Rousseau contribuent à sa réputation.

    En 1815, le canton adhère à la Suisse. La transformation néoclassique de la petite cité, qui au début du XIXe siècle ne compte que 25'000 habitants, va de pair avec la modernisation hôtelière.
    Le Genevois Henry Dunant y crée en 1864 le Comité international de la Croix-Rouge.

    La mission internationale de Genève s'affirme après la Première Guerre mondiale, lorsqu'elle devient le siège de la Société des Nations, devancière de l'ONU et de bien d'autres institutions internationales.

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    Genève ville culturelle

    by Sheila. Written Mar 20, 2003

    Favorite thing: Carrefour des idées et des hommes, Genève a reçu la visite de maints personnages illustres, à commencer par Jules César, qui en 58 av. J.C. en fit un poste frontière.
    "La plus petite des grandes capitales" a une vie artistique et culturelle particulièrement riche. Des concerts, des spectacles de tout genre et des expositions s'y succèdent tout au long de l'année. Genève est fière de ses trois conservatoires de musique et de son opéra où se produisent les plus grands artistes lyriques du monde. Ses quelque trente musées abritent des collections prestigieuses, témoins de la créativité et du rayonnement culturel de la ville.

    Fondest memory: Genève est une ville merveilleuse, pleine de surprises.
    La visite de sa Vieille Ville aux rues et aux bâtisses chargées d'histoire est une expérience très enrichissante.
    Je vous invite à manger une glace au bord du lac en admirant le jet d'eau, la douceur de l'eau du lac, les jolis là bas au loin, la grande chaine de montagnes du Mont-blanc !

    La Rade

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