Switzerland Off The Beaten Path

  • The Bärgbeizli
    The Bärgbeizli
    by travelfrosch
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    Hypocaust pillars
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  • Lindenhof
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Switzerland Off The Beaten Path

  • Carouge

    Geneva Off The Beaten Path

    A charming village in the city... Relax by strolling through this nice little city and animated streets with plenty of good addresses to eat, to drink and to dance. Some of my favourite addresses in Carouge: - Restaurant au Vieux Carouge (27 rue Jacques-Dalphin) for their famous and delicious Swiss Cheese Fondue specialties in a very popular and...

  • Uetliberg

    Zürich Off The Beaten Path

    Uetliberg of course makes a wonderful defensive and watchtower position so it is hardly surprising that people have used it as such for millennia. Archaeological excavations have shown that it was an oppidum (fortified settlement) in the Bronze Age and it was almost certainly inhabited long before that. Late, six forts (or 'castles') were built...

  • River Aare

    Bern Off The Beaten Path

    There is a nice and quiet area right under the Bundeshaus and next to the river Aare and when going down there you get the feeling to be in a small village in the countryside: lovely, small halftimbered houses with small gardens around of them and almost no fluent cartrafic, although this is really in the very centre of town. Walk down the steep...

  • Visit France

    Geneva Off The Beaten Path

    Only 17 miles from the center of Geneve - on Lake LeMann - the most charming village and well worth the short trip. Place de la Mairie F-74140 Yvoire Phone +33 04 50 72 80 21 17 miles from the Swiss/France border. It is necessary to stop in Yvoire. It is a strengthened village. The medieval village of Yvoire is located on the French side of...

  • Parks

    Geneva Off The Beaten Path

    At le Bouveret, you could go riding on miniature trains.this place has churches,castles,caves et al in miniature size.just outside is a sailing place,also near by is an aqua sports place.so this area could be a fun place to spend a day with kids or even otherwise!

  • Annecy

    Geneva Off The Beaten Path

    When you are in Geneva and you have got enough time, go to Annecy. In Annecy you can find sth for anyone. Visit the beautiful city-center, old town, stroll along the lake or river, go shopping, visit "petite boutiques", go shopping, have an ice-cream/coffee/crêpe somewhere. Caution: Extremly crowded on Saturdays! Check online or the train...

  • Roman museum & house at Augusta Raurica

    Augusta Raurica was a Roman colony on the Rhine founded around 44Bc by Lucius Munatius Plancus . to get to Augusta Raurica take the train from Basel SBB Bahnhof rail station to Kaiseraugst its about a 12 minute journey .the site is less than a 10 minute walk from Kaiseraugst station . the site itself is free but the museum & roman house is a small...

  • Augusta Raurica

    Augusta Raurica was a Roman colony on the Rhine founded around 44Bc by Lucius Munatius Plancus . to get to Augusta Raurica take the train from Basel SBB Bahnhof rail station to Kaiseraugst its about a 12 minute journey .the site is less than a 10 minute walk from Kaiseraugst station . the site itself is free but the museum & roman house is a small...

  • The Rathaus In Basel

    The Rathaus in Basel is a stunning red sandstone building that was constructed in 1509. It is not open to the public as it still serves the city hall for Basel. The building is decorated with many fine statue, fresco reliefs and a splendid clock. In the square before the Rathaus is an interesting market which is fun to wander through. On Saturday...

  • Gateway to the Rhinefalls

    Rihnefalls are situated in Neuhausen near Schaffhausen approximately 50 kilometers north of the city of Zurich very close to the border with Germany. It is advisable to take a half day morning bus tour to the scenic Rhinefalls from Zurich if and when you are having a vacation in the city of Zurich. We purchased this half day bus tour from the Best...

  • Meiringen

    Meiringen is a beautiful town famous for Sherlock Holmes museum. This character was died in this town. The town has so much to offer for the tourists such as beautiful waterfall, AareSchlute Gorge, Scenic valleys, museum, flowers. There are some nice hotels here and you may explore the local foodstuff as well.

  • The Textilmuseum in St Gallen

    Okay this seem to be only a time killing diversion but first a little history. St Gallen is the lace capital of Europe. So there one should feel obligated to visit a museum dedicated to what this town is most renown for (or at least other than the Abbey Library). Here you will find the story of the growth and subsequent decline of textile lace...

  • Bakerstreet 221b is in Meiringen

    You might search in vain for Bakerstreet 221b in London but you will find it in the Sherlok-Holmes-Museum in Meiringen, in a distance of about 25km east of Interlaken. In the very centre of the lovely village of Meiringen you will be able to see the world's first authentic replica of the living-room of Sherlock Holmes in Bakerstreet 221b. This...

  • Enjoy a "bisse" walk

    The Bisses are the vital witnesses of a history, culture and civilisation in Valais. Hollowed out into the ground, cut into or hanging from the rock face, like scars leaden with memories, they symbolise the fight of the people for the control of water. Borne out of the peasant’s desire to escape from the cruel consequences of drought, the water was...

  • Summer skiing on the Swiss Alps

    Would you like to go skiing or snowboarding right in the middle of summer? Visit Saas-Fee or Zermatt summer ski area on high altitude glacier. A single ski-pass for Saas-Fee and Zermatt: Saas-Fee and Zermatt are joining forces. The two biggest and most attractive summer ski areas are for the first time offering combined ski-passes during the summer...


    In the famous resort of Montreux,with exquisite hotels,much wealth,with a mild climate favouring explosion in full coloured flowers of all kind and even of palm trees,you may find somewhat in the center of the town,near the lake,a statue which you might not have expected to see there. It is the statue of the famous lead singer Freddy Mercury,of the...

  • A great sledge run for all !

    A great adventure for everybody: a funny 10 km downhill run on a sledge by day or by night in Les Mayens de Riddes!La Tzoumaz/Mayens-de-Riddes nestles in a valley on the left side of the Rhone at an altitude of 1500m. The valley lies about halfway between Martigny and Sion.Access to the sledge run is via the Savoleyres cable car (alt. 2'354m). From...

  • Fly over the Alps

    Fly over the Swiss Alps, forests, lakes and glaciers and land to share a glass of Fendant between friends...Alpine ToursTake a little plane from Sion Airport for 1 to 3 passengers. Prices are very competitive, for example I paid around CHF 290.- a 60 minutes flight for two people to Mont-Blanc then Matterhorn. You could also plan your flight route...

  • The Vineyard Walk

    Experience the Vineyard Walk, an educational footpath winding through the vines (6km). This path linked two sites of the Valaisan Museum of Wine and Winegrowing located @ Salquenen (Zumofen House ) and @ Sierre (Chateau de Villa). If you get thirsty, no worries just visit a local cellar! The Valaisan Museum of Wine and Winegrowing is open: from...

  • Traditional swiss villages.

    When you get up in the mountains you can still find some very traditional villages with old wooden houses and farms that are still being worked in a very traditional way.It's very interesting to see such places only a couple of hours away from places like geneva and zurich where you have a very international scene.Switzerland is surely a land of...

  • Schwarzsee - beautiful town

    During my second visit, I stayed most of the time in this lovey town. Lake, mountains, waterfall, forest, ding dong cows, very few cars - an ideal and perfect place for trakking. The town has some fine hotels and delicious food.

  • Kuessnacht, where Wilhelm Tell killed...

    The story about Wilhelm Tell is just a ledgend but the places of this story can be found around the small town of Kuessnacht, at the banks of Lake Lucerne / Vierwaldstättersee.In my photos :1)"Hohle Gasse" means "narrow pass" and when you enlarge my pictures, you will see how this is ment : This "Hohle Gasse" was the only way for Gessler to ride up...

  • little villages full of charme, doing...

    Hey!I would suggest you to spend some good time in the lower engadin.This is the part of engadin close to austria!It is full of little FANTASTIC villages, with a special old architecture and flower balconies, you can see many photos on the net. look for the villages called: Tschlin , Scuol (the main one), Tarasp, Ftan, ArdezThis are just some of...

  • Chiesa San Carlo in St.Moritz-Bad

    Chiesa San Carlo reminded me a lot of churches like you normally find them in Italy. This church is in a suburb of St.Moritz, that is called St.Moritz-Bad and you will pass by it, when driving towards the Malojapass. This church is beautifully lighted at night and you will see it from a big distance already, because it was built quite close to the...

  • The Hanselmann-house in St. Moritz

    The Hanselmann-house was the only building in St. Moritz that might make sense to mention here for its unique architecture. It is a well-known confectionary shop and the facade sticks out of the many modern and soulless buildings in the very centre of St.Moritz. You have to walk uphill in order to get there , next time I will try their cakes as...

  • General Alexandr Suvorov on the Gotthard

    This is a funny sculpture about the russian General Alexandr Suvorov (* 24. November 1729 in Moskau; † 18. Mai 1800 in Sankt Petersburg). He conquered the Gotthardpass in September 24th, 1799 and this monument was placed there on a rock, take a closer look at his face, he looked a bit strange to me in the first moment, but when you look at his pics...

  • Museo Forte Ospizio

    Forte Ospizio was built in 1892 and it is a fortification that was built into the mountains around the Gotthard-pass. There are only some flat buildings, where you can enter, but the main part of it is inside the mountains. One of my former swiss bosses was working as a cook there,this is why I had to take that photo of the military kitchen there....

  • San Gotthard National museum

    Dont miss to take a look into the San Gotthard National museum on top of the Gotthard-pass, opposite of the Hospiz. You will see various exhibits about the early days of tourism in that area and about different kinds of transportations over the passroad. A part of the museum is also dedicated to the importance of the Gotthard for the Swiss army,...

  • Center Cumünal & Morenturm in Zernez

    In Zernez you will still see a lot of remains of the medieval townwalls and Morenturm is the name of the tower in my 2nd photo, "Tuor dals Mors" is the name of it in Romantsch. Center Cumünal is the local name for the Comunal centre, so in many cases you can guess what expressions might mean in Romantsch, but of course that will not work every...

  • the old watermill in Zuoz

    This is the old watermill in the very centre of Zuoz and it looks great even when it is not used anymore nowadays. Next to this mill there is a garden with lots of goats that was funny to see and there is also the carpark, where I had parked my car. In order to see the most important buildings in the centre of Zuoz you should calculate about 2...

  • San Gian in Celerina

    San Gian is an old church that you will find a bit outside of the village of Celerina and you will see it also from the main road to St. Moritz. Unfortunately the church is normally locked except for certain festivities maybe. They have their own car-park and as this is one of the very few places that does not state "No Camping" I stayed there in...

  • Andeer - lots of great houses

    Andeer was a big surprise of me, when driving the upper Rhine-valley from Chur to San Bernhardino-pass. I had a lunchbreak there and was able to see some really great buildings in the typical style of this part of Switzerland. In my opinion the most beautiful of these houses is the one in my main photo with wonderful engravings all over its facade.

  • Museum Alpin Pontresina

    Museum Alpin in Pontresina is inside of an old farmouse that is much older than its facade with wonderful engravings dating back to 1716. Inside the museum you will see some traditional interiors of Engadiner farmhouses, a collection of 133 local birds and you will also hear their voices. A part of the museum is for the wild-life in the alps,...

  • Chesa Bodmer - my favorite house in...

    Chesa Bodmer is my favorite house in Samedan and it dates back to the year 1585. The backpart of the building used to be the shed and the stables and in my last photo you can see how this part of the house is mostly transfered into a modern appartment in many such old farmbuildings in the Engadin. In the internet I read that the german singer and...

  • Chesa Dusch & Chesa dals 3 frers in...

    Chesa Dusch is one of the first houses that you will get to, when you park your car outside of Samedan, close to the trainstation. In my last 2 photos : "Chesa dals 3 frers" this housename in Romantsch might mean "House of the 3 brothers" and it is in the centre of Samedan close to the main square. Driving inside of the town is not recommendable...

  • Chesa Muntische & more in La Punt...

    Make a stop at the small village of La Punt Chamues-ch and take a look at these wonderful houses built in the traditional Engadiner style of farmhouses dating back to the 16th and 17th century. Most of these old houses have a housename starting with Chesa, thats the word of house in Romantsch, the local language of this part of Switzerland. But...

  • Chesa Engel in La Punt Chamues-ch

    Chesa Engel in La Punt Chamues-ch is next to the big bridge over the river and it shows lovely details in the facades. Most of these houses date back to the 16th and 17th century and were built as farmhouses beeing able to accomodate the family of the owners, all of the cattle and the employees. Nowadays Chesa Engel is obviously an...

  • Maloja - passroad

    The Maloja - pass is 1815 meters / 5955 feet above sealevel and when coming from St. Moritz the road is totally flat and you will be surprised when coming to the highest point of that passroad without any place to drive steeply uphill first. Obviously the road is going down steeply in the other direction,towards Chiavenna in Italy.I did not go...

  • Bel Taimpel : The church of...

    The church of Celerina/Schlarigna looks very impressive from the distance and newly renovated but when you get there the most interesting parts are the giant entrancegate with ornate woodcarvings and the pulpit, decorated by inlayed woods of different colors. Bel Taimpel is the local name of this church dating back to the year 1669 and built in the...

  • Chesa Monsch in Celerina/Schlarigna

    Chesa Monsch was for me one of the most beautiful houses in the traditional style of Engadin in Celerina/Schlarigna. This wonderful building with an ornate facade dates back to the year 1406 and you will find it in Giassa de la Bauncha no.2. Streetnames and house-inscriptions are here mostly done in Rhaetoroman. Chesa means House and Giassa is a...

  • the old tower & the cemetery of...

    In Pontresina you will see an old tower,obviously the only remains of the medieval town-wall, next to the church of Sta. Maria. From Pontresina one of the passroads to Italy will start and such towers were also used to collect customs from the merchants passing by. And another interesting place to explore is closeby : the cemetery with graves of...

  • The Doctor`s House in Pontresina

    This big house in Pontresina is a very good excample for a typical house of the Engadin & Graubuenden. In my 2nd photo you will see the part of the house that was used in order to store wheat and other agricultural products in former centuries and now the former openings are covered by wood.My favorite detail of this building is the eagle that...

  • Sta.Maria in Pontresina

    The tiny church of Sta.Maria in Pontresina dates back to the 13th century and inside it has some very interesting frescos in byzantinian style. Unfortunately I had been there at a time, when it was closed, but it looks interesting also from outside, including the cemetery around of it. Check the openingtimes below !Sta Maria chapel in Pontresina is...

  • Axalp - great for hiking and skiing

    Axalp is an alp high above Brienzersee and Giessbach, in winter it is a good place to ski, because they have a lot of snow even when other places dont have some and it is also a great area to go hiking.Axalp is a perfect daytrip from Interlaken, when you stay for a longer time and want to explore the scenery far away from the main-stream-tourism !...

  • Eiger - Nordwand in Grindelwald

    Eiger - Nordwand is a place that you might have heared already quite often about because it is certainly the most famous climbing-area in the alps and you will pass by it when taking the train up to Jungfraujoch. For several centuries people could not believe this side of the Eiger may ever be conquered.But finally in 1938 2 alpinists from Austria...


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