Switzerland Tourist Traps

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  • Pretty mountain, ugly construction zone
    Pretty mountain, ugly construction zone
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    This watch says it all!
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Switzerland Tourist Traps

  • Bear pit

    Bern Tourist Traps

    We came down to the riverside since I was curious about the beer brewed in the touristy Tram Shed restaurant which was said to be close to the bear pit. It was in fact next to it and it is hard to find a more touristy place in Bern which is a shame in a city with so many other things to see. Amongst the resturant tips, you can see what we thought...

  • travel & tourism

    I am so excited for Nyon tain journey.it so happy travel for anybody.if one time journey to Nyon so see the feeling excited.because train for long time but ferry is few time journey it is slow running.so you can justify that. when anybody will travel or tour yet who gives anything no acception that nobody.so be careful for attracting.

  • Money saver:

    This NOT in any sense a tourist trap. But let me just give you a tip to save money in Zurich or any part of Switzerland. Zurich being the most expensive city that I’ve been to. I'll site a typical McDonalds menu meal is like $13.00,no catsup for your fries :), while in the US, it cost like $6.00, w/ catsup at my disposal. Go to "COOP" or "MIGROS"...

  • Switzerland is Very Expensive

    Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world to visit. Just about everything that you might buy in North America is about 50 per cent more in Switzerland. There are ways to beat the cost in Switzerland. One is to buy a SwissPass. This will cover almost all means of transportation within Switzerland AND get you into virtually...

  • Mövenpick Marché - Heidiland Motor...

    Visited their Mövenpick Marché, b/c we've had read some positive ratings of the place. Our experience was just the opposite. Incredible, but true: We just ordered food, but a psychologically unstable seeming individual, who turned out to be their long-time neziri restaurant cook yelled at us abuses in front of other guests and even became...

  • Speed Limit

    In Switzerland there is low speed limit.Don`t drive faster! It will be very expensive if you are caught.120 km on the motor way.There are many flash lights.If drive much to fast there are penalties up to 10000 CHF Bad for you. But is your own fault! Learn from it! DON`T DRIVE FASTER! BETTER BE SAVE THAN WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  • Public transport automats don't give...

    Be aware when you buy your transportation ticket from automatic machine at bus stop if you are in Geneva, Lausanne or Fribourg. You should to have the correct amount because some automats don't give change!Unfortunately, it is still the case for:- TPG automats in GENEVA - TL automats in LAUSANNE- TPF automats in FRIBOURGThe other main Swiss cities...

  • The Sleeping Lion should be awake after...

    In Lucerne, when we went there and visited the sleeping lion, there was a large group of tourist snapping photos away. And lots of bises near the Watch stores. The sidewalk restaurants by the river are nice, but touristy. Mt. Pilates is beautiful, and the covered bridge is spectacular

  • But you just have to....

    Our student travellers went with us to a fondu party that featured Swiss folk culture. It was touristy, but we had a great time!

  • Paolo's *utttz* Singing tower!

    Argh you and your musical tower Paolo!!!!LOL in fact Augusta and Chiara didn't stop talking about this musical tower, as it was mentioned by our friend on VT Paolo *utttz*Augusta was confused, we never hear the melody from it, but Chiara confirmed that it is in special times!well we kept the sceptisism as we didn't hear it the 3 tilmes we went...

  • The weather

    Be really careful with the weather in Switzerland!sure it has the wonderful perfect sights of the sun and snow, and blue sky even in the winter almost always, but some times it is really cold and windy!so be ready for that with your warm clothes!

  • EURO or Swiss Franc???

    Switzerland is not a member of European Union and has its own currency : the Swiss Franc (CHF). Euro is accepted in main touristic places, but you will get a quite unfavourable exchange rate if you pay in this currency. Avoid to pay in Euro. Try to change your Euro in a bank to get better exchange rate. I recommend you to pay with credit card...

  • Gruyère - home of Swiss fondue, but not...

    A typical Swiss cheese fondue is known as moitié-moitié - literally half and half. It means that the cheese used is a blend of Gruyère cheese and Vacherin cheese.Gruyère is a very picturesque, old town in the canton of Fribourg, with an interesting castle. However, every restaurant serves cheese fondue, and I have to say that the worst Swiss fondue...

  • Cuckoo clocks and Watches:

    Cuckoo clocks and Watches: Lots of tourists like to buy cuckoo clocks and watches here, but not all of them are made in Switzerland! So allways check before you buy. I don't think you want to buy a 'original swiss' clock made in Taiwan... Generaly original swiss clocks are expensive. Probably the only cheap(er) swiss watches are the famous...

  • Interlaken

    OK it's situated beautifully between two lakes and its got a great view of the famous mountains of the 'Berner Oberland'. But because of that it's packed with tourists and really hectic. Look up and admire the view of the Jungfrau mountain. Like this you won't see all the traffic ;) Stay at a village close to it (like Spiez or the other places...

  • It's not actualy a tourist...

    It's not actualy a tourist trap but I want to mention it. I have swiss passes for traveling in Switzerland. On our trip to Johnfojough I bought the Good Morning tickets with a swiss pass discount (cost 98 CHF) & we were suppose to come back by the first train at 12:00pm. The information guy told me if I want to stay longer I can pay the diffrence...

  • There aren't many traps that I...

    There aren't many traps that I found at all. Of course everything is more expensive than at home (but where isn't in Europe?) but somehow when the country is so beautiful I don't mind paying more. I was surprised though that in Switzerland one has to pay for tourist walks (I'd like someone to pay me instead! I'm the one who has to walk!)

  • Swiss Alps is the tourist...

    Swiss Alps is the tourist flock for snowy days. One popular ski resorts is Zermat, near the majestic Matterhorn.

  • glacier express - I paid a lot...

    glacier express - I paid a lot of money for this journey only to find myself surrounded by rich American/Japanese tourists. As it was a misty day I could see hardly anything at all. I saw much more for much less money on the regular rail network. The meal on the meal carriage was of a poor quality too.

  • I can't really remember any in...

    I can't really remember any in Interlaken. A relaxing city with a lot to offer the shopper in the family. No real bargains here though! You can get a good deal on a Swiss watch if the exchange rate is in your favor.Pictured is the Hotel Metropole on the main street in Interlaken.

  • La Maison Du Gruyere....

    La Maison Du Gruyere. Adjoining the Gruyere railway station is a famous model cheese-dairy making Gruyere cheese. For me it was a little bit boring... But if you are a cheese lover...

  • However, there is a general...

    However, there is a general problem: Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world. Expect to pay about:US $ 10 for a light meal (Big-Mac $4)US $ 30 for a night in a YMCA-like dormitoryUS $ 60 per person in the simplest hotel in a city like Geneva, Bern, Basel or ZürichSimple : I'd say you cannot travel through Switzerland with...

  • OK.....the small town of...

    OK.....the small town of Gruyeres is not exactly a tourist trap but it IS very touristy. There is a Fromagerie which seems designed for tourists with an audio visual presentation in English. The town was very quaint and pleasant with flowers everywhere. I felt that I had to see Gruyeres because of its world famous cheese :)

  • Be careful.....if you drive on...

    Be careful.....if you drive on the german part of the country....the many radar controls on the road. Try to respect the velocity, coz. the tickets are high and even as a tourist they catch you and you have to pay!!!

  • Sometimes people tell you...

    Sometimes people tell you about what they think is a tourist trap and it turns out not to be one at all. We were told by some people that the alphorn festival held on the Mannlichen was going to be filled with tourists. While there were many tourists and locals that attended, the day was delightful. We were able to hear alphorns, swiss bells, and a...

  • We found many things in...

    We found many things in Swizerland were not so expensive as we thought but you must bought them in the right stores. We found the things in the super market were much cheaper for those sold in the stores at the tourist spot. For example, a bottle of the water would be only 1 Swiss Franc at the super market but it may be sold at 3 in the store at...

  • Davos, st Moritz, Saas Fee,...

    Davos, st Moritz, Saas Fee, Zermatt, Verbier, Lucerne and all those well known places!watch for your wallet if your're expecting staying in these places. It's way too croweded for me and locals sometime too much used to have rich tourists for be very friendly!

  • Lucerne population 60,000 is...

    Lucerne population 60,000 is located on a lake of the same name. Mount Pilatus (alt. 7,000 ft) is a favorite nearby excursion where legend has it Pontius Pilate was wafted by the devil after the Crucifiction. It can be reached from nearby Alpnachstad via the worlds steepest cog railway

  • I love glaciers. Here is a...

    I love glaciers. Here is a picture of a tourist attraction where you can walk inside a glacier!!So we paid admission (pretty expensive too), and start walking inside enjoying the blue light coming through the wall of ice, walking on a wood sidewalk. Can you understand our surprise when after a turn, we came face to face with a huge POLAR BEAR!!!We...

  • Everyone knows that Wilhelm...

    Everyone knows that Wilhelm Tell shot an arrow through an apple over his son's head. The story is common to Indo-European cultures, originating possibly in Persia, and recounted in Icelandic and Norse sagas The legend reappeared in an epic song in 1477 marking the founding of the Swiss Confederation. The popular schoolbook version of the myth was...

  • Not for budget travelers...

    Not for budget travelers unless you rely on your own tools. Go to Switzerland only if visiting the smallest of towns or if you plan on doing wilderness excursions. Beautiful? Yes, but I personally found many unhelpful people (even when trying to speak German and English).

  • Oh well ... few months before...

    Oh well ... few months before my present visit to Switzerland tons of rumours began regarding the opening-soon story of a fashion designer's outlet in Italy (check my Milan's page); few months later I visited it with a friend of mine who has been involved in fashion business for a while: we got some good time and we wasted a little bit of...

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