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  • Window onto the family chapel, Broughton Castle
    Window onto the family chapel, Broughton...
    by evaanna
  • Gatehouse viewed from the Castle's roof
    Gatehouse viewed from the Castle's roof
    by evaanna
  • Manor House, Broughton Castle
    Manor House, Broughton Castle
    by evaanna

Broughton Things to Do

  • St Mary's Church

    St Mary's Church is situated just a few steps from the Gatehouse. We visited it before we went into the Castle but it is better to go inside afterwards, when you know a little more about the Fiennes family, whose ornate tombs can be found in the church.The church dates back to the early 14th century, but there are even some elements of an earlier...

  • The Manor House

    Built in 1300 by Sir John de Broughton, the original house had battlements added to it by Sir Thomas Wykeham in 1406, but those are no longer there. The mediaeval house was later added to by the Fiennes family and gradually transformed into the Tudor manor we can see today. In the 16th century the west wing was added with the Great Parlour and the...

  • Come inside the Manor

    The first room you come into is the Great Hall, a large part of which dates back to 1300. In the hall there is a display of suits of armour and all kinds of mostly medieval weapons. You can also see the Fiennes family tree. Look at their colourful coat of arms in my picture. Other interesting rooms in the manor include Queen Anne's Room named after...

  • Walk in the castle gardens

    The castle gardens are a real beauty. The formal Ladies' Garden, enclosed within low walls, has gravelled paths and a beautiful pattern of low hedges which can be best appreciated viewed from the castle roof (see my previous tip). The informal garden on the other side of the stone wall is charming too - don't miss the lovely seat encircled by...

  • The Gatehouse

    To get to the castle we had to cross the bridge across the moat and then go through the crenellated Gatehouse, looking really imposing with its contours sharpened by the bright sunshine coming from behind. The structure was built in 1405 by Sir Thomas Wykeham and is the only one there nowadays, apart from the moat, to point out to the castle's...

  • Don't miss the view from the castle roof

    If you climb to the very top of the stairs, you will get your due reward. The door at the top opens onto the castle roof where you can enjoy a lovely view of the gardens, the moat, the Gatehouse, the church and the fields beyond. You can take as many photos as you like, feeling a refreshing breeze, so welcome on a hot day.


Broughton Local Customs

  • Look inside the family chapel

    Broughton Castle has its own chapel consecrated in 1337, and with the traceried window, the tiles and the stone altar dating back to the early 14th century. High up in the wall opposite the altar there is a window leading to Queen Anne's Room. This is a hagioscope - an opening in the wall of a church to enable people who for some reason did not...

  • No cattle please

    How do you prevent the local farmers' cattle or sheep from trespassing on your beautiful garden? There is no gate to stop them and a traffic sign 'No cattle' in whatever form wouldn't do much good. But there is an ingenious solution to the problem. Look at the crossing in the picture - no cow or sheep can negotiate it without risking breaking a leg...

  • Hot water bottle for your boots

    If you live in one of those countries where you shudder at the thought of going out into the freezing cold, here is something for you. Boot warmers! You may not have realised until now you needed them but think of the comfort and pure pleasure they can give you. Just put them hot inside your boots for a few minutes et voila - your boots are now...


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