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Zhovkva Things to Do

  • Town hall

    Town hall is a Renaissance structure in Zhovkva, as castle and other buildings. It was probably built in 17th century. The square around, as in other more significant towns, was used as a marketplace, a place of executions, for greeting of famous people.

  • Dominican church and monastery

    Dominican church of St. Josaphat and monastery was built in 1652, it is already a baroque style structure. Church was built by a will of granddaughter of Stanislaw Zolkiewich Teofilia Sobieska. Later she was buried inside.Nowadays it is under reconstruction. Most things inside was badly damaged, as in Soviet times there was a warehouse. I was happy...

  • St. Lawrence church

    Church was built for Catholic confession, also as a pantheon of Zhovkva former founders and owners Zolkiewski family. It was constructed in 1606 - 1618 in late Rennaisance style. Nowadays it houses burial places not only of Zolkiewski family, but also some members of Sobieski family. It is quite popular place to visit, especially by Polish people....

  • City fortifications

    City fortifications was of course, as a part of defensive structures together with a castle. I believe these walls and gates was built also at the same time as castle, around the end of 16th century and 17th century.Nowadays you still could see some signs of former owners of town on the gates. Also these defensive structures add a feeling the place...

  • Castle

    Castle is the main sight in this town. It was built in the end of 16th century and very beginning of 17th century by commander Stanislaw Zolkiewski. There was a living place, also stables, arsenal, it had a garden. It was a residence of John III Sobieski for some time. After Poland - Lithuania Commonwealth partition in 1795 and changing of owners...

  • Basilian monastery

    Basilian monastery was founded in 1682, later it got major reconstruction work after a fire in the end of 17th century. The monastery looks Byzantium style. It was known as a printing house in 1895 - 1946, printed some famous religious works.In Soviet times an printing activities were stopped and only in 1994 a former action started again.

  • Dominican Cloister and Church

    built in 1655 by Teofilia Sobiewski (mother of Jan III) as a burial place for her son, Mark, who died in Tatar captivity in 1652. (fatal destiny for Zolkiewsky women, but if you think that men of that time were on and off wars, seems like the only logical one). Teofilia is also buried here.Little has remained of one cathedral's luxury interior...

  • Zhovkva Castle

    Zolkievski commissioned the castle to the best architect of the time, Pavlo Schaslyvyi (one who planned the whole “ideal city”). The castle has been built to resemble a fortress between 1594-1606 by captive Turks and Tatars, along with Ukrainian kozaks. Money came from Jews, who had to pay 50 zlotykh each for settling in Zhovka. while getman and...

  • Basilian Cloister and the Heart of...

    the church is built in 1612, the rest of buildings are built later. it has a very nice and cozy yard where you can take a rest fro couple minute, before you enter the church to enjoy interesting 20 century modern paintings by Buchmaniuk (1930).

  • Little Wawel

    St. Lavrentiy (Laurence) Cathedral the burial place for Zolkiewski, Danilowicz and Sobieski (all related to Polish King Jan III Sobieski), thus it's often called a "little Wawel." the head of getman Stanislaw Zolkiewski, the founder of the city, is buried in the cathedral crypt.it was constricted by Schaslyvyi, together with Pavlo Rymlianyn and...

  • Jewish Zhovkva: Synagogue and the...

    in the vacinity of the bus station stands neglected and decaying fortified nine-bay synagogue, a superb example of monumental Renaissance Eastern European Jewish architecture. It was built in 1692-1700 and was partially sponsored by Jan III Sobiesky. By the late 18-19 centuries Jews made the majority of Zhovkva’s population. It was a typical for...

  • Nativity of the Holy Virgin Church

    there are two wooden churches in Zhovka, one at the entrance to the city (St. Trinity) the second (not easy to find), the Nativity of the Holy Virgin (1705) is not far from the former Jewish cemetery (currently, the Sunday market), across a small river called Svynia (the Pig). the church has a beautiful wooden iconostasis that dates to (1710-27)....

  • The City Hall

    adjacent to the castle is the City Hall built in 1932. the earlier one, located in the center of the market square, has been dismantled in 1832 due to its unsafe condition. For 100 years, the mayor and his advisors occupied one of the city houses on Lvivska St.in 1950ies, on this city hall tower the yellow and blue national flag has been hoisted....

  • The Castle Gates

    the town used to have four entrance gates: Lvivska, Zhydivska (Jewish), Hlynska and Zvirynetska. two of them, Lvivska and Zhydivska, have been disassembled in the end of the 18th century during the Austrian rule. most likely Lvivska gate led to Lviv, and Zhydivska - to the Jewish quarter.the Hlynska Gate have been demolished during in 60ies, during...

  • Map of the sights

    This is the only information available. It gives you an overview of all the sights and their appoximate location.


Zhovkva Restaurants

  • A place for a snack

    There are no restaurants near the Monastery. So I would advice you to get something substential in Zhovkva. But, there is a small shop outside of the Krekhiv Monastery where you can get a cup of coffee or tea, ice-cream and some sweets. you can take it outside to a nearby wooden house, kolyba (shepherd’s log) and enjoy while waiting for a mini-bus.

  • place to catch a breath and have some...

    Zhovkva still lacks places to dine, but it will catch up. for a coffee and a snack you might consider going to Pidsinnya (trans. as arched gallery), located in the... arched gallery of the main market building. it's a nice place, according to the owner opened for tourists and very crowded in May and October. since I came there in June around 11 am,...

  • Zhovkva Hotels

    0 Hotels in Zhovkva

Zhovkva Transportation

  • Marshrutka Zhovkva - Lviv - Zhovkva

    A mini bus from Zhovkva to Lviv could be taken near Dominican church, bus will take you to Kulish street a few blocks behind Lviv Theater in Svobody avenue. It is written that it goes to Lviv. Trip takes about 30 minutes and costs really not so much, around 5 grivens.The service by that time was provided by old mini buses, I think in Lithuania...

  • from Zhovka to Krekhiv by a mini-bus

    you can catch a mini-bus from Zhovkva to Krekhiv. a bus stop is located next to the St. Laurence Cathedral (little Wawel). in reality it sheduled to go every 40 min, in practice - it depends ;) so you can either wait for 14:10 bus that goes on time, of try to flag a car. please note that the last mini bus from Krekhiv to Lviv departs at 8 pm...

  • Budget travel - mini-bus to Zhovkva

    you can get to Zhovkva by a mini-bus from several locations: one is just across the TsUM, leaves every 30 min.; another - just couple blocks further (Kulish St), leaves every 15 min. I chose the second one since it was less crowded. a one-way ticket to Zhovkva costs 3 UAH (0.60 cents)travel time is about 25-30 min depending on the number of stops...


Zhovkva Off The Beaten Path

  • Lviv - main town of Western Ukraine

    Lviv city is quite old one, more than 750 years old. It was founded as a city of Galicia principality, by king Daniel. As his son was Lev, he named the city after him. For a long time (from 14th to almost end of 18th century) city belonged to Poland - Lithuania Commonwealth, later - to Austria till 1918. Later it was a part of Poland again, Soviet...

  • Krekhiv St. Nicolas Monastery

    After you have explored Zhovkva, you might consider visiting the St. Nicolas Monastery nearby. this serene and extremely quite place, located just 12 km from Zhovkv, can be a great ending for this one-day trip.Krekhiv Monastery is believed to be found by two monks, Ioil and Silvester, who settled in the cave not far from the current monastery. the...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Zhovkva Favorites

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    Favorite thing: It was quite strange in such a provincial town find peaces of Renaissance architecture, still kept in good condition. Place was founded in times of Renaissance, that why castle, fortifications, some houses around are in that style.

    Especially nice is a square with all main sights - castle, town hall, arched houses, churches.

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