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  • Heraklion's working old harbour
    Heraklion's working old harbour
    by BlueLlama
  • Hospital Sant Pau
    by smirnofforiginal
  • Hilltop view of the Lake Baikal
    Hilltop view of the Lake Baikal
    by view.finder

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  • Byssa's Profile Photo


    by Byssa Updated Jul 6, 2015

    Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, a country in the northern Europe. This is a very beautful and clean capital, especially during the summer time because Stockholm has lots of water. Stockholm is situated in the north of Europe and some times people joke that it is the capital of Scandinavia (Scandinavia are the countries Sweden, Norway and Denmark).

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    by Byssa Updated Jul 6, 2015

    Lithuania is a small country at the Baltic sea and surrounded by Russia (Koningsberg), Belarus and other countries belonging to the European Union. Lithuania is a small farm country who became independent after Soviet Union chaos and now a proud country, belong to the European Union. The population is naturally most Lithuanians, but you find a big percent of Russians here too.

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  • solopes's Profile Photo


    by solopes Written Jun 25, 2015

    Where to go for the beach in Europe?
    That depends on your priority, but I will try to help choosing a few common criteria:

    A - Temperature of the water:*
    1 - Spain - all the long south coast and the Balearic Islands. Forget Canary islands - the cold current may disappoint you
    2 - Italy - the Adriatic coast
    3 - Portugal - Algarve coast

    Skip all the west coast. The south coast of France has its good days, and Greece, if the wind doesn't bother you...

    B - Quality of the sand*
    1 - Portugal - almost everywhere
    2 - France - here and there
    3 - Spain - mainly in the chilly north and Balearic

    C - Lodging price and quality*
    1 - Spain (their professionalism is outstanding, though most places are overexploited)
    2 - Portugal
    3 - Greece

    D - Nightlife and social activities*
    1 - Spain
    2 - Spain
    3 - Portugal (Algarve)

    E - Wild landscape*
    1 - Portugal (southwest coast)
    2 - Greece (islands)
    3 - France

    Of course... with the reserve that this is the result of my small experience...

    Majorca - Balearic Islands Blackpool - England Nazar�� - Portugal Lignano Sabbiadoro - Italy Marbella - Spain
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  • LoriPori's Profile Photo


    by LoriPori Updated Jun 13, 2015

    This is a photo of the PARIS CITY HALL - HOTEL DE VILLE. It has been at this location since 1357 and it houses the local administration and the Mayor of Paris. It is one of the largest city halls in Europe.

    Paris City Hall
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    by LoriPori Updated Jun 13, 2015

    Another must see church in Paris is SACRE COEUR or Basilica of the Sacred Heart. The Basilica is located at the summit Montmartre, the highest point in the city.
    Construction of Sacre Coeur began in 1875 and completed in 1914 and is built of traventine stone which ensures that the basilica remains white even with weathering and pollution.

    Sacre Coeur
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  • gwened's Profile Photo

    ski in Andorra

    by gwened Updated Jun 12, 2015

    just cross it and shop never done skiing but this site will tell you all

    I have been several years back at this one Pal - Vallnord, near Andorra la Vella, but I watch, my boys do the runs ::)

    I use another one for France and Italy but has sites for Andorra too ,here it is in English

    hope it helps

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    by DAO Written May 29, 2015

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    The World's End is located in Edinburgh, Scotland. It's official. OK, Edinburgh does border the sea, but the World's End? This tip is actually about some golden colored bricks on High Street. Edinburgh was a walled city in the 1500's in order to protect the city and its inhabitants. The gates to the city, named The Netherbow Port, were located just outside the Pub which exists today with the same name of World's End. It was part of the Flodden wall built after the Scots lost an epic battle to the English in the Battle of Flodden in 1513. It was erected in case the English decided to attack the city. Over the years it would display the heads of any criminals who had been executed to make sure the public remembered to obey the law. The brass bricks mark out the gates original location. The good people of the city felt that once the exited these gates, they had left their 'world' and the name stuck.

    You can toast this fact inside the pub, which is a traditional 'boozer'.

    Enjoy !

    The World's End - Edinburgh, Scotland
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    by DAO Written May 11, 2015

    PLEASE NOTE: I wrote this tip years ago, but this location and many others in Europe need your help! Money, time, blankets, food, anything.


    Meet Toby! Toby is a good dog. He is a family pet. Totally trained and housebroken. He is great to walk and is very gentle on a lead. Toby seems to be an interesting mix between a Lurcher (definitely) and something taller like an Irish Wolfhound. I estimate his age at about 6-7 years old. He is loyal to his family and loves them very much. He is gentle and enjoys just being petted and lying on the rug in his home.

    So what did the family do this year for Toby? They put him in the car on December 19th and let him out on the side of a busy road. Goodbye Toby

    Toby entered the system. Someone rang the Dog Warden. Dog Warden catches Toby and drops him off at Mount Pleasant. The Whiteheads, the nice family who run Mt. Pleasant check him over and discover he is chipped! They ring the owners and tell them the good news. They don’t seem very interested and get off the phone. They have not been in contact since. Probably playing with the new puppy they bought for Christmas.

    Lucky for Toby he was not hit by a car or attacked by other dogs. Many in the same shelter with Toby tonight are not so lucky. Toby is in a dark cage in the ‘Lower Block’ opposite an immature and vicious Rottweiler. Most dogs here have no names. I found Toby yesterday - he seemed scared and disoriented. Many here are in the first few days. He let me take him for a walk yesterday, but just kept looking at me and being frightened. This is a very large full male dog. When we walked across a field, he looked around and began to cry. He was looking for his family.

    Today I got a flicker or recognition from Toby when I went to get him out of his enclosure, He lets me pet him now and even wagged his tail when I left. My next visit will be when the grace period is up for holding Toby for his wonderful owners. He will be ready for adoption and I will walk him again so he can learn trust of other people. He needs to be more charming if he is going to attract attention of a prospective new owner.

    Merry Christmas Toby.

    Still here?
    At the time I first wrote this tip I had visited and walked Toby 4 times. Great dog and friend. I even would let Toby off the lead to run across the local fields and he would return after a good workout. One day I met a couple who wanted a second dog, but wanted a dog that was sociable with other dogs. Toby! I answered. In fact he was often put in with some of the other sociable dogs in a single large cage. I convinced them to bring their own dog and take both for a walk and a run through the fields. One hour later they did - all four of them . And Toby found a home. Where he could live out his days with responsible owners.

    Facebook Page for Mt Pleasant

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  • DAO's Profile Photo


    by DAO Written Apr 18, 2015

    Impressive isn’t it? The Big Camera is located in the beach resort of Rimini. It was originally built as a photographers shop in 1948. The photographer and shop owner, Elio Guerra, thought that holiday makers would see this and want to develop their holiday photos with him. Smart idea! It was renovated by the local authorities in 2002 and is open to the public on special occasions according to the Tourist Administrative Office. Unfortunately they don’t disclose when these occasions are. It’s a ‘must do’ to have your photo taken with the Camera if you come to Rimini.

    It Italian it is known as ‘La vecchia macchina fotografica’.

    The big camera - Rimini, Italy
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  • gwened's Profile Photo

    Acropolis Athens

    by gwened Written Jan 5, 2015

    magnificent building a symbol of Athens and when I went this is the first site the locals friend took me...

    During the antiquity it was a huge sanctuary to the cult of the goddess Athéna and others of Greek mythology, as said the partheon acropolis is more than a temple ,its a symbol of Athens,and Greece

    It is on a rocky hill 148 meters high with a flat summit that is 300 meters east to west and 85 meters north to south. It is only accessable by a hilly road on the west side. There is a museum on the south side of it

    It is of course a world heritage site as here

    Best ways to get there, go on foot passing square Syntagma, Plaka and Monastiraki, you can walk the streets of Adrianou to the Acropolis through the Agora then go up the Dioskouron street markets. The easiest way is to take the Athens metro and get off at the Acropolis station, exit, walk in the direction of the Dionysiou Areopagitou Street where the entrance to the new Acropolis Museum and after 3 minutes walk next to the Odeon of Herodes Atticus is the entrance to the Acropolis.

    Pictures are from the visit in 2006.

    Acropolis facing back acropolis
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  • angiebabe's Profile Photo

    Christmas markets

    by angiebabe Written Nov 20, 2014

    I love getting to special events such as festivals and celebrations - and the Christmas markets are a real favourite of mine to experience the local festivities and coming together of the people in a locality

    Ive been to quite a few in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France and Belgium - we have even started having German christmas markets over here in the UK particularly good ones being in London and up at Norwich and Bath and Birmingham.

    This is a really good website for Christmas markets in Italy - i did one driving trip heading for acouple of markets north of Trento (which is a beautiful place to visit) in the Dolomites but couldnt get there due to bad weather conditions (the mountain passes can be closed due to dangerous winds so even though you have good snow tyres there is no guaranteee you can get to where you want to go during the winter months)

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  • globetrott's Profile Photo

    Austria > The former KZ in Mauthausen

    by globetrott Updated Sep 20, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In Mauthausen you can still see the former KZ ( Konzentrationslager ) of the Nazis ! Mauthausen is about 20 Km east of Linz, and the former KZ was recently restored and is open for visitors.
    You will need strong nerves to see all this, as already when entering the first court ( in my main photo ) you can get an idea of the atmosphere of the KZ.
    The ovens were rather small in Mauthausen, as the prisoners had to work so very hard carrying big stones up the " stairs of death " ( my 4th photo ), that most of them were killed by the hard work and the treatment by the guards...
    Mauthausen is a lovely village nowadays with a lot of interesting houses along the river danube, click on the link below and read more about it in my Mauthausen-page !

    the court of the SS-garages the barracks of the KZ Mauthausen the quarry & Todesstiege in KZ Mauthausen The KZ-Gedenkstaette / KZ-memorial in Mauthausen Mauthausen - my selfmade postcard
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  • gwened's Profile Photo

    Casino de Monte Carlo

    by gwened Written Sep 4, 2014

    one of the reason I came here was to see the casino of Monte Carlo,having been growing around them in my youth once in Europe Monte Carlo was it. I had the opportunity to see it in 2008 and then in 2010.

    It is a place of leyends and even if not into them, a see is a must when in Monte Carlo.
    The style is Belle Epoque done in 1879 by Charles Garnier (same as opéra garnier Paris, and opéra de monte carlo amongst others). today there are several casinos there but this onen remains it

    More than 1000 machines more than any other in Europe, you are home. You can ,also come for the exquisite restaurants like the Le Salon Rosé; and the people watching is excellent, the interior decorations magnificent.

    A nice stop at Monte Carlo,Prinicipality of Monaco.

    Casino de Monte Carlo Casino at night place du Casino out to city Place du Casino at night and casino
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    by DAO Written Sep 1, 2014

    Also known as Bagenal's Castle, this is a fantastic museum and it is also free! The Newry & Mourne Museum (Iarsmalann an Iúir & Mhúrn – in Gaelic) opened its doors in 1986 and is also the VERY helpful Tourism Information Centre for the area. The Castle part of this museum is actually a sixteenth century fortified house and adjoins a nineteenth century warehouse. Previously the premises had house a bakery. During restorations in 1996 they uncovered the actual Castle and its features beneath newer building work. Some of the original features uncovered include gun loops, fireplaces, windows and doorways.

    Some of the amazing artefacts in the museum help educate and really bring major recent events in the area to life. This includes Irish Home Rule, Partition, 2 World Wars, and The Troubles. I was very impressed with the objective way the museum explains the recent contentious past and even present. You can have a great visit in this compact museum in an hour and walk away feeling that it is time well spent.

    The Galleries include:

    Gallery 1 – Traces the first human settlers up to the end of the 16th century
    Gallery 2 - Exhibits of Newry during the 17th - 19th centuries
    Gallery 3 - Political and economic events during the 20th century
    Exhibitions – change every few months

    Some of the amazing artefacts in the museum help educate and really bring major recent events in the area to life. This includes Irish Home Rule, Partition, 2 World Wars, and The Troubles.

    Entry the museum is free of charge and they are open from:
    10.00am - 4.30pm Monday to Saturday
    1.30pm - 5pm on Sundays
    (excluding Christmas Day, December 26th and New Year's Day)

    Newry & Mourne Museum Newry & Mourne Museum Newry & Mourne Museum Newry & Mourne Museum Newry & Mourne Museum
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    by DAO Updated Sep 1, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Day or night, you can get a bottle of cognac 24 hours a day. Well at this special shop you can. The KVINT (Kon'iaki, vina i napitki Tiraspol'ia – translates as Brandies, Wines and Beverages of Tiraspol) factory has this small shop just around the corner from the factory gates. How convenient is that? And just to make sure you and your friends never run out they are open 24 hours a day like it says on the sign. Although it also says ‘Dinner’ in Russian and notes the times of 2-3pm (14:00-15:00). So maybe a late lunch is not such a good time to be hunting down a quick bottle of cognac. Come in the morning just to be on the safe side and then again later in the evening. They will not run out!



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