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     Wonderful places to visit, beautiful scenery, great people, amazing history and more! 

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     busy.... tourists everywhere in the main holiday season 

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     Old, yet beautiful, like your favourite armchair 

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See all 22630 Paris Tips
  • Montmartre - Sacré Coeur

    Paris Things to Do

    Vandalization of the Sacré Cœur. This very morning (19/03/2014) - anniversary of the "Commune" - the front of the Basilique du Sacré Cœur de Montmartre has been vandalized with insulting inscriptions in red paint! The way this act showing anti-Christian feelings inside the "République Française" has been reported by the French press shows the deep...

  • Four Seasons George V Paris

    Paris Hotels

    The Four Seasons George V is truly one of the world's great hotels. I really, really love to stay...

  • Angelina

    Paris Restaurants

    Last visit April 2014 to the Rue de Rivoli location There are many menu items on Angelina's menu, indeed we saw several people eating sandwiches and salads but my focus for my birthday splurge was two of the menu items that Angelina is famous for, the hot chocolate l'Africain and the Mont Blanc. In the late afternoon we were able to walk in and...



See all 23502 London Tips
  • Tower of London

    London Things to Do

    First thing when visiting the Tower is to hurry up to the Waterloo block where the Crown Jewels are on exhibit. Do it before 09.30 am. to avoid the lines. Visitors are whizzed past the Crowns on a moving walkway. If you are early you can go back and look again if they are real or fakes because that is an often asked question. As I believe what the...

  • The Montague On The Gardens

    London Hotels

    The concierge was fabulous, the hotel very grand, and despite the rooms being small they were...

  • Hard Rock Cafe

    London Restaurants

    The first Hard Rock Cafe was opened in Old Park Lane in June 1971, with food normally on the menu at an American Diner with Rock and Roll music playing while you ate. Eric Clapton donated his Fender Guitar so he could reserve a seat at the bar and occasionally rock stars can be seen jamming here. The cafe has a very expensive collection of Rock...



See all 11964 Rome Tips
  • Colosseum

    Rome Things to Do

    Originally known as the Flavian Amphitheater, this largest of Roman arenas was constructed between 70 and 80 AD on the former site of Nero's artificial lake. That very naughty emperor claimed as his own a large area of Rome which had been devastated in the great fire of 64 AD, and built the lake, extensive gardens and a lavish palace (Domus Aurea)...

  • Albergo Del Senato

    Rome Hotels

    The Pantheon is my favorite building in Rome and might be my favorite building in the world. The...

  • L'Archetto di Fontana di Trevi

    Rome Restaurants

    again no special resa just walking around and hungry near trevi decided to stop here as it was off the main road, and very quaint. We took the terrace out on the street against the wall. the service was nice and fast, the pizzas were bland and the pasta nothing to shout about. wife got a bit sick off the mushrooms pasta dish. We eat pasta and...



See all 10233 Amsterdam Tips
  • Red Light District - De Wallen

    Amsterdam Things to Do

    I always found it droll travelers who are whisking their way across Europe and barely spend two days in Amsterdam. Sure there are a lot of strange smells but the Dutch are very pragmatic and welcoming to their masses of visitors. Take the VVV. I was benefited from this well run government outfit for lodging, maps, and information about the local...

  • Hotel de l'Europe

    Amsterdam Hotels

    This is an absolutely beautiful hotel in a perfect position with all the amenities and more. It is...

  • FEBO

    Amsterdam Restaurants

    Automatic vending machines for burgers, chips (fries) and croquettes. It's pretty cheap and pretty terrible. But if you're hungry, everything else is closed and you don't fancy a night shop rip-off, then needs must when the devil vomits into your kettle (c) Blackadder. Not a huge range for vegetarians. Situated all over town. I've only ever had...



See all 9538 Barcelona Tips
  • Sagrada Familia

    Barcelona Things to Do

    Historical, magnificent, breathtaking were the worlds that left my lips when I saw the Temple of Sagrada Familia. It was even more beautiful than in pictures. I insist to everyone to visit it because it is the jewel of Barcelona. You can get there by metro with the line 2 or the line 5 easily.

  • Duquesa de Cardona

    Barcelona Hotels

    Reserved 2 rooms for 4 nights for two couples. One included breakfast - identified on room card BB...

  • Les Quinze Nits

    Barcelona Restaurants

    March 2014. Very surly waiter and, at times, quite rude. Extremely miserable Maître d who also, I might add, had the endearing habit of rolling his eyes whenever you asked for anything! We had to ask for a glass in order to drink our beer – twice! – then once the glasses eventually arrived, we had to ask for a clean one!. Again, had to ask for...



See all 8203 Venice Tips
  • Churches

    Venice Things to Do

    Santa Maria della Salute is my favoured church in Venice, more than San Marco for a very practical reason: during my last two visits to Venice the queue at San Marco was so long that I abandoned any hope of getting inside, while at the "Salute" there was no queue and I could sit quietly on the steps of the square in front of the basilica with a...

  • Hotel Antiche Figure

    Venice Hotels

    Thanks to the hotel tip from fellow-VT'r "Herkbert's" Venice page, we chose the Hotel Antiche Figure...

  • Cafe Florian

    Venice Restaurants

    SAN MARCO My last night in Venice - the last night of my Holiday, and I was in Piazza San Marco. The crowds had left - pigeons paddling in the water from that afternoons Aqua Alta outnumbered the humans, music played by the cafe musicians drifted over the square. Bother the expense!, I wanted to sit in Piazza San Marco, at one of Venices most...



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See all 7711 Budapest Tips
  • Buda Castle - Budavar

    Budapest Things to Do

    When I walked further south, nearly to the end of the Danube Terrace, I found a wider terrace with flower beds and a impressive equestrian statue of Prince Eugene of Savoy. This Neo-Baroque statue was made by sculptor József Róna for the town of Zenta but the town could not afford its price, so the monument was bought in 1900 as a temporary...

  • Four Seasons Gresham Palace

    Budapest Hotels

    If you can afford it, the Gresham Palace, a 5 star luxury hotel owned by the Four Seasons group has...

  • Gerbeaud House

    Budapest Restaurants

    Gerbaud is a famous place in Budapest - great coffee , excellent cakes and chocolate. The place is very beautiful , the service is excellent and of course the food is very good. This place , of course , is not cheap as other places in Budapest but still it is worth the money just for the experience. I ordered coffee with cream and whiskey and it...



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See all 7417 Vienna Tips
  • Schonbrunn

    Vienna Things to Do

    When visiting the park of Schönbrunn palace, don’t miss the climb up Gloriette hill. Unless your walking abilities forbid this walk, that is, of course. The hill is steep but the paths zigzag up, so it isn’t as bad as it seems from below, although still something. Watch how the view over the park and the palace opens up during the climb and reveals...

  • Hotel Sacher Wien

    Vienna Hotels

    The buffet breakfast is spectacular. The two men at the concierge desk are two of the most handsome...

  • Grinzing & Heurigen

    Vienna Restaurants

    The main reason to go there is the view witch is simply great, you sit in the middle of vineyards see the Danube and parts of Vienna, best to go there on a nice summer day. The food is the usual Heurigen food bread spreads like Liptauer (cheese), faschierte Laibchen (minced meat patties), roast pork. The wine is made (as usual with Heurige) by the...



See all 5193 Lisbon Tips
  • Churches and monasteries

    Lisbon Things to Do

    King Manuel I had the idea of erecting a large monastery close to the site where Henry the Navigator had built a church dedicated to Santa Maria de Belém in the 15th century. With a view to perpetuating the memory of Henry and acknowledging his own great devotion to Our Lady and St. Jerome, Manuel I chose to establish the Monastery of Santa Maria...

  • Lapa Palace

    Lisbon Hotels

    Great weekend. Best hotel in Lisbon for gardens and outside pool 5* and so not cheap. Excellent...

  • General info on eating in Lisbon

    Lisbon Restaurants

    Once upon a time, in the middle of last century, high society living in the new quarter called exactly "Avenidas Novas" used to gather in selected places, for the 5 o'clock conversation with or without tea. Versalhes was in the top, a real landmark. Times changed, coffee houses were replaced by banks or phone houses, the most resistant tried to...



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See all 5035 Florence Tips


See all 4069 Stockholm Tips
  • Gamla Stan - The Old Town

    Stockholm Things to Do

    The old town of Stockholm, in the neighborhood you can find medieval, narrow streets and seventeenth-century houses These houses are mainly red, dark yellow and orange tones The key point in the district is the square Stortorget. Here are all walk to narrow streets literally down Nearby are several restaurants and cafes. If you just walk around,...

  • Grand Hotel Stockholm

    Stockholm Hotels

    The Grand Hotel is beautiful and centrally located. I'd have loved to give it a good review....

  • Kungshallen

    Stockholm Restaurants

    Kungshallen includes many different kind of restaurants and it takes time and check them out. You have food in Kungshallen from all over the world, and I would say that is the most difficult thing to choose and decide what your stomache will get. I tried some Lebanese saugages and they were great. Really delicious and the meat was lamb. Perfectly...



See all 5650 Brussels Tips
  • Manneken Pis

    Brussels Things to Do

    I still wonder from were came the idea of building a fountain with the water streaming out a pipi, zizi or as used in Brussels and Brabant dialect a "pisellewiet" or "tichke". What we know is that according to documents from 15th c. there was at the same place already a stone statue called " Juliaenekensborre " or " ‘t Menneken Pist " supplying...

  • Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo

    Brussels Hotels

    The Rocco Forte hotel amigo is considered the best in Brussels and is part of the Leading Hotels of...

  • Fish, Mussels & Seafood

    Brussels Restaurants

    There are a whole lot of seafood restaurants on the Quai aux Briques and we chose this one because it has a nice 3 course lunch menu for 23 euro. The restaurant overlooks a lovely square flanked by the St. Catherine's church. The metro stop is about 50 metres away and the Grand Place perhaps 10 minute walk. On a sunny day, it is wonderful to enjoy...


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