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  • Only one Double bedroom with comfortable bed.
    Only one Double bedroom with comfortable...
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Uzhhorod Things to Do

  • Weekly market

    On the 2nd. picture u can see the entrance of the market in the old center.If u walk through u will enter a square with all kinds of goods u can buy.Very cheap for us. The buildings are colorfull in the old center, but also damaged.Cause lack of money most buildings arent repared..

  • Uzhhorod castle

    Uzhgorod castle (12-18th) is located in an old part of the city. It is the oldest monument of military art and architecture. This fortress is re-established many times. The castle as it stands today has a 16th century facade. In the 11-13th centuries Uzhhorod was under Hungarian rule. In 1648 a thousand-man detachment of Kozaks arrived, escorting...

  • Mushrooms fresh from the woods

    Nastia daughter of my friend goes to the woods with her granddad every sunday and he tells her the names of the mushrooms which can beeaten or not.And he started when she was only 5,yrs.the musrooms will be cooked several times and then put in big bottles with special herbs etc.

  • Traditional Carpathian houses in...

    The museum of Folk Architecture and traditions (I prefer to call it scansen) in Uzhgorod is the smallest, but the coziest and the most well-kept among his kin (Pyrohovo, Kyiv, Shevchenkivsky Hai, Lviv, etc.) in Ukraine. It ¡s located on the territory of the XIX century cemetery once called 'the Graveyard Garden' (I find this to be so ironic - to...

  • Uzhgorod scansen - hutsyl houses

    In addition to the beautiful Shelestovo church, one can also see here a typical hutsyul-style house called grazhda. Unlike most of wooden houses in Ukraine visible to a passerby, grazhdas were hidden and resembled a simple wooden fortress, where actual house and households were built and linked into a closed square, mostly to protect from wild...

  • The Open air museum of old Carpathian...

    There are several excellent museums of this type in Ukraine: The one here in Uzhhorod is one of the best. It is on a hill above the city and shows nice examples of houses of the various ethnic groups among the Ukrainan peasants in the Carpathians.


Uzhhorod Hotels

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  • Hotel Ungvarskiy

    2, Elektrozavodska Str., Uzhhorod, Ukraine

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

  • Praha Hotel

    38 Verhovinskaya Street, Uzhhorod, 88000, Ukraine

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Solo

  • Zakarpattya Hotel

    The entrance is huge, u can get ur money changed at this hotel and u can have some coffee or drinks...


Uzhhorod Restaurants

  • cultural great restaurant

    August 2003i went here again and i remembered i was here before..I visited this restaurant with the headchirguan from the Children's Hospital and his wife Marianna,my aunt Ira and uncle Petro.this time i could absorb more details etc cause i understand more ukrainian language now.I was here on Sundaymorning with friends and also with a guy who...

  • Harmonia

    On the day of my arrival at Uzhgorod i went to this restaurant with my firend Andriy, his cousin Romano and a girl.We talked with the traffic police who were sitting next to us and i was allowed to take a picture of them.An always crowded restaurant, special during lunchhours, nice staff and good food.

  • local

    but very good food, not expensive at all, i was here in September 2004 on the picture with Feodor and his son, checking the pictures we made that day


Uzhhorod Nightlife

  • Folklore Music in a special art...

    Its one of the few cafes my friends and i went, so its easy to remember.The owner is a humoristic writer and this restaurant if full with remarkbale art! and clean toilets!A must visit place when ever ur in Uzhgorod!This time we went espailly to listen a folk/hutsul group. Fantastic!They play for money, when people are dining or dancing..they can...

  • Place to chill during the summer

    Beautiful terrasse. Chill crowd, never any problems. Atmosphere is just amazing especially friday and saturday night till about midnight, afer that many people will leave for Armageddon Club.Many beautiful wwomen. They serve food there which is pretty good, they have shashli/You have to be there to see it, dont miss it if you will pass through...

  • It's dirty but ...

    ok, may be for western citizen nothing but it has it's own flair. the joker club is the place where you first go for drinking wodka and after for dancing on the same place. the interior is nothing special and old. if you do not enter clothed by a jogging suite ...


Uzhhorod Transportation

  • by air Uzhgorod Airport

    International flightsDomestic flightshere u can find the times of departures and arrivals at Uzhgorod Airport.I only visited the airport once, flying from Kiev to Lviv was enough for me:-)Uzhhorod International Airport is graded Class 4.

  • Airport Uzhgorod

    International flightsDomestic flights

  • transport through the Carpathian...

    depends where or how ur coming or going in this area, by plane, bus, car or walking!The roads are sometimes real bad, big holes in da roads, so travelling is'nt fun if u want comfort.There is an airport in the old center , coming from abroad u can take a plane from Kiev to Uzhgorod in 2 hours time.If u travel in Uzhgorod u can take a bus, its cheap...


Uzhhorod Shopping

  • Curtains....ah yes:-)

    on the way to the datcha of my aunt and uncle we passed a road where peple were selling curtains...!

  • Fresh Fish and meat at Bopak supermarket

    For people who have enough money (most people here don't) there is a new supermarket at Uzhgorod called and non-foodproducts as much as u like, also many differentt types of vodka.When entering this shop u cannot take ur bag if its big, u have to store it in a locker. At the entrance there is some guy from security service which will...

  • Domestic food : in the streets or...

    U can buy homemade food in many streets in small cabines, trailers or whatever.Some people bake bread or cakes f.i. and sell it to other locals. The bread is really good, a lot of different food is available if u look long enough.Locals cant always afford the things which are normal for us, like fruit or meat, fish etc.Radiocassettes are really...


Uzhhorod Local Customs

  • Local Customs & Traditions

    I have seen 2 cemetries so far in Ukraine, 1 at Morszyn , and 1 at Uzhgorod.On the picture the graveyard at Uzhgorod where a sister of a friend is burried. She was only 19 years old killed by a car accident.On the url below u can find all kinda info about customs and traditions for weddings etc.Whenever u wanna take flowers to a cemetry always take...

  • Appartments from locals

    Sometimes i stay with my family or with friends. On the picture the appartment "Kwartiera" of my friend Andriy, i lived here the last time dec. 2007 for 1 week.Some of the houses are in a terrible state.Sometimes there's no elctricty or water!For us who are used to luxury its quite an experience to have to wait for water!

  • beautifull handcraft Ukrainian gift

    This beautifull present was given by the hospital to me when we finished the work from the transport and was made by a Ukrainian artist which i forgot the name but i will look it up...:-)


Uzhhorod Warnings and Dangers

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    by catnl Updated Aug 7, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When ur in Ukraine u have to buy water to drink and to brush ur teeth.
    Bottles with or withous gas are cheap (1 or 1,5 grivna (0,20 eurocent) per 1 ltr. bottle)and u can get them almost everywhere on the markets and in some shops.
    Take ur own medine with u and a medicinecart from home prefarable in latin..
    There is a central Hospital, there are "Apotheka" were u can buy simple things like asperine.
    Warm clothings are needed in winter it can be very cold brrrrrrrrr.........
    As for ur money: people are very poor, so dont wear to much luxury stuff, put ur wallet behind ur sweater or coat and take good care of valuable stuff.
    Locals are very friendly and nice people but if u dont speak Ukrainian take a small dictionary with u, older generation do speak some german and the younger English.

    On the picture one of the many bad toilets at the Central City Hospital ((
    This 1 i took when i was visiting this department as this is one of our projects.
    Every room with 2 or 3 beds have such toilet and a bathtub as well, also in bad shape.
    U might see almost such toilets on the markets or small cities, in some good hotels there will be better and cleaner ones.

    Toilets in Hospital Uzhgorod 2003
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Uzhhorod Tourist Traps

  • Chertez Orhanagehome July 2003

    Chertez Orphangehome July 2003I cant find this place on VT and i dont have travelogues anymore so iam adding the pictures here..for now

  • Taxi, taxi!

    the minimum you have to pay for a taxi in uzhgorod is 5 ghrivna. crossing the city by taxi is about 7 ghrivna. if they hear that you are speaking english or german they try to get more money. explain them that NORMALY it costs not more then 6 ghrivna. mostly they agree.

  • Uzhhorod Hotels

    8 Hotels in Uzhhorod

Uzhhorod Off The Beaten Path

  • people were'nt that big at the time, low...

    The sealings aren't very high in this historical homes. Some had an amazing blue color, they told me they made this blue paint with natural plants, i think it was this blueberry they used..legendes from Carpathia

  • The castle of Uzhgorod

    Entrance :for children is 0,50 grivna = 0,12 eurocentFor adults 3,00 grivna = 0,50 eurocent(1 euro= about 6,30 grivna, it changes every day)A guided tour is possible for a very small amount

  • Uzhgorod castle 2004

    This fortress is re-established many times. The castle as it stands today has a 16th century facade. In the 11-13th centuries Uzhhorod was under Hungarian rule. In 1648 a thousand-man detachment of Kozaks arrived, escorting the emissary of Khmelnytsky to the Transylvanian King Rakoci. At the end of 17th.century Uzhgorod had around ten streets and...


Uzhhorod Sports & Outdoors

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    by catnl Written Jan 21, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    To my surprise Uzhgorod has a very nice soccerstadion:-)
    Although the building with the dressrooms for the teammembers are damaged in a bad way after the flood in 1998.

    Uzhgorod soccerstadion 2002

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Uzhhorod Favorites

  • Visit in Uzhhorod

    Thanks, that were very helpful, in fact, I was born in Uzhhorod, left the city and Ukraine 37 years ago, about age 14. I speak flowing Ukrainian and Russian and good at reading in both languages. I would have no problem with language. I'm looking for updated information for car renting or local transportation, and the best way to get from Europe to...

  • Lemkos, an ethnic group of the Eastern...

    Lemkos is an ethnic Ukrainian group (along with Boykos, Hutsyls, etc.), which traditionally occupied the territory of the Lower Beskid range of the Carpathian Mountains. The name "Lemko" derives from the common expression 'Lem', which can mean "but", "only", or "like" in the Lemko dialect, which is used that often that I can call my people -...

  • A Trip Through Trascarpathia - Travel...

    A Trip Through Transcarpathia - a detailed 240-page guidebook covering Uzhgorod, Mukacheve, Berehove, Vynohradiv and other cities of the "Silver Land"; a good guide to Transcarpathian museums and national parks, unique architectural ensembles and monuments; local customs and traditions.Contains maps and 500 colorful illustrations, both present-day...


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