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Ukraine Favorites

  • Best Cities for Life in Ukraine

    Focus magazine published its annual rating The Best Cities for Life in Ukraine.The rating was held among one hundred Ukrainian cities.Here are top ten best cities for life in Ukraine according to “Focus” magazine:OdessaKievIvano-FrankivskLvivKharkivKharkivYaltaIlyichivskSimferopolSebastopolCherkassyThere were fourteen criteria of rating of the best...

  • Ukrainian Symbols

    The snowball tree is one of the symbols of the country.There are lots of songs and poems glorifying that tree whose red berries were long used as a universal means of treatment of many diseases.Did you know that the sunflower was another plant known to be one of the symbols of Ukraine?The country has always been famous for its huge sunflower oil...

  • Where to Go First

    Khreshchatyk, the capital's main street, is where I would take you first in the Ukrainian capital and from there to the Dnipro embankment located on the hills.There is a beautiful view of the city from there. Visiting Crimea and walking in the Crimean Mountains and in the cities on the southern coast of the Crimean Peninsula.

  • Ukrainians

    James F.Coughlin, a Canadian historian, wrote some nice words about Ukrainians. I liked his words and can say they are true.This is what he wrote:As colonizers in different parts of the world, the Ukrainians are showing their desirable qualities. They readily take to their new lands, ever improving and extending, and try to maintain a peaceful...

  • Choose a Relevant Travel Book

    During my internship in the United States I browsed the stores in the main street of Madison, WI, and came across a travel book “Let’s go Europe-1999” in a bookstore.I read the 1999 Thoughts About Ukraine in that book and couldn’t help laughing, although the things I read about Ukraine were all negative. They were all in the cold war spirit of...

  • Like a trip back in time...

    Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe, & embraces all types of terrain - mountainous on its eastern borders, but flat around the capitol & inland, until you reach the Black Sea...Crossing the border, really is like travelling back in time - everything seems to be in a timewarp, like in the paintings of Peter Brueghel of peasant life in the...

  • Seven best Ukrainian sights and...

    Best sight and attraction in Ukraine Seven best Ukrainian sights and attractions. Cheap travel exotic is not far?!


    This is supposed to be your 'Favorite Memory' tip of Kiev. This is my most vivid memory I will give you that. Not a fond memory - a vivid one. I was here quite a few years ago. So the picture isn't that great. I had been walking towards the Peoples Friendship Arch and watching Bridal parties taking turns to take pictures with each other and the...

  • Help around in Ukraine

    Hi, if this is still not resolved let me know.I don't live there but visit pretty often and have a bunch of friends in Rivne.Alex I was born and do live in Ukraine. Go ahead and ask whatever you need to know in Ukraine me or my son both speak a few languages and do interact with our international friends a lot.So don't hesitate to contact us....

  • Green streets and Golden-head Churches

    This is a great country with a long history, you will see the medieval castles in the west (Chernovtsy, Lviv), noble palaces in Kyiv and Crimea, industrial landscapes on the east and plenty of small villages and towns in orchards and green fields of wheat and sunflowers.What to do in Ukraine? :) Sightseeing! Eating national food - pancakes,...

  • Ukraine Tour guide

    I suggest that you buy a nice tour guide for your trip here is once in English with tons of useful info an links: snowboarding in Slavsko

  • Re: 10 days in Ukraine.

    Places near Odessa. Bilgorod-Dnistrovskiy village Vilkove like Venice

  • Love Ukraine

    Lots of poems and songs, folk dances performed at the stage... I liked and still remember this wonderful poem written by our fellow countryman Volodymyr Sosyura who was born in Luhansk region. You might like it, too:*** LOVE UKRAINE ***by Volodymyr SosyuraLove Ukraine, love it like the sun;Like the wind, and grass and water.In the hour of...

  • Visa

    Ukraine was earlier a bit difficult to visit due to visa regulations. But that is history if you are a citizen of the European countries, Canada, USA or Japan. You can visit Ukraine without visa and stay 90 days.

  • Lviv

    After a very nice time in Ukraine, we had to go to Warsaw, from were we had booked the flight back home to Norway. We booked a train ticket from Mariopol to Lviv, and after spending time by the Azov Sea, we had only one day left for Lviv. Some hours was also used to find a buss connection to Warsaw. Lviv was a very fascinating old town, which was...

  • Letter of Invitation & Visa for Ukraine

    For non-EU and non-exempt nationality passport holders, including Singapore, entry visa is required,that means the process of letter of invitation (LOI) is required prior to submitting application to Ukraine embassy for visa. Procvess is not too difficult, but just money and time-consuming, including planning of the exact time entrance and exit of...

  • Translation and Ukrainian lessons online

    Try to learn some ukrainian/russian words and take a dictionairy with you.You will need it, cuz not all speak english or other languages. Some of the elderly speaks German, the younger generation English. Russians used to be first language but now Ukrainian language. English-Ukrainian lessons onlineDutch-Ukrainian lessons onlineEasy Ukrainian...

  • food in lviv

    I just spent 4 days in Lviv, Ukraine. If Lviv is any example, one can get almost anything you want locally. Most cities I presume are pretty well-stocked. I cannot comment about experiences in smaller villages, though. Restaurants are no different than in America.

  • International calls from Ukraine (good...

    Good option could be to call with mobile operator Life:)Currently, they propose int'l calls (any country, plan "United world) for 1UAH/min. More at their web-site: and of course - in the shops with well-noticeable red sign LIFE :)Address: Khreshatyk, 24 for example:...

  • Eat kasza.

    i like many things here with Ukraine but this is myfavourite thing to eat from Ukraine together with meat or fish. It is something like rice but it is not. I cannot explain it, but many ukrainians eat this every day. I am from sweden, and we eat a lot of potatoes and this is the potato of Ukraine, something similiar. So good. When my friend alla...

  • Ukrainian car plates' numbers

    Do you know that in Ukraine there are special auto plates? There are some plates exist that tell police about to what class the driver belongs to: rich, police (militia), secret services, government or just common worker. Why is it so important for people to have different plate numbers from a common Ukrainian? Because if such a car will speed up...

  • My Ukrainian Web site

    Please visit my Ukrainian Web site at for more information and links A downtown and many other places in Kievwere totally rebuilt and this nice city above 1500 years old has become even better.

  • Ukraine 2003

    Ukrainian people are using the Cyrillic alphabeth. Languages which are similar are: Belorussian, Russian, Polish, Slovak and 'Old Church Slavonic', as well as to other Slavic languages such as Czech, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croation, Macedonian and Slovenian. It belongs to Eastern group of Slavic (Slavonic) languages and is the most ancient live Slavic...

  • Horilka is the Ukrainian word...

    Horilka is the Ukrainian word for Vodka. It is an ancient term for the spirits first created in Ukraine's heartland almost 800 years ago. 'Horilka' typically includes many different vodkas with a variety of flavors or just plain vodka. Soomska Horilka Pryhodko, flavored with St. John's Wort (Zvirobiy) and Buffalo Grass (Zubrivka), together with a...

  • searchpages about Ukraine

    There are several good Ukrainian searchmachines and pages with info about UkraineMetaSesna-UA zoneBramaInfo Ukes

  • If youre looking for a map of...

    If youre looking for a map of Ukrainian cities Atlas Ukraine

  • Beer

    In Ukraine beer is available everywhere!!! Sold in supermarkets or at kiosks so that nobody needs to dry out. It`s cheap and delicious. One of the most common beers is "Obolon".

  • Kvas

    Everywhere in summertime "Kvas" is sold. In large yellow tanks the fermented rye bread water is available. Kvas is refreshing but contains a little alcohol and tastes a bit like ginger beer.

  • Wooden art

    This turtle is handmade by a Ukrainian craftsman, the inside its decorated with red velvet.My cousin Yura gave it to me:-)

  • House where people lived before

    There are many left houses you can see in country side. Owners can’t sell them and leave for another place, or old person lived there and after he/she died, none wanted to live in that house, because it is too old. In this house on pic railway observer lived. I remember this nice house when it was alive and it was really nice. Now it looks ugly....

  • Kobzar

    In Ukraine there were musicians who went on all Ukraine and sang songs about historical events, Kozaks, they called people to struggle against conquerors. They were called “kobzari”.

  • Mill

    Pirogovo – museum under open sky near Pirogovo there is great view of large field with many of wind mills. It is worth to see.

  • Customs of people in Carpathian area

    Pirogovo – museum under open sky near Kiev.Many families in Carpathian mountains lived apart and very far from each other. Sometimes the distance was some miles. For being safe and not to allow others to get inside house, the owners built building such way that they form a square with large yard inside. There was no window outside. Life was only...

  • Houses in Carpathian mountains

    Pirogovo – museum under open sky near Kiev.West Ukrainian houses were and are different from other areas. it was hard to build houses in Carpathian mountains, so every building was apart from each other. The roofs of houses were going almost to the ground (I guess because of rainy weather).

  • Inside of Ukrainian house (XIX century).

    Pirogovo – museum under open sky near Kiev.Particular features of the houses' inside : bench along wall, big table around what family ate, icons covered with embroidered towels (“rushnyky”), spinning-wheel, big wood trunk and stove. Close to the ceiling different herbs hang.

  • Ukrainian house of XIX century. Central...

    Pirogovo – museum under open sky near Kiev.When son get married to girl, new family built another part of house for themselves, so house was divided on parts for every family, but at the same time the house was one. In some regions houses was divided on living part and part for home animals.

  • Ukrainian house

    This is the house of my grandmother in Zhytomirskaya oblast. It is good example of average Ukrainian house of present time.

  • The marvelous Theater of puppets of Kiev

    In soviet Union, the literature has a major importance, sustained by authors of genius: Dostoievsky, Tolstoy, Gogol, Pouchkine, Chédrin, to mention only them. In the theater of puppets one grants a lot of importance to the text, to the words. Few silences or verbal pauses in the spectacles and, often, the action, essential in this art of the...

  • Born From Pain : The Children of...

    On April 26, 1986, reactor #4 at the Chornobyl* Atomic Energy Station in northern Ukraine exploded. As a result, an estimated 260 million curies of radiation were released. This is approximately 200 times more radiation than was released by the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Radiation from Chornobyl rained down on unsuspecting victims and their unborn...

  • Post Office

    Offices are located all around the city. The Central Post Office is at 22 Khreschatyk St. You can mail an overseas letter from all over Kiev - use one of the yellow or blue mail boxes. For more detailed information, call 228-0068.

  • Communications

    Telephones - main lines in use : 9.45 million (April 1999) Telephones - mobile cellular : 236,000 (1998) Note : This number should have increased breathtakingly: in 2000 one saw very little portable, henceforth, in the vile, it is as in Europe of the west. Telephone system : general assessment : Ukraine's telecommunication development plan,...

  • Illicit drugs

    limited cultivation of cannabis and opium poppy, mostly for CIS consumption; some synthetic drug production for export to the West ; limited government eradication program ; used as transshipment point for opiates and other illicit drugs from Africa, Latin America, and Turkey to Europe and Russia ; drug-related money laundering a minor, but...

  • Disputes - international

    Ukraine and Romania have yet to resolve claims over Ukrainian-administered Zmiyinyy (Snake) Island and delimitation of Black Sea maritime boundary, despite 1997 bilateral treaty to find a solution in two years and numerous talks ; Russia and Ukraine have successfully delimited land boundary in 2001, but disagree on delimitation of maritime...

  • Merchant marine

    total : 138 ships (1,000 GRT or over) totaling 669,303 GRT/707,857 DWT ships by type : bulk 7, cargo 100, container 3, liquefied gas 2, passenger 11, passenger/cargo 1, petroleum tanker 12, railcar carrier 2 note : includes some foreign-owned ships registered here as a flag of convenience : Cyprus 1, Greece 1, Panama 1, Russia 4, Saint Vincent and...

  • Economic independance

    Outside institutions - particularly the IMF - have encouraged Ukraine to quicken the pace and scope of reforms and have threatened to withdraw financial support. GDP in 2000 showed strong export-based growth of 6% - the first growth since independence - and industrial production grew 12.9%. The economy continued to expand in 2001 as real GDP rose...


Ukraine Hotels

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  • Hyatt Regency Kiev

    This was one of the few hotels my colleague and I could find free rooms. We were visiting the day...

  • Dnister

    Super Hotel, just perfekt. Best location, at the end of Franko park 5-700 m south of city center.

  • Gostinny Dvor

    My American friend Jack stayed at this new hotel for several days and he was kind enough to take me...


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