Switzerland Warnings and Dangers

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Switzerland Warnings and Dangers

  • Currency

    Geneva Warnings and Dangers

    Geneva is a good place for changing your currency, provided you use one of the small currency traders and not the big banks. Zhe banks usually charge a commission of at least CHF 5, unless you have an account with them, and also have less favozrable ratesthan the currency shops (such as Change de Mont-Blanc in rue de Mont-Blanc opposite the...

  • High fines

    Fines in Switzerland are horrendous. Travelling without a valid train or bus ticket currently costs around 100 USD (only if you can pay instantly). A speed ticket can easily eat up your entire holiday budget. On the main routes and especially inside Zurich city there are countless speed cameras. This is not a tourist rip off, as fines are the same...


    On our journey around Europe by Car, one of the countries we went to was Switzerland. I had previously read up on driving there, so I knew it was compulsory in Switzerland to buy a vignette for our car. You need one for all motor vehicles and trailers up to and including 3.5 t.It was very easy to get. We stopped at the first Service Station over...

  • churchs's bells

    at our first night in basel .we were sleeping in hotel very close to a church.(the room was invited in advance)each 15 minuts the bell was ringing and of course.during day and night.since that we ask in every hotel or B&B if there is close church around.

  • Expensive!

    Neither a true danger, nor a "hazard warning". But just be prepared to be overwhelmed with the costs. When we were in Switzerland the dollar and swiss Franc were essentially equal. But food and trinkets were amazingly expensive. Lunch for two in a sidewalk cafe-$60.00 in Bern or Montreaux. Prices in more touristy areas like Zermatt and St, Moritz...

  • The Gotthard-Tunnel Versus the Passroad

    When you listen to the radio you will hear about traficjams and waitingtimes of up to 2 or 3 hours almost every day for the Gotthard Tunnel. That was the same when I came to Airolo and I am really glad that I decided to drive over the old passroad instead of using the tunnel. I saved about 2 hours of stop-and-go trafic and saw a great landscape...

  • a CAR is NO car, BUT a COACH in...

    A CAR is an AUTOBUS / BUS / COACH in Switzerland. Bus is the word for the local public buses as well in Switzerland, BUT when it comes to Buses that are chartered by tourists to go sightseeing, they are called CAR in Switzerland !!Take a look at my photo : I simply can imagine that english tourists might get the idea, they could place their cars...

  • Roesti in Heidihof / Maienfeld

    Roesti is one of my favorite dishes when I am in Switzerland and in most cases it is simply delicious. In summer 2009 I was not lucky at all when ordering a dish with Rösti in Hotel Heidihof in Maienfeld. The dish was called "Heidihof Roesti" and looked fine on the first view. There was raw ham and Buendnerfleisch on top, that was delicious, but...

  • Dont smoke in the streets during "Foehn"

    Foehn is a (relatively) warm wind that is typical for alpine areas, and it could even happen in wintertime.Some people - including myself - will feel a Foehn by their head aching all day.( foehn in engl.? )The precious old wooden buildings obviously catch fire very fast and easily and it would really be a pity for them ! In Brienz and many other...

  • The Alps are off-limits for your Manolo...

    This funny trafic-sign can be found on top of the Schilthorn, when you walk towards the north from the restaurant and of course it has a serious background !For a vacation in the swiss alps you need at least a minimum of extra equipment:1) Leave your Manolo Blahniks at home and take good hiking-shoes instead, when walking in the mountains and...

  • stay on the hiking-paths !

    Always stay on the hiking-path, even when a shorter way is obviously possible. Especially when you get to the end of your hike and see the cablecar-station in a distance already you might get the idea to take a walk through the meadows in order to save some time and catch the cablecar in the last minute...This could be really dangerous, because...

  • Shelter-huts are only good for...

    In many mountain-maps you will find the places of various shelter-huts, but once that you are there you will see they are good only for a short time and for an emergency like a tunderstorm, hail, snow-storms etc., BUT as a place to spend the night cheaply and easily they will mostly be totally out of question :1) the interior is made in a way that...

  • Going to Jungfraujoch

    I remember having a real Bad headache when we reached the top of Jungfraujoch, I thought my head was going to split. It's because the oxygen concentration up on top is less. I would suggest bringing Tylenol just in case. And also regarding older travelers. I would not recommend older travelers with medical problems to travel up on top. You will...

  • mountains and noise bleed problem

    if traveling to sea levels that are more than 3000 feet higher than yours in warm or cold weather can cause a noise bleed problem in children under 16. the younger the children the greater the probabillity of this problem. ask your doctor on how to handle nose bleeds. there may be something on the net on how to handle noise bleeds for child under...



  • Non-smokers, Be warned

    People like to smoke in Switzerland. A lot. Everywhere. The good news is, they don't throw their rubbish all over the place. The bad news is, you stink when you go to any public restaurant, etc. So, get a seat outside or be prepared to get smokey.

  • Thefts and robberies

    One misconception that people (including me) have about Europe is that its a very safe place. After my visit to Holiday Inn, Lugano (Switzerland) I would beg to differ!We went through an escorted tour for a one night stay at this hotel in Switzerland. The first floor rooms of the hotel are the MOST UNSAFE!! There is a ladder which leads to the...

  • Highways toll

    To use highways you must purchase and display a tax disc (vignette) on your vehicle. The cost is EUR 40The penalty for not displaying a disc is €80. They are sold at border crossings, fuel stations and post offices.

  • Swiss Army knife don't fly...

    Keep your brand new Swiss knife or corkscrew safe before taking your flight...In Switzerland alone, more than 12'000 objects are left behind on the ground each year. Instead of ending up at their holidays destination, they end up in the rubbish bin. This is a nuisance and acn get a holiday off to a really bad start or even delay it. So make sure...

  • Danger on the road ???

    Have a look on this website to know the current Swiss road situation. Road information about traffic jams, roadworks and mobile road radars...Speed limits are 50 km/h inside town, 80 km/h outside and 120 km/h on motorway.Drive safe!

  • Gimmelwald is NO base to explore the...

    Choose your hotel carefully, when you are going to explore the Berner Alpen, some places are perfect regarding the means of transportation, BUT their hotel-prices are a bit higher. Other places are very remote and offer cheap accomodation like Gimmelwald that was mentioned and recommended in various guidebooks, also by Rick Stevens and in fact it...

  • Holy Cow

    Swiss appears me as India, because they both have holy cows. In Swiss you may see cows everywhere, even in the cities. In Geneve, for instance, there is a whole group of cows. These cows are not dangerous, the do not produce ***. Of course there are lots of real cows, whose milk is important for making cheese and clocks. (The clock-makers need...

  • tick removal

    just read masc4's comment about ticks. do not do as suggested as there is a strong chance you will break off the head and this will lead to severe infection. instead, use anything like margarine, cold cream, lard, butter, etc. to cover the insect completely. it will notice that it is not breathing very quickly and will detach itself from your body,...

  • High altitude precautions...

    Chi va piano, va sano e va lontano... (Who goes slowly, goes safetly, goes far)If you are planning to discover our Swiss Alps, don't forget to acclimatize before going on up to the rnountains. Please bear in mind that you need plenty of fluids and time to acclimatize when you are at an altitude of over 9,840 feet / 3'000 meters.You will avoid...

  • Check the weather!

    Always check the weather forecast before you set out walking/hiking in the mountains, the weather can change very fast. Also make sure that you are wearing secure walking shoes/boots, the trails can have very steep sides.

  • Summer traffic jam warning @ Glion...

    The Glion tunnels are located on the A9 motorway between Montreux and Villeneuve.The road works will last until November 2005 and will be divided into two phases, each corresponding to one of the tubes being closed and therefore requiring two-way traffic in the remaining open tube. "Mountain" tube closed from April the 18th to November 2005,...

  • Be careful from city jerks!

    Ok I know it is so funny LOLAs we couldn't catch a city jerk at work that day, we decided to play the game and the roles: Starring Firas as the city jerkAugusta as the victumso please you have to keep in your mind it is one of the rare but possible events to happen to you, especially if you are a good looking female ;-D

  • Dangers of going to Axalp Fire Power...

    The Axalp Fire Power Demo (see my Switserland travel Logue of 2003 and my 'must-see' tip) is held in the autumn, in the start of oktober. In that period and the weathre can be extreme and also unpredictable: One moment the sun may shine and it's calm, the other it can be a heavy snowstorm. It differs mostly per day. Before taking part in visiting...

  • Beware of the white death...

    Avalanche hazardIf you're going skiing/surfing off-piste. Please respect the local regulations and read the avalanche bullettins.In case of emergency call 117

  • Danger in the torrents!

    Danger of drowning.In a few seconds, a quiet river can turn into a deadly torrent. When?Water spillages are unpredictable. They can occur:- even on a clear day and during summer - round the clock on every day of the year Where?Water spillages occur downstream of water intakes, dams and hydroelectric stations and production basins:- in the beds of...

  • Fortune tellers in Luzern

    My very first day in Luzern, I experienced this sitting in my hotel lobby - a man approached me (I'm guessing either Indian or Pakistani descent, I dont know for sure), very friendly, asked me my name and where I'm from. He then proceeded to tell me I looked like I was lucky in life, but appeared to be confused about some aspects of my life (yeah,...

  • Switzerland is Expensive!

    I don't know about anyone else, but I found Switzerland to be an incredibly expensive place to shop and eat. After traveling around the rest of Europe on a tight budget, I guess I was probably used to spending less than most people, but the prices are definitely higher in this country than elsewhere. Even McDonald's cost like US$8-$10 for a meal!!!...

  • Washing and drying

    I pack light, after all, I have to carry my own luggage! So, I always plan on washing and hanging out my staples. My white, under sweater shirt, needed a rinse and I stupidly hung it out to dry on the balcony. Next morning it was stained with black stripes from the iron railing. Well, it's only an undergarment anyway...

  • Sun protection on a lake

    As you enter any vessel on a swiss lake make sure your waterbalance is ok. and that you have enough water on you, because you might get thirsty.It's a great risk to come close to dehydration when cruising around after i.e. a long hike or anything else exhausting.And by water I mean water not beer or any other alcoholic beverages or even tea or...

  • Beware with your money!

    I found Switzerland a very safe place. The only dangers (mainly for my bank account) were when I had to pay for something, it's a quite expensive country!

  • Quick weather changes

    Weather changes in the mountains: In the alps the weather can change very quickly! Look at the forecasts (on swiss TV at 19.50, or in newspapers) before you go on a mountain tour.

  • Mountain driving

    Be careful on mountain passes. There's snow all year on most of them... This picture is taken in June on Gotthard Pass - Olli is welcoming the day with a 'YESSSS!' :-)

  • Sun burn... believe it or not...

    Sun burn... believe it or not it was so hot when I was here and I got sunburnt. Best way to get some sun the fun way is to take a cruise from the centre of Luzern across the lake to the bottom of Mt Pilatus to the railway and then catch it to the top!!!

  • Of course, watching helicopter...

    Of course, watching helicopter logging has its risks...don't let one of these drop on your car, especially if it's a rental. The Europcar folks might not like that.

  • Watch out for avalanches,...

    Watch out for avalanches, black runs if you're a lousy skieer and of course...the abominable snowperson!

  • Criminality:Compared to other...

    Criminality:Compared to other Countries, Switzerland has not a very high criminality. But still pay attention everywhere you are going. At Zurich Airport there are so many bags get stolen.Every city has some 'dangerous' places where you can get in troubels if you don't pay attention. Another fact which I have to mention is, that 80% or the...

  • Be aware of the swan in the...

    Be aware of the swan in the river. They might hit you with the wings. I took a windsurfer course on the river Rhein, totally awsome to surf between the two countries, even being a rookie.This picture is of the family dog (Aras). And if you look closely the swan is coming towards him.


    Don't go out on your own into the mountains. Be prepared. If you run into trouble, there is a general distress code. Call as loudly for help 6 times in a minute followed by 1 minute silence. Then repeat this sequence. Helpers will reply 3 times a minute. Instead of yelling you can signal with a lamp or a mirror or even wave with something.Don't...

  • Please be aware, climbing up a...

    Please be aware, climbing up a piece of rock can be easy, always inspect the nasty thing how to get down again!

  • Banking secret, black money...

    Banking secret, black money and dirty moneyAs long as you have commited no crime toward Swiss law, your money is safe in Switzerland. Over the centuries, Swiss banks have been offering asylum to those worried about the security of their money, be it because of political turmoil or predatory governments. For example, during the Fascist period in...


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