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  • Provinciaal Hof - Provincial Court
    by Machiel_Engelbrecht
  • Heraklion's working old harbour
    Heraklion's working old harbour
    by BlueLlama
  • Hilltop view of the Lake Baikal
    Hilltop view of the Lake Baikal
    by view.finder

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    Acropolis Athens

    by gwened Written Jan 5, 2015

    magnificent building a symbol of Athens and when I went this is the first site the locals friend took me...

    During the antiquity it was a huge sanctuary to the cult of the goddess Athéna and others of Greek mythology, as said the partheon acropolis is more than a temple ,its a symbol of Athens,and Greece

    It is on a rocky hill 148 meters high with a flat summit that is 300 meters east to west and 85 meters north to south. It is only accessable by a hilly road on the west side. There is a museum on the south side of it

    It is of course a world heritage site as here

    Best ways to get there, go on foot passing square Syntagma, Plaka and Monastiraki, you can walk the streets of Adrianou to the Acropolis through the Agora then go up the Dioskouron street markets. The easiest way is to take the Athens metro and get off at the Acropolis station, exit, walk in the direction of the Dionysiou Areopagitou Street where the entrance to the new Acropolis Museum and after 3 minutes walk next to the Odeon of Herodes Atticus is the entrance to the Acropolis.

    Pictures are from the visit in 2006.

    Acropolis facing back acropolis
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    by Trainbug Updated Nov 24, 2014

    Stockholm is the capiital of Sweden and it is situated in the north of Europe. I have to admit it is a wonderful city, especially during a perfect Swedish day during the summer time. Around Stockholm you have so much water and also a very huge archepeology with many different islands. Stockholm has many tourist attractions to offer anyone all the year around. It is a very cool and clean capital in the north of Europe, but one problem. It cost lots of money to spend time here, but with good tips from us vters I hope we can reduce your costs and that you can visit this beautiful capital in Scandinavia.

    An information sign some where in the city of city Old town.

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    Christmas markets

    by angiebabe Written Nov 20, 2014

    I love getting to special events such as festivals and celebrations - and the Christmas markets are a real favourite of mine to experience the local festivities and coming together of the people in a locality

    Ive been to quite a few in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France and Belgium - we have even started having German christmas markets over here in the UK particularly good ones being in London and up at Norwich and Bath and Birmingham.

    This is a really good website for Christmas markets in Italy - i did one driving trip heading for acouple of markets north of Trento (which is a beautiful place to visit) in the Dolomites but couldnt get there due to bad weather conditions (the mountain passes can be closed due to dangerous winds so even though you have good snow tyres there is no guaranteee you can get to where you want to go during the winter months)

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    by Trainbug Updated Sep 29, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The best thing I know to do is to travel by trains. There are so many advantages and it is a very nice way of travelling. So, of course I have traveled by Interrail some times, and I dont mind to do it again. Perhaps I will do it next year again ormany more trips in the future. I have many places to visit in Europe and I dont mind to visit them by train. There are so many advantages with trains. Trains connect people and countries, and an easy way to get in contact with strangers, or another word, other foreign travellers. At the same time it connects people, it is also such a perfect and relaxing way of travel. I can not understand that people dont use the train more.

    A picture of a catalogue about Interrail.
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    Austria > The former KZ in Mauthausen

    by globetrott Updated Sep 20, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In Mauthausen you can still see the former KZ ( Konzentrationslager ) of the Nazis ! Mauthausen is about 20 Km east of Linz, and the former KZ was recently restored and is open for visitors.
    You will need strong nerves to see all this, as already when entering the first court ( in my main photo ) you can get an idea of the atmosphere of the KZ.
    The ovens were rather small in Mauthausen, as the prisoners had to work so very hard carrying big stones up the " stairs of death " ( my 4th photo ), that most of them were killed by the hard work and the treatment by the guards...
    Mauthausen is a lovely village nowadays with a lot of interesting houses along the river danube, click on the link below and read more about it in my Mauthausen-page !

    the court of the SS-garages the barracks of the KZ Mauthausen the quarry & Todesstiege in KZ Mauthausen The KZ-Gedenkstaette / KZ-memorial in Mauthausen Mauthausen - my selfmade postcard
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  • gwened's Profile Photo

    Casino de Monte Carlo

    by gwened Written Sep 4, 2014

    one of the reason I came here was to see the casino of Monte Carlo,having been growing around them in my youth once in Europe Monte Carlo was it. I had the opportunity to see it in 2008 and then in 2010.

    It is a place of leyends and even if not into them, a see is a must when in Monte Carlo.
    The style is Belle Epoque done in 1879 by Charles Garnier (same as opéra garnier Paris, and opéra de monte carlo amongst others). today there are several casinos there but this onen remains it

    More than 1000 machines more than any other in Europe, you are home. You can ,also come for the exquisite restaurants like the Le Salon Rosé; and the people watching is excellent, the interior decorations magnificent.

    A nice stop at Monte Carlo,Prinicipality of Monaco.

    Casino de Monte Carlo Casino at night place du Casino out to city Place du Casino at night and casino
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  • DAO's Profile Photo


    by DAO Written Sep 1, 2014

    Also known as Bagenal's Castle, this is a fantastic museum and it is also free! The Newry & Mourne Museum (Iarsmalann an Iúir & Mhúrn – in Gaelic) opened its doors in 1986 and is also the VERY helpful Tourism Information Centre for the area. The Castle part of this museum is actually a sixteenth century fortified house and adjoins a nineteenth century warehouse. Previously the premises had house a bakery. During restorations in 1996 they uncovered the actual Castle and its features beneath newer building work. Some of the original features uncovered include gun loops, fireplaces, windows and doorways.

    Some of the amazing artefacts in the museum help educate and really bring major recent events in the area to life. This includes Irish Home Rule, Partition, 2 World Wars, and The Troubles. I was very impressed with the objective way the museum explains the recent contentious past and even present. You can have a great visit in this compact museum in an hour and walk away feeling that it is time well spent.

    The Galleries include:

    Gallery 1 – Traces the first human settlers up to the end of the 16th century
    Gallery 2 - Exhibits of Newry during the 17th - 19th centuries
    Gallery 3 - Political and economic events during the 20th century
    Exhibitions – change every few months

    Some of the amazing artefacts in the museum help educate and really bring major recent events in the area to life. This includes Irish Home Rule, Partition, 2 World Wars, and The Troubles.

    Entry the museum is free of charge and they are open from:
    10.00am - 4.30pm Monday to Saturday
    1.30pm - 5pm on Sundays
    (excluding Christmas Day, December 26th and New Year's Day)

    Newry & Mourne Museum Newry & Mourne Museum Newry & Mourne Museum Newry & Mourne Museum Newry & Mourne Museum
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  • DAO's Profile Photo


    by DAO Updated Sep 1, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Day or night, you can get a bottle of cognac 24 hours a day. Well at this special shop you can. The KVINT (Kon'iaki, vina i napitki Tiraspol'ia – translates as Brandies, Wines and Beverages of Tiraspol) factory has this small shop just around the corner from the factory gates. How convenient is that? And just to make sure you and your friends never run out they are open 24 hours a day like it says on the sign. Although it also says ‘Dinner’ in Russian and notes the times of 2-3pm (14:00-15:00). So maybe a late lunch is not such a good time to be hunting down a quick bottle of cognac. Come in the morning just to be on the safe side and then again later in the evening. They will not run out!



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  • DAO's Profile Photo


    by DAO Written May 11, 2014

    Podul Minciunilor is a bridge in the town of Sibiu. The name means ‘The bridge of Lies’, but is often written in English as ‘Liar’s Bridge’, which actually misrepresents its magical qualities. In the name of VT, I did perform a test of this bridge one evening during the 9th annual Euromeet. This iron bridge spans one corner of Piaţa Mica (Small Square) and looks out over the steep drop into the Lower Town of Sibiu. If you tell a lie while you are standing in this bridge – it will collapse and you will fall to your death in the Lower Town. Before I explain the experiment, I think I should tell you the story of the bridge.
    This was once a wooden bridge and has always been called the Bridge of Lies since it was erected in 1771. In 1859 it was replaced by a wrought iron bridge built in the Fredericus Hütte factory. This became the first iron bridge ever made in Romania and its decorative features include Sibiu’s coat of arms. The bridge was originally built to span a gap left by the removal of one of the old gate towers that help to form extensive fortifications around the city. The name actually comes from a pretty boring mistranslation. Because the bridge is unsupported in the middle, it is ‘lying’ across the 2 ends. Just like the confusion in English between ‘lay’ and ‘lie’, this is where the trouble starts. In the Saxon dialect, the word “lying” (lugenmarchen) gets into the same confusion. So somewhere along the line, someone started making up stories….

    OK, Now for the 2 sexy bits!

    1. Some of the stories. Yep – tell a lie anywhere in Sibiu – even OFF the bridge – and you could meet one of these ends:
    • If you tell a small lie (no honey it doesn’t make you look…) on the bridge and it starts creaking
    • Tell a big lie (I love your mother)and the bridge collapses into the Lower Town – killing you
    • Lovers should make their vows here before marriage. If she turns out to NOT be a virgin – locals throw her off the bridge
    • Predict the future wrongly to the local people – thrown off. This includes the Weather Forecasters!
    • Cheat anyone in business or cards – locals get to throw you off with all the others mentioned above
    Needless to say, with human nature being what it is, there is no need to sell red pain in the Lower Town. Interestingly there is a story that the bloody dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu made a speech on the bridge in the 1970’s and nothing happened. I think either this is a lie itself or he just made threats.

    2. The VT Experiment !!
    I paid another VT Member a few compliments during the Euromeeting. Both on and off the bridge, but all comments were said within the Sibiu City Walls. I can assure you that everything I said was the truth and there is even a live WEBCAM to prove it is still there! It is at the top.

    Yes, I risked my life (again) for VT! Please rate accordingly.

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  • angiebabe's Profile Photo

    UNESCO sites around Europe and the world

    by angiebabe Written Mar 14, 2014

    Unesco is an organisation that acknowledges sites that contribute to world heritage - particularly if at risk of being destroyed or deteriorating beyond resolve - and looking at ways to protect or assist the country that the site is in to look after it

    There are so many wonderful sites on the list - good to get an idea of what is possibly in the area of your destination - some of us like or have an obsession with visiting places on the list so that we can tick them off!

    YOu can become a member or subscribe to the organisations online mailing list for regular newsletters and even receive a map from them showing the sites around the world

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    Money . . . How do I get it?

    by Beausoleil Updated Jan 26, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are traveling from the United States of America, your credit cards do not contain a microchip that is in all European credit cards. You will encounter a few problems but they are not insurmountable.

    First, you can use your cards in European ATM machines so you can get money. I highly recommend you use only bank ATM machines during banking hours. If your card is eaten or damaged by the machine, you can go inside the bank and get it back. We've had this happen twice and once had to wait through the ending of lunch for the bank to reopen so we could get our card back. We also had a card damaged by a credit card machine in a business so it's a good idea to take at least two cards with you just in case.

    Ticket machines are a problem. Most will not accept American credit cards. This means you can't use automated ticket machines at railroads and subways. In this case, there is nearly always a nearby ticket window with a real live person. They can take your American credit card so get in line and buy your ticket at the window.

    Gas stations are another problem. Self-serve gas at hypermarches is cheapest but the pumps won't take your card. Look around because most stations have an attendant. They can take your card but there is often only one gas pump for this transaction. It will be marked so look for it. If you go outside of normal business hours, you have to go to a regular gas station, not the supermarket stations that are cheaper.

    How do attendants take your card if the machines can't? If you remember the machines at home, you slide your card into them and it is read by the gas pump or ATM or whatever. This is where you need the chip in Europe. In businesses like stores and restaurants, the checkout person (or waiter) will have a hand-carried machine that comes to the table. This machine takes both kinds of cards. The Europeans slide their chipped cards into the bottom front of the machine. The joy here is that there is a nearly invisible slot on the side (beside the numbers) that works with the American cards. The checkout person must slide your card through the side and it works just like it does at home.

    The only problem we've had is in very rural areas without many tourists, checkout people don't know this slot exists. We have had to show them how to slide the card (in French the word is glisser), and then it was just fine. If you don't speak the local language, just make a sliding motion with the card and they'll get the idea. If that doesn't work, just show them.

    There is nearly always someone around who can help you so don't worry about it and don't carry large amounts of cash. We use debit cards for cash and credit cards for purchases and it works very well.

    Before you leave home, call your bank and credit card companies and tell them where you will be and when so your card is not refused while you are traveling. They track these things and are trying to keep you safe from identity theft so let them know where you'll be. They will thank you and you will save yourself a little hassle while traveling.

    Honor system; no credit card needed here
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  • CarolinaShinigami's Profile Photo

    Castle of Limassol

    by CarolinaShinigami Written Dec 3, 2013

    The Castle of Limassol is one of the many famous castles in Cyprus. This one stands out the most out of all the castles because it is the place where King Richard the Lionheart married the Queen of Spain on his way to the Crusades. Also, the famous Knights of Templar would take over and worship in this castle.
    Now, I have to admit that the castle seemed empty. I was very surprised at first to see not much in the castle- Even with so much history background. There wasn’t much to see or do; I believed that I went through the entire castle in less than hour. There were some cool artifacts and interesting items in the museum, but there wasn’t a lot to keep up my curiosity of the museum. Even so, my tour guide George would try to keep the group together as best he could, so he could explain more about the castle. George tried his best to optimize what the museum offered, but the emptiness of museum took away what I thought should have much more than what was offered. Even the wedding area where King Richard supposedly married the Queen of Spain seemed very prosaic- I believe one would not even noticed the area if they didn’t have a tour guide show them the area.
    Most of the castle has different rooms that offer interesting stone art from the different time periods. The museum has weapons and armor from different time periods. One tip is to ensure that you do not touch any of the artifacts or glass that holds these items in. I saw one British kid who touched one of the glasses, and the museum guard told his parents that he couldn’t touch the glass.
    The best part of visiting the museum is going to the rooftop of the museum. The rooftop of the museum has cannons, but the main reason to visit the top is amazing view of the city. You can see a lot of Limassol from the rooftop of the castle. While viewing the city from the rooftop, I noticed the clashing of different cultures. I could see former mosques sitting next door to Byzantine churches; I could see the industry side of Limassol; I could see the beautiful beaches and the Mediterranean Sea. The clash of history and beautiful scenery made it worth the trip to see the rooftop. If I had more time, I could have stayed up there for a while.

    Canon inside the castle Where King Richard the Lionheart married his wife Bust of Dionysus View from the top of the castle Second view from the top of the castle
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  • Raimix's Profile Photo

    Cathedral - Berlin, Germany

    by Raimix Written Nov 24, 2013

    Berlin Cathedral is one of the main landmarks of Berlin. It is the main Evangelical temple in Germany. The interior is amazing, it was build in neo - Renaissance style in 1905. It needed to be somewhat like Basilica in Vatican.

    During Second World War it was bombed, but mainly roof had fallen. It was fully reconstructed just in 1993. Now it big tourism attraction.

    There were a few past examples of this temple, but demolished ones. The story started from 1451, when Prince-Elector Frederick II I moved residence to Berlin (Colln) and had here residence with a chapel.

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  • Raimix's Profile Photo

    Parliament - Berlin, Germany

    by Raimix Written Nov 24, 2013

    Parliament (Reichtag) is one of the most impressive building in Berlin. It was constructed in 1871. In 1933 it is known for a "famous" fire, when probably it was fired by Nazis and made them as one of the most popular party in Germany.

    After Second World War it was badly damaged, later was not used by purpose, as the parliament was moved to Boon. Only in 1990 it was remodeled by Norman Foster with its famous solution of cupola. It is probably the most interesting thing for this building.

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  • Raimix's Profile Photo

    Brandenburg Gate - Berlin, Germany

    by Raimix Written Nov 24, 2013

    Probably it is the most popular sight and symbol of Berlin. It was build in 1788 - 1791 as a gate to the city, more symbolical gate, it was made in a manner of French Classicism. Berlin was damage during the war with Napoleon, famous Quadriga statue (Goddess of Victory) was taken to Paris.

    Brandenburg gate stayed in West Germany after Second World War. Famous speech of John Kennedy took place here. After all, now it is a place to remember history. Also it is just the start (or the end) of famous Under den Linden street, that continues to Cathedral.

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