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  • Nightlife
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  • Nightlife
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  • Everywhere: All good Clubs around town

    by ElPedro12 Written Apr 12, 2013

    As i have been travelling quite a bit as well, and got quite annoyed by the lack of clubguides here is my personal one. It should cover most of the Nightclubs in and around the city.

    If you want to have the address of each club just google it and you will find it.

    My personal favourite is the ROK (see description pretty far down)

    Roadhouse: More a bar than a nightclub but very fun nevertheless, you will always find heaps of people there and the music has a big variety. Good beer and always fun people at this place.
    Dresscode: None

    Das Schwarze Schaf: still a bar but with quite a big area to dance. Perfect for a thursday night since it has usually it's 2 for 1 evening then. Music is something i would call mainstream dance music.
    Dresscode: Well wear clean clothes.

    Casablance: Pretty much the same as the "schwarze schaf" has an oriental touch though.. Fun to go there.
    Dresscode: as in the schwarze schaf

    Pravda Dance club: Calls itself the number one Danceclub, well for my part i dont like it there too much. The Music is usually mainstream/Urban/Blackmusic/House. A lot of young people with the Wallet of their parents, give it a try it could be fun nevertheless.
    Dresscode: Smart casual
    Vegas Dance club: It's outside of town and pretty much like the Pravda. Location pretty good but if you're male without a female companion chances are quite big that you won't be allowed to enter. (this may apply for the pravda as well)

    The Penthouse: Situated in the topfloor this Bar/club is usually crowded as on the weekends, Music is usually house. You will have a pretty fun night there and you will be able to enjoy some very nice drinks.
    Dresscode: Casual

    Opera Club: Usually free entry, very nice location. Music somewhere around house/electro. Most of the Locals wouldnt recommend this place because, well how can i say it, there is a reason why the drinks are so cheap. Lots of people who in my eyes are not really fun to hang out with. Have a look how it is, most locals would only go there completly wasted.
    Dresscode: Wear pants and shoes

    Tunnel Club: Quite neat location, has 3 seperate bars, and when theyre all open usually 2 different DJ's. Music usually somewhere around Electro/Minimal/Techno. Usually fun to go there, very peaceful crowd and good atmosphere.
    Dresscode: Just clean clothes

    Bar 59: Quite fun place with two rooms, one is just a humangas bar, and the other one quite a big area for dancing. Music goes from DnB/reggae/hiphop to rock. Legendary are the roller skate parties. Check it out, have a good time.
    Dresscode: Well be yourself

    Schüür: Big place for concerts or shows, they have usually their own labels who organise quite fun parties, has a very big outdoor area and in winter something like an igloo outside. Usually a lot of people there, lovley place to spend a night. Music differs from house, rock to hiphop and sometimes even goa.
    Dresscode: whatever

    Casineum (club inside the grand casino): Quite a fun Club, a veryvery big smokersbar/lounge and a very big Dance-area. Music somewhere around House/Electro. Just take care that if you had a couple drinks you catch the right door and dont lose all your money inside the nextdoor casino.
    Dresscode: smart casual

    ROK: Hotspot in Lucerne, Acts from the electro-scene and other really fun parties. Sometimes they even make a dancefloor on the toilets (it's called switzerlands smalles dancefloor), well anyway very fun Place to be my personal favourite. Also try the afterhour here from 4am on weekends.. quite popular at the locals.
    Dresscode: Casual

    The Loft: I would call it the Dancepalace, usually in this club it's about danceing rather than mingle and drinking. Music somewhere from House to Reggaeton.
    Dresscode: Casual

    Last but not least of my list is the Sedel:
    It is quite far outside of town so you will need a taxi (from the center around 20CHF), the location is a 3 story former jail. There you find either Metal and Rock parties or on the other hand Raving Minimal and Techno parties, if you are addicted to Techno and like to party till sunday lunch, this is the place to be for you. But check the program before you go there to avoid disappointment.

    Of course i know i havent covered all Clubs and by farfar not every Bar but i hope i could give you guys a quick overlook on whats on.

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  • Penthouse: Wunderful view

    by lucernelike Written Feb 25, 2013

    The Penthouse is a wunderful place to drink something. The Penthouse in the upest floor of a hotel. In the summer it is beautiful beacouse there is also a terace with lounges and high tables. The style inside is very noble but also friendly! For the nightlife is there also a dancefloor.

    Dress Code: You have to wear neatly clothes. The mans have to look more for the style than womans, because the securitas don't let go in all the mans.

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  • Vegas Club: Club

    by 10_smith_10 Written Feb 25, 2013

    Do you want to party? Do you want to have a great night with your friends?
    Soo than you have to go to the Vegas Club in Kriens.
    It is a new Club and it is great. There are a lot of famous DJ's. There is one big Dancefloor and a big balcony around the Dancefloor. If you're a smoker there's also a big lounge for smookers.
    The music is like HipHop, RnB, House.
    So don't go to an other club...Believe me... You'll have a great NIGHT.

    Dress Code: Elegant... Have your own style....

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  • Casino: Casnio

    by sabrina_my_heart Updated Feb 25, 2013

    You can win a lot of money there and have a great time in the Casino. You can meet some really pretty girls and change the numbers with them. You can play Poker with kind people and have a funny talk with them and you can also drink alcohol. When you are bored in the Casino you can go in the wich is called Casnieum. In the club you have all the young people from 18-30 years, the Casineum plays a lot of house music

    Dress Code: No Jeans No Sneakers

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  • Reaggeton, Hip & Hop, RnB Club, House etc. CLUB: Loft Club

    by Flu_Butterfly Written Feb 25, 2013

    This club is an amazing idea to go at the weekends. You found for every type of music a day, which you like. It is in the center of Lucerne and you are able to find it fast. If you like to have a wonderful night with great music, then the Loft is the perfect choice. Enjoy yourself with your friends!!!

    Dress Code: Nothing special

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  • aukahkay's Profile Photo

    Stadtkeller Musik Restaurant: Swiss Folklore Show

    by aukahkay Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Listen to the booming of the Alpine horns

    A visit to Switzerland is not complete without attending a Swiss folklore show. It is a very touristy thing to do, but in Switzerland, you must experience the song and dance of the Alpine region. In Lucerne, there are a few establishments which put up the Swiss folklore show complete with a typical Swiss fondue dinner. The Stadtkeller in the Old Town is one of the more famous establishments. Start off the evening with a delicious dinner of Swiss fondue and rosti accompanied by fine Swiss wines. The Swiss folklore show consists of yodelling, alpine horn blowing and flag throwing.

    Dress Code: Smart casual. Reservations are essential.

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  • mean_pirate's Profile Photo

    Townhall Brewery (orig.: Rathaus Brauerei): enough to drink

    by mean_pirate Written Jul 9, 2009
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    Actually the brewery is more a restaurant than a bar/club. But if you plan to have a long night, this place might be perfect for the "warmup". The Brewery has his own beer (very delicious!) and several good meals.
    Old and young, poor and rich people sit next to each other and enjoy the friendly mood around the Chapelbridge and the Reuss river.

    Dress Code: No dress code

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  • mean_pirate's Profile Photo

    Schüür/Schuur: Having a good time

    by mean_pirate Written Jul 9, 2009
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    One of the most enjoyable and biggest nightclubs of Lucerne. First of all, the Schüür has a big comfortable outside-area (with seats, a drink-bar, lounge, table football and a pool with a water wheel).
    It includes also a bar inside of the spot where several DJ's play different music and enough space to dance.
    Last but not least, it has a concert room(including one more bar) where different Artists from all over the world show their liveskills. This room is also used for partys.

    Keep getting informed what kind of party is getting on - there are a lot of completly different parties/events - from British(brit-pop/rock night), to electro meets indie clash, to Hotshots (hiphop - !very young age present!), to 80s party, to readings. They have the right programm for everyone!

    Dress Code: No dress code

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  • Casineum: Rockin' Place

    by drsnoeggels Written Aug 25, 2006

    If you are interested to enjoy the saturday evening. Than you have to go to the Casineum. It's the place to be. The music is every saturday different. It depends what kind of party it is. It goes from Electronic, Partytunes, House to R&B.

    If you are lucky, you got access to the memberzone. It's a nice gallery where you can go out to a balcon. You have a nice view over the lake of lucerne.

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  • Darrenjolley's Profile Photo

    The Loft: Lucerne's trendiest nightspot

    by Darrenjolley Updated Jun 20, 2006

    This is the place where all the youngsters in Lucerne go for their weekend entertainment. I found the atmosphere to be good and the music modern. The drinks are slightly more expensive than in the pub as you might expect.

    Dress Code: No special requirements.

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  • dlytle's Profile Photo

    Walk around Lucern at Night

    by dlytle Written May 30, 2006
    Lucerne puts on it evening clothes for its guests!

    Lucerne is a city where it is easy and safe to walk about. When you see Lucerne by daylight, it is a thriving and active commercial and tourist center. People are busy hurrying along in their lives.

    But at night, the charm of Lucerne is aglow and the mellow tones of ancient buildings bathed in amber-colored lights beckon your hidden romantic senses and create an ambiance that is calming and peaceful.

    Go on, walk about, and let your senses enjoy some freedom from the hubbub of everyday life. Breathe in the brisk mountain and lake air. Listen to the river rush past the ancient bridge pilings on its way to its fate many miles away. Watch the couples strolling and enjoying the night together. Listen to the laughter of happy teenagers as they congregate to socialize. Listen to all of the various night sounds as they sooth your weary soul and reenergize your depleted energy reserves.

    Lucerne can do it, try it!

    Dress Code: Casual at night unless you are going to a really nice restaurant and/or nightclub.

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  • Oris's Profile Photo

    moving at night

    by Oris Written Mar 29, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luzern’s nightlife scene is active, with plenty of arts centres and music venues around the Old Town and the rest of the city. There are two places to check flyers: Doo-Bop, Brandgässli 8, is a dance music shop with plenty of information about events in Luzern; while Romp, Denkmalstrasse 17, is an “info-shop” at the centre of Luzern’s squat culture, with music, flyers and contacts for all kinds of alternative activities around and about. The Stattkino, Baselstrasse 15, is an arthouse cinema with a varied daily programme of world cinema, plenty of it in English.

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  • bahaiano's Profile Photo

    Roadhouse, Das schwarze Schaf, P1, Max: MacDonaldo

    by bahaiano Written Dec 19, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Right next to the Trainstation you ll find in the Building that also keeps the MacDonalds, about 4 Bars/Clubs wher there are a lot of young People at weekends havin a good time.

    The ROADHOUSE is a EnglishBar where there ar often Live Music. Quite Popular at the Moment.

    P1 is in the Penthouse of the Hotel and gives an amazing view over the city ant the Lake. Also often LiveMusic. Go to the Lobby of the Hotel and take the lift up to the Top.

    SCHAF/MAX ar also quite Popular and well crowded at weekends. My favorites out of these 4.

    All this clubs charge no entry fee and the prices for the beers and drinks are if you compare with other clubs quite low.

    Dress Code: normal or a little bit chiq. Streetstyle-Hiphoppers are rarely seen as well as punks and stuff like that.

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  • call_me_rhia's Profile Photo

    all over the city: wander about

    by call_me_rhia Updated Dec 23, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    lucerne by night

    Lucerne is a wonderful city for strolling and wondering about, and the best time to do it is at night, when it's all lit up. You should walk the pedestrain area and then head down for the riverside: with the lights it feels like you've landed in a fairytale. A walk not to miss is across the chapel bridge: you'll often find several excellent street musicians performing there.

    Dress Code: Anything - but possibly dressed

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  • mel_bee's Profile Photo


    by mel_bee Written Jun 18, 2003

    By the time I had walked to the hostel twice, all round town, on top of a mountain, round town again and eaten, I was not feeling like the world's most energized party goer. I decided to do something more relaxing and decided to head for a wine bar. Unfortunately the first one was closed so I tried out the second which was across the bridge from most of the restaurants. I would recommend going there if you are in the same mood and want a relaxing atmosphere, it was really nice with seats outside to watch the sunset. (Name to follow). They do a great lemon sorbet topped with limoncello liquer! After that (against my better judgement as I try to avoid noisy drunken British tourists on holidays) I popped over to the British pub/hotel which wasn't that bad and had a small beer. That was the end of my Lucerne nightlife as by the time I got back to the hostel I was so exhausted I didn't get further than the common room downstairs.

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