Ukraine Shopping

  • View of Souvenir Village from our balcony
    View of Souvenir Village from our...
    by ainsleigh
  • Souvenir Village, Kamyanets-Podilsky
    Souvenir Village, Kamyanets-Podilsky
    by ainsleigh
  • Ukrainian version of Bulgarian 'lootenitsa'...
    Ukrainian version of Bulgarian...
    by arturowan

Ukraine Shopping

  • Besarabsky Rynok (Market)

    Kiev Shopping

    Bessarabka market at Bessarabka Square offers all kinds of fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, seafood, fish, caviar, spices and flowers. The sales people will lure you and drag you to try and buy their stuff and more often than not they will succeed. The range of goods is impressive - you can get all kinds of tropical fruits and every type of...

  • Khreschatyk (Main Shopping Street)

    Kiev Shopping

    Khreschatyk street has a lot of stalls selling all kinds of stuff. CD's, crafts, gifts, stationery, antiques, Dynamo Kiev scarf and similar personal effects. Even though the stalls look like places where you can bargain, be careful if you don't know the rules. I started to bargain too much and offended the salesman.

  • Petrovka (Black Market)

    Kiev Shopping

    I have found here in VT that "Petrovka" has been declared to be a black market. This may be correct for some corners of the market, yet this also implies that such conditions are kind of typical for Ukraine as a whole. This association is certainly not true. I must underline that folks over there are striving hard for their survival and work their...

  • Metrograd (Underground Shoppping Mall)

    Kiev Shopping

    The inner spaces are divided in quarters, and there are the gift quarter, the clothes and shoes quarter, the sport quarter, the book quarter, the boutique quarter, the service quarter, the furniture quarter, etc. The thematic grouping of the stores saves customers' time and provides pleasant impression of attentive care to each guest. The 12th...

  • Our Prices

    Take a look at the present average prices in Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH)- lunch at moderate priced restaurant:: 65-100;- a pint of beer at a pub: 8-30 ;- a cup of coffee at café: 6-8;- a single room at moderate priced hotel: 250;- a cinema ticket: 30-50 ;- a pack of cigarettes: 6-10;- half a liter of mineral water: 3;- a kilo of apples: 8-12;- a...

  • Street shopping...

    Kiosks are the convenience way to shop, just about anywhere in Ukraine - you'll find them everywhere, even in the larger laybays beside busy roads...Kiosks come in all sizes, the smaller types often occur in clusters in busy areas, especially around public transport hubs, serving the refreshment or news needs of commuters...It says something about...

  • No more lines

    What happened to those long lines? I remember my grandma used to drag me and we had to stay in them for hours, i would be in bread line and she would be in milk line. Well no more!Ukraine grocery stores are full of food, lots of food. So don't bother to pack snacks with you or try to impress your Ukrainian friends with box of chocolates or bottle...

  • Babushka

    If you ask me, babushka is more russian invention than ukrainian. But, hey, those two once shared a country and it's naturaly you find foreign influence. So it's no wonder that nearyl every stal, selling souvenirs has a large choice of babushkas. Babushka (acctually meaning ''grandmother'' or ''old lady'') is a set of hollow and painted wooden...

  • Rinok

    daily market by the locals, starting at 7 am untill 20 to 21 pm. special is the fresh milk, sour cream and lots of vegetables and fruit available

  • Market or rinok or bazaar or shops

    When u are in Ukraine if u have money u can buy almost everything u like.U can buy in shops, on the daily markets (rinok) or at the bazaar.Most big cities are like Westerneurope shops and their prices as well...From fresh milk, cheese, fruit, vegetables, clothings, shoes anything u want.For ukrainian people its not always possible because of their...

  • Shopping in Kiev

    You can find here men's, women's and children's clothes, local craft, jewelry, toys, shoes etc. I was interested in Ukrainian knitwear, but I had a chance to buy just 'one' jacket from Ukranian knitwear. However , I was impressed by a dress from Latvian knitwear and bought it too:-)))

  • Cds

    Even if you don`t like Ukrainian music its worth to check out local music shops or vendors on the markets. CDs and DVDs are much cheaper here than in western countries. Often music CDs are in MP3 format. Most of them are so inexpensive because they are illegally copied. Do a virus scan before you play them on your PC!

  • Caviar

    There are different types of Caviar. The best and most expensive one is the black one. Give it a try and eat it like the locals do, on a buttered slice of bread with some Vodka and enjoy the taste of the raw fish eggs.

  • The National DrinK

    Vodka is usually distilled from wheat, rye or potatoes. The taste (if it got one) comes from what is added after the distillation process. Ukrainians like to take a drink, sometimes until they lose consciousness. Vodka is available everywhere throughout the country.

  • "Roadmarkets""

    Whatever Ukrainian gardens have to offer, it will be sold on the roads. Vegies and fruits are delicious and very cheap!

  • The experience of seeing becomes magical...

    O.V. Shulgan This is always true - each kilo of bread is a real shrine Date : 1985ofset, 60x90 Price : $45

  • Ukrainian's beers

    Of the beer bottles common Ukrainian. Of left on the right : Obolon' svitle. Bavars'ke Sarmat. Obolon Oksamitove. Veseliy monakh. Obolon 2000. Obolon Premium. Obolon Lager. Obolon Soborne. Oukrenyan bir ... korocho !

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Ukraine Shopping

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