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  • FC Basel vs. AC Bellinzona at the Joggeli
    FC Basel vs. AC Bellinzona at the...
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  • Camping under Eiger
    Camping under Eiger
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Switzerland Sports & Outdoors

  • Kitzelpfad am Härzlisee

    This attraction in Brunni high above Engelberg is called "Kitzelpfad am Haerzlisee" "kitzeln" means "to tickle" and that is in fact what will happen to the soles of your feet, while you are walking without socks or shoes over this artificial path along and partly even through that small mountainlake. That was really a lot of fun, and even totally...

  • Bellavita in Pontresina

    Bellavita is the name of the large recreation-area right in the towncentre of Pontresina.There are indoor-pools, waterslides, various outdoor-pools and there is an excellent indoor wellness-area as well, just click on the link below in order to get some more informations !. Come with a swimsuit, that is enough !

  • Tyrolienne at Jungfraujoch

    "Tyrolienne" is quite a unique kind of sport that you may try out during good weather-conditions in the glaciers around Jungfraujoch.Tyrolienne is the name for the small lift on top of Jungfraujoch - you will find it about halfway between Moenchsjochhuette and the exit below the Sphinx-viewpoint.This lift will take you across the glacier and you...

  • Cycling / Biking in Switzerland

    Switzerland has several (nine) official biking routes that cross the country.You can see info on them on the link below.The official routes are signaled with red signs and arrows with a white bike on it. Some are easy and flat, others cross hills.The trains take bikes with them in special wagons. There are also places where you can make part of the...

  • Winter sports

    I would say that our mountains are one or perhaps the highlight of Switzerland. First of all in winter, when everything is white, they look beautiful. Switzerland has some top ski destinations like St. Moritz, Zermatt, Saas Fee, Verbier and Crans-Montana to offer. Beeing in the white nature is always special. There is everything to rent next to...

  • Alpine Mountain Biking...

    Citius, Altius, Fortius... which translates from Latin to : Faster. Higher. Stronger...In keeping with the times and fashion trends the mountain bike has opened up a new world of adventure by leaving the beaten track. Its performance in all types of terrain allows cyclists to discover and fulfil new ambitions. With 190 kms of cycling paths, from...

  • Bungy jump in Valais

    Bungy 190m @ Niouc located in Val d'Anniviers (Valais-Suisse). Highest bungy jump from a suspension bridge in Europe. Take your courage...

  • You Cheetah, Me Tarzan...

    Foret de l'Aventure @ VercorinYou move of tree out of tree, at your rhythm, through the various obstacles which challenge you: suspension bridges, lianas, tyroliennes, etc. In full safety.At an altitude of 1900 m, the Foret de l'Aventure of the Vercorin ski resort provides sensations on 2 courses. The little one is accessible for kids from 5 years...

  • Very good hiking country.

    Switzerland has lot's of very good hiking trails and it's a perfect place to explore the great outdoors.The swiss have done this for many many years and things are quite well organised with mountain huts and camping options along the trails.Hiking in Switzerland is pure joy if you like being active in stunning nature. Good hiking boots or shoes is...

  • Test your perfect hiking-shoes before...

    LOWA-Testcentre is a really good idea, because it is a shop inside the top-station of Schynigge Platte-bahn and you can choose there a pair of mountain-boots , leave back your Manolo Blahniks and test the mountain-boots before you will eventually buy them !! You can test them the whole day and return them in case you don't like them.Test...

  • Golfclub Interlaken-Unterseen

    Golfing is possible in Switzerland at many places and the most beautiful golfcourse I saw there was most probably in Interlaken, close to Neuhaus at the banks of Thunersee. That wide area is also next to a natural park and bird-sanctuary and when-ever I saw this place, I thought that this sort of green is much greener than any other meadow or grass...

  • (Tandem)-Paragliding from Brienzer...

    Brienzer Rothorn is the perfect place to try out paragliding, you simply have to go there on a sunny day and on top of the mountain you will often find paraglider-Tandem-pilots waiting for passengers to fly with them down again.Of course it might make sense to book such flights in advance but you simply can as well just go to the top and search for...

  • Hike at Harder Kulm

    Harder Kulm above InterlakenTake the funicular (or hike up) to Harder. Walk up to the restaurant (5min). From there you can begin a beautiful hike along the east ridgeline of Harder. Follow the signs towards Augstmatthorn. A hike of 2-4 hours and 800 meters uphill. This hike passes through pine forests and alprine meadows.



  • Hiking in the area of Brienz Rothorn

    Brienzer Rothorn is a perfect place to start hiking to Soerenberg - at the other side of the Rothorn, or you step down again to Brienz - walking-time will be around 5-6 hours and you will pass by plenty of great places, that you would never be able to see when taking the steam-train: 1)Planalp is the first station of the Brienzer Rothornbahn, in a...

  • Hike from Grindelwald to Axalp &...

    Axalp is a mountain-terrace , opposite of Brienz and high above Brienzersee.When hiking to Axalp from Gindelwald you may first take the cablecar from Grindelwald to First and start hiking from there to Faulhorn and finally to Axalp - a total walkingtime of about 5 hours : the steepest part of that mountain-path is certainly the path between...

  • Hiking from Schynige Platte to First

    The Hike from Schynige Platte to First via Faulhorn is one of the "classic hiking-routes" of the Berner Alpen. Schynigge Platte is in a distance of a fullday-hike from Grindelwald. At first you have to take the cablecar to First, walk towards the Faulhorn ( that part is quite steep and exhausting) and follow the path to Weberhuette and Schynigge...

  • Trotti-biking in Grindelwald

    In Grindelwald you may rent the smaller brother of the Monster : A Trotti-Bike is a scooter-bike , not only for children, but also for grown-ups and you may rent them at Bort ( the middle-station of the First-cablecar). Hundreds of Trottibikes are waiting there for customers and you may go downhill on one of the various asphalted streets with a...

  • ride a monster-scooter in Meiringen

    Trotti-bikes and similar scooters might be rented in many places in the Berner Alpen. I saw them in Bort / Grindelwald and also in Beatenberg. But those reminded me more of the small scooters we used in our childhood-days.The Monster-Scooters in Meiringen are very heavy and have thick wheels : You may rent it for 13 sfr at Gasthaus Zwirgi and go...

  • Aletschglacier-Hike - 2 days off the...

    This is a very special hike, that will take you to an area of the world, where most of the tourists will never get to .An Aletschglacier-Hike might be the ultimate experience during your vacation in Switzerland :You will start in Interlaken the first day and will go up and explore Jungfraujoch, before you will take a 4-hour hike to Konkordiaplatz,...

  • Hiking from Wengen to Maennlichen &...

    Maennlichen is one of the mountains that is not so well known by the ordinary tourists, but it is worth to go there, because hikings from there are quite easy and you are always surrounded by the great alpine scenery of the Berner Alpen.By cablecar you may get easily from Wengen to Maennlichen, a mountain 2230 meters above sea-level ! There you may...

  • Hiking in Bettmeralp Info

    Bettmeralp - Riederfurka - Aletsch Forest : 60-minute walk to get from Bettmeralp to Riederfurka. Then carry on hiking through the Aletsch Forest to the "Katzenl?cher" (cats' holes), very close to the glacier's edge. After an easy up-hill climb reach the moraine path, and along the Blue Lake we will head back to Bettmeralp. Duration of hike:...

  • Hiking an and trekking in Switzerland

    The best way to get to know people from a country is to travel on foot. My favourite trails are long distance trails through Switzerland, from north to south, from west to east, in the Alps or on the Jura slopes.When I am not on route, I sit at the laptop and write down the information others could profit:http://www.wandersite.ch What you nee for...

  • Villars - Skiing

    Villars Ski ResortVery good resort and highly recommended ~ a little pricey but much cheaper now compared to Switzerland of old.Tip: if you're using a ski school, go for the 'Yellow' company not the 'Red' one. The private Yellow company are more expensive but you'll learn much much quicker...!

  • Swiss Snow Paradise...

    Main ski resorts in Valais (where I usually ski). Just click and surf on the hyperlinks :***Surf @ Les Portes du Soleil (Champery, Morgins, Les Crosets, Avoriaz, Morzine, Linga, Chatel) ***Surf @ Les 4 Vallees (Verbier, Nendaz, Veysonnaz, Thyon)***Surf @ Val d'Herens (Nax) ***Surf @ Val d'Anniviers (St Luc, Zinal, Grimentz, Vercorin) ***Surf @...

  • Snow sports!

    If you are an intermediate/advanced skiier or boarder then definately take to the slopes and you will not be disappionted... You can of course bring your own equipment but there are so many ski shops where you can hire everything very cheaply.

  • Hiking the Gemmipass

    The Gemmipass is an old roman route linking the Bernese Oberland and the Valais region. Its a popular route and an easy hike - using the cable cars at either end if you want to cut the time down and to save the legs and knees! You can read all about this hike on my Kandersteg page!

  • Hiking The Alps...

    Nowadays, there is hardly another activity which provides more opportunities for flexible and individual holidays and leisure than hiking, trekking and glacier traversals. Thanks to its fantastic landscape, the Valais is a hiking region in a class of its own : numerous 4000-meter mountains, imposing glaciers, deep gorges and a 9000 km network of...

  • Flight over The Alps...

    Nested in the heart of the Swiss Alps, a paragliding paradise remains… Paragliding is very popular in Valais with a large number of spots.If you don't have your flight licence try a tandem flight from CHF 100.-.A must see for free : Each year in summer in Villeneuve (VD), the worlds best paragliders and hang-gliders will converge in the skies above...

  • Hiking and enjoying

    I could also mention skii as it is great and typical for Lugano of the Aleps!but what we did as sport was moving around hiking...very good sport for every one ;-D

  • Climb "The Matterhorn"...

    Valais is a superb playground for the alpinism. On a total of 82 tops exceeding the altitude of 4' 000m on the whole of the Alps, more the half (41 summits) are in Valais! Crampons, climbing harness and helmet (technical equipment can be rented in any sports shop) climbing boots with a profile rubber sole suitable for use with crampons,rucksack...

  • Via Ferrata

    Climb a Via FerrataLooking for more than a mountain hike but not the full mountaineering experience? Try a Via Ferrata trail : it's climbing lite. Suspended way equipped with ladders and protected by cables, the Via Ferrata offers to the sportive hikers to discover a vertiginous universe: that of the wall of mountain. It gives part of the feelings...

  • Ski ski and more ski

    Do I ski in French speaking or German speaking Switzerlnad. This is the choice. Of course you will hit St Moritz in your life time and enjoy many a night of raucous activity, but not as a poor Amsterdam student on winter sport. Between French and German speaking Switzerland, the best is to cross the border onto the French side where lift prices are...

  • Hiking and trekking in Switzerland

    In Switzerland you will find at every railway station the yellow hiking signs. Paths are well marked, and hiking maps available at every kiosk.If you are looking for detailed hiking trails in Switzerland, you will find all you need in the hiking websitehttp://www.wandersite.ch(in German)

  • Waterworld

    This place is fun for some hours - especially for kids and for those never growing up. There are various pools with different activities, some relaxing places etc.It's not too far away from Zurich, so if you are on holidays around this area, perhaps with your children, it's an opportunity (first of all if it's raining...)

  • Jumping with...joy??

    All of the hostels, as well as independent companies in Interlaken, offer a wide variety of extreme sports. They have the old standards: bungy-jumping, skydiving, paragliding, etc. The newest, and I think most exciting, in this line-up is Canyon-Jumping. This sport involves a bungy-like jump off a platform. But, instead of a free-fall straight...

  • Skiing in the Alps

    One of my favorite sports to be done in this country is skiing. Of course it's mostly done in winter ;-) If you want to come to switzerland for a skiing holiday make sure the resort of your choice goes well over 2'000m above sea level. Underneath this hight there's not always enough snow!If you are a beginner try a small resort rather then the big,...

  • Hiking Advise

    Maybe not a trap but you should be careful when planning hiking tours maybe. All the cableways and trains are really expensive so make sure it's worth the money spent before you go up a mountain. This includes watching weather forecasts as well of course. You wouldn't want to spend a fortune and end up in clouds, would ya? Every morning (until 9 I...

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