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    St Moritz by Chinggis_n_Borte
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  • Saint Moritz
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Saint Moritz Highlights

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     The village itself was an anti-climax 

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     nice place...too boring for young people!! 

Saint Moritz Things to Do

  • Zuoz

    Zuoz, the old 'capital' of the Upper Engadine, is the best preserved and most beautiful village in the Upper Engadine. It is set on a hillside, slightly above the valley floor. Noble families like the Plantas built their family houses in Zuoz - in typical local style but larger than usual and with some more decoration as usual. See picture 5 e.g....

  • Mountain hiking in St Moritz

    Just ask at your hotel desk and they will show you the various trails on a map and how to reach the trailhead. There are fantastic trails, some that do not require strenuous activity, but a nice, pleasant walk in some of the most fantastic scenery in the world. We spent a day, including lunch along the trail, and had a great time. You can take a...

  • Mountain railway -video tour

    Enjoy the views travelling by funicular between the summit Corviglia (2486m) and St. Moritz-Dorf (1856m). A funicular, also known as a funicular railway, is a cable railway in which a cable attached to a pair of tram-like vehicles on rails moves them up and down a steep slope, the ascending and descending vehicles counterbalancing each other. VIDEO...

  • Piz Nair mountain -video tour

    Piz Nair (3057m) is the highest skiable mountain in the region. It is located above St. Moritz in the Albula Range, accessible by aerial cable car from Corviglia. The Piz Nair Wall was the start of the men's downhill in the 2003 World Championship with a 100% drop results in an acceleration from 0 to 130km/h in 7 seconds. VIDEO of my visit:...

  • Corviglia summit -video tour

    Enjoy the mountain views, going by aerial cable car to Signal (2130m) and then by foot to Corviglia (2486m). Corviglia is a minor summit situated above St. Moritz. It is also the name of the ski area directly above the town of St. Moritz. This area, together with the fully integrated Marguns area which is centered above the neighboring town of...

  • Lake St. Moritz -video tour

    Lake St. Moritz measures approx. 1.6 km long and 0.6 km wide and depending on how fast a walker you are, it may take 1 to 1-1/2 hours to walk around it. Lake St. Moritz = Lej da San Murezzan, in Romansh. VIDEO of my walk around the lake:

  • Town walk -video tour

    Also known as "Top of the World", St. Moritz is considered the oldest and one of the most famous winter resorts in the world. Due to its favorable location residents enjoy over 300 days of sunshine a year. In summer on can enjoy horse riding golf, walking, climbing and biking. St. Moritz is extremely popular in the summer months as an altitude...

  • Strolling around the lake

    Lake St Morits is really a beautiful lake. In winter, people enjoy cross-country skiing here. In summer, it becomes a peaceful and pleasant place for walking and jogging.

  • Sils - the sights

    Sils' main attraction is the surrounding landscape. That won't ever change (hopefully). But it has to offer some more things to do and see, some of them often overlooked. The Nietzsche house is probably the best known of them. Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche spent the summers 1881-87 in this house. He was sick with headache (probably light...

  • Sils

    Sils is my favourite village in the Upper Engadine. It has the most beautiful location between two lakes, right on the entrance of the marvellous Fex valley. Sils is probably the "cultural centre" of the Engadine. Famous writers, musicians, artists etc. used to stay there (Nietzsche, Thomas Mann, Hermann Hesse, Marcel Proust to name a few). Every...

  • Bregaglia valley

    Only about one hour by bus away from St. Moritz is one of the most romantic places in the Alps: the Bregaglia valley with picturesque villages, Italian ambience and unspoilt landscape. My advice is to take the bus from St. Moritz to Stampa (994 m) and hike to Soglio. The path leads you though the nice hamlet Coltura. A steep part follows (I call it...

  • Sils - Fex valley

    Fex valley is a side valley of the Upper Engadine, stretching from Sils-Maria south to the Swiss-Italian border. The valley is car-free, only the very few inhabitants plus hand full of hotels have permission to drive their cars in the valley. Visitors take horse-drawn carriages (starting at the main square and bus stop in Sils-Maria), walk or bike...


Saint Moritz Hotels

Saint Moritz Restaurants

  • Restaurant at the Mountain

    Este se encuentra ubicado en el tope de la montana pico Piz Nair, rodeado de grandes ventanales que te permite ver la vista de todo st moritz y sus alrededores. Puedes sentarte a fuera y tomarte un cafe caliente. O adentro y comer plato tipico de salchica con un rallado de papa con salsa.

  • Central meeting cafeteria

    Esta ubicado en la estacion del trenMuy caro para el tipo de comida These is located in the main railway station, Very Expensive, for the tipe of food Chocolante Caliente y papas fritas!!!!!!!!! Pizza, ensaladas estilo cafeteriaHot chocolated and Frech fried!!!!!!!!

  • Italiam restaurant at the Mountain

    Un restaurante muy lindo, esta rodeado de ventanates que te dan una vista increible hacia la montaña.Nota curiosa, en la misma sala hay dos restaurantes por lo que esta dividido por unos materos, pregunten antes el otro restaurante se llama la braserie. Restaurant very nice, it is sourund by big windos that alows you to see the note,...

  • Good place to go after a day on the...

    We ate here both nights we were in St Moritz as it was so nice. It is really busy though, so getting a reservation is really a must. They have regular local tyoe food, and Austrialian twists to it....this comes from the outdoor Roo Bar (good for an after Ski Drink!).Service is great and it's nicely kitted out. Not the cheapest, but not the most...

  • Restaurant at the Mountain

    La comida no es nada especial, pero la vista que disfruta es increible y lo que la hace muy rica.The food it is nothing especial, but the view it is excelent.

  • Dine in a train wagon

    Very nice hotel restaurant - the idea is that the tables are in (or beside) a train wagon.I'd go again and I recomend it. We had some yummy entrecotes (fillets) with herb butter.


Saint Moritz Transportation

  • The funicular to Muottas Muragl

    The funicular to Muottas Muragl is ´just about 4km from St. Moritz and its a great place for a panoramaview and a lot of fun for the whole family! I had been there in August, but this funicular is also working in wintertime. There is a large carpark next to the station of this funicular and the parking there is totally free of charge. On the top...

  • The Cablecar to Diavolezza

    Diavolezza is a great chance for you to touch snow any time of the year ! 125 passangers is the capacity of the giant cablecar that takes you up to Diavolezza in a hight of 2997 meters above sealevel. There is a carpark - free of charge - for several hundreds of cars, obviously they need that in wintertime, but in summer it was almost empty in...

  • Zürich-Chur-St. Moritz

    From Zürich take the train to Chur then change to Rhätische Bahn to St. Moritz.The total journey time from Zürich approximately 3.5 hrs.


Saint Moritz Shopping

  • Soglio Products

    When in Soglio/Bregaglia Valley you should definitely have a look at the little "Linea Bregaglia" shop opposite the church. They sell local products, starting with delicious Marroni (chestnut) jam and cosmetic products made of local herbs to craft works. It is not cheap! 260 g of the fantastic Marroni jam cost approx. 7,50 Sfr.

  • Bündner Fleisch & Salsiz

    It is a farm house, very old and obviously in need of renovation. Don't shy away, the food is excellent! The canton Graubünden is famous for its dried meat (beef) called Bündner Fleisch. It is usually served very thin sliced with some mixed pickles, bread and red wine.You should also try the delicious Salsiz, a sort of salami made of deer, chamois...

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Saint Moritz Warnings and Dangers

  • ealgisi's Profile Photo

    by ealgisi Written Jun 8, 2008

    To use highways you must purchase and display a tax disc (vignette) on your vehicle. The cost is EUR 40

    The penalty for not displaying a disc is €80. They are sold at border crossings, fuel stations and post offices.

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Saint Moritz Off The Beaten Path

  • Val da Camp

    This is one of my favourite places, unfortunately (or not) in a somewhat remote location - thus never crowded. It is a side valley of the Poschiavo valley, beyond the Bernina pass. Easiest is to drive over the Bernina pass to Sfazu, park the car there and take the mini bus (large van) up into the valley. There is also a bus connection from the...

  • The Maloja - passroad

    The Maloja - passroad is west of St. Moritzand 1815 meters / 5955 feet above sealevelWhen arriving in Maloja on the road from St. Moritz the road is totally flat there and you will be surprised when coming to the highest point of that passroad without any place to drive steeply uphill first. Obviously the road is going down steeply in the other...

  • Viano & Alpe San Romerio

    A mini bus takes you up (adventurous, lots of hairpin curves!) from Brusio in Poschiavo valley to the little village Viano which nestles high above the valley floor on a sunny terrace. A well marked hiking path leads you via Alpe San Romerio (restaurant, Romanesque church) to Le Prese or Poschiavo (5 hours) offering stunning views all the time.


Saint Moritz Sports & Outdoors

  • Hike Maloja - Lake Cavloc

    Another very beautiful lake in the upper Engadine is located in a side valley off the village Maloja - Lake Cavloc. It's a rather short hike, more a walk, which takes only about 1:30 h from the village, the elevation difference is not too much either: less than 200 m.You're on a historic trail here. From Maloja through this valley - Val Forno -...

  • Hike P. Nair - St. Moritz

    Usually I am not a big fan of hikes in ski areas. However, sometimes the cable cars offer good / easy access to hiking trails that lead away from the skiing area. After taking the funicular from St. Moritz Dorf to Corviglia and the cable car up to P. Nair you're standing at more than 3,000 m / 10,000 ft. Wow. The views are impressive although not...

  • Hike Murtel - Fuorcla Surlej - Roseg...

    This hike takes you to one of the most spectacular viewing points in the Alps - Fuorcla Surlej, which is a pass between the main Engadine valley and the Roseg valley. Access to the hiking trail is easy: Take the cable car from Silvaplana Surlej up to the middle station Murtel. (If you want, go all the way up to P. Corvatsch for the views first,...


Saint Moritz Favorites

  • Useful phone numbers

    The most common European emergency number 112 (following Directive 2002/22/EC: Universal Service Directive) and also standard on GSM mobile phones. 112 is used in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania,...

  • Few words in Romansh

    Below few words in Romansh that you can use while visiting Switzerland.0 - null 1 - in 2 - dus 3 - treis 4 - quater 5 - tschun 6 - sis 7 - siat 8 - otg 9 - nov 10 - diesch 11 - endisch 12 - dudisch 13 - tredisch 14 - quitordisch 15 - quendisch 16 - sedisch 17 - gisiat 18 - schotg 19 - scheniv 20 - vegn1/2 - in miez 1/3 - in tierz 1/4 - in...

  • Few words in Swiss German

    Below few words in Swiss German that you can use while visiting Switzerland.Hello - GrüeziHello (to more than one person) - Grüezi mitenandGood evening - Gueten AbigHi (more informal than "grüezi") - Hoi/Salü/SaliHi (to more than one person) - Hoi zämeGood bye - (Uf) Widerluege/Ciao/TschüssThanks a lot - Merci vilmalSee you later - Bis spöterMonday...


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