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  • Leu Ferry, Basel
    Leu Ferry, Basel
    by antistar
  • Steps connecting the two parking lots
    Steps connecting the two parking lots
    by Airpunk
  • Steps connecting the two parking lots
    Steps connecting the two parking lots
    by Airpunk

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    Basel's train stations

    by 850prc Updated Dec 8, 2007

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    Basel has two train stations, the larger Basel SBB is the main Basel station. But there is also the smaller Basel Badischer Bahnhof, run by Deutsche Bahn. This station hosts many German Trains that don't stop at Basel SBB. Badisher is where you'll see the smiling German customs agents when you return to der Vaterland. :)

    You can rent bicycles at Basel SBB.

    Myndo and I at the Basel SBB station

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    Travelling with passes

    by angiebabe Updated Jun 5, 2007

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    There are a selection of travel passes that can be used to travel Switzerland.
    Instead of a rental car, which seem to be increasing in price at a fast pace, this time i relied on public transport with plans to travel long distance i was planning to rely on the train network.
    Using the website i was able to check out train timetables to get from Basel to my planned destination Sant Gallen and down to Luzern for the Golden panoramic route down to Montreux, Lausanne and the hot air balloon festival at Chateau D'oex and back to Basel with any options in between!
    I chose the swiss pass which is £117 or 265 swiss francs for 4 days - the next option is 8 days - or with similar benefits the Swiss Flexi pass which gives 4 days in 5.
    The Swiss Pass encompasses travel and museum visits for pretty much everywhere in and around Switzerland.
    Actually its best to buy it in advance in your own country so that you can use it to travel away from the airport! and its excellent in that you can use it for local transport as well and as a museum pass for over 400 museums around Switz.
    It is also gives you 50% off THE big trips such as Titlis, Pilatus and Jungfraujoch trips.

    PS - i found these websites EXCELLENT!!! especially for timetables and so helpful for plotting travel itineraries and stopoffs from main routes etc!! very excellent! and very user friendly.

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    Airport Shuttle Bus

    by SWFC_Fan Written May 12, 2007

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    The Airport Shuttle Bus provides regular transport between Basel's Euroairport and the city's central Swiss/French railway station.

    Bus number 50 leaves from directly outside the arrivals hall approximately every 15 minutes during the day.

    Tickets can be purchased either from the foreign exchange counters in the airport or from ticket machines on the platform at the bus stop.

    As at April 2007, a one way ticket cost 3.80 CHF.

    The journey between the airport and the railway station takes approximately 15 minutes, and stops at the following points along the way:

    Euroairport - Frachthalle - Fr. Miescher-Strasse - Im Wasenboden/Bhf St Johann - Kannenfeldplatz - Brausebad - Bahnhof SBB (Swiss/French railway station).

    As at April 2007, buses ran as follows:

    Airport to Railway Station

    Mon - Fri: Approximately every 10-15 minutes from 5:20am to 11:55pm
    Saturdays: Approximately every 15 minutes from 5:15am to 11:55pm
    Sun + Hols: Approximately every 15 minutes from 5:09am to 11:55pm

    Railway Station to Airport

    Mon - Fri: Approximately every 10-15 minutes from 4:55am to 10:25pm
    Saturdays: Approximately every 15 minutes from 4:55am to 11:25pm
    Sun + Hols: Approximately every 15 minutes from 4:55am to 11:25pm

    All luggage is put into a trailer that is attached to the back of the bus.

    My return journey from the railway station to the airport was free, as it was covered by the free public transport pass that I received as a guest at the hotel in which I stayed (Schweizerhof Hotel - see hotel tip for more details).

    One quirky fact about the journey between the airport and the railway station is that despite being only a 15 minute journey (and only a handful of miles), it involves crossing the Swiss-French border, as Basel's airport is actually located in neighbouring France. Blink and you'll miss the border crossing - it is marked only by a roadside sign as you exit a small roundabout.

    Swiss/French railway station, Basel

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    Basel tram system

    by chipper99 Updated May 8, 2007

    Invest in a day pass for the tram system at 8CHF, £3, and jump on and off trams around the city all day. A great way to explore the city. Or if staying in a Basel hotel you get the pass for free from your hotel.

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    SBB train station

    by Myndo Updated Apr 8, 2007

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    The Bahnhof Basel SBB or Zentralbahnhof (Central station) is switzerlands second largest train station (the biggest one would be Zurich Main Station) and has another speciality: it has like the airport two parts: one swiss, one french. That french part is also called Basel SNCF. To get there, you have to pass through customs.

    Trains that go to French destinations start in the french part of the train station. Trains for destinations in Switzerland from the swiss part. If you go to german destinations, you will also start here, but some more regional trains to Germany go from Basels other train station, the Badischer Bahnhof (I will add a tip later)

    The facade that you can see in the picture is neo baroque and was built between 1905 and 1907.
    Behind said facade a lot of things have changed, though. A lot was renovated and modernised. The complex can be found under the name "rail city Basel" in the net. It offers 24 hours shopping, a pharmacy, toilets, showers, luggage storage, bike rental etc etc

    The train station has a big car park, a parking special for bicycles (better use them, wrong parked bicycles will be taken away by the police, locked or not). The following trams and buses go through the huge tram station in the front: 1,2,3,8,10,11, also the buses 30 and 50.
    Bus 50 is the one that brings you to/from the airport.

    Bahnhof SBB Basel
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  • Onedragon's Profile Photo


    by Onedragon Updated Jun 11, 2006

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    THE FEW TIMES THAT I HAVE TRAVELED TO BASEL TO LISTEN TO JAZZ..MY FRIENDS AND I HAVE PARKED THE CAR AND TAKEN THE TRAM TO THE CLUB...SURE MAKES IT CONVENIENT TO GET AROUND THE CITY. Basel has an extensive public transportation network serving the city and connecting to surrounding suburbs. The green-colored local trams and buses are operated by the BVB (Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe). KKurzstrecke ADULT 1.90 CHILD 1.40
    1 Zone ADULT 3.00 CHILD ( 6 TO 16 YEARS) 2.00
    2 Zonen ADULT 3.80 CHILD (6 TO 16 YEARS) 2.40

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  • Myndo's Profile Photo

    Tram and Bus

    by Myndo Updated Mar 4, 2006

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    In Basel the public transportation system is really excellent.

    With Tram (the green trains) and bus you can go everywhere and they drive regularly and quite often: if you miss one, the next one will come in 6 to 8 minutes, normally

    Just go and buy a day-card at one of the green billet-machines (8 swiss francs) and you can drive back and forth the whole day.

    You find plans on every station and on the Internet. Or ask the people. The Basler knows his Tram lines.

    The picture shows two Basilisks (sort of Dragons) holding the sign of Basel, a Bishop-pole. This is the old sign of the BVB - the Basel Verkehrs Betriebe (Basels Traffic)

    Unfortunately (I think) they did change that sign on the trams to a newer one, sort of a modern version of the Bishop-pole only - and I think it looks like a snail.
    Therefore I put the old one here.

    Oh, BTW. The green of the trams must be Basels most precious paint. You better not try to scratch it - this is very expensive.

    Next to the green trams there are yellow ones as well, they belong to the BLT and drive out of the town into Baselland.

    (If you want to see how often these trams come by, here is a website with a cam on the Claraplatz: )

    old BVB sign
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  • hartti's Profile Photo

    Stream Boat

    by hartti Updated Jan 15, 2006

    You may travel from the other side of Rhein to the other side by a stream boat. It's possible, because the stream here is guite strong, and the power of the stream will push the boat to the other side. There the driver turns the control of the boat to the other side, and againg the river stream will push the boat to the other side. The boat is fixed to the rope going over the river, so the boat cannot escape.

    We have had in Northern Finland this kind of travelling boats, too. I'm not sure if they exist anymore, but in fact, this is an ecological way to go over a river.

    Stream Boat Going across Rhein Me on  Stream Boat Stream Boat Harbour View to Church from Stream Boat View to Bridge from Stream Boat
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    basel train station

    by fabrice Updated Nov 12, 2005

    many trains from and to france (strasbourg-mulhouse-saint louis-basel) , there is also a basel-paris ; the train station is basel SBB . On the other side of the river rhein, there is another train station, for destinations in germany (Lörrach , zell) ; there is a police and customs control if you arrive by train or car ; but if you cross the border (with france or germany) by foot, just walk across the border as if you were a local pedestrian going on the other side of the border to buy bread ; do not look like a refugee with 3 dozens of bags

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  • Mandy23's Profile Photo


    by Mandy23 Updated Dec 21, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We booked a flight from Berlin Schönefeld to Basel (check-in Swiss sector) with Easyjet. We paid 47 Euros for 2 people and the flight time is a little more than 1 hour.

    (Photo was provided for free download on the easyjet website. Copyright © 1997-2004 easyJet airline company ltd.)

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    by nygaston Updated Nov 30, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You can take the bus 30 or 50 from the train station.
    Bus 50 is better.

    Rate = 3.80 CHF on Aug 2004.
    Buy the ticket at the machine (2 zones).

    Do not forget your passport or your ID.

    TAXI +41 61 222 2222
    You can go by taxi. Rate: 30 CHF (nov 2004)

    RESTAURANT, Floor 5th
    BUS 50 , every 15 minutes (30mn / Sat) , 3.60 CHF
    BUS Mulhouse, 8 Euros
    BUS Freiburg, 15 Euros

    SWISS Intl. +41 848 85 20 00

    Bus 50 for the airport

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  • nygaston's Profile Photo


    by nygaston Updated Nov 30, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Taxi to Basel = 30 CHF.

    Swiss public transportation is economical, efficient, frequent, fast and punctual. It is a pleasure to us!  Types of transport available typically include:  street trams, buses, local light rail, and both inter-city and European network trains. In some areas ferries, steamships and special cogwheel trains are also included in the public network. 
    The  "TNW Tram-  und Buslinien für Basel und Umbgebung"  is a schematic map of tram and bus routes for Basel and its outlying suburbs.  It can be obtained free of charge at two central locations:  
    a)   the Barfüsserplatz tram ticket counter behind the magazine kiosk in the heart of old Basel, or  
    b)   the information desk at the main train station (SBB Hauptbahnhof) just beyond the Hilton Hotel.  
    Basic information about fares appears in English on the back of the brochure along with telephone numbers and information offices where more details can be had.  You can also buy your tickets at these locations.
    A number of possibilities exist for price reductions on public transport systems.  These range from annual half-fare and family passes to multi-journey, 1-day or 1-month cards for residents and visitors alike.  Ask at the information counter in the main train station or at the Basel Tourist Office (Basel Tourismus) at the Schifflände near the Three Kings Hotel for details.  A number of special offers occur throughout the year which are not generally promoted outside Basel.

    Addresses for car drivers:

    Basel-Stadt:   Department of Motor Vehicles (Motorfahrzeugkontrolle BS), Clarastrasse 38, 4058 Basel,
    Tel.: (41) (61) 267 82 03, Hours: 7.30-12.00h and 13.30-16.00h weekdays

    Basel-Land:   Department of Motor Vehicle (Motorfahrzeugkontrolle BL), Ergolzstrs. 1, 4414 Füllinsdorf, Tel: (41) (61) 906 77 77.

    Motorfahrzeugprüfstation beider Basel: Reinacherstrasse 40, 4142 Münchenstein, Tel.: (41) (61) 416 4646
    Basel Tourism

    BUS 50 - AIRPORT to SBB

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  • thinking's Profile Photo Hourly car rental

    by thinking Updated Aug 20, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Switzerland provides a unique service in car rentals.
    By joining for a very small fee, you can rent a car for only some hours and then return it. They have over 1700 locations throughout Switzerland as well as their own parking places which is free.

    It is very good to know about this should you ocassionally wish to rent a car for 8 hours of less instead of taking the train.

    To reduce the cost of the mobility membership fee which is very low all by itself, you can join See

    You must fill out the form at the store and they will return it to you with your membership number via the Swiss Post.

    Basel Town Hall
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  • Myndo's Profile Photo

    the Ferries

    by Myndo Updated Jul 26, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Ferries (Faehren in german), are the small boats that cross the Rhine between the different bridges.

    They don't have a motor, but the river itself drives them.
    It is not only a touristic attraction, but a very comfortable and nice way to cross the Rhine and see something of the city-skyline.

    The Ferries exist since the 19th century and are called after local folklore: Wild Maa (at St.Alban), Leu (at the Munster), Vogel Gryff (Klingental) and the Uelis (St. Johann).
    The money they earn with the Ferries goes into the Kunsthalle (Hall of Art).

    The picture shows the Munster-Ferry. In the background is the Messe-Tower, quite new, too.

    For insiders:
    Be there on Christmas and some Ferry Man have decorated their Ferries - you wouldn't believe it!
    Also you can actually rent a Ferry and have dinner (Fondue) on the evening in the ferry on the Rhine. That is an experiment not many people can make., though.

    Ferry at Basel
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    by german_eagle Written Jun 6, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Of course you can walk across the bridges to cross the river ... but a fun thing and not to miss are the funny little ferries.

    They operate daily from morning till evening. In the evenings sometimes readings and similar events take place on the ferries.

    St. Alban (called "Wilde Maa"), cathedral ("Leu"), Klingenthal ("Vogel Gryff"), St. Johann ("Ueli")

    Fare is 1.20 SFr.

    M��nster Ferry

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