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  • A dog at Chernobyl
    A dog at Chernobyl
    by jumpingnorman
  • Myself with yellow hat at Chernobyl, Ukraine
    Myself with yellow hat at Chernobyl,...
    by jumpingnorman
  • My reflection at Chernobyl, Ukraine
    My reflection at Chernobyl, Ukraine
    by jumpingnorman

Chornobyl Things to Do

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    Preparations to World Chernobyl Forum

    by Lysenko Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    At the IAEA's initiative, a Chernobyl Forum has been launched, with the participation of international organizations from within the UN family and representatives of the three countries primarily affected by the 1986 Chernobyl accident. The Forum was established with a view to contributing to the implementation of the new United Nations strategy launched in 2002 on the Human Consequences of the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident - A Strategy for Recovery...

    No more Chornobyl!!!
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    Dead town

    by IngaA Updated Jun 12, 2008

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    This town existed only 16 yeas. It was built in 1970 especially for Chornobyl Atomic station, as a town where the service personnel would live. Now it's left by inmhabitants forever. The town is in the forest entirely. When staying there, you loose the sense of reality. As if yore just dreaming, then you'll wake up and back to reality.
    But that is not a dream. This is true. Buildings lost forever among trees, toys left in the streets, or rather what remains of them.
    Somehow I felt as if I was raving. It couldn't happen, it didn't have to happen.
    Why?..... what did we do so terrible to be punished like that ?

    When the incident happened, Prypyat calculated 50 000 inhabitants. They all were evacuated in 2 days.

    On the picture there is a point of an entry to Prypyat. Grass is irradiating, we were not adviced to step on it

    Entry to Prypyat Main square of Prypyat

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    Chornobyl reactor/ Chernobyl reactor

    by jeoren Written Aug 23, 2005

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    Standing only 100 meters away from the reactor, which still has 90% of the total amount of radiation in it.

    Chernobyl Chornobyl reactor

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Chornobyl Warnings and Dangers

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    Prypat moss

    by IngaA Written Jun 9, 2008

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    Our guise told us: don't step on it! Moss keeps irradiation very long, perhaps the longest of plants. People should really be veru careful there. they should stap only on asphalt roads, don't go aside. These nice beautiful green friendly trees in reality keep death inside.
    So be careful!

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Chornobyl Favorites

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    Chernobyl just before Ukraine Crisis

    by jumpingnorman Written Aug 23, 2014

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    Favorite thing: I visited Chernobyl a few months before the crisis in Ukraine erupted (2014 battle for Crimea and Eastern Ukraine). It is so sad what has happened to the country and I am sure the tourism has been hit very hard, and I remember the tourists guides who gave me such a great view of their country.

    Chernobyl is a tour not for the light-hearted and in my group, I noticed I was only one of two Americans and the rest were Europeans. I just booked my tour on-line and met the van that brought me to the site (from Independence Square in central Kiev).

    They offer you a history of what happened during the nuclear disaster in 1986 and how the Russian government reacted to the crisis. Many lives were lost and/or completely changed and the young city of Chernobyl became a ghost town.

    I have never had "extreme silence" and I can just imagine how the place must be at night. No background noises (like distant cars or music) - nothing, not even birds chirping, although there are animals around the area but it was very quiet. I really wanted to see that Ferris wheel that was never used - and it does look eerier in person. The old schoolhouse was also sad with many dusty books, dolls and toys abandoned.

    It may take some time before tourists go back again to this area. But I do hope they they go ahead with that plan to have a new enclosure for the whole complex by 2016 --- specially because the radioactive material still has a chance of leaking - IT HAS TO BE SECURED despite the current Ukraine crisis. Let's pray it will be.

    Myself with yellow hat at Chernobyl, Ukraine Abandoned toys at Chernobyl, Ukraine My reflection at Chernobyl, Ukraine A different kind of tour, Chernobyl, Ukraine life goes on at Chernobyl, Ukraine
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    Prypyat. So-called 'Bridge of Death'

    by IngaA Written Jun 12, 2008

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    Favorite thing: This is the bridge over Prypyat river (the town was named after it). It shows a breaathtaking view on gorgeous nature of Polissya (Polissya is the name of the region, North of Ukraine-South of Belarus) and a view on the (in)famous nuclear station.

    The river carries its water into Dnipro. Who can tell now how much alpha, beta and gamma particles it gave...

    Now it gives the sense of peace and calmness. Nobody is there, only a group of tourists.

    In the night of April 26, 1986, Prypyat-town inhabitants heard a lowd clap and the saw a glow over the station. Who could imagine what really happened. They just wanted to see and they ran to that bridge, where the statyion was seen very well, perhaps the best.....

    The sight was enchanting. Over the glow a light-violet fluorescent pillar went into the dark night sky... People were just watching... they had to ran away as far and as fast as possible but who knew....

    Fondest memory: It was late spring, tiim of birds migration. Wind blew to the North. Soon over Scandinavian countries the whole flocks of dead birds started falling from the sky.... When the scientists disclosed the cause of their death, they began to signal to International Agency of Nuclear Power.
    Wake up!!! Something terrible is going on. A very intensive radiation injection is going on somewhere. That's how the world learned about the little town in the North of Ukraine

    Bridge of Death

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    Prypyat. Hotel 'Polissya'

    by IngaA Written Jun 9, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: This is one of the most high buildings in the dead town. It was built in mid-70ies. At that time it must have looked impressive, and the plans were really grandiose. As Chornobyl nuclear station was planned to bew the biggest in the world, there should have been many delegations and guests, working in this industry, so all those people had to be hosted somewhere.
    That's why this hotel was constructed
    Now it is half-ruined. That's not people, not incident that ruined it. that's the time. Time ruins everything

    Fondest memory: The overall sense or non-reality. Time stopped. Nothing exists anymore.

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