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Kherson Things to Do

  • Poor Homeless Children - make a...

    Kherson is a city in my experience, of lovely people who have an environment which is a struggle economically, whilst the political situation is corrupt and the Government provides few opportunities whilst the country has so much potential of industry, hard working people and agriculture.Children without homes is a big problem everywhere in Ukraine...

  • beautiful women

    The place is loaded with hot, single women. Why you ask? The economy is bad and many people are out of work. many of the men have left for work in Western Europe as taxi drivers, construction wokers, etc. I meet a Canadian man and all we had to do was walk down the street speaking English. The women are very nice, friendly, and attractive.

  • Help the poor

    So many hars working people got shafted after parastroika, my wife included. You will see people everywhere with a cup or a hand out, they will not hassle you like the bums in Chicago. They are very proud people in need, I gave away a lot of money to these, mostly retired people. I hope you will do the same. I remember giving an old woman 10...

  • Walking around is already quite an...

    If you have little time, I do not believe there is a single attraction that stands out in the city. The pedestrian areas and the parks are nice, and just walking around the city is already an experience in itself.Seeing the naval students strolling around the city in their uniforms, watching the shop stalls in the streets, going to the bazar......

  • The Tatar's history

    The region was settled during the late Paleolithic era. Settlements of the Mezolithic, Copper, and Bronze Ages have been excavated. In the 8th-7th cent. B.C. the steppes of Kherson were part of the Scyphian state, with its center in the Kamyanske Horodyshche. In the 2nd cent. B.C. the Black Sea lands were settled by the early Slavic tribes of...

  • The navy university

    Kherson is an academic city. Among the numerous big schools and university, the university of the marine is one of the most important of the city.


Kherson Hotels

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  • Fregat

    Fregat staff is openly hostile. Don't waste your money. Hotel Diligence is excellent, Muskat is very...

  • Diligence

    I stayed in the hotel last year. It stroke me with its level of service, great design and atmosphere...


Kherson Restaurants

  • Best pizza in Kherson

    Very stylish and cozy cafe.Elegant cream-coloured sofas, massive wooden tables and chairs, always tasty and hot Pan-Pizza, and sure thing variety of our special dishes - everything is made for you to have and good time and gourmandise.

  • This is a place that you will enjoy

    The atmosphere is peaceful and lends itself to conversationThe food is excellent and the service is outstandingBe careful when you first sit down because you will be sitting on overstuffed couches. We had Shrimp salad, pancakes, chicken, cheese cake all were very good

  • Local Cuisine

    The interior represents an old Ukrainian yard with a small well. The name of the cafe is translated as 'The Small Well'. There are tables decorated as rooms in Ukrainian huts. Ukrainian cuisine: sturgeon shashlyk, sturgeon ' a la Cossack'; Tauria salad, fish soup.


Kherson Nightlife

  • Clubbing

    Kherson has a lot to offer for party goers. Although the streets are relatively quiet at night, with most restaurants and pubs closing at around 11 pm, there are a couple of food joints that are open all night.I was really surprised to find a club like the Millenium in a small city like Kherson. Good music, modern amenities, separate restaurant...

  • Sunset on the city of Kherson.

    The nocturnal life begins in the harbor and academic city... The city with a rich past can boast of dozens of unique historical, architectural and natural masterpieces. It preserves the memory of outstanding people, who created its history, glory and culture : H. Potemkin, F. Ushakov, A. Suvorov, I. Hannibal and others.

  • Kherson by night

    Contrary to a lot of Ukrainian cities of province, the nocturnal life in Kherson is living enough. Bars, limp of nights or people who stroll in the streets bring an unceasing movement.


Kherson Transportation

  • Odessa Kherson hotel Taxi transfer

    Odessa — Kherson apartments,hotel Taxi transfer by comfortable car-Hyundai Tucson (SUV). Profesional English-speaking driver.Comfortable saloon.Climate -control.Big trunk for luggage.I live in Kherson and i know Kherson region very well.Our service includes trips from any apartments,hotel in Odessa and Kherson apartments,hotel and in the back...

  • fly into Odessa then a 2 hour drive.

    I flew into Kiev and drove 8 hours to get to Kherson, It would be better to fly into Odessa, then drive 2 hours. I took the night train back to Kiev. I boarded at about 9 pm, and arrived the next morning around 10:30, first time I was ever on a train, it was pretty cool. Very small cabin for 4, you have to pay the cabin boy a few hrevnafor the...

  • Getting there from Odessa

    In my research before my trip to Kherson I had found widely varying reports on how to get there from Odessa, so I thought I'd report on my experience.My original plan was to take a cab at the airport to Odessa's bus station, and then take a bus to Kherson. Bus schedules are available on the internet, and it seemed like a nice and cheap plan.Inside...


Kherson Local Customs

  • Kinotheatr "Ukraina"

    One of the movies of the city is Ukraine. A monumental building, for only one room... who projects commercial movies, the same that everywhere in the world at the same moment.

  • Kherson Regional Universal Scientific...

    This is the main library of Kherson region, the largest literary warehouse, depository of editions of Kherson writers and printed editions, one of the most important cultural centres of the region. The foundation of the library was possible due to the efforts of the progressive intelligency of the city. In 1872 the library gathered its first...

  • Shovkunenko Art Museum

    Kherson Museum of Art that bears a name of the famous Ukrainian figure of art O.Shovkunenko, plays the important role among other museums of Ukraine. The Museum is placed in the real pearl of architecture art - in the building of former Municipal Council. Its opening was devoted to the 200th anniversary of Kherson in 1978. The art collection...


Kherson Warnings and Dangers

  • Kherson is a little unstable due to...

    Now the situation in Ukraine in general is unstable. Kherson is close to Crimea and supplies water and electricity to Crimea. I am advised by friends in Kherson that it is not safe to visit. Cars are stopped on the highway and things are unpredictable and lawless. I hope the situation in the country stabilises soon, but it does not look likely.

  • Just be careful!

    * Don't go anywhere in Kherson alone when it's dark;* A lot of streets in Kherson don't have street lights at night;* Don't drink water straight from the tap(only boiled);* A lot of areas in Kherson have got their water (cold) by hours;* Watch your pockets and luggage;* If I were you I wouldn't trust marriage agencies to much..... (maybe some of...

  • This young woman is one swindler !!

    I made the acquaintance of Antonina thanks to a site of meeting on Internet. She presented herself like divorced person, doctor pediatrician in a medical center. 34 years, a daughter, Helen, of 5 years old. She lives in Kherson. We corresponded, and in the month of July, I left to Kiev, where I met it. After my return in France we continued to...


Kherson Off The Beaten Path

  • by chucky555 Written Feb 12, 2007

    Interesting experience, but very distracting situations. Everyone's cell phones ring constantly, and they just answer them and start talking. The girls all where high heeled boots and you can hear the clomping as they walk up and down the aisles. Bring your coat and gloves if you're watching a movie in the wintertime, the heat is turned off! My legs and feet were numb from the cold by the end of the film. Watching the movie isn't near as much fun as observing all of the side actions from the audience, enjoy!

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Kherson Sports & Outdoors

  • Klod5's Profile Photo

    by Klod5 Updated May 7, 2003

    The sport life of city is decorated with traditional popular competitions, among which international automobile competition «Chumatsky Shlyah», national youth final competition in paddling named « Sculls of Hopes », championship of Ukraine in handball among female teams of higher league with participation of the Kherson team «Dnepryanka».
    In Kherson 5 stadiums, 268 sports platforms and fields, 4 pools are numbered at the disposal of Kherson people and the guests of the city, so playing tennis or football is available for those who wish.

    To your services are : horse-riding , hunt, billiards, sauna, pool, night discos.

    Equipment: However most deep impression for you becomes the acquaintance to the kind and friendly Ukrainian people. They will be sincerely glad to receive the visitors at our hospitable land. Such warm and sincere attitude you will not meet more anywhere and never.

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Kherson Favorites

  • A Stroll Downtown

    I remember having a walk in downtown Kherson.I payed attention to numerous advertisements and boards like this one intended to advertise a political party called 'Apple' whose emblem is a pineapple. The word 'pineapple' sounds in Russian like the beginning of the phrase 'It will not let us down'.

  • Ushakov Avenue

    walking along Ushakov Avenue and exploring its stores, parks and squares. visiting All Saints' Church not far from the central street. The church was built in 1803 - one of the oldest in the country. The old cemetery is still around the church, which cannot be seen in other towns and cities. All monuments of Soviet times are also still there...

  • Old fortress

    The legend says that the Grand Duke Potjomkin discovered the old gate with the Greek inscription: "From here you must go to Visantija". Many years ago they called Russia the Visantija’s successor; and Moscow was called the Third Rome, while the Tsargrad (Konstantinopol) was the Second Rome. It is interesting to know that during the Russian –...


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