Ukraine Transportation

  • 1st class seats
    1st class seats
    by ainsleigh
  • This dog rides first class!
    This dog rides first class!
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    All these buttons do nothing
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Ukraine Transportation

  • The Best Way to Travel

    The best way to travel to Ukraine is to arrive to Boryspil International Airport in Kiev.If your place of destination is in other regions of Ukraine, you can take a direct flight there from Terminal A at "Boryspil" International Airport.If you choose to travel by car (using the car rentals - $100 a day, by the way!), you will have to be very...

  • 2-wheel

    Cycling in Ukraine is only for the hardcore rider - I would not recommend it, despite mountain biking 1000x km myself!Having said that, the committed 2-wheel travellers have traversed the country on touring or mountain bikes, loaded down with heavy panniers, but you really do need to be a serious cyclist in order to try this...0n 1 occasion while I...

  • Hitch Hiking

    Although I would never recommend hitch hiking it is quite common in Ukraine, particularly in rural areas. People will raise their arm as if they are signalling for a bus to stop. I hear that is reasonably safe in Ukraine but you should use your own common sense. It is the custom to agree before the journey if you are going to charge them money and...

  • 'Zhiguli' - AutoVAZ-2101

    AutoVAZ-2101 was the choice of wheels amongst Ukrainians able to afford a car, mainly because there was little other choice available during Soviet times, & today it's impossible to visit Ukraine & not see them all over the place...Better known to many as the Lada 1200/1300, the VAZ-2101 was designed by Fiat as model 124, & licensed to be...

  • Where Is the Vehicle From?

    Starting with April 1, 2004 new Ukrainian cars should only receive new license plates representing a stripe with Ukrainian colors and inscription UA on the left, two letters that stand for the region, four digits and two more letters showing the ordinal series.The initial two letters were taken one by one from the alphabet and represent the...

  • 'Marshroutka...'

    Marshroutka is a derivative of the word, 'marshrout'; meaning - route/itinerary/schedule...In western countries, this type of transport is either of a mini/microbus, & the design is familiar as elsewhere; either a Transit, or long-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz...However, the procedure for travelling by marshroutka differs in Ukraine, & there are 2...

  • Train travel: Booking

    When we traveled to Ukraine in 2013, arranging train travel was probably the most confusing part of the whole experience, almost entirely out of language barrier. That being said, it certainly wasn't stressful enough for us to consider using an online agency who all have hilariously high markups on ticket prices. If you speak Ukrainian or Russian...

  • Train travel

    Train travel is the best way to see pretty much any country, Ukraine included. The trains are safe, comfortable, inexpensive, and we met some really great people. Please see my other tip about ticket booking if you're interested. We took some long trips in both sleeper cars, 1st class and 2nd class seats, and found all to be comfortable.4-berth...

  • 0stanovka...

    '0stanovka' is the word for bus stop in Russian, & they are a characteristic feature throughout Ukraine, especially noticeable in the countryside...A great feature about Ukraine, is that you can never really be 'lost' 'cos every bus shelter has the name of the place where it's located, plainly cut-out of the concrete roof in bold letters, or...

  • Travel to smaller cities

    Travelling around Ukraine by Aeroplane can be very difficult. This is due to the fact that because Ukraine isn't a popular tourist destination you will only be able to get an international flight to Kyiv. Smaller cities such as Ivano-Frankivsk for example can only be reached via Aeroplane from Kyiv so it is important to do your research before you...

  • Timetable for Ukrain trains

    With this timetable type the first letter of the town in the "Timetable" box (the "Journey planner" box is appearantly more fussy about your input) and select then the station from the drop down menue (this works well with Firefox and Chrome browser but not with Internet Explorer)

  • Re: 10 days in Ukraine

    Are you going to spend the night in Kryvyj Rih? I don't know any good places to stay in this city and there is nothing to do in this place at all, but in other case you will need to sleep in your car, because that is really long distance :-)))i think if you use night trains you won't lose 2 days of your trip for a road and these days you can spend...

  • Buying Train Tickets on-line

    Recently Ukrzaliznytsya (Ukraine Givermental Railway Authority) introduce new system of buying train tickets on-line.Unfortunately the system is designed only in Ukrainian or Russian the the whole process of buying tickets is pretty complicated even for locals.However you can find step by step guidelines in English how to buy train tickets directly...

  • Ukrainian License Plates

    You can see these old license plates everywhere in the country. Although there are new license plates now (see below), the old and the new ones coexist together.13 means a region of Ukraine. The biggest number of the region was 28, Luhansk region being 13, Crimea being 01, Kiev being 10 and 11, Odessa - 16, etc.This is the table of old Ukrainian...

  • The best way around Ukraine

    Ukraine has a very good railway system. It is probably the best way to get around the country. Cheap and comfortable.The cheapest compartment is "General"-"Obshchiy vagon". Not recommended. Just sitting places, a lot of people, in winter it could be cold there.Next is so called "Platskart". Not bad for money. Major of local people travel in...

  • Obtaining a Visa to Ukraine

    ***NEWS: Citizens of the following countries can now visit Ukraine without a visa for periods of up to 90 days over a 180 day period with a valid passport:USA, Canada, Japan, EU nations, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Vatican, Iceland, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Mongolia, Lithuania and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States...

  • one way ticket to Ukraine

    Yes, you will get hassled trying to arrive in Ukraine on a one way ticket without some type of work or residency visa. I had been attempting to a similar thing - arriving via a one way ticket. (I will be teaching English - getting the proper work visa wherever - so I don't know when I would be returning.) Basically you need to have a round trip...

  • Odessa transportation

    hi Rouzbeh, do not do it. it's complicated to explain, but in Ukraine, the traffic rules are very strict, and it's not possible to drive without breaking them. Locals know what to avoid, when to break and when - not, and you won't. Plus, you are a foreigner. You will be stopped on every corner. In Ukraine traffic police are allowed to collect fees...

  • New Lviv-Krakow-Wroclaw train

    Starting 31 May 2009, Ukrainian and Polish railways introduce a new overnight train Lviv-Krakow-Wroclaw (35/36). It is remarkable in several ways.1) it uses a technology that allows it to operate both on Ukrainian and Western tracks - so there is no need of changing wheels ( which would normally take about 2 hours). 2) it conveniently connects to...

  • trains

    For all those (like me) planning train-travel in/to/from Ukraine this will help:Schedules, in english (as mentioned by others also):http://www.poezda.netschedules in russian/ukranian: those last 2 sites you must be able to...

  • By Train to Your Destination

    I think the best way to get around Ukraine is by train. Each regional center of Ukraine has special modern trains to the capital. They all have sleeping cars and will take you there in 10 or 20 hours.Besides, there are fast trains to Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk that are our variant of the famous Inter City Express trains.

  • by Uzhorod by train

    By train to Uzhorod?It's possible from Slovakia or Hungary.However a bit strange as the gauge has to be changed at the border and it will be long custom control (much longer as by feet).I stayed that time at Zemplinska Sirava (but it wasn't the right place).I think that Vinne or Morske Oko lake area or calm Snina (not necessary the city itself)...

  • new airline service

    Apart from the (reliable) airlines Ukraine International, AeroSvit and Dniproavia, Wizz Air (the Hungarian LCC) will open a base at Kiev Boryspil and launch service to seven destinations on July 11, 2008. A320 service will be to L'viv (four-times-weekly), Kharkov (four-times-weekly), Odessa (daily), Zaporyzhzhia (thrice-weekly) and Simferopol...

  • By Ukraine International Airlines

    By Ukraine International Airlines I flew these airlines only once: from Vienna to Odessa and was not too happy about the service. I would say "Austrian Airlines" was much more friendly...

  • Train 1st Class

    When you are in Ukraine there are 2 best ways to travel: Train and Airplane.We drove from Kiev to Dnepropetrovsk, the major roads in Ukraine are not as big and nice as they are in states and they wiggle around little villages. So it took us a LONG time to get to our destination. It would have been so much better if we just took the train and napped...

  • Buses, Taxis and Subway (Metro)

    When in Kyiv, there are a number of modes of transportation. I recommend that a native to the city do the driving, as it is quite chaotic. When waiting for the bus, stand in line and when the bus arrives, get ready to move and move quickly. Please will push past you as quick as they can. It is like being a sardine, people are pressed up against you...

  • The Metro

    3 lines cover the city. But do not expect to understand the signs. Plan your route very carefully before you go.

  • Train Station

    No signs in English, no English speaking staff, people who don't understand about queing, and staff who do not want to help. Good luck. Took us 4 trips here, as well as 4 hours and 2 translators to buy a ticket. JOKE

  • Ukraine by train

    Ukraine has a big railway system.There are frequent trains connecting the major cities.The train has three classes.Busines: Two beds Kupe: Four beds togehtherPlatskart: Open wagon with many peopleThe conductor has tea and mineral water but you should bring your cup withBuying tickets: It is not easy to buy tickets. Some ticket sellers are...

  • Three good options:

    Three good options:1.) Train. Cheap, interesting and time consuming. Many connections to Ukraine from all neighbouring countries, mainly Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. All these trains go to L'viv from where most of them continue to Kyiv or Moscow. From Romania it is more complicated, better by bus (via Suceava - Chernivtsy, the only checkpoint for...

  • Taxi trip from the airport to down town...

    Ukraine main airport has one serious problem a nice long drive from it to down town kiev were the taxi often try and gouge you for 50 usd one way you can get it to about 1/2 price if you just threated to use the bus which is about 10 usdprices are from march 2003

  • Visas and entering from Slovakia

    Visas and CustomsIf you hold an EU passport you will not need a visa. President Yushchenko suspended EU citizen's visa requirements from 1 May 2005 - I think it will last for a trial period of 3 or 4 months but check your nearest Ukrainian Embassy's website.. When you enter, you will have to fill in a small form and make sure you keep your part...

  • Take the train

    To se Ukraine properly I really think you need to take the train - its the only way you really get to appreciate the size and flatness. I took the train back from the Crimea to Kiev.Public transport is also the best way to meet people - the kid in the photo woke me up (without bidding) to see the sunrise from the train (see the photo on the front...

  • Buses are everywhere!

    Bus is another quite convenient way to get around Ukraine. Such companies as "AVTO LUX"(, "GUNSEL"(, "SHERIF TOUR" ( can offer you a comfortable bus ride. Their busses are not bad, mostly with a TV and decent seats.You can also take regular buses in any city/town of Ukraine. "Bus station" will...

  • Busses in Ukraine

    I traveled by air, by trains, cars and by bus as well during my trips in Ukraine.Some re comfortable, some less but all trips by bus are very cheap for us West-Europeans.On the Picture a bus at Bolechiv July 2003

  • Radar Traps

    Although you can`t see them - be sure that they will wait for you somewhere: The traffic police!Radar traps are very common in Ukraine. They use mobile radar devices and check to both directions. Sometimes they are nice and charming and sometimes they will fine you like hell. If you don`t speak Russian or Ukrainian it might by a problem. If you...

  • By train through Ukraine went several times by train in Ukraine, in 2002 from Striy to Kyiv which took 12 hrs to and 12 hrs back. i really love traveling by train, in the url above u can read some travelllers story about this kind of transportation. really worthwhile to read.Its amazing how good trains are!Its quite an...

  • Circulation on the roads: ... and...

    ... and you will be able to cross takes vehicles trembling, old jalopies used by the time as quite, or this kind of vehicle pulled by horses. It is part of the anachronisms of Ukraine... and of its charm.

  • Circulation on the roads : between...

    You will be able to see to circulate in Ukraine most beautiful vehicles, of enormous 4x4 to the black windows, or of the sumptuous limousines, that even an European of the west can pay itself. Of the vehicles to the forefront of the fashion, very modern and luxurious...

  • Fluvial ways

    The internal fluvial ways, of which the length of exploitation is of 3900 km, assure the easy access at the centers economic of the Europe Centrale and the Northwest. With his/her/its very important maritime harbors (Odessa, Illitchivsk, Mykolaïv, Marioupol) Ukraine achieves until 25% of the total maritime freight of the countries of the ex -...

  • Highways

    total : 273,700 km paved : 236,400 km (including 1,770 km of expressways and a substantial amount of all-weather roads with gravel surfaces) unpaved : 37,300 km (these roads are made of unstabilized earth and are difficult to negotiate in wet weather) The roads are tarred more or less well. The big axes are more or less correct, the route least...

  • Railways

    Railways in Ukrainia total : 22,510 km broad gauge : 21,951 km 1.524-m gauge (8,927 km electrified) standard gauge : 49 km 1.435-m gauge note : these data do not include railroads dedicated to serving industry and not in common carrier service (2001) narrow gauge : 510 km 0.750-m gaugeThe railway network (22700 km) is for the biggest part (8600 km)...

  • Taxis

    You can order a taxi by calling 058 or 221-1200. Taxis waiting in the street are considerably more expensive than those hailed. Generally, it is easier and cheaper to hail a private car in the street, as owners often act as taxi drivers. It is not advisable to get in a private car with more than one person already in it. Set the price before...

  • Metro

    Kiev's metro is famous for its cleanliness, safety and beautifully-decorated interior. It is also very cheap. A single-use token allows a transfer for one line to another, or you can buy a monthly pass. Both are available at any metro station. The metro scheme is not complicated: it consists of three lines which connect the centre with all...

  • Trolleys/trams/buses

    Public transport in Kiev and Ukrainia is often crowded. Tickets are sold at any stop. Stamp them during your ride, or you may be fined.


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  • Hyatt Regency Kiev

    This was one of the few hotels my colleague and I could find free rooms. We were visiting the day...

  • Dnister

    Super Hotel, just perfekt. Best location, at the end of Franko park 5-700 m south of city center.

  • Gostinny Dvor

    My American friend Jack stayed at this new hotel for several days and he was kind enough to take me...


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