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  • From Lutugino to Luhansk
    From Lutugino to Luhansk
    by hunterV
  • Leisure center and central square
    Leisure center and central square
    by hunterV
  • Walking along Peace Avenue Park
    Walking along Peace Avenue Park
    by hunterV

Lutugino Things to Do

  • Attending a Concert

    You can attend a concert at the county leisure center. The concerts and shows taking place here are the venue of all amateur actors, singers and dancers from all over Lutugino County.The leisure center is called here Shevchenko Palace of Culture.The concerts at the town and county level are held here. Not only town residents, but also villages from...

  • Taking a Stroll in the Parks

    When you see the monument to Leonid Lutugin near School #1, you might feel like taking a stroll in the Central Park. You will see a weird flower sculpture at what used to be a fountain in Soviet times and the monument to the fallen young pioneers who perished during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.The sculpture and the monument are located in...

  • Discover the Town Architecture

    Strolling or driving along the town streets, you can see many samples of the Soviet era architecture such as the town leisure center built in 1955 or the building of School #1 that houses the town museum.You can marvel the facade of the leisure center, but its back side saw better times, as we say.You can also see apartment houses of different...

  • Minute of Silence at the War Memorials

    You can have a Minute of Silence at the town war memorials, among them the Obelisk at the water reserve that is simply called Lake Lutugino.The Obelisk stands at the memorial place that is a meeting point of many veterans on May 9 - Victory in Europe Day. There is a procession and a meeting at that place on that day.The Tank monument is at the town...

  • Exploring the Streets

    Why not walk along Peace Avenue - the longest street in the town - and explore some other streets downtown?There are streets consisting of only private houses too.There are sixty-five streets, avenues and lanes in Lutugino (“Lutuhihe” in Ukrainian), among them two avenues: Peace Avenue and Nameless Avenue.I haven’t seen the latter, and have to take...

  • Marvel at the Town Monuments

    There are several Soviet era monuments in the town, among them:-> Lenin monument,-> Leonid Lutugin monument,-> War Memorial at the Steel Rolls Factory,-> War Memorial (Obelisk) at Lake Lutugino,-> Young pioneers war memorial in the town park.


Lutugino Restaurants

  • A Snack Downtown

    Lots of locals have a snack at one of such kiosks located at the entrance to the central market.One of the kiosks is called Bliny ("Pancakes").It is located to the left of the entrance to Parus Shopping Mall.You can have our traditional pies, meat pies, pancakes, even Americana Coffe, etc.The prices can be seen at the window. They are a good...

  • Lenin Street Cafe

    This cafe has a unique name 999 - the one I haven't seen anywhere else.It is one of the first things you see when you arrive by bus from Luhansk to the town market.The cafe is open from 9 a.m. until midnight.The cafe has a big banquet hall that I called Ancient Times Hall for it has images from Ancient Egypt and from Ancient Greece.It is big enough...

  • Lake Lutugino Restaurant

    This off-the-beaten path restaurant is located right at the lakeshore.It has a summer terrace and a nice and quiet hall with several tables.I liked the tranquil atmosphere and the cuisine, the big choice of dishes. This would be a good getaway place: half an hour by bus from Luhansk to Lutugino, then ten minutes by cab - and you are enjoying the...


Lutugino Nightlife

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    by hunterV Updated Dec 4, 2011

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    Nika cafe is a place for grownups, but it is full of teenagers in spite of that.
    Nobody really cheks the IDs there as long as you behave well.
    The cafe is open until 2 a.m. as a nightclub.
    The younger people (high school students) go to the building of the former "Rodina" movie theater located at the crossing of Sports Lane and Krupskaya Street.
    This is where they have their discos.
    There is also "Viking" cafe next to the bus station.

    Dress Code: casual, nothing special

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Lutugino Transportation

  • From Luhansk to Lutugino

    The yellow buses 203 and 206 leave from the railway station to Lutugino every half an hour. The traveling time is about half and hour and the fare is 15 UAH ($2).The buses arrive to the central square in Lenin Street opposite Lutuhine County administration building. The bus stop is at Foxtrot Shopping Mall.

  • The train and taxi

    The very comfortable local train ( no banks, only wooden chairs) goes between Lugansk and Lutugino, tickets are quite affordable. This train is used joyfully by many residents, there is almost always place to sit, while on a bus one can be forced to spend the trip in a standing position, plus squeezed tidily from all the sides, if all the sits are...

  • Lutugino Hotels

    0 Hotels in Lutugino

Lutugino Shopping

  • Local Style

    The Central Market is a traditional place of shopping for lots of locals and residents of Lutuhine County.It is located right in front of the bus stop of Luhansk buses, round the corner from Parus Supermarket.The market is a combination of lots of stalls and kiosks selling food and drinks, home appliances and household items, clothes and flowers...

  • Company Stores

    You can drop in at company stores in Lenin Street. Foxtrot and Luchiano are chain stores that can be seen in different towns and cities of Luhansk region. food and drinks UAH 50 and up

  • Small Local Stores

    There are a lot of such small shops as "Lagoon" all over the town and the town residents prefer to shop in them. Although they say a big supermaket is going to be built in Lutugino soon. Why? They are used to do their shopping at nice small shops. food and drink 50-100 UAH


Lutugino Local Customs

  • Town's Symbols and History

    The main branches of the industry of Lutuhine are coal mining and metallurgical industry. Therefore the shield is divided into black (coal) and red (fire) backgrounds. You can see wavy silver lines on the black background. They symbolize the geological structure of district that is rich in deposits of coal, limestone, sand and clay. The silver pick...

  • Coat-of-arms of the County

    Lutuhine is a district center of Luhansk region and has both town and district administration buildings.Lutuhine District administration building is in Lenin Street next to the bus stop of buses departing to Luhansk.You can see the coat-of-arms of Lutuhine District as you enter the administration building.The coat-of-arms represents a shield with...

  • Memory of Leonid Lutugin

    There is an exhibition devoted to the life and activities of Leonid Lutugin (1864-1915) at School # 1 where the town museum is located.The exhibition is called "Our City Bears His Name" .You can see the coat-of-arms of Lutuhine District next to Lutugin exhibition.The museum is on the third floor of the school building.The school students study...


Lutugino Warnings and Dangers

  • Tap Water

    Like everywhere in Ukraine, tap water is not quite safe for drinking here. Please boil it before drinking or buy water from the water trucks delivering it about the town at fixed time according to a schedule. They sell that spring water in plastic five-liter bottles.The town residents can also go to the Town Spring located near the railway line...

  • When water is shot off.

    On rare occasion water supply can be shot off for repairs, or when pipes burst from the frost, sometimes for a few days. Residents then fetch water in neighboring buildings or houses with wells ( asking other people for it), or they fetch it by the Metal Roll Plant, where the spring, mentioned before, is located.

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Lutugino What to Pack

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    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: If visiting Lutugino in a fall, say October- November, have a waterproof trench or a jacket, an umbrella, a hat, scarf, leather gloves, shoos that withstand water and mud, warm socks, thermal undergarments for extra cold days.
    In a winter wear really warm jacket, winter boots ( advisably with soft fluffy stuff on the inside for more warmth and thick bottoms), warm sweater, fur hat, woolen scurf, woolen socks, really warm gloves, thermal undergarment is a mast. Stay away from cotton clothes, it does not keep you warm. All of this because you'll be exposed to the weather for long periods of time while walking, waiting, searching.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Bring your own medicine, which is labeled in a language you understand. Do not rely on translation of medical instructions from Russian to English by Good Samaritans. They might wish you the best, but be mistaken.
    Carry toilet paper with you in case public bathroom ran out of it, or you ran out of change.
    In Lutugino public bathroom is located right next to a central fresh produce market, which is behind the store called Europe on Lenin Street.

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Lutugino Off The Beaten Path

  • Historical Buildings

    The local railway station is one of the few historical buildings in Lutuhine.It was built in 1914.The railway station serves mostly as a freight station. There is only one local train passing here:Train No.6409 Vilkhove – IzvarinoArriving to Lutuhine from Luhansk at 8 a.m. and Train 6410 Izvarine-Vilkhove back from Izvarine (at the...

  • Lake Lutugino

    This is how this place is called by the locals. It is, in fact, a water reserve located near the dacha area. You can see lots of summer houses (datchas) with plots near the lake.We hired a cab and had a nice stay there.The lake is big and deep enough and attracts lots of the town residents in warm weather.Strange I have not heard about that lake...

  • The Olchovka river.

    There is small river called Olchovka running by Lutugino. It runs from the side of village Uspenka.In the hills enthusiasts can search for meteorites, some quite rare samples were found. In the fields in season women collect medicinal herbs, like John's Wart, and Thyme, Chamomile, Wild Garlic. Water loving herbs, like mint, marshmallow and others...


Lutugino Sports & Outdoors

  • Place to exercise.

    Lutugino stadium is good place for anybody to run, jog, and exercise.Also, in Lutugino on a Peace Avenue (Prospect Mira), next to a restaurant, lives a unique man, who runs barefoot on a snow for exercise, wearing nothing but white Karate suit. That is a site to see! He is, probably, a follower of the Ivanov teachings related to health. Ivanov was...

  • Sports Palace

    The town sports center is called Sports Palace.It is in Sports Lane where Krupskaya Street begins.There are several sports sections there. This is where you can watch or play games when the weather is cold. volleyball and basketball halls.

  • Town Stadium

    You can watch a soccer match at this stadium located just opposite the intercity bus terminal.You can see two statues at the entrance.The town soccer team is called Metallurgist. soccer field


Lutugino Favorites

  • Peace Avenue Park

    Walking along the park from Lutugin monument to the leisure center is a favorite thing of many locals.You can start your walk at Lutugin monument or at the school building.Regrettably there are only a few benches there where you can sit and relax, and they are usually occupied by young mothers with their babies or by the elderly people.

  • Local Connections and Informaton

    The post-office is in Krupskaya Street, opposite the leisure center called Shevchenko Palace of Culture.There is a local newspaper called Labor Glory. It is the Lutugino District newspaper.If you need the Internet, the Internet club is in Krupskaya Street and it is called Stalker. Visiting Lake Lutugino and "Corsaire" cafe.

  • Lutugino web site, created by Artem... This is Lutugino web site. Right now only forum is working on it. It is built by a volunteer, and needs some investments to continue to exist. When this site is in working condition, it has plenty of information about Lutugino, including phone numbers of important administrative structures and services.


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