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    Mister Wong: Chinese fast food in Basel

    by SWFC_Fan Written May 12, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Mister Wong Chinese restaurant, Basel
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    I ate at Mister Wong Chinese restaurant on my first evening in Basel during a trip to the city in April 2007.

    There are two branches of this Chinese fast food joint in the city - one at Centralbahnplatz, next to the Swiss/French railway station, and another at Steinenvorstadt in the Alt Stadt. I ate at the former.

    The interior decor was fairly minimalist, with a few long tables seating perhaps 20 or 30 diners and a couple of smaller individual tables. It is also possible to eat outside on the terrace or take your food away. Small pink lights hang above the tables and Chinese decorations adorn the walls.

    The menu includes a fairly limited choice of Chinese dishes - fewer than I would expect from a standard Chinese restaurant, but just enough choice to satisfy a range of preferences. For example:


    Prawn crackers (4 CHF)
    Spring rolls (3.50 CHF each)
    Chicken satay with peanut sauce (8.50 CHF)
    Chicken satay (2.20 CHF per stick)
    Chicken wings (2.50 CHF)

    Rice and Noodles: (11 - 13 CHF)

    Chicken fried rice
    Vegetable fried rice
    Chicken fried noodles
    Vegetable fried noodles

    Sweet and Sour Dishes (with rice): (13.50 - 15.50 CHF)

    Sweet and Sour Pork
    Sweet and Sour Chicken
    Sweet and Sour Fried Fish

    Curries (with rice): (16.50 CHF)

    Red curry
    Green curry
    Yellow curry


    Beef chop suey (15.50 CHF)
    Vegetable chop suey (12 CHF)
    Chicken curry with rice (12 CHF)
    Chicken with cashew nuts (14 CHF)

    A variety of soups are available, but at a cost of between 11 and 15.50 CHF these seemed very expensive.

    For dessert, you can purchase a special frozen yoghurt (5.50 CHF).

    Food is cooked to order. I waited at the till watching as my meal was freshly cooked in a wok and handed over to me a few minutes later.

    The staff were friendly and were happy to help me translate the German menu while I chose my meal.

    Favorite Dish: I opted for:

    Chicken fried noodles - Cost: 13 CHF

    A large bowl of thin rice noodles, half a dozen pieces of tender chicken, onions, green peppers, egg and lettuce. The noodles were tasty, but lacked a spicy kick.

    500ml Coca Cola - Cost: 4.50 CHF

    Decent value Chinese fast food, freshly cooked to order. Recommended.

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    Restaruant Bajazzo: Swiss Restaurant on Clarastrasse, Basel

    by lonestar_philomath Updated Nov 29, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    From a web site
    2 more images

    I fell in love with this restaurant that is part of Hotel Europe. The food, the wine, the beer, all excellent with Swiss specialities!

    Favorite Dish: I suggest you order:

    Rösti* with a Mushroom cream sauce (my favorite) and an Alsacian white wine
    Saddle of vension
    Kornsalat (salad)
    Creme Brulee with candied Fig

    Try their selection of Alsatian wines, especially with the Rösti.
    Note: "Vendanges tardives" is a speacial white wine from Alsace. It is a dessert wine and well worth the expense. Ask your host/hostess to recommend a wine!

    * Rösti is a type of potate noodle.

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    Restaurant at Dreiländerecke: Skip restaurant at Dreiländerecke

    by dutchboycalledjan Updated Jun 28, 2006
    Under the restaurant
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    We had an expensive and not very tastefu warm lunch at the Restaurant at the three countries point. It is a very modern building, not ugly, but that is it. I had a smoked salmon asparagus salad: a few stripes of salmon, a lot of salad and the (green and white) asparagus was way to soft. They were not bothered by my complaint. The other dish contained this Italian boiled rice and was also distasteful. The (fresh) bread was very good, though.
    The views were great, but you cannot eat them.

    Favorite Dish: None

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    Wilhem Tell Restaurant: Wonderful Swis Rösti

    by thesmogster Updated May 25, 2006

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Wilhem Tell
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    Slightly off the beaten track - but worthy of the brief walk.

    After a busy day exploring the narrow back streets of Old Town Basel and you’re in the mood to compliment the day with some traditional Alpine fare, this is your place. I stumbled across this small, homely eatery after wandering across town to visit the Splanetor - a 10 minute walk from Barfusserplatz heading North West.

    Literally, step-in off the street through the oversized wooden door down into a welcoming dining area with long upholstered bench seating down either side wall and huge, heavyweight wooden tables where everyone seems happy to share the distinctive buzz of conversation. It literally is a great place to relax with a bier - of which there are numerous - gather your thoughts, take in a short read or join in with the friendly older locals. Providing your German is up to scratch of course. I visited around 5.30pm after a busy day exploring and stayed for some time. Another pleasing aspect about The Willhem Tell was that I wasn’t rushed once I’d finished my meal. There was a friendly yet enthusiastic buzz about the place when I arrived and as more locals came in this enhanced the welcoming nature of the restaurant.

    The only negative I should mention on my visit was customers’ smoke. I may have been unlucky - I don’t know, but there was a lot of smoke hanging in the air from a number of older gentlemen smoking cigars when I left. It didn’t ruin my visit as I’m a little more tolerant of cigar smoke - and luckily I had finished eating. It may be a problem for you but I would hope it doesn’t stop you visiting this charming place.

    Please, take my advice. Plan a visit to see the Splanetor at some point in your day. Splanenvorstadt is a beautiful Basel street with some smashing old buildings, points of interest and old trams for numerous photo opportunities. Once you have your memories - visit The Wilhem Tell on the right down towards the Splanetor. You won’t be dissapointed!

    Favorite Dish: I wanted to sample a traditional Rösti and the friendly waitress kindly suggested - in her perfectly broken English - a particular flavoursome variation to suit my eager pallet. I misplaced my bill and hence cannot recall the name of the dish, but it was quite delicious. A bacon, onion and tomato variety, topped with a speciality Swiss cheese - similar to a Brie.

    My meal was well presented in an ovenware dish and though looked a little on the small side (for me that is), it was in fact overly filling! The restaurant has a wonderful menu - though if you’re like me and don’t speak much of anything other than English - you may need help in making your choice. There are varied Rösti’s to choose from as well as other dishes. I washed mine down with a wonderful wheat beer - Schnieder Wiesse - and though I was told that there are breweries in Basel, most of the beers on offer are of German origin.

    Not too much of a hardship - I think you’ll agree!

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    zum Braunen Mutz: Another Meeting Point

    by hartti Updated Mar 1, 2006
    zum Braunen Mutz

    You may choose your meeting place the streetfront terrace at Parisian-style Brasserie zum Braunen Mutz, where chatty patrons nurse bottles of regionally brewed Feldschlosschen beer. It's open from 8 am, so you may make dating time quite early.
    The truth speaking, there are 2 restaurants:
    - Brasserie is more like pub and
    - Au Premier is a lunch and dinner place.

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    Der 4. König: you found the "Three Kings" but do you know No.4?

    by Myndo Updated Sep 9, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    4th king

    Living close to Basel all my life, but that gem I discovered only recently.
    The 4th King is located directly at the river Rhine (as you can see in the picture). It is a little bit hard to find: see my directions.

    Not only has this small restaurant an excellent view on the River, the Middle Bridge and the smaller Basel, it also serves excellent food to quite considerate prices.
    If you can (and it is warm enough), try to grab a seat outside.

    Favorite Dish: Mixed antipasti plate,
    Dessert: läkkerli sorbet with prunes.
    etc etc

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    Zum Isaak: Have a break at the Munster

    by Myndo Written Sep 9, 2005

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Entrance to the Zum Isaak

    Located right at the Munster place (opposite the Munster itself), you can find Cafe Isaak. The seating is in a small place in the back, or inside the historical building but it is always a relaxing atmosphere.

    Eat lunch or dinner, or just have a refreshing tea.

    Favorite Dish: They serve very good teas (all kinds), also coffee and bakery.
    Have a relaxing break here.

    Of course they also have a menue for lunch and dinner. Always fresh made.

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    Brasserie zum Braunen Mutz - Bierhalle / Restauran: MARKET PLACE

    by nygaston Updated Sep 5, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Restaurant by the river

    Brasserie zum Braunen Mutz - Bierhalle / Restaurant
    Im Parterre währschafte Bierhalle und Brasserie, im "Au Premier". Fischspezialitäten und US Beef.

    Barfüsserplatz 10
    4051 Basel

    Another option, you can go to the Restaurant STADTKELLER, it is not far from the Market Platz.

    For the dessert,
    You can go to the Tea Room Schiesser - Wiener Kaffee
    Traditionsreiche Confiserie im Herzen der Stadt. Gegründet 1870.
    Marktplatz 19
    Then you can listen some music here:
    Bar Alpenblick - Cocktail-Lounge
    Die Bar mit Cooltour! Kleinbasler Szenentreff.
    Klybeckstrasse 29
    4057 Basel
    Finally, you can dance at:
    Bar Lounge nt Areal - Bar mit Kulturangebot
    Wandelbare Atmosphäre mit viel Tresen.
    Erlenstrasse 21
    4058 Basel

    Disco Fantasia Latina - Latino-Diskothek
    Diskothek im ersten Stock des Küchlin-Gebäudes in der Steinenvorstadt.
    Steinenvorstadt 55
    4051 Basel

    Favorite Dish: Grilled Fish and vegetables.
    Menu = 30 CHF (aug 2004)

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  • nygaston's Profile Photo


    by nygaston Updated Aug 28, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    1. Hotel Restaurant Basilisk  
    Regional cuisine, near Kaserne, Phone +41 61 686 96 66  
    2. Restaurant Fischerstube  
    Micro-brewery, Rheingasse, Phone +41 61 692 66 35  
    3. Restaurant Hahn  
    Swiss cuisine, near the Trade Fair, Phone +41 61 693 00 44  
    4. Hotel Restaurant Klingental  
    Late night dining & bar, near Kaserne, Phone +41 61 681 62 48  
    5. Restaurant Linde  
    Cozy meeting point, Rheingasse, Phone +41 61 683 34 00  
    6. Restaurant Torstübli  
    Cozy place, near Wettsteinplatz, Phone +41 61 692 01 10  
    7. Restaurant Volkshaus  
    Regional cuisine, near Claraplatz, Phone +41 61 681 12 77  

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    Restaurant Basilisk: Swiss regional cusine

    by thinking Written Jul 23, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Restaurant Basilisk
    Klingentalstrasse 1, 4005 Basel
    061 681 18 10

    Our dinner at the Basilisk restaurant was one delight after the other, all night. The restaurant, located in front of the kaserne/parterre, and part of the Hotel Basilisk, used to be a pizza place or something like that, with an outside patio area open during the summer and a carp pool. It got new ownership and transformed itself early this year into an excellent combination of fine and home-cooking swiss cuisine. It’s renaissance has brought us a ‘degustation’ of Swiss regional cuisine, cheeses and wines.
    The chef and manager seek out wines from Switzerland and the nearby regions in France and Italy that enhance and are tailored to their changing selection of seasonal, Swiss regional ingredients and culinary delights. The interior has been revamped into a modern, rustic, slightly minimalist look. The ambience is spacious and minimalist , but still cosy and not at all stuffy. Besides liking the cutlery and dishware (a bric à brac collection of old-fashioned items), the crisp, airy feel of the place, and the service (the waiter, manager and chef run the show in a friendly, sociable way without being too eager and perky- a rare combo to find), I really enjoyed the great food and wine selection. For us non-Swiss, it is great fun to read a menu written in Swiss German, to explore what the names of the dishes mean, and to learn about the variety of ingredients from the various regions of this country while trying them!

    Favorite Dish: I began with a starter of duck breast served on a bed of sautéd rhubarb and young spring onions, followed by a small Cornish hen with sautéd young vegetables and a barlauch risotto with a Swiss cheese that resembles parmigiano (in fact the waiter mentioned while opening the wine that rumour has it the Italians may have stolen the idea for parmigiano from Switzerland, using this very cheese as a basis..).
    Two of us had started with a smooth prosecco aperitivo and were doubly delighted with the red wine. The prosecco (a cremant from Alsace) was one of the best I have ever sipped (supremely dry, but somehow not acid and cutting the way Italian proseccos can be), but to further delight us, the red wine seemed made for enjoying with barlauch! Divine. The dessert, a yoghurt crème dusted with walnuts and honey served in a silver-plated goblet was sublime- could it really be yoghurt?
    With no space left in our bellies, we were in no rush to go and we caved in and had a coffee (the waiter assured me it was ‘real’, as in real by Italian standards, and had to be tried…). It was just right. That too.
    The Basiliskpresents a welcome change and what to me at least is not that common: Swiss cuisine in its variety instead of the usual snazzy (and expensive) pseudo mediterranean or Asian fusion/nouvelle cuisine. It gets my thumbs up for all criteria that I think matter most: food and wine, ambience, design/look and service. And for that ethereal criteria you can’t pin down: mood and enjoyment.

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    Le Temple Romain, Mulhouse: great tapas and value priced wine

    by thinking Written Jul 23, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Want to eat at a great restaurant that isn't expensive? Head over the border to Mulhouse in France.
    Recently I headed to a very good tapas restaurant in the centre of Mulhouse. I must confess, I have eaten there before, but it's always so good and so cheap it fits my emaciated wallet every time!
    Called "Le Temple Romain" it serves a grand array of different types of Mediterranean dishes, but my favourite time and time again are.....the tapas. They have a great deal every night from 18:30 to 22:30. For 10.-€ ( yes, that's euros ) you get a choice of four different tapas. The range of tapas you get to choose from is pretty good with about 16 different choices. There are also vegetarian everyone can go and have a good time. Normally I just need the 10.-€ deal, but once, with a massive appetite the size of the Sahara dessert, I did get an extra 10.-€ deal, but I shared two of the dishes. I'm not that big yet!

    Drinks anyone?
    Another good thing about this place is that drinks are not over the top...of your wallet. For a nice ice chilled 750ml bottle of Pinot Noir from Alsace you can expect to pay around 12.-€. In fact the wine range is very good indeed - something to cater for everyone's tastes. For non wine drinkers, well there's beer and non alcoholic drinks as you would expect.
    The interior is nice with a Sud de France feel about it. The service is friendly and relatively fast, depending on the number of customers diving into the delicious food at the same time as you.
    LIVELY! For those of you who want to get a little wild, things liven up after about 22:30 with the music being tuned up and people starting to come alive.
    RECAP: WHAT: Le Temple Romain ( The Roman Temple - if you couldn't figure it out in French )

    Favorite Dish: WHERE: 18, Passage des Augustins, Mulhouse ....France (25 mins drive on the motorway from Basel). Car parking available just next door in Place de la Concorde. Phone ( France ) +33 389 66 47 47

    OPENING HOURS: 7 days a week. Food every evening 18:00 - 24:00 (tapas special from 18:30 to 22:30)
    KIWI JON gives this place a ten toe and nine finger salute out of ten toes and ten fingers!

    OH YEAH - in France they speak French - you will probably have to too!

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    Hotel Brasserie au Violon: Great Food

    by thinking Written Jul 22, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    wine shop

    At first sight the Hotel Brasserie au Violon in Basel seems like any other comfortable restaurant – there’s a mirrored back bar and a large, cozy room with plenty of space between tables, and even an outdoor garden for eating in good weather. Nothing suggests that the original purpose of this building was as the city jail!

    The present dining room was the officers’ dining room and recreational quarters, while the guest rooms upstairs were the actual cells (these have been modernized and expanded so that two former cells are joined to make one guest room). Although the idea shocked me at first, the transformation has been done with taste and a sense of humor and there isn’t anything at all that jars here.

    And the food is exquisite. Erica and Emmanuel Trescher run the hotel and restaurant. Frau Trescher takes care of the hotel and the restaurant reservations while her husband is busy in the kitchen turning out some of the best food in Basel.
    The premises have a long history, having first been a monastery until early in the nineteenth century. Then the jail was in operation from 1827 to 1995 when renovations began for the hotel and restaurant. The Treschers have run the establishment since 1999 and show every sign of taking it well into the present century.

    Hotel Brasserie au Violon
    Im Lohnhof 4
    CH-4051 Basel


    Favorite Dish: I enjoyed an aromatic frisee salad topped with a slice of baked goat cheese, then perfectly cooked leg of lamb with Spring vegetables – a perfect Saturday lunch in the garden behind the hotel. Other excellent menu choices include sauteed bream with tabouleh salad as an appetizer; bass with snow peas and a sundried tomato reduction as a main course as well as breast of guinea hen with corn cakes, and sweetbreads with eggplant and spinach – I wouldn’t mind being locked up for a few days with that menu.

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    Sakura: Best Japanese in Town

    by Myndo Updated Jul 5, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    The Sakura is a Japanese Restaurant, located at/in the Train Station of Basel.

    It is a very good (but not cheap) Restaurant. I like to go there for special occasions, like Celebrations etc.

    The Restaurant is parted in two. In one part you can order dishes from the menu or have sushi a discretion.
    In the other section the menue you choose is prepared and cooked right at your table. Its a japanese table-grill.

    Its is better to book ahead.

    When there is Mass in Basel (like the clocks an yewellery mass) you will not have a change to get a table here - too many Japanese that booked ahead for months ... (speaks for the restaurant, I think).

    Favorite Dish: Tepanyaki (table grill).
    Choose one of the menues.
    Mostly starts wit Sushi or Sahimi, or grilled duck ...
    then soup or salad with japanese stile sauce,
    then Clams or shrimps from the grill in front of you
    then Meat (beef sirloin or steak) flamb? also from the grill with garlik and vegetables (soja)
    fruit salad as dessert

    drink sake and green tea with it, if you want to be traditional. They do also have good wine.

    Service is excellent and watching the cook preparing the food makes quite a show.

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  • german_eagle's Profile Photo

    Zur Wanderruh: Excellent food

    by german_eagle Written Jun 6, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My friend Phil took me and another friend to this charming restaurant. It is a neighbourhood restaurant, absolutely non-touristy.

    The interior is modern, very nice. The staff in the family running restaurant was very friendly and competent. Very familiar atmosphere.

    Favorite Dish: We had an excellent lunch. Salad first, then a parsley soup (hmmm) and risotto with mushrooms (great). White wine was obligatory (very good). And the 3-course meal was only 22 SFr. ...

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    Schiesser: Chocolate ...

    by german_eagle Written Jun 5, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Caf�� and Confiserie Schiesser

    Schiesser is a Café/Tea Room and Confiserie in the heart of Basel, right on the Market Square. It was founded in 1870 and is famous since then for excellent quality, especially chocolate/pralinés.

    I had a hot chocolate, my friends espresso/cappuccino in the cosy room upstairs. No cakes this time - we were tight on time, what we (especially I) regret very much.

    Favorite Dish: Hot chocolate. But see my shopping tip as well ...

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