Europe Tourist Traps

  • The reality
    The reality
    by Jim_Eliason
  • Glaidators at the Coliseum
    Glaidators at the Coliseum
    by aukahkay
  • Ready For The Horde Of Tourists!
    Ready For The Horde Of Tourists!
    by GuitarStan

Europe Tourist Traps

  • Montmartre - Sacré Coeur

    Paris Tourist Traps

    NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! One million times NO! I went to the romantic square of Tertre and couldn't believe what I saw: the artists, expelled from the square by a dense esplanade! No! I can't believe that the good old Tertre was killed! It was the effect of the rain! It only could be! I hope! I will never go...

  • London Eye

    London Tourist Traps

    The London Eye is a huge ferris wheel, at one time the world's largest, with enclosed capsules. It moves so slowly that you can barely tell that it is moving, it takes 30 minutes to do a full revolution. I'm probably in the minority in listing this as a tourist trap, I've been on it twice and both times I've thought it was overpriced and really not...

  • Colosseum Gladiators

    Rome Tourist Traps

    My expectations were the following: feel like I've travelled back in time, discover the digs from ancient Rome, see how Romans have lived for many years. In reality it was disappointing. The sights were excellent, and what I expected them to be. The surroundings however, not so much. Loads of people trying to make you buy things (souvenirs but...

  • Red Light District

    Amsterdam Tourist Traps

    In the summer this place is heaving with tourists and where there are lots of tourists there are lots of undesirables such as heroin junkies, aggressive beggars, pickpockets and some real ugly looking prostitutes and seriously if you ain't going there for sex there no point going. If you have to go do it in the early evening as it is slightly...

  • Places To Avoid

    Barcelona Tourist Traps

    If you tell Fernanda I wrote this I'm a dead man. I've been in Barcelona more than 30 years ago, in a rush to proceed to France and Germany. I got an excellent idea of the town, but, for one reason or another, I never went back - even when we went to Andorra, and Salou, visiting Montserrat, we skipped Barcelona. Last year I decided It was time,...

  • Gondole

    Venice Tourist Traps

    Guys like this one, dressed in the traditional Venetian clothes, can be seen all over the place, especially in the most crowded areas of Venice. But if the season is good and the city of Venice is overcrowded by the tourists, you wont see them around. Their job is catching tourists around and canvassing them for a gondola drive. In case they...

  • Little Mermaid

    Copenhagen Tourist Traps

    Take public transport as close as you can. Yes, the statue is small and unremarkable; however, the walk back toward the city is wonderful: the Anglican church, old fort, sailors' housing, etc. Stay just a minute or two, take some pics, and then enjoy the walk back toward the city.

  • Temple Bar

    Dublin Tourist Traps

    Nice area with plenty of shops, pubs and restaurants but definitely aimed at tourists & hence pretty expensive. Go & see it but if you want souvenirs, food or drink there's plenty of other places to choose from!!! The side streets between Grafton Street and George's Street offer main smaller shops and restaurants without the crowds of Temple Bar...

  • Taxi rip-offs

    Lisbon Tourist Traps

    I don't like to speak about this but some of them have shown us the entire city (which is not so big) trying to get one more euro... or even less I haven't complained about it as I had to recognise that for a lot of people the life is hard... You shall be anyway aware about it... even if the price of the taxi is not so high in Lisbon. We have spent...

  • Wall pieces

    Berlin Tourist Traps

    The last version of the Berlin Wall was over 140 Km in circumference, 3.6 metres high and 1.2 metres thick which makes for a total amount of concrete of around 604,800 cubic metres. For a "do-it-youselfer" you can buy ready-to-mix concrete at about 10 Euros per cubic metre these days and so I'd assume that back in 1961 the cost for a major project...

  • Nightlife

    Stockholm Tourist Traps

    It will be you and other tourist if there are any in there at the same time as you. It is a small bar and they give you coats and gloves to wear. I cant remember but I think it was like $30 to get in with 1-2 drinks. I would still go again even though it was a trap. its in the nordic sea hotel, go in the main...

  • Restaurants around Grand' Place

    Brussels Tourist Traps

    The Rue des Bouchers looks very tempting in summer with all the tables spilling out of it's restaurants onto the narrow cobbled street but try not to be tempted by the pushy restaurant owners trying to drag you in to their establishment for their special "Tourist set menu". Whilst these 3 course meals for €12 seem a great deal they usually leave...

  • Taxis

    Athens Tourist Traps

    To put it bluntly they are ba#%$^%&'s Rude, over bearing, arrogant, and out to prise every cent out of you they can. I found it best by far to NOT ask a price or bargin, but just to get in and get the meter going. FAR CHEAPER

  • The Duomo

    Milan Tourist Traps

    Be very careful with guys who come up to you and thrust corn into your hands to feed the pigeons in from on the Dumo. Even though this makes a fantastic picture with the dones eating from your palm... they guys who give you the corn try to rip you off. They are you where you are from and ask to be compensated like wise... as we were from New York...

  • Glockenspiel at the New Town Hall

    Munich Tourist Traps

    Glockenspiel has it's own tower that now takes you by elevator to the top. Wonderful view but nothing compared with the view from St. Peter's tower of the Glockenspiel Clock in action. A magnificent view with a walk of the vertical rather than horizontal kind, up the 306 or so steps of St Peter’s Church tower just by Marienplatz. Well worth the...

  • Restaurants too expensive.

    Brugge Tourist Traps

    I went to one of the brasserie/cafes where they have a table service on the main square with my nearly 60 year old parents. I can't remember the name any more because we were just passing by Brugge on our way to Germany and were not there to stay. The waiter told us to sit and when came around we ordered three coffees. Little did we know that it...

  • Eating & drinking

    Madrid Tourist Traps

    Do not be influenced by all the hype surrounding this restaurant. It does have a colorful historical past. Today it is surviving on its past laurels. If you are interested in food and quality then this is not the place for you nor for me. I took 4 people there for lunch April 8th 2012. Dinning room is elegant. Bread and Butter was brought to the...

  • Tourist prices

    Moscow Tourist Traps

    Russia still has a sort of dual-pricing system, according to which foreigners are charged often 3 to 10 times more at theatres, museums or sights than Russian citizens. This price system is a relic from Soviet times when tickets for Russians were said to be subsidised. The photo shows the entrance fees at the Kremlin, where foreigners are charged...

  • Popular Places

    Crete Island Tourist Traps

    Usually most popular Cretean beaches are overcrowded in full season. This sometimes can make sunbathing and/or swimming annoying and tiring. Try and find less popular beaches. Ask locals - they're very friendly and know less crowded places. In many cases those beaches are even more picturesque than the popular ones. I suggest that you...

  • Not all that glitters is gold, don't pay...

    Antwerp Tourist Traps

    Beware of the jewellery stores situated under Central Station along the Pelikaanstraat. Not all shops are kosher. Prices may look interesting but if you are not an expert you might pay what you think a reasonable price for 18kt gold and go home with less. Take someone with you who knows something about diamonds and gold or make sure you don't pay...

  • Sunset in Oia

    Santorini Island Tourist Traps

    The sunsets in Santorini are awsome! However because of the crowds of people it is hard to enjoy them. The alleys are filled and people are found standing for hours waiting for the moment the sun sets. You can stay at one of the hotels facing the caldera and then you have the sunset all for yourself on a balcony near the pool with a glass of white...

  • Taxis

    Warsaw Tourist Traps

    If I had to point a few very positive things in Poland, I would definetly consider the taxis. of course if you know the rules such as don't pick up a taxi from those guys waiting at the exit of the airport (some of the tem are not legal and they will charge your more) and the fact that is not possible to pick a taxi just stopping one in the street....

  • Tours Etc.

    Edinburgh Tourist Traps

    There are many walks that claim to show you 'Underground Edinburgh,' but only one shows you the part of the city that was buried many years ago: Mary King's Close. Other tours will dub themselves as "underground," but only show you vaults under a bridge (South Bridge). You will not be allowed to take any photos or videos, but they will try to...

  • The Sound of Music Tour

    Salzburg Tourist Traps

    I did a Panorama Sound of Music tour not because of any interest in the film (I've never even seen it, though I've heard the songs, of course), but because I was in Salzburg for less than a day and it seemed a convenient way of seeing some of the sights of the city and the surrounding countryside. It worked well. Someone came to the hotel as...

  • Wieliczka Salt Mine

    Krakow Tourist Traps

    Wieliczka caters to about 1 000 000 tourists a year (thats a VERY large amount) - during the summer months they average about 6000 tourists a day... by my rough calculations that equates to about 75-100 people per tour. Way too many for my liking! Go in Winter - we were there in January, and our tour group consisted of 11 people... very pleasant!...

  • Prices Old Town

    Tallinn Tourist Traps

    Raekoja plats is the place to be if you want to grab a beer, relax and watch people pass by. Unfortunately, the pubowners have understood this, so they charge ridiculous amounts for drinks that elsewhere is cheap. So, if you can avoid it, do. If you still have to go here, try to ignore the prices and enjoy your company and the beautiful buildings...

  • Old Trafford

    Manchester Tourist Traps

    If you travel to Manchester, a sight worth seeing is the Manchester United Stadium, although there have been reports of tourists beeing robbed in this area. If taking photographs do not allow anyone to take a picture of you in front of the stadium as some tourists have done so only to find someone else comes up behind them, whips their trousers...

  • Flamenco

    Sevilla Tourist Traps

    Even though the flamenco show is meant for tourists, it features excellent bailaores, guitarists, and cantaores. The food is acceptable. What is not acceptable is that our camera with more than 300 photos from Cordoba disappeared. My wife forgot it on the way out. Just as we arrived at the hotel, she realized she'd left it there and started to call...

  • Red Light District

    Hamburg Tourist Traps

    Okay, as everyone knows the Reeperbahn is the historically infamous red light district where in addition to the usual club, theatre, and restaurant venues, there are scores and scores of sex shops, strip bars, and brothels. Apparently, it's just always been that way, since the area is bordered by the Hamburg Harbour, and has been a hangout for...

  • Dodgy deals / scams

    Palma de Mallorca Tourist Traps

    The Inca Market is something the tourist board advertizes as something to see. We went. It was nothing more than a large flea market at best. Nothing of real interest was sold here - leather purses, kitchenware, t-shirts, underwear, plants, etc. Also, the prices aren't really all that great. The shopping along the strip in Alcudia is actually...

  • Taxis

    Saint Petersburg Tourist Traps

    never hire a taxi near the airport - men offering you a cab will charge you a double or thee times price! order a taxi from english speaking taxi service or hire from a taxi point inside the airport english speakin taxi here just to compare - from Pulkovo to Vassilyevsky ostrov price is 800...

  • Kiasma (The Museum of Contemporary Art)

    Helsinki Tourist Traps

    This might be a nice modern building, but a waste of money and time if you will get to the exhibitions inside. In the summer, just sit at the terrace café, nice and peaceful place pointing to the west and there fore, lots of sunshine in the afternoon. Any of the other exhibitions in any of the other museums in Helsinki

  • taxi service

    Sofia Tourist Traps

    CK taxis cost thrice as much as OK taxi. They even copy the number so make sure you read the sign correctly. Taxi should read OK and not CK. Read the sign the next time you choose your taxi. And have enough change.

  • The West End, San Antonio.

    Ibiza Tourist Traps

    Great if you like hoards of drunken Brits marauding around the streets looking for members of the opposite sex in a drunk enough state not to reject them, puddles of vomit and urine (I'm not exaggerating!) karaoke bars and Irish theme pubs. The morning light brings a place for these people to return for their full English Breakfast at Koppas Cafe...

  • Swarovski Crystal

    Innsbruck Tourist Traps

    The best part of the visit was the trip by the public bus from Innsbruck Railway Station to The Swarovski Crystal World, as one could enjoy the beautiful Innsbruck suburbs. We took the public bus as we had just missed the free shuttle and did not have time to wait for another shuttle which was after 2 hrs. Once we got off the main road, the signs...

  • Beaches

    Majorca Island Tourist Traps

    Beware of the very tall man 6ft 4" who slowly walks round the three beaches of Palma Nova pretending to look at the ladies when in fact he is looking for the ladies bags. He carries a towel over his shoulder and also a T Shirt which he puts on and off regurlarly. He walks up beside people and drops his t shirt over the purse or bag to make it look...

  • Frankfurt Airport

    Frankfurt am Main Tourist Traps

    Transfers from airport to city: Don't bother catching a cab into the city, unless of course, you are laden with a lot of luggage. Taxis to the city cost around 25 Euro. Instead, catch the train from the airport to the city. It's easy, quick and there is a station directly at the airport terminal. You will save at least 20 Euros (depending how many...

  • House of Christopher Columbus

    Genoa Tourist Traps

    Or what is left of it. Says the sign. But it is not. It is the remains of a house from that period. No reason at all to believe CC lived here. He may have, of course. It's very close to the Palazzo Ducale and on the edge of the old quarter, so no harm to spare it a glance. It really is no sweat because it doesn't cost you anything to have a look,...

  • Shopping in touristic areas

    Pisa Tourist Traps

    There are small markets everywhere that charge anywhere from two to four times what you would pay for staples in a supermarket. Prices can vary widely for anything from bottles of water and especially if you need something like shampoo or shaving cream it's like shopping in an American convenience store with a 200% markup. Ask the hotel where the...

  • Tour Buses

    Oxford Tourist Traps

    Some wouldn't call this a tourist trap, but in my opinion a bus tour through a city centre which is easily walkable within 20 minutes doesn't make sense at all. It's the same as everywhere: You can see the colleges from aboard the bus, but you can't get in. The bus doesn't stop when you have discovered the number one photo stop. The commentary...

  • Fish Market

    Bergen Tourist Traps

    All of the guidebooks said you had to visit the fish market but our first reaction upon seeing it was that we weren't at the right place. But of course we were and what we found was a lot of vendors who didn't strike me as even remotely Norwegian selling a lot of fish that wasn't locally harvested, some of it clearly frozen, some of it marked with...

  • Blarney Castle

    Cork Tourist Traps

    Blarney Castle - yes I know I have photos of it in my travelogue but really unless you get excited at the thought of hanging upside down 300 feet up just to kiss a big stone then give it a miss!! This is especially true in Summer when you will probably have to queue for a while before your turn comes - just think of all those people slobbering all...

  • Taxi fares

    Thessaloniki Tourist Traps

    I live in Thessaloniki and I have to warn you that taxi drivers are RUDE and they will try to cheat you, they will tell you to pay more than the real fair. Do not trust them cause they r trying to steal even us, who r Greeks and will live here. Public buses are better, more cheaper and there are signs everywhere to help you. Or you can ask someone,...

  • Public Transport

    Stuttgart Tourist Traps

    During my first days in Stuttgart i fell into a trap buying tram tickets. The zone thing is very tricky and you have to takenote of prices for different zones. Make sure that you either buy a weekly, monthly or group ticket for the are cheaper and less complicated. Else buy one ticket for the complete journey and not for each stop where you change...

  • Car Parking

    Strasbourg Tourist Traps

    Many of the street level car parks in Strasbourg are occupied by men (unofficial) hussling you for money to look after your car. They will normally tell you not to put any money in the machine, but to give it to them. I have used these car-parks twice, and both times the men where still there when I returned to get my car, and there was no...


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