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  • Front view of the mansion
    Front view of the mansion
    by Synch_X
  • A 'famous view' of Bracknell!
    A 'famous view' of Bracknell!
    by easyoar
  • In the woods
    In the woods
    by Synch_X

Bracknell Things to Do

  • Granite Ball

    Outside the Bull pub in the center of Bracknell is a large granite ball suppended on water. Give it a roll. Watch out for it trapping toddler's fingers.I have created a website for the ball.Probably the dullest thing on the internet.

  • Countryside close to home

    The Lookout is a hands on science display aimed at kids, adjacent to a good adventure playground and cafe. Its appeal to the grown ups is that it is in Bracknell Forest, which is a large unspoilt area. It provides much needed outdoor activity space, and at weekends the car park is full with dog walkers and mountain bikers.

  • Lily Hill Park

    Lily Hill House is a prime example of later Georgian architecture built in the early Nineteenth Century. Originally the residential home of Henry and Isebella Vincent in 1817 and their decendants, the Lanes, but in 1955 the house was bought by Bracknell Development Corporation. Currently the house is privately owned and used as offices.The...

  • The LookOut

    Now this really is worth visiting.If you like the outdoors and like walking, mountain bike riding, orienteering or geocaching (see, then the LookOut is outstanding. Especially for Mountain Biking as it has some specially built areas. If England gets the Olympics in 2012, the the LookOut will be staging the Mountain Bike event -...

  • The Water Clock

    This is in Bracknell Town Centre too, and is Bracknell Town Centre's other 'Must See' site.When it is working it is a water clock that tells the time by spraying out jets of water - soaking anyone who happens to be walking over it at the time.It is not uncommon to see the local lads in the summer time waiting for a wet T-shirt moment...

  • The spinning ball

    If there is such a thing as a 'Must See' in Bracknell Town Centre, this would probably have to be it.I don't think anyone really knows exactly what it is supposed to be, other than a large marble ball that is supported by water pressure and can be spun around by passers by. Not sure what the point of it actually is. The Bracknell residents weren't...


Bracknell Hotels

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Bracknell Restaurants

  • Very Good English Food

    Very good English food and friendly and quick service. You can watch the food being prepared. Standard English food is on the menu, cooked well. The pub is part of the Beefeater chain but don't let that put you off. It gets very crowded in Ascot Week.------Returned in 2006 and the menu has reduced drastically with less personalised food. Very bland...

  • Inauthentic Italian Restaurant

    A chain of American style Itallian Restaurants, no real Itallians only mininum wage locals. Awful food that isn't really Italian.-------------------------------------------------Returned in 2005The service is still slow but the food has improved. So is reasonable in quality, but the noise level has gone up from the background music so that is seems...

  • New York Italian restaurant and bar

    It is a nice themed restaurant that is quite a popular place to eat, which is why whenever I've been I had to wait for a table. The food is good, although it is a chain run restaurant business. I recommend that you book a table if you ever think to go.

  • Reasonable Service and a good place to...

    The food is reasonable quality and reasonably priced. The bar is cosy with good service. There are TV's in one section for sports fans. I would recommend going there during the day ass at night it can get a bit rough. The Pies.

  • Rudest Service in Bracknell

    The Goose have bar staff that ignore you and serve the regulars many of whome are fairly rough types. This is a shame as the decore is good and the food is also good and reasonably priced. Gammon and chips.

  • Excellent Real Italian Restaurant

    The food is excellent. There is a reasonably priced standard menu of Pizzas and Pastas suiatble for those with simple tastes and children. There is also an a la carte menu for real Italian delicaies. Their sea food is their best feature. Their SeaFood selction is their best course as is their Lobster.


Bracknell Nightlife

  • Colours at night

    Come here on a friday or saturday night and you will find that they are open as a nightclub. They have a small dance floor and a reasonable sized bar which serves until 2am. They have regular DJ's playing their mix of dance tunes through out the night. Pool tables are available to play on but you need to give them a £10 deposit, which you will get...

  • The Terrace Bar

    This always has been a busy little bar. They have a lovely area for sitting outside enjoying the view, where during the summer they have live music out on the field directly opposite the bar. It has been recently renovated so expect it to be quite busy in the evenings. Anything.

  • The best of the old pubs

    This pub is always very busy no matter what evening you go. Generally populated by young people on Friday and Saturday nights but always a pleasure to visit. They have different deals on drinks all the time, which should be enough to keep anyone happy. If you had to visit just one pub in the whole of Bracknell, then I recommend this one. Anything.

  • Nearest pub to the train station

    Always a handy pub to stop off in before heading to Reading or London on train. You can get tickets for the nightclub called Utopia in Reading from here and they provide a coach to get you there, this takes place fridays and saturdays. The atmosphere in this pub has altered since it was changed from The Fruit & Firkin to The Goose but it is still a...

  • Late nights at The Bull

    It is one of the oldest buildings in Bracknell and looks good from the outside. It sells all your regular alcoholic drinks and snacks. Mostly filled with regulars that aren't too friendly to anyone else, so be careful. Being an old building you need to mind that you don't hit your head on the low beams. Anything.

  • The local cinema

    All your top Hollywood movies are shown here, plus you can buy popcorn, sweets, drinks, hotdogs or nachos to take in with you will you watch your choice of movie. It has 10 screens in total. It is getting a bit old now so it isn't quite up to the standards of other local towns so it would be better to go that little further out where you can find...


Bracknell Transportation

  • Bus & rail service.

    Bracknell's main railway station is under the tall, glass-fronted office block in the picture.There is another railway station on the same line in the Martin's Heron area of Bracknell.The trains are run by SouthWest trains, with sevices usually on the half-hour in both directions (WNW to Reading & ESE to Ascot, Staines and London...

  • Bracknell train station

    Bracknell train station is situated very close to the bus station, which makes it easy for anyone who wants to come to Bracknell via train and get about town. Prices are reasonable but the times of the trains can vary quite a bit from when they are supposed to arrive and when they actually arrive. It is a good way for getting to other towns/cities...

  • Bracknell Buses

    Bracknell buses run quite regularly all over the town and are a good way to travel about during the day. The typical cost for a trip to town from most of the boroughs costs £1. Although the service can be a little off sometimes it is always best to check the bus schedule and arrive at a bus stop early enough before you wish to travel.


Bracknell Shopping

  • Princess Square shopping centre.

    Princess Square is a mall in Bracknell town centre. It has a multi-storey carpark & is near the bus & railway stations.Bracknell's department store, Bentall's links into the centre. Sainsbury's have a supermarket here, there are a couple of electrical shops (one national chain & one regional chain), a couple of photographic retailers, clothes shops...

  • Peel Centre.

    Peel Centre has various retail superstores, such as Halfords, Currys, DIY stores & a Morrisons (formerly Safeway).

  • Shopping at the local market

    The market is open on fridays and saturdays. There is all sorts to see although they are always the same shops each week. I often go and get fruit & veg there. Expect to hear lots of shouting from the guys at the fruit & veg stalls, as they try to attract customers. You can buy fruit & veg, meat from the butchers, magazines, sweets, cards, videos,...


Bracknell Warnings and Dangers

  • Anywhere In Bracknell

    Be cautious............The town has a history of crime from its earliest begininngs.Highwaymen mostly, much of that same energy remains in the present.Dont carry valuables or use the multi storey car parks, dont bring your wife or kids !In fact avoid the place like the plague, it sucks and many locals want to leave.

  • Warning about Princess Square shopping...

    It always strikes me that quite a few of the shops that officially close at 5:30pm start putting their shutters down before 5:25pm, stop people going in before 5:30 & in some cases (the branch of a national chemist chain that sounds like a kind of footwear) refuses to serve people already in the shop circa 5:28pm.This creates a "couldn't care less"...

  • Roughest pub in Bracknell

    I have been strongly advised never to go to The Bull in the evenings as it is supposed to be the roughest pub around, so just you be careful if you decide to go. Trouble apparently happens between regulars and other young people, just don't be hanging around there in the evenings if you don't want anything to do with it.


Bracknell Off The Beaten Path

  • Harry Potter's House

    Both Harry Potter films start at Harry Potter's house. An average 90's house on a housing estate. In the film called Number 4 Privet Drive. The house used in the film is Number 12, Picket Post Close, Martin's Heron. This is just outside Bracknell. There isn't much to see, that was the point of it being chosen. You can get to it by alighting at...

  • Housing estates

    Keep your eyes peeled. This is, after all, Southern England, which to many is the most beautiful place on earth.Between the run-down seventies houses, and preserved in the new estates by planning regs, are things of outstanding natural beauty.

  • Look Out Point

    We visited here today, with one of our friends he has a van so we put all our bikes into his van and head off to The look out centre,which is also excellent for riding your bikes in an area totally free from cars and polution, And is excellent for the views and your surrounded by some amazing trees, It has a fantastic adventure play area which...


Bracknell Sports & Outdoors

  • John Nike Leisuresport Centre

    Bracknell Ice Rink was opened in 1987 and was the first Olympic sized rink in the country. The rink is home to the Bracknell Bees professional ice hockey team and is a major feature of the Complex along with the Ski Centre. With health, snooker, catering and bar facilities on site,the Centre is open throughout the year for recreational skiing,...

  • Hummers International Tournament

    Hummers are the Bracknell u14 team (or one of them). 2006 was their 9th international tournament, held at the town's John Nike Leisuresport Complex. A 3 day tournament.My son's team - Perth Cobras - was part of the international contingent, along with teams from Wales, Sweden and Denmark. There was a bunch of English teams, of course. Kids had a...

  • Bracknell Rugby Football Club

    Bracknell Rugby Football Club was founded in 1955 and moved to it's present location in 1972 with the premises being extended in 1980 and again in 1989. The Club established itself as one of the pace-setters, realising that if a club is to survive and prosper it must have a sound financial base upon which to work. It was this financial stability...


Bracknell Favorites

  • Great Food

    by Fraser1 Written Nov 29, 2008

    Favorite thing: We visited the BULL in Bracknell recently as it has had a complete refurbishment wow what a difference, the bar is warm and welcoming and they now have a restaurant which serves mouth watering dishes. It was so hard to choose what to eat. Would recomend this place to everyone

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