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  • Stein am Rhein
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  • Stein am Rhein
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    View of the Rhine
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Stein am Rhein Things to Do

  • View from the Rhine Bridge

    If you come from Lake Constance you are very likely to enter Stein am Rhein's old town via the Rhine Bridge. It's a good idea to stop here for a photo as the view over the Rhine is very picturesque, particularly in the evening light. It might even be possible to take your photo from the car: due to a traffic light at the end of the bridge, you are...

  • Rathausplatz

    Rathausplatz (Town Hall Square) is the name of the upper end of the pedestrian zone. This is Stein am Rhein's most beautiful part with lots of colourful painted facades, rather touristy restaurants, the flower-adorned town hall and much more to discover. If you enter the village from the Rhine bridge, this is the part that you will see first - and...

  • "Weißer Adler" (White Eagle)

    The oldest of Stein's painted houses is the Weißer Adler just next to the town hall. Dating back to the 15th century, the facade paintings were begun in 1520 and are believed to be Switzerland's oldest painted facade. For whatever reason I didn't take a picture of it, so you will have to make do with a photo of its neighbour. While its paintings...

  • Boats to Kreuzlingen and Schaffhausen

    Schiffahrt Untersee-Rhein (URH) runs regular boats between Schaffhausen and Kreuzlingen (stopping in Stein am Rhein) 3-4 times daily from the end of March or early April to September, continuing with 1 daily trip in each direction through most of October. Off-season, there are limited brunch and dinner cruises available on selected dates. The...

  • Untertor

    The Untertor, also known as the clock tower, was a big hit with Minifrosch. Its intricate design and ornate clock were a source of great enjoyment for a significant amount of time. It serves as the main gateway into the Old Town from the west. The original tower was destroyed when the Americans accidentally bombed Stein am Rhein in 1945, but...

  • Alte Brücke

    The Alte Brücke (Old Bridge), sometimes known as the Rheinbrücke, actually isn't all that old. While it is a short distance from the location of an old Roman era bridge, the bridge at this location connecting both sides of Stein am Rhein was actually built in the 19th Century. The bridge as it appears now was constructed in the 1970s. But more...

  • pictures, pictures, pictures

    Walk the streets and poke around in the alleyways. Stein am Rhein is a feast for the eyes and the camera! Loved the Lindwurm Museum--what a little gem! Felt transported in time and could experience the life of an 18th century upper middle class family. Be sure to stay overnight so you can enjoy exploring/spending time with just the locals as it's...

  • Getting luck

    Beside watching all those beautiful buildings I do not really know what I could suggest you while staying in Stein AR.This "getting luck" activity can last no more than 1 minute but it seems it is mandatory ... play with the dog and you'll get lucky. And so Felicitas does !

  • Rhein Fall

    From the station,the bus of going to Rhein fall, has started and reaches in 10 minutes. Here is the origin in the Rhein River, and you can do " Rhein River going down " if you equip lifesaving tools. Here, the Rhein river is a rapid stream. I was so fearful that the step shrank only by looking by the side.If you are courageous,you can enjoy the...

  • A marvellous monastery

    The Monastery St George lies on the edge of town, and is well worth exploration. Originally built in the 12th century, it was a Benedictine Abbey for 400 years before the reformation hit. Fortunately the reformation didn't strip it of all its beauty, and the spectacular carved ceilings, painted walls and impressive tiled floors are still there to...

  • Burg Hohenklingen

    This is a 12th century castle up on the hill on the north side of the River Rhein, overlooking the town. There was a restaurant there on one of the top floors, with open windows and fantastic views of the river and the town. The restaurant is closed for renovations until mid-2007, so I don't know if you can still go up the castle. This web site...

  • View from the Rheinbrücke

    There is one hell of a breeze coming down the Rhine to Lake Constance when you stand on this bridge, but the panoramic view of the river is amazing.

  • Stadtbrunnen - the Town Fountain

    There is a little statue of a local soldier on the fountain in the main square of Stein am Rhein, dating from 16th Century.

  • The Stadtkirche

    Built in the 12c, this Romanisch Basilica was transforms several times. Interesting painting around 1450 in the choir and in the north chapel.

  • The Kupferberg House

    Impressively, slate framework construction with plank stand wall at the west side; outwardly since 1662 few changes.Was home of the coppersmiths from 1803 to 1861.

  • Weisser Adler (White Eagle)

    Weisser Adler (White Eagle) built in 1418. The house situated opposite of the town hall carries the oldest and most precious façade paintings in the early Renaissance style dating back to 1520/1530.

  • Schwarzes Horn (Black Horn)

    Schwarzes Horn (Black Horn) The building is on corner with special structure of framework dating of 1515. Birth house of the Johann Rudolf Schmid, late baron von Schwarzenhorn, imperial envoy with the Turkish Sultan 1629-1643.

  • Sonne (Sun)

    Sonne (Sun) built in 1659. Oldest Guest House in Stein am Rhein(16th century). The oriel dates from 1659, the front paintings from 1900. The main picture shows Diogenes and Alexander the Great.


Stein am Rhein Hotels

Stein am Rhein Restaurants

  • Kebab and Pizza

    Eating out in Switzerland can be a very expensive affair, especially so in a posh tourist destination like Stein am Rhein. Fortunately, there are some cheap(er) alternatives for those on a budget. One example is Inferno, the fast food stand next to the bridge. You can get a wide range of fast food here, including kebab, pizza, chicken, and burgers....

  • Where The Locals Eat

    After asking around about quick, cheap places to eat, we found our way to the Imbiss und Take Away Zum Tiergarten, a fast-food joint offering the usual array of Imbiss fare. Most notable was the large number of locals who were enjoying a meal and banter with the owner. Tourists are most welcome, and both staff and locals are more than happy to...

  • Best view over the river

    Let me be honest once more: I did not want to sit at this reaturant, cause it looks exactly how a tourist trap should look.But the grandma convinced me and the rest of the crew to take some rest and having at least a glass of wine here ... and so it was the full meal.Good choice, nothing you will dream for the rest of your life, but pretty...


Stein am Rhein Transportation

  • Bus from Singen

    If you're coming from Germany, probably the best way to get to Stein am Rhein is by bus. DB Bus 7349 departs roughly hourly from Singen, making multiple stops on its route to the Stein am Rhein train station. In our case, the bus stopped at Stein am Rhein - Strandbad, which was only a few steps away from the youth hostel, where we were staying....

  • Stein am Rhein Train Station

    Stein am Rhein has a small train station on the south side of town. Local ("S-Bahn") trains depart for various destinations regularly, including Schaffhausen, Winterthur, Rorschach, and St. Gallen. In addition, Deutsche Bahn operates buses which run between Stein am Rhein and Singen in Germany (though some early/late buses only go as far as...

  • Train

    I can only speak about Stuttgart > Stein am Rhein here, but if you're in Baden Wuerttemburg, you could take a day down to this beautiful part of Switzerland. If you want to take the train from Stuttgart, the fastest way is to change at Winterthur or at Singen. This will take about 3.5 hours in all. The scenery will be fabuluous! :)


Stein am Rhein Shopping

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    by queenminka Written Oct 8, 2003

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    What to buy: Buy some swiss wine! Although they are not very well known, they are quite good. And often they have funny names. There is also a vineyard in Stein am Rhein.

    Castle above the vineyards above the town
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Stein am Rhein Tourist Traps

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    by mauro_pd Written Sep 2, 2007

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    I'm not that proud of being italian, you know ... but the few things we are supposed to do better are: pizza, pasta & mafia.
    Well, I think nobody tries to counter attack for pizza & mafia, but in this shop it seems thay wanna steal our place for pasta ... shame on them :-)

    Unique Suggestions: Just look the window from ouside, do not even dare to buy pasta here.

    Fun Alternatives: Ask me for a decent spaghetti box.

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Stein am Rhein Off The Beaten Path

  • Lake Constance / Bodensee

    This pic was taken from the German side of the lake, Switzerland is across the water.I think we were about 80km away from Stein am Rhein at this point.

  • Church at Birnau

    This church is on the German side of Lake Constance, and it overlooks the lake. Here is an interesting link below, though it's only in German.

  • Stein am Rhein Hotels

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Stein am Rhein Favorites

  • Swan am Rhein

    While sitting along the river enjoying the view, a swan decided to join us. It tolerated us as we took a few pictures. A bit later, we saw another swan with some cygnets (babies ) in tow. We took some photos, but kept our distance. Mamma swans are not known for their sweet disposition.

  • Stein Am Rhein Walking Tour

    Stein am Rhein is a star sight for the beautiful frescoes on the old building in and around the Rathausplatz. If you have some time and want to enjoy the old town, the best and only way to do that is to follow the walking tour shown on that map. The Monuments 1) Benediktinerkloster St. Georgen ***4) Rathaus ***5) Zeughaus7) Gredhaus8)...

  • Exploring the Altstadt

    I love the way the old town has been preserved so well and it is not too tacky; although I can imagine it can be overrun with bus tours during the summer! was not there long enough!


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