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  • All Saints church on the Thames.
    All Saints church on the Thames.
    by pfsmalo
  • Marlow suspension bridge.
    Marlow suspension bridge.
    by pfsmalo
  • Marlow has won this 4/5 times.
    Marlow has won this 4/5 times.
    by pfsmalo

Marlow Things to Do

  • Walk by the river Thames through...

    The river Thames runs through Marlow, you can see all of the big and pretty expensive houses along the riverside, especially if you go walking through Higginson Park, and also there are a whole load of yachts along the riverside. The Marlow Regatta (boat race) always used to start here at Higginson Park, but although Higginson Park still holds the...

  • Marlow Bridge

    Believe it or not? This little suspension bridge over the Thames at Marlow is quite pretty. It is only a one way at a time traffic system on there, and has been like that for the last few years, not that the ignorant people on the opposite end ever take any notice of it anyway. We think that there should be traffic lights each side, that would be...

  • Marlow Suspension Bridge

    I really love suspension bridges, so when I read that there was a nice little on in Marlow of course I was keen to check it out. The Marlow suspension bridge was built between 1829 and 1832. It replaced a wooden bridge that was situated a bit downstream, and had become too small for the amount of traffic wanting to use it.The bridge is 72 metres...

  • Feed the ducks

    You have to...they expect it. Stand by the river bank and an expectant horde of water fowl will swiftly arrive.But all things in moderation. It's not all that good for them, and left overs can encourage vermin.

  • Walk along the Thames River

    A walk along the Thames River (across from the church after you head down the High Street toward the bridge), can be mildly pleasant if the weather is good and the footpaths haven't turned into mud. But wouldn't you rather be in Germany or Denmark?

  • Marlow's most famous son

    This guy is a national hero in Britain. In the Sydney Olympics (2000) he bacame (if I remember correctly) the only Olympian to win gold medals in five consecutive Olympics. No we aren't just talking a sport like basket weaving here, we're talking rowing, one of the toughest physical sports going. Not only that, about 4 years before Sydney, he was...

  • Contemplate by the Lock

    Sitting by the lock you can almost imagine Victorian women in hats and long flouncing skirts strolling along here, enjoying the scenery, watching the lock keeper and his assistants open the gate manually. Sure the gates are operated electronically these days, but you can imagine what it would be like then. And yes there are some new homes within...

  • All Saints Parish Church

    Right next to the Suspension Bridge you can see the All Saints Parish Church. The present church was rebuilt in 1835. However there used to be a much older one on the same site already back in the 11th century. Again to read a bit more about the history please click on the link below.

  • Marlow Supension Bridge

    The Marlow suspension bridge connects the northern to the southern side of Marlow. Well that's what bridges do, connecting things, now don't they? The bridge was built from 1829-1832 by W. Tierney, the same engineer who constructed the bridge between Buda and Pest in Hungary!We walked from the town centre to the other side. We passed a nice...

  • All Saints Church in Bisham

    When walking through the park in the town centre you could watch a game of cricket. Doesn't matter if you skip an hour or something since most games last all day. ;-) The park is sitiuated next to the river Thames. You can follow the Thames Path here. Walking along the path will give you some great vistas. On the other side of the river you can see...

  • Higginson Park on a sunny day

    Higginson Park is a really lovely park on High Street. It runs along the Thames - it's a very large park- I haven't walked all through it, yet- but i understand there is a path that continues down the length of the river. On the sunday I was there, it was filled w/familes and there was a merry-go-round & bouncy castle. There is a place to buy ice...

  • All Saints Church - Marlow

    All Saints Church in Marlow is also known as the Church by the bridge (because it is by the Marlow Bridge).It is quite an imposing building and being right by the bridge, it is also right by the Thames. The current church of All Saints dates from 1835. There had been earlier churches on the site, but at least one of these had collapsed - it had...


Marlow Hotels

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  • Premier Inn Marlow

    The Causeway, Marlow, SL7 2AA, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Macdonald Compleat Angler

    Bisham Road, Marlow Bridge, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 1RG, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Danesfield House Hotel And Spa

    Danesfield House Hotel is an impressive country house hotel located on a hill overlooking the town...


Marlow Restaurants

  • Swiss chocolate heaven

    Burgers is a bakery, chocolatier and cafe, now run by the second generation of the family. They do light meals, but it is a great place to stop for afternoon tea. It is located on The Causeway, next to the famous Marlow bridge and by the entrance to Higginson Park.Tea is properly served with an additional pot of hot water, and the hot chocolate is...

  • Marlow Bar & Grill

    The Marlow Bar & Grill features rather elegant, good quality food, with quite an eclectic menu. The downside: The prices are a bit too high (No surprise in the UK) and you have to be careful where you sit, as some areas of this packed place become deafening in the evening and you won't be able to hear what your friend is saying. Still, all in all a...

  • the salmon is delicate here

    This is a fine dining experience and the food is usually very good. The ambience is lively but not too loud and the staff are on the ball, very professional. Last time I had the Salmon and it was tender and in a delicious cream sauce with a few shrimp. Also the Tiramisu is creamy with very little starch.


Marlow Nightlife

  • Bars near the High Street

    Warning: Unfortunately, these bars are generally packed with English women, so it's best to save up a few more quid and simply fly out to a nicer place via Ryan Air. If you get trapped in Marlow, and want to fit in with the local scene, wear dirty-looking (but inconceivably expensive) jeans, a bright pink shirt, and style your hair so that you...

  • The Crown

    This isn't called The Crown anymore, it is always changing hands and names these days, but in the late 1970's and 1980's, we would often be in here, but to be honest, I never like the pub very much, and we didn't like the fat landlord either.But one day, in the very early 1980's, a friend of ours was out on home leave from a prison for the...

  • Pubs in Marlow

    There are absolutely loads of pubs here, there seems to be more pubs than anything else? And I can honestly say that I have drank in every single pub in Marlow at one time or another! Some of them no longer exist, like 'Tha Bank of England' that is now a block of apartments.I used to come here a lot on Saturday and Sunday evenings with my ex...


Marlow Shopping

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  • Shopping in Marlow

    In the High Street you have things like Superdrug, Sainsburys, estate agents and the normal old stuff you get in every High Street. You also have a little courtyard, which is quite pretty, off of the High Street, this is called Listons Court: You've got Noa Noa in there, a shop that sells soft furnishings, a card shop and a kind of bric a brac shop...

  • Sausages!

    The guy in the visiting French market had some of the most unusual sausages I have ever seen.If you enlarge the photo, you can see there are: Mushroom, Blueberry, Olive, Herb, Smoked, Calvados, Hazlenut, Wine, Natural, and several other sausage types. They don't com in cheap - they are £2 per sausage (or almost $4 US), but they are quite large and...

  • French Market in Marlow!

    It is not that uncommon in England these days to find that a French market has driven over and is selling their goods in a make shift market.This is quite popular with the Brits as they get to see and buy a wider range of items than they normally see, and it is good business for the French. You can even try out your rusty schoolboy French when you...


Marlow Local Customs

  • Reaction to English standard of living

    If you come from a first world country, particularly places like Switzerland, Germany, or Canada, prepare to be rather...shocked by the local living standards here.

  • If you win a pot, go and see Sir Steve

    To be quite honest, I'm not sure how common this actually is.These guys had just won a pot. In rowing parlance, this means they had won a race. You can see them proudly holding their pots out (they are basically beer tankards, and come in a range of sizes - typically the size has nothing to do with the importance of the race). The ones you see here...

  • Dress up to watch the rowing

    Rowing blazers are a curious thing. They tend to be so bright and loud, that the only time you could possibly want to wear one is when you go and watch rowing. If it is a bright sunny day, then they tend to be rather too hot for comfort!They tend to be the preserve of the older generation or the very rich, they cost around $300-400 a pice, which...


Marlow Warnings and Dangers

  • Health warning: Bring sunglasses

    In Marlow, as in London, for some reason English men consider it the height of fashion to wear bright pink shirts...every day. Please bring a good pair of sunglasses if walking along the High Street; it's not worth risking damage to your precious eyesight if you're not used to seeing this remarkably bright apparel.

  • Driving conditions in Marlow

    If you drive a sports car and value your car's suspension (and your spine), try to steer clear of Marlow- The roads are terribly rough- amazing for a town with so many wealthy residents etc.Marlow is full of surprises- as is England in general.

  • Marlow High Street

    It doesn't matter what time of day or night that you come down here, it is always full of cars! You see all the 4x4's and everyone else in their cars nudging in to the smallest space possible, or holding up the rest of the traffic in hope that someone might actually move their car out. It wouldn't be so bad, but there are actually quite a few car...


Marlow Off The Beaten Path

  • Seven Cornered Alley

    between All Saints Church, which is next to the bridge, and The George and Dragon pub is an alley. If you walk down in it you will find it comes out to a road. Across the road is another alley which has seven corners before you reach the other side. My advice is to take someone with you and not walk it alone, although I don't know of anyone being...

  • Crowthorne

    To anyone in the UK, Broadmoor is infamous. Apparently, it is (was) the first custom-built criminal lunatic asylum in the world and received its first patients in 1863. Broadmoor is Crowthorne's major claim to fame (not that it necessarily wants it!)The building itself is classically Victorian, although very recently building work has hidden some...

  • Wokingham

    Wokingham is another sleepy market town in Berkshire. It's reasonably large, but still retains its old charm and a lot of old buildings. Back in the days when it was customary to demolish old buildings and replace them, Wokingham was suffering at the expense of the rapidly growing Reading, so little change took place - which these days is...


Marlow Sports & Outdoors

  • Sculling

    To most people that don't know rowing, they tend to think anyone who is sitting in a boat and has an oar or two in their hands is rowing.This is NOT correct!Rowers have only one oar in their hands. They hold onto it with both hands. They have to have an even number of people in the boat, to that the bow side of the boat has the same amount of power...

  • Cricket - a mystery to a large part of...

    This is a very traditional British Sport, that has become popular in several parts of the world and remains highly obscure in many other parts.In the U.S.A. for example, they tend to think that it is some bizarre baseball with rules that are completely unfathomable.However in Britain, we thoroughly enjoy just sitting down and hearing the thud of...

  • Marlow Hotels

    10 Hotels in Marlow

Marlow Favorites

  • Elodie_Caroline's Profile Photo

    by Elodie_Caroline Updated Feb 29, 2008

    Favorite thing:
    The writer, Mary Shelley, her famed for writing 'Frankenstein' actually lived in the town of Marlow for a little while, this is the only bit here that really interests me to tell the truth.
    The cottage where she lived in West Street was originally called 'Albion House' but is now called Shelley Cottages, they only lived here from 1816 to 1817 though, so not for very long. Her cottage was the one with the green bin by the door.
    There is one of those blue plaques on the cottage to prove that Mary Shelley lived here, but it's unfortunately covered up with the green foilage at present.

    Mary Shelly house in Marlow
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