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  • Approaching Daubensee via Kandersteg
    Approaching Daubensee via Kandersteg
    by Rhondaj
  • Daubensee
    by Rhondaj
  • Local Customs
    by Rhondaj

Daubensee Things to Do

  • Just around the next bend...

    Jenna was not enjoying this hike. Not only was it all uphill, but the sun was blazing hot. She got tired of me saying, " The lake will probably be just around the next bend." We made it to the lake with 15 minutes to spare before the festival began. Hooray!

  • Half-way there

    The Schwarenbach Mountain Hotel is about the half-way point. There is an outdoor terrace with a nice seating area for a refreshment break. Not a big area, so everyone shares tables and tales.For those who always have money burning a hole in their pocket, a little hut is outside the hostel, by the terrace area. Here you can buy postcards and...

  • Gemmipass

    Our hike begins on the Kandersteg side at the Bergstation Sunnbuel. Of course, you could skip the Cable Car ride to the mountain station and begin at the bottom.So:Bergstation Sunnbuel through the Spittelmattepassing by the Schwarenbach Berghotelonward to Daubenseetakes about 1.5 to 2 hours.You could then pass by the Daubensee and take the ride on...

  • Can't Help Thinking

    I bet this hike is a lot easier starting from the Leukerbad side towards Kandersteg. From THAT direction, this hike would all be downhill...

  • And then...

    After a pleasant 10-15 minute walk through the pastures, the path begins to ascend. It's all uphill from there on. Mountains begin to tower around us.

  • Spittelmatte

    The hike begins innocently enough through the spittelmatte, a wide, green valley, full of grazing cows with those musical bells.


Daubensee Local Customs

  • Yum!

    Behind the musicians, lining the lake, were several tables selling food. I had some raclette and Bob had wurst. Delicious!Raclette is melted cheese, served over boiled potatoes with lots of ground black pepper, accompanied by small pickled onions and gherkins. The name comes from the French verb "racler", to scrape, because of the way the melted...

  • All Day Entertainment

    After the sheep did their thing, and were happily mingling amongst us, music began. Different groups played all day- non-stop. folklore group Schwyseroergeli Trio 007the yodeling club Heimelig from Thunthe Alphorn Grichtingand this band pictured here-who I can't name--sorry guys! you were excellent tho'!

  • Local white wine

    After the sheep hoopla, everyone settled down to listen to music; eat, drink, and be merry. We noticed the merriest were the ones drinking wine. Turns out it was being sold at a nearby table. Of course we bought a bottle. 12 CHF . Little plastic cups were provided too. Delicious! A red wine was sold too, but since we noticed 90% of the people were...


Daubensee Warnings and Dangers

  • Can I go home with you?

    These folks were afraid they might have a few extra mouths to feed, as these sheep followed them quite a ways of the homeward bound hike.

  • Watch the Sun!

    It was a sun/cloud pleasant weather day. We wore sunblock as usual. However, my daughter didn't use any on the skin between the bottom of her capri pants and sneaks, and my husband missed a small area of his face. The next day those areas were lobster red! Bob got the worst of it- within days it bubbled up, blistered and then visciously peeled.

  • Daubensee Hotels

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Daubensee Tourist Traps

  • Rhondaj's Profile Photo

    Another fee!

    by Rhondaj Updated Aug 15, 2004

    After paying 2 CHF for the bus to the cable car, 23+ CHF for the cable car, walking almost 2 hours in the broiling, hot sun, ALL uphill, we make it to the lake, and there on the path are Sheepfestival fee collectors! Charging us 3CHF each to get a little red/blue ribbon pinned on.

    Fun Alternatives: Well, anyone can walk off the path and walk right on by the fee collectors. We didn't, but saw some who did. No one walked around the festival scouting for the ribbonless.

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Daubensee Favorites

  • The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes- The...

    Once, I remember, as we passed over the Gemmi, and walked along the border of the melancholy Daubensee, a large rock which had been dislodged from the ridge upon our right clattered down and roared into the lake behind us. In an instant Holmes had raced up on to the ridge, and, standing upon a lofty pinnacle, craned his neck in every direction....

  • An excerpt of Mark Twain's - A Tramp...

    A great and priceless thing is a new interest! How it takes possession of a man! how it clings to him, how it rides him! I strode onward from the Schwarenback hostelry a changed man, a reorganized personality. I walked into a new world, I saw with new eyes. I had been looking aloft at the giant show-peaks only as things to be worshiped for their...

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