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Yalta Things to Do

  • Polyana skazaok or Field of...

    “Polyana skazok” Field of fairytales and private zoo plazzaOne the same plaza located” Polyana skazok”- open air museum of sculptures from fairy tales mostly Russian and Ukrainian,, but also International ones, and Zoo (it’s a private one, but has a big collection for private zoological park).Both places are pleasure for kids considering the fact...

  • Nikitinskiy Botanical Garden

    In 1811 the order was signed to lay out a State Botanical garden. The first director was a talented scientist H.H. Steven .The grounds of local area near Greek village Nikita was cleaned of rocks and thorny plants and new layer of fertile soil were put on top of it by soldiers and sailors. The area of garden is huge! The same is collections from...

  • Vorontsov Palace

    The masterpiece of architecture, a fairytale in stone was made in accordance with plans and pictures of talented British architect Edward Blore, who had never been on the site and learned about area only by pictures and reports. The palace was ordered by Russian general governor of Novorossiysk region M. S. Vorontsov. The palace itself is a unique...

  • "Swallows Nest"-Lastichkino gnezdo"

    In 1911 the state of old general , who participated in Russian -Turkish war ,located on a top aof the cliff and called “castle of love” was bought from merchant Romanova by oil magnate Baron fon Schtengel. He built a little castle in Gothic style with little towers and named it ’Swallows Nest” in 1912. 2 years after merchant Shalaputin bought it...

  • Livadia palace

    Palace in Livadia.In 1860 tsar Alexander II made a royal present for his wife Maria Alexandrovna - Livadia estate in Crimea. She was sick and had to spend winters on the South. Architect Monigetti was ordered to rebuild new property of old owner count Pototsky and he build 60 new building there, including Big and Small palaces and a church. The...

  • Livadia Wax Figures Museum

    A Wax Figures Museum has each tourist center respecting itself. As Livadia is impregnated by history, it was natural to see such a museum in several halls of the Livadia Palace. In the first hall the exposition devoted to the Yalta conference of 1945 is exposed. Three heads of the states of the coalition - Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and...


Yalta Hotels

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  • Villa Elena

    2 Krasnova Street, Yalta, 98600, Ukraine

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

  • Krasotel Levant

    I love Crimea and Yalta! Try to get here every year and always find something new and pleasant....

  • Respect Hall Resort & SPA

    45, Sevastopolskaya Rd., Yalta, 98670, Ukraine

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

Yalta Transportation

  • Buses to Yalta main attractions

    Way to Livadia palace from Yalta.Buses 5, 11 go through the city center, look for sign “Ливадия дворец” (Livadia Palace) on them.After visiting the Palace you can go to the Sun Path (or Tzar’s Path) which starts near the palace (where sun dial is situated).From Livadia...

  • Kiev to Simferopol then taxi to Yalta

    Having just returned from 9 days in Yalta, I will give some prices as of 11-09-2004. It cost round trip air fare from Kiev to Yalta only 58.00 USD per person. Then another 20.00 USD from Simferopol each way by taxi to Yalta. Very reasonable from an American's view point.One could save maybe $15.00 each way from Simferopol to Yalta by taking a small...

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Yalta Favorites

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  • English speaking travellers

    Im currently traveling with a local. as far as I can see, and I have visited Ukraine alone before this trip, If you cannot speak Russian multiply the cost of your trip by any given number squared, BUT the base number is small to start with.Forget comfort though if cost is a priority, the two are opposites There is zilch english either written or...

  • Livadia Park

    On the slope of Mogabi Mountain, on the place of the South coastal Crimean forest in the beginning of the XIXth century the landscape park was created. The palace has a lovely large gardens, a highlight of which is the "sunny path", running about a mile west from just below the palace to a lookout over resort area "Oreanda".The park of 126 hectares...

  • Livadia History

    Livadia Palace breathes with history during last 150 years. It was Livadia which is situated in three km west of Yalta that put the Yalta area on the maps of both Russia and the world. It happened first in 1860 when the imperial family started building here. Nikolay II dreamt to live here after his abdication… After the October Revolution and Civil...


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