Europe Transportation

  • Leaving Evia.
    Leaving Evia.
    by nickandchris
  • Bus shuttles from Limassol to the Airport
    Bus shuttles from Limassol to the...
    by greekcypriot
  • Bus fee in Cyprus
    Bus fee in Cyprus
    by greekcypriot

Europe Transportation

  • Métro

    Paris Transportation

    My suggestion for people visiting Paris, is to avoid metro if all possible. Especially in summer times when it is hot using the metro can be tiring and unpleasant experience. First none of the metro almost has air conditioning. It is very crowded especially late nights. Can be very difficult with children. You will not be able to enjoy the city...

  • Oyster Cards / Travelcards

    London Transportation

    London's underground is the most expensive in the world but you'll use it anyway because it can get you almost everywhere. If you make more than 3 tube trips or 4 bus trips a day then you'd better buy a travelcard – daily(cannot ride the tubes before 9 a.m or use the night buses) or weekly. There are six zones in the metro so you need a different...

  • Metro-Bus-Tram

    Rome Transportation

    Such as in any big cities metro station in Rome is easy to use and faster Metro is the easiest way to get around in the city, for 1.50 euro it'll take you to your destination around the center and is reliable transport There is a metro every 3 minutes, just be sure you have a handy map with metro lines with you. They announce every stops but only...

  • To / From Airport

    Barcelona Transportation

    When there is not a taxi strike, the best way in to town is a regular taxi. When there is a taxi strike, or if you are looking to save money, the bus seems to be the best alternative, as pre-paid taxis are expensive and, in the case of the City-Airport prepaid taxi, it does not show up during a two hour search, does not answer repeated pages on the...

  • Trams

    Amsterdam Transportation

    If you want to travel by tram or bus in Amsterdam the first thing to do is to read the information in Dutch and English on the website of the GVB is the public transportation company for Amsterdam. You will also find maps of all transports. On the home page you will find a TOURIST GUIDE with valuable info. I show here what is most...

  • Vaporetto

    Venice Transportation

    Venice efficient vaporetto boat shuttle system is easy to use and understand. If you intend to travel a lot during your stay, a tourist ticket can be bought for various periods of time. As the single tickets are rather expensive, the dayticket option - with unlimited vaporetto rides during the chosen timeframe - is usually the best for a visitor....

  • Airport - Transportation to Copenhagen...

    Copenhagen Transportation

    When arriving to Copenhagen I chose to take the train to the city since my hotel was just across the main train station. I bought my ticket in the automatic machine, you can choose the language. The journey took me about 20 min which was great because I really wanted to get to the hotel as soon as possible after almost 10 hrs of flying.

  • Bus,tram&Metro

    Vienna Transportation

    Vienna has a fairly small but useful subway system known as the U-Bahn (an abbreviation of Untergrundbahn, meaning underground railway). There are five lines, somewhat confusingly numbered 1,2,3,4 and 6 – no one seems to know what happened to line 5! Lines 1 and 3 are perhaps most useful to the tourist, as they cross the city centre, but you may...

  • Public Transportation

    Stockholm Transportation

    Stockholm has an excellent public transport system, including the subway (T-Bana), buses, trams, and even boats. UPDATED Fares as of June 2014: SL has a complicated fare system involving "units" or "coupons." Travel within 1 zone (see a T-Bana Zone map to view the zones) requires the use of 2 "units," while travel among 2 and 3 zones costs 3 and...

  • By Bus

    Florence Transportation

    Florence is a great walking city, but sometimes you need a little help. You can catch the orange ATAF buses for trips around the city that are just too long to walk (or if the weather is really atrocious!). They are easy to use – simply purchase your ticket from one of the newspaper vendors around town (you can purchase tickets on board but they...

  • Metro

    Lisbon Transportation

    Just wanted to advise other VT travellers to Lisbon that the way out of the Baixa-Chiado metro station involves 4 very long sets of escalators and a flight of stairs. Good idea to take the lift even if you have no luggage. Plus, just wanted to mention, it appeared, that some escalators, around Lisbon, stop working if nobody use them for a length...

  • To and From Dublin Airport

    Dublin Transportation

    I am really impressed by these folks. They have a ticket counter right in front of the airport and are really friendly. You can buy online before, at this ticket counter or from the driver at any stop. I bought it from the counter when I arrived and had some time before my bus was due to leave. The gentleman at the counter offered to hold my bags...

  • Barajas airport

    Madrid Transportation

    One of the simplest and cheapest ways to get to Madrid central from the airport is take the metro. A single trip was 5 Euro. The airport line is line 8. Once on the train, go to the end of the line (Nuevos Ministerios). Travel time is about 17 from the airport to Nuevos Ministerios. Then take other lines depending on where you're heading off to.

  • Public Transportation

    Munich Transportation

    Munich has one of the best and easiest-to-use public transport systems in Europe. While you can buy single tickets and "stripe tickets" (see the MVV website), the best deal for most tourists is to purchase a day card. Many of the newer ticket machines allow you to chose a date (e.g., today) to be printed on your ticket, which means it doesn't need...

  • Métros/Trams/Bus

    Brussels Transportation

    Local public transportation at night is carried out by the following night buses : N01 De Brouckère – Peter Benoit N02 De Brouckère – Saint-Vincent N04 De Brouckère – Cimetière de Bruxelles N05 De Brouckère – Marcel Thiry N06 Bourse – Musée du Tram N07 Bourse – Herrmann-Debroux N08 Bourse – Wiener N09 Bourse – Boondael Gare N10 Bourse –...

  • Local Buses

    Palma de Mallorca Transportation

    Whilst I was planning our trip I looked up different modes of transfer options, the taxis are really expensive as are the hopper buses. The Palma number 1 airport bus was 2.50euro per person and was an excellent and reliable service every 15 minutes. On arrival you walk out of arrivals the bus stop is well signposted and easy to get to. Save a bit...

  • Metro

    Athens Transportation

    On 29/1/2000 Athenians met for the first day their metro system, a big project which was finally true after enough years of patience... The reconstructions brought to light parts of the city that had been hidden, most of the stations are mini-museums! Two new lines were added to the old one, Piraeus-Kifisia: line 2 (Anthoupoli - Helliniko) and...

  • Airports

    Milan Transportation

    The easiest and the quickiest way to get to Malpensa airport, and vice versa, is by the city train express. This is Stazione Cadorna, the train station from where the train starts to Malpensa and vice versa, where the train is coming from the airport. The station is situated on Piazza Cadorna, you can't miss it coz there is a giant needle and...

  • Travel by Plane Train ,Boat or Car or ...

    Brugge Transportation

    There is a good range of bus services in West Flanders that radiate from Brugge, There are 25 bus routes within the city and many to tourist towns such as Ostend, De Haan etc and the website link here has details. The bus station is a 5 minute walk from the town centre and is near the Concert Hall.

  • Buses

    Crete Island Transportation

    Airport to Kokkini hani,Gouves,Analipsi,Anissaras,Chersonissos,Stalida,Malia, until Agios Nikolaos,Ierapetra and Sitia.This is a route of a bus from the station.The bus always pass in the airport in a certain time,so its easy if you like to take it to reach to your hotel.From the arrival area walk directly to the gate on your right,you will see a...

  • By Metro

    Moscow Transportation

    I was quite surprised to see people internet-surfing in our metro. I though they are super-rich and went mobile, but no, it turned out that the Moscow metro had installed Wi-Fi! My red line (that’s not what you think, it’s the colour on the map) is # 1 here, too. The other pioneering line is the brown circular (# 5). And by the end of 2014 Wi-Fi...

  • Buses and Taxis

    Ibiza Transportation

    Travelling by bus around Ibiza was very simple and the drivers very polite and helpfull the only time we felt we were getting ripped off was at the bus station in Ibiza town after a very hot day and running for the bus we run into the bus station to get a bottle of water the girl behind the counter charged us 1.50 for a very small bottle of water...

  • Buses

    Santorini Island Transportation

    First things – first. The Bus Station does not look like a Bus Station. It is just a big parking area for the busses in Fira. It is just South of the main Square and on a one-way side street. Schedules are in English and posted to the right-hand side near where the benches are to sit on. Most routes are served every hour or half-hour from 7am to...

  • To/Around

    Salzburg Transportation

    This would be the english website of the public transport of the region Salzburg: There is as well a section where it says "cross-border travel" and this gives you the result, that You CAN indeed buy a pass which is also valid for Upper Austria: I would simply write...

  • Ferry Helsinki

    Tallinn Transportation

    To reach tallinn from Helsinki take the ferry which will drop you at destination in just two comfortable hours. It's best to book online but we saw plenty of people just buying tickets 40 minutes before the ferry was due to leave. It's cheap and comfortable.

  • Trains

    Warsaw Transportation

    We took the train frm Krakow to Warsaw as all the locals told us not to take the bus. We decided to travel first class as second class is over full almost and when you have a bit of luggage, it is a great problem. It was worth the extra zloty that we paid. Much more comfortable and spacious and also not so full.

  • Bus, tram, metro

    Antwerp Transportation

    The city has trams and buses for getting around town. You can buy a pack of 10 tickets for 7 euro and are good for a set period of time. On weekends the trams run an hour later at night and tie into the night buses which a couple run until 3:30. I thought it was interesting that while some trams run along major streets where there is plenty of...

  • By bus

    Krakow Transportation

    Kraków has a good system of transportation by bus. The yellow coloured buses are operated by MPK, Miejskie Przedsiêbiorstwo Komunikacyjne S.A. Buses to other towns have different colours (blue in most cases). Tickets can be bought at kiosks, ticket machines and MPK ticket offices. Prices: Single trip - PLN 2.50 Night ticket - PLN 2.50 Group of...

  • Metro

    Saint Petersburg Transportation

    As to be expected with any European city St Petersburg has a comprehensive public transport system. This comprises: buses, trolley-buses, water taxis and as the jewel in its crown the Metro. During my three days, this visit, I used the Metro extensively, at all sorts of times of the day including late at night. I found it simple to navigate, the...

  • By Bus

    Majorca Island Transportation

    The bus service from the tourist resorts to Palma is good. The buses stop at Placa de Espana. Here you can find various bus stops where you can take a bus to several seaside villages. Moreover at Placa de Espana there is a modern underground station. This is the bus, train and tube station. Here you can take your bus or a train to various villages...

  • Metro/Buses

    Manchester Transportation

    Manchester's Metrolink is probably the easiest way to get around the various locations in Manchester although it is not always that reliable and is quite expensive. In the Winter the tram service can be a little scetchy especially if there has been a lot of snow and ice. When it was first opened the Metrolink didn't cover very much area but it has...

  • Train

    Verona Transportation

    To get to Verona I took the EuroCity train from Munich via Innsbruck. This is a convenient connection, several times daily, with good mountain views along the way. Second photo: The dining car is fine for having a cup of coffee and using one of the big tables to write on, but I can't honestly recommend having a meal here. Third photo: The main...

  • City Public Transport

    Helsinki Transportation

    Helsinki local transport tickets are valid on trams, buses, metro and local trains that operate within the city limits, as well as the HKL Suomenlinna ferry. Single ticket can be bought from the driver (€2.80), in ticket machines (€2,20, except for tram which is €2). Children's tickets are half of the price of adult tickets. All tickets can be...

  • Geneva Airport Train Station

    Geneva Transportation

    On arrival at Geneva airport, the simplest way to get to the city centre is use the train. It seems that every train from the airprot, travels for 6 minutes and then arrives at Geneva Railway station. There are automnated ticket machines, and a one way ticket is reasonably cheap, and at the time of writing it was around 3 ChF.

  • Public Transport

    Hamburg Transportation

    The public transport company for Hamburg if HVV. For singular train usage, you must purchase your ticket before boarding at the orange vending machines you will find just before entering the train ramps. For buses, as of 2012 you must purchase your ticket on entering the front of the bus from your bus driver (no more Trust System fare purchases...

  • Underground

    Glasgow Transportation

    I normally prefer to walk around Glasgow on a warm sunny day, but sometimes the rain can arrive unexpectedly making more sheltered transport desirable. The Subway is an excellent way to travel around Glasgow, although the route is only circular, it crosses the River Clyde twice and stations always connect with city bus routes for onward travel,...

  • City Bus

    Sevilla Transportation

    A few VTers have said they have no problem taking a subway or metro but they find buses too difficult. While I can understand their concerns, Sevilla's bus system is well laid out and inexpensive. Sevilla's bus system is run by Tussam, a local company. Tussam operates about 40 daily bus routes and a tram line. Once we learned how they worked it...


    Granada Transportation

    I do like the way one can pay the driver on ordinary Spanish makes life so much easier than having to find a newsagent/whatever where one can buy tickets!'ve arrived at Granada bus station and you don't want to take a taxi onwards (there are plenty of taxis waiting outside the bus station entrance)? OK, that's easy...

  • Trains

    Innsbruck Transportation

    I arrived in Innsbruck on a EuroCity train from Verona, and left twenty-four hours later on the same train bound for Munich. The journey took three and a half hours from Verona to Innsbruck, over the Brenner Pass, and not quite two hours from Innsbruck to Munich, going down the Inn Valley most of the way. These are not the most modern trains in...

  • Buses (Coaches)

    Split Transportation

    Split is well served by both local and intercity buses, and the station is very central, right next to the station and ferry port. You can buy tickets there, and the office is open late even on weekends, although it seemed to shut randomly for a quick "pauze" at inopportune moments. The buses here run to major Balkan destinations, like Zagreb,...

  • By Bus

    Cardiff Transportation

    The public transportation of Cardiff consists of local buses, which are operated on an exact fare system. Cardiff is subdivided in 4 tariff zones. The single fare is calculated on how many zones you cross on your trip. There are several tickets available from single, return, transfare to different day tickets. A good deal seems to be the "City...

  • By train

    Porto Transportation

    Travel by train in Portugal is cheap and easy. North from Porto the main line splits into four branch lines. Trains are run by CP. When you buy a train ticket at the ticket office window, you are given a receipt and a green card, the receipt is useless, but the card MUST be validated by a machine on entrance to platform. On board the inspector...

  • by TRAIN

    Ljubljana Transportation

    Ljubljana's train station is easy to reach from anywhere in the town centre, and has direct trains to destinations all over Slovenia, and neighbouring countries, including Salzburg, Graz, Belgrade, Budapest, Zagreb and Trieste. There's even a direct 3 hour train to Venice, which I found to be full of quiet, polite young Croatian men heading for...

  • Train

    Birmingham Transportation

    Getting around/to/from the city/airport by train was easy. Trains to/from the airport take between 9 minutes and 15. Even on a Sunday they are frequent - maybe 10-15 minutes apart. I also travelled to/from Sheffield on Cross Country Trains. The one to Sheffield on a Sunday morning was slow, but on time and comfortable. The train back the next day...

  • busses

    Sofia Transportation

    Sightseeing bus leaving daily at 10 am, 12 am just behind Alexander Nevski main Cathedral The price was around 25 Euro and includes a 2 hours tour guide who presents the information about the different sights in an accessible and attractive way but just in English.


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