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  • Restaurant window - Lviv
    Restaurant window - Lviv
    by suvanki
  • Svobody Prospekt - Freedom Avenue
    Svobody Prospekt - Freedom Avenue
    by LoriPori
  • Lviv
    by Sambawalk

Lviv Highlights

  • Pro
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    hunterV says…

     Rich and many-sided cultural life, very active and patriotic public life 

  • Con
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    Zo72 says…

     Air pollution, caotic traffic, limited accomodation 

  • In a nutshell
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    suvanki says…

     Catch it before it's 'The Next Prague'!! 

Lviv Things to Do

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  • Stroll the Streets and Coffeehouses

    My favorite days in Lviv were spent wandering the streets of Old Town, taking it all in, stopping by restaurants, shops, churches and coffeehouses with no particular plan or goal. It's a city you can really enjoy without a bunch of planning, rushing, or money. The streets are like a maze in some parts and around almost every corner there are ornate...

  • Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet

    The Solomiya Krushelnytska Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet has been a hub of Lviv arts and culture since its construction in 1897-1900. Designed by Zygmunt Gorgolewski, the architecture uses details of Renaissance and Baroque styles. The facade features towering Corinthian columns and is covered with detailed statues and carvings of muses and...

  • Lviv Christmas Markets

    Christmas is a perfect time to visit Lviv, and the Christmas markets are a great place to take in the festivities. There are rows of little huts selling souvenirs like crafts and kitschy stuff, food and drinks. Like every fourth hut sells coffee, tea and alcoholic drinks like "med" to help you keep warm. The food we had was tasty and there are lots...


Lviv Hotels

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Lviv Restaurants

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  • Great food and service

    We love the restaurant and staff at the Valentine.We fell in love with the ambiance. Music on saxophone and keyboard also delightful. And the food is good too! Always made to feel at home. Thank you. Great salmon and wine-list on iPads.

  • so tasty traditional food))))

    Small and very cute cafeteria with delicious traditional meals and tasty drinks!!Nice interior,home atmosphere and good music))also you can enjoy your meals or drinks sitting outside on nice patio with a lot of flowers and comfortable furniture)) Try pastries, delicious!

  • Something Different

    This Lebanese restaurant offers a wide variety of kebabs and other quick grilled Halal meat and vegetable dishes. We also had some nice lattes and rice pudding, all for a really good value. The atmosphere was casual and staff were friendly. If you're in the mood for something different than the usual casual meal in Lviv, give this place a try.


Lviv Nightlife

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  • Enjoy the Night Views

    I enjoyed the evening views of downtown Lviv and took some pictures or at least tried to do so with my small camera.I wished I had a stronger one then.Next time perhaps.I found this promotion clip about the night life in Lviv. casual

  • Unremarkable

    This joint bills itself as an Irish pub. Thats a bit of a nonsense really as in reality all there is to place is a small room at the front, an even smaller room at the back, a bar and some tvs showing football. the connection the place has with Ireland is that it sells a couple of Irish beers and whiskeys or whatever. All the clientelle sit...

  • Surreal entrance but worth a look

    On the way into this place you are greeted by an old guy totting a machine gun. If you make a declaration of 'Slava Ukraine' you are given a shot of cheap brandy.I was served by a waitress called Oksana who was very helpful.Like all the bars I have been to in Lviv the scene is very much based on being sat at a table. There's none of the stand up...


Lviv Transportation

  • From Przemysl (PL) to Lviv by marshrutka...

    At the beginning of June 2010 we decided very spontaneously to join the post VT meeting in Lviv, after we had attended the fabulous VT Euromeet in Krakow.Now the question was only how to get there. The evening before the meeting we stayed one night in Przemysl (PL), where we had already stayed on this trip before. We knew about a Ukrainian bus...

  • Marshrutki Lviv – Olesko and Lviv –...

    It is possible to make day trips to Zhovkva and Olesko. The service is provided by looking very old marsrutkas (such mini - buses). It is one of "back to Soviet Union" moments for me, as I still remember older trolleybuses of such style.A mini bus to Zhovkva could be cached in Kulish street a few blocks behind Lviv Theater in Svobody avenue. I...

  • Public transportation in Lviv

    Public transportation in Lviv is quite flexible in time and locations of stations, but just old one. They have buses, trolleybuses, trams.If you use bus, it cost you 2 grivens for one ride, just give grivens to driver. It is strange, as driver don't give you any ticket, just if you ask so. Sometimes it looked like they could tell: "hey, you have no...


Lviv Shopping

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  • Shopping for Souvenirs

    There are a lot of small stores around Market Square where you can buy different Ukrainian souvenirs. The choice is huge!One bad news, though:The City Council has adopted a resolution that forbids selling alcohol in the city stores and kiosks.Starting with January 1, 2012 you can only buy some alcohol at a bar , a cafe or a restaurant.The good old...

  • Dom Knigi

    Probably the best selection of books in Lviv is available at the Dom Knigi (House of books).The building is home to several book shops which are still Soviet style. This means that the shops consist of a few counters with shop assistants whom you have to ask for the book of your choice.Besides all kinds of Ukrainian books, you also find many guide...

  • Souvenirs & crafts

    In a square just behind the Opera House is a small market with stalls selling traditional crafts as well as some flea-market items. It’s a good place to look for souvenirs, though like all such places you will find the quality variable and the prices likewise.I particularly liked the various embroidered goods such as the traditional shirts and...


Lviv Local Customs

  • Something Special

    Like in any other Ukrainian city, a car license plate with four similar digits is a status thing. It cannot be bought for any money, but is a sign of well-connected people/tough guys.However, Lviv is famous and unique in many ways.Picture 1: BB 1111 BE : a VIP car in a street in Lviv. No comments :-) Just my respects to the ubiquitos "chosen few"...

  • Christmas Traditions

    We visited Lviv at Christmas time, which is celebrated in Ukraine and other predominantly Orthodox countries on January 7th. The Orthodox Church is the 2nd largest Christian church in the world with 200-300 million adherents mostly living in Eastern and Southeastern Europe, and the Middle East. Being of Ukrainian background, I was already familiar...

  • Demonstrations

    Funny thing, maybe it was just in time I visited Lviv, but every day was a demonstration day against something - against using Russian language as second official, against president Yanukovich, against some reforms in religion. Also there was pre - election time, when party members advertised themselves.Probably it is not a lie that Lviv is a place...


Lviv Warnings and Dangers

  • Always watch prices

    Maybe it could look just my small problem, but I would like to suggest you ;) When I came to Lviv the prices looked smaller than in my hometown Vilnius, let say, beer in bars was almost twice cheaper. Anyway, even if you are thinking it is cheaper, always look for prices, look in meniu, as it could cost you also more than you expected. It happened...

  • The exception that proves the rule?

    Ukrainian is the official language of 'the new Ukraine Republic', however, almost everywhere, Russian is the predominant 'yizik'...L'vov is THE exception - it is THE city where Ukrainian is not only spoken on the street, but where speaking Russian is actually frowned upon...Indeed, even the bus drivers have been banned from playing Russian pop...

  • City Pavements

    Since the weather in Lviv is often rainy, it makes walking along the old pavement quite a difficult task.The pavements tend to be slippery and you do have to watch your step.Thank God nothing happened to me, but I can imagine how unpleasant it can be, if you are too careless to slip and fall down.


Lviv Tourist Traps

  • Unreliable Weather

    Yes, indeed, the unreliable and changeable weather is the only tourist trap I can think of.I will not mention some high end restaurant that could have been a trap if I went there.I mean "Masons" restaurant on the second floor of "Kryivka" restaurant at 14 Market Square and some other upmaket places.Forewarned is forearmed.There are many more simple...

  • Accomodation around the 1st of May -...

    I really can't say I have been sucked but there is one warning I would like to address. As in my home country, in Ukraine the 1st of May is celebrated. So make sure, if you want to visit around that date book a lot in advance. And make really sure that your hotel has your booking. I have been tricked by Hotel Eney about my reservation and in the...

  • Tourist traps?

    I haven't found anything in Lviv that I could call tourist trap. There are not many things you have to pay and what you pay is usually a good value for money. Although Lviv's center is listed under UNESCO world heritage list, tourism is still in infant phase. There are some tourists coming, mostly Poles and Slovaks (I have also seen Croatians,...


Lviv What to Pack

  • In Your Pocket Guide - Lviv

    I must admit that I am a huge fan of the "In Your Pocket" guides and I was more than happy to hear that since 2009 they are now also available for Lviv. During our Lviv stay in June 2010 we picked up the latest copy at Hotel George.The guide not only provides helpful information about transport, accomodation and sights, but also many off the...

  • Travel Guide

    Like many other countries in Eastern Europe, the Ukraine is a rapidly developing country. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to find a Tourist Information Office or just a free map, therefore an up to date guide book for independent travellers is highly recommended.On our first trip in 2007 we used the Bradt Travel Guide - Ukraine which covers...

  • Just in Case

    an umbrella is a must here.I always had it with me and did not regret afterwards: the rain was unpredictable and very strong indeed.... everything's available here, even if you leave something at home... good walking shoes for your city exploration tours... Have a good time, fellow travelers!Enjoy your stay in Lviv as much as I...


Lviv Off The Beaten Path

  • Olesko - village with a castle

    Olesko is a place, known already from the end of 14th century. It was a possession of Polish, Lithuanian, Hungarian. It was always "on the route" to take it. As a castle it is not very important or very strong one, but some facts make it significant: here Polish - Lithuanian kings John III Sobieski and Korybut Wisniowiecki born here. Nowadays it...

  • Zhovkva - piece of rennaissance near...

    Zhovkva is known since 14th century as a settlement. It was fortified in 1594 by Polish commander Stanislaw Zolkiewski, after a few years it got city rights. Probably name of city comes from the name of Polish commander, who was also responsible to build a castle that could be seen today. In 17th century city was even used as as residence of Polish...

  • Shevchenko Grove

    We decided to pay a visit to Folk Architecture Museum that we had seen on the city map after our excursion to Lychakiv Cemetery that was not far from it.Since we did not have much time at our disposal, we took two taxis for our company of six persons and arrived to the museum site in no time. Austrian Emperor Joseph II visited this grove one day....


Lviv Sports & Outdoors

  • Euro-2012 in Lviv

    There will be four fan zones for Euro-2012:- Liberty Avenue;- Ivan Franko monument;- Market Square;- Dovzhenko movie theater in Sykhiv District.All in ll the will host 70,000 soccer fans.The first one has alerady been dedicated:Ivan Franko Park fan zoneUEFA EURO 2012™ Presentation of Cities

  • Carpathians Soccer Team

    Karpaty soccer team plays in the Ukrainian Premiere League. It won the fifth place last year and became the participant of the Europe Cup.Its colors are white and green.The team plays at the central stadium called “Ukraine”. "Ukraine" stadium seats 40,000 fans.

  • Stadium Ukraina

    As Ukraine together with Poland is going to host the Euro 2012 football championships, I was really keen on seeing Lviv's old Ukraina Stadium, which will be modernized and renovated in the next years.It is an-all seater multi-use stadium with a capacity of 28.051 people. It is home to the local team FC Karpaty Lviv, which plays in the 1st Ukrainian...


Lviv Favorites

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  • City of lions

    Actually it is quite strange and unusual thing to Central - Eastern town of Europe, as old center of Lviv is full of lion details, sculptures. Unusual, as it is not Africa, but symbol of exotic animal is alive.The popularity of lions began from medieval times, when King Danylo Halytskyy named a town after his son Lev (a translation is "a lion"). It...

  • "Back to Soviet times" feeling

    Despite as I told before it has a lot of features of Western - Central Europe, some things let me feel I am back to Soviet Union:Small shops with the most essential productsOld Russian cars or marsrutkas (LADA, emergency car, mini-buses with unknown names)Public transportation system with tickets rolled into toilet paper style rollsAnyway, more or...

  • Influence of Western and Eastern World

    Lviv is always named as a confluence of East and West and actually it is true. The history shows that it was Orthodox and Catholic both. Also it was possession of a few countries as Halych Volyn Principality, Lithuanian Grand Duchy, Poland, Austria. Every of them formed something unique in understanding, religion, architecture. Nowadays, I should...


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